My Sister is a Vampire!

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Chapter One


The last bleak beams of light danced outside of the windows of the houses on Elkview Drive as the sunset expired over the hills. Steven Franzen reflected the past week lying in his bed while the shadows of his blinds crawled across his covers. He had just found out he was moving to another state.

Like most families in this quiet neighborhood, the Franzen family had been living in Connecticut for more than five generations in a large, white gable front home. It was well maintained, particularly the front porch. Steven’s mother, Mary, played close attention to this porch as if it was a third child. The wooden columns were repainted every second fall after a long warm summer where the sun had taken its toll.

On the porch sat an antique, wooden rocking chair at least twice Steven’s age. Here in this chair Steven’s mother would rock back and fourth for hours each evening. She was getting on in age and sometimes she felt more like his grandmother than his mother.

Mary Franzen was the single mother of two beautiful children. Her husband, Walter, had died in the war in 2006 at the age of fifty. Since then she progressively spent more and more time out on that old chair in what Steven liked to call “lost in thought mode.”

Steven was a home schooled student, taught privately by a tutor. Despite the tutor and his mother’s efforts, Steven fell behind in school. The mere monotony of staying home and working day after day on seemingly pointless tasks ate Steven up inside, and as a result he was more than a year behind people of his own age.

A combination of being sheltered his entire life and home school resulted in very little social life. So little social life, in fact, he would often attempt at remembering the last time he interacted with friends his own age.

“Perhaps it was last Friday,” Steven would think to himself, “no, I got Milk that day at the market. It must have been the week before.” But Steven never really knew when it was. As far as he was concerned, he had no friends at all.

Mary’s other child, Robin, was 21 going on 30. Each day she saw her daughter she wondered where the years went. Robin was the direct opposite of her younger brother, Steven. She had just finished her first year at Trinity College in Hartford only a forty minute bus trip from Elkview. Her grades were superb and her athleticism as a tennis played paid for her four year degree outright. She had it made.

Her success was not limited to merely academia. She was also financially fortunate. Despite not having to pay for school, she worked full time in the summer months as a waitress at a small diner across town. Even though her wage was decent, Robin made most of her money from tips – as did all the young women at “Roses Diner.” The rumor around town was that Mr. Hardy would only hire girls that fit the three B’s – Busty, Brunette and Beautiful. In high school, girls often tested this by applying for jobs.

Robin’s friend Anne, a blonde, was told by Mr. Hardy that there were no jobs available at Roses Diner for at least six months. This, just one day before Robin got the job as a waitress.


Steven laid with his hands sprawled to either side of his bed, considering the past week. So much had happened, but surely it would be dwarfed by what would happen in the coming months, Steven thought. Moving to another state was frightening for someone who had only left town twice in his entire life. The first time was rather forgettable, but the second was unimaginable…

It was a warm spring evening, the sun was low and the sky was clear except for a few cotton white clouds. Robin and Steven were at a lake which boarded their town of Elkview, and the neighboring town of Mulberry. Robin had taken her brother here in the past, but this was the first time they had gone alone and without permission. It was 2005 and their father had left for the army earlier that week. Despite his absence, the whole family felt very well – something that they hadn’t felt in a long time.

“It’s okay. C’mon,” Robin had said to her brother reassuringly.

It didn’t take much reassuring at all because deep down Steven wanted to go to the lake. Even back then he wanted to break free from the monotony of being home schooled. However, he could never predict how insane it would drive him five years from that day on the lake.

The two Children stood at the edge of the lake where the water met the dirt. They gazed across the still, cool water at the small village ants in Mulberry. Small glimpses of light shawn into their eyes as the sun reflected off cars like tiny mirrors.

Although Mulberry was only two miles away, it felt like an unachievable distance to travel. To Steven it felt like he was looking at a painting with tiny pin sized holes in it where someone on the other side would shine a brilliant light through in no particular order. He felt like he had been watching this painting his entire life but still şişli üniversiteli escort could not figure out how it was created. He was stuck as an observer.

His moment of distraction came when Robin stepped forward into the shallow lake water. He watched in horror as she moved towards the artificial town line. Step by step she was engulfed by the water until only a bouncing head was visible. The bouncing head bopped around to face him with a smile.

Robin continued to move further and further away until she was a spec in the horizon. Not to be out done, Steven entered the lake but not so elegantly. The water splashed behind him as he sprinted towards his sister who continued to get closer and closer to Mulberry.

They ended up staying out in the middle of that lake until the sun had set almost completely. They were certain their mother must be going absolutely mad with worry and anger, but it just didn’t matter. It was their way of escaping Elkview.


Reflecting backing to that story on the lake made Steven tingle every time he thought of it. It was the first time he ever had done anything so rebellious. But it made him tingle for another reason as well. Something he tried to forget many times, but couldn’t.

As the Robin headed towards the shore of the lake the water fell lower on her body each step. At 18, she was fully developed and this was the first time Steven had noticed it. It was normal for all brothers to notice their female sisters, younger or older, developing. It was something he couldn’t avoid.

The water hanged onto her black shirt with all its might, but slowly dripped off her body. The soaking shirt stuck strongly to her athletic frame exaggerating her bust. Even from a distance, in the dim light he could see them well – they were perky and rigid. The weight of the shirt had no effect on their position.

A few more steps and the water was down to her knees. Her white, summer shorts were soaked straight through allowing Steven to see a darker shade beneath them. Her round bum seemed as firm as her breasts, but much more distinct in the tight shorts. Despite being thin, she had hips and curves. With the help of a natural arch in her back, her shape was as womanly as an 18 year old could be.

Chapter Two


The following is a list written by Steven Franzen of paranormal activities in order of occurrence. The list was started when the fourth incident happened at the Franzen house on January 23rd, 2010 – about three weeks ago. Steven would recall the previous three incidents, and add them to list.

Jan 20/10 – Was woken up by terrible, vivid dream. I was standing in a field during a normal summer day. But even though there was no one around me for what seemed like miles, I felt like I was being watched. Never been so scared from a dream in my life.

Jan 22/10 – Woken up from loud sounds appearing to come from all directions. They were loud, but felt distant and only lasted for seconds after I awoke.

Jan 23/10 – While watching TV this morning my mom was completely tranced out for about four hours. Just in her chair… rocking back and forth.

Jan 23/10 – Robin hasn’t been home all day. She left before I got up. It’s now 8PM.

Jan 24/10 – Mom in trance again during dinner. Episode only lasted a few minutes, but it was awkward for Robin and I…

Jan 26/10 – Was in room reading school books when I heard distant banging noises again. It’s a soft bang but I can’t tell which direction it’s coming from.

Feb 03/10 – Two things happened in quick succession about 10 minutes ago. It’s weird because nothing had happened for more than a week. The first was that Robin left the house randomly even though it’s close to 10 pm. Distant banging commenced about 3 minutes later as I watched Robin turn the corner at the end of our street.

Feb 05/10 – Sister left again during late in the night, after mom went out. Maybe she has a boyfriend. I’m deeply considering investigating this…

On the night of February 5th, Steven did investigate. He put down his pencil and approached the Window. He looked first at the front lawn, then down the street – both ways. It was still tranquil outside except the tip tap of his sister’s high heels as she clicked her way down the street on the sidewalk. The fog was somewhat thick and her black figure faded as she walked into the distance.

With haste, Steven closed his diary and tucked it away in his drawer. He sneaked towards his door and turned the nob. With a creak and click the door was opened and then closed behind him. Not worrying too much about waking his mother, he sprinted down the stairs and out the front door.

The fog grew thicker the further Steven travelled down the street. He could still hear the sharp echo of his sister’s high heels in the distance but he could not see here. Using the sounds he attempted to gain on her position.

For taksim anal yapan escort what seemed like half an hour, he continued to trail behind her wondering how long this would last. A worry swept through his mind, “I’ll have to walk home in the dark … alone.” But he pushed it away. He knew if he gave up now, he would always regret not knowing what has been happening.

“I sure hope Robin sto-.” Steven’s train of thought was interrupted when the click of Robin’s high heels stopped and the loud rattling of chains began. The metal on metal clacking was defining in the silence of the night.

Steven took a few more steps forward to see through the always thickening fog. It became clear almost instantly where he was but it seemed hard to believe. He was standing across the street from Elkview Cemetery.

Chapter Three


Robin removed the last chain from the tall, black, steel fence that dauntingly stood before her. The chain fell into the muddy grass with a solid thud.

“Creeeek,” the gate let off as it was pushed forward – not by much, perhaps only a foot or two. Just enough for Robin’s small figure to squeeze through. Behind her, she pushed it closed.

Rows of tombstones, lit by moonlight, stretched deep into the fog ahead. Tree leaves broke off at the small gusts of wind as she walked by. The ground in front of her was hard and crunched at each small step.

The distant moan of the wind as it passed through the symmetrically aligned shapes made Robin’s skin tingle with excitement. She was in her element.


Steven entered the cemetery moments after his elder sister, but he was in a much different state of mind. Every sound put his heart on the line as it seemingly beaded faster and faster the further he went from the black gate behind him. His train of though was lost after each howl by an owl, or the snap of a twig under his foot. She could have gone in any direction.

Directly ahead, however, was a soft, dim, glow appearing from the fog. It must be the right direction and there was only one way to find out.

Even though the source of the diffused light was about twenty yards away Steven began to slowly make out detail of its source as he stepped forward through the fog. It was coming from a giant square, maybe ten feet high, and ten feet wide. Certainly the only thing that size in the middle of a cemetery was a tomb.

When Steven was almost certain of the objects identity, a surprising, unusual thing happened: The light went out – it just disappeared.

Steven stopped in his tracks debating whether to go on. It dawned upon him that the source of the light was coming from inside the object, which certainly must be a tomb. He was sure of it. And the light didn’t go out, rather, the the entrance was just closed off. A logical explanation for a completely illogical situation. Why was he standing in the middle of a graveyard at quarter to midnight. Better yet, why the heck did Robin enter a random tomb.

Chapter Four


The tomb was grey and bleak. The moon casted harsh shadows revealing each imperfection in the slowly aging stone. At the front was a large, steel door featuring a complex artistry of holes and extrusions which painted a floral design. To either side of the door was almost empty walls with just two small indentions on them as if they once held plants. The tomb overall was extremely unimpressive which was in sharp contract to the detailed steel door.

Steven put one hand on the face of the door and thought about pushing, but then reconsidered. Certainly if he opened the door all his questions would be answered and Robin’s secrets would be revealed. But on the other hand, he would be exposed as well. What is the explanation for following her in the middle of a night? His reasoning seemed obsolete in comparison to the reason she was there, and for that, Steven pushed the door with a great big heave.

The warmth of the orange light surrounded his entire body like a giant gust of sweltering wind on a hot, summer’s day. While his eyes readjusted he stepped into the light slowly relying on his sense of feeling to make sure he didn’t trip and fall, or perhaps worse yet, make a sound.

Details of the hallway he was standing in slowly came to fruition. A seemingly endless number of wall torches lit the narrow passageway from both sides. The floor was slanted downwards at a rather steep angle, which made if uncomfortable to walk on. The bare, stone walls seemed to collapse around him at all sides as he walked deeper and deeper down the passage. It was becoming clear that Steven had not entered a standard cemetery tomb, rather he found himself in a crypt or perhaps even a catacomb – “a mass grave from a thousand years ago where widespread murders took place – the bodies of entire families certainly lay just beyond this hallway.” Steven thought, as his mind raced into unlikely taksim bdsm escort places. His paces got slower and more cautious the faster his heart beat and the further he travelled.

The seemingly never ending hallway eventually did come to a spectacular end. Steven stood at the edge of the passage way in shock and awe as to what he witnessed before him.

It was a giant, round chamber taken right from a medieval castle. A great dome overhead with fiery torches lit the entire room in a gloomy orange glow. The floor was marble and polished. The walls were painted with murals of faces and gruesome scenes of nudity and death. But most surprisingly of all, there were people in the center of the room.

The black cloaked figures stood in a large circle with no spaces between them. Their hoods covered their faces as they moaned and hummed odd phrases, getting louder and louder, and faster and faster. Steven wanted to turn back but it was too late, he was spotted.

“HALT!” an unseen voice screamed.

The chanting stopped and the the circle broke apart slightly.

“Who is there?” the obscured voice howled. The echos bounced around the deathly still hall.

Steven said nothing. There was nothing to say. Instead he focused on what he saw in the center of the circle. A naked figure, a man or women, or perhaps a large animal – it was too far and too dim to tell. The unidentified object lay lifeless on the ground. Two legs with black leather boots straddled it dominantly.

The circle broke apart further to leave room for the dominate figure to exit. The shape took a womanly figure as she stepped forwards. The clicking of her boots on the marble made Stevens heart stop.

“It couldn’t be her… it jus- it can’t be. My worst nightmare coming true before my eyes,” Steven whispered to himself, “my sister is a… cult leader!”

Her face escaped the shadows and his thoughts were set in stone as she walked closer and closer.

“Brother…” Robin said. He voice was steady and calm now, “you followed me, and found me at my darkest hour.”

She was speaking in no way Steven had ever heard before. Her eyes pierced him and he suddenly felt guilty for what he had done.

Robin turned around and faced her audience, “remove him” she said smoothly as she pointed to the dead object in the center of the room. The black figures scrambled to the center as Robin turned back to face Steven.

She was wearing a black, hooded cloak like the rest of them. It was wrapped around her loosely and cut off at the knees which revealed black leather boots.

“Come with me.” She requested and gabbed Stevens hand. He tried to pull it away but was caught off guard. He attentively followed looking around in all directions for a clue to what this was, and what may happen next.


“Shhh” Robin whispered in a librarian type voice, completely aware that everyone of her ‘friends’ in the hall were giving their utmost attention.

They neared the center which was noted by a change in the type of marble. It was dark red stone, rather than the grey stone which was found elsewhere in the room. Robin stopped walking and Steven bumped into the back of her slightly.

The rest of the cloaked figures had completed their task and began to circle around Robin and Steven like they had earlier.

Robin let go of Stevens hand and circled around him slowly while staring into the eyes of her followers.

“You must do it,” an anonymous voice said, “all men are treated equally.”

Without hesitation she stopped and faced Steven again. She raised her arms slowly to her face and removed the the hood.

Her skin was paler than ever. Her eyes were glazed over and shiny. But most distractingly was the bright, red lipstick which became the focal point of her entire face.

She lowered her hands again to her waste and started undoing the knot which held the robe to her body. With just one pull, it was undone. The black cloak fell to the ground revealing in a fluter.

Underneath the robe Robin was wearing a shiny, leather, jet black corset which squeezed her breasts upwards. Her hips were exaggerated by the tightness of the corset’s grip around her waist. The silver buttons which held on tight flashed orange and red as the reflection of fire bounced on them.

Her long, wavy brown hair fell down across her chest, some of the strands found their way down the hole between her bust. Her long arms were covered from the fingers up to the elbows with long leather gloves. She raised an arm to grab Steven’s shoulder, but he wasn’t done looking.

The corset wrapped down to the mid of her hips. Below were shadowed panties which didn’t leave too much to the imagination. Her long legs were accentuated by those black leather boots which ran just below her knees. The boots also acted as high heels which made her even taller than Steven.

Her other arm lifted to grab his other shoulder, as if it hold him in place. His focus resumed to her face… her emotionless face. He feared it.

From behind he heard movement, his eyes stretched wide open, and then he felt the warmth of many rush towards him. Hands grabbed him from all sides and they stretching and pulling away at his clothing. Steven struggled, and attempted at kicking the cloaked bodies away but there were just too many.

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