My Sister Goes Hunting

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My Sister Goes Hunting

“Let’s go Chelsea,” I yelled up the stairs.

“Just a sec, I’m coming.”

“Hurry up or we’ll be pitching the tent in the dark.”

“I’m right here, relax Bobber.”

“Grab the rest of your gear and let’s go.”

“God you sound like a drill sergeant in a bad war movie,” his little sister complained as she picked up her huge equipment bag. “You have my rifle and sleeping bag?”

“Yup already in the back. Ya got ammo?”

“Yeah two boxes, even I can’t miss that many times.”

Her brother Robert laughed. He remembered their first time at the range three years ago. She was sixteen and seemed to be only a little taller than the Remington 870 12 gauge he had given her to use. The gun was too big for her both physically and in bore. In ten shots firing slugs she had not hit the target once. Next morning her shoulder was a massive bruise.

The next time they went shooting he had traded the shotgun for a Savage youth model bolt action in .243 caliber. She loved the gun and had become a pretty good shot. He didn’t think she had grown at all since then.

“How about sun screen. Remember the sunburn from falling asleep on the tree stand last year?”

“It wasn’t that bad,” Chelsea protested.

“Hey I’m not the one with the fish belly white skin tone.”

“I will have you know my skin tone is known as Peaches and Cream or perhaps, alabaster.”

“I don’t suppose Irish ancestors account for the freckles either, or what are we calling them, beauty spots?” he teased.

“No when you have this many you just have to admit they are freckles. They do go with the naturally curly auburn tresses.”

“You’re talking about the orange mop on top of your head I’m assuming?”

“Argh, why did I get all the Irish stuff and you got the German blond hair blue eyed stuff.”

“And I’m a genius also, don’t forget that.”

“God you never let anyone forget that.”

It was true though, at 22 he was almost finished with his PhD. in chemical engineering.

“Hey you’re not exactly a dummy yourself. You get mostly A’s on everything.”

“Yeah but I have to really work at it, you just breeze through school. Speaking of that where are you going to get a job after school?” It was asked casually but she held her breath waiting for a reply. She really hoped he would stay in the area so she could be close to him.

“I’m not sure. I’d like to stay in town but I don’t know if Calypso Energy Products can afford me or not. I have three interviews set up for semester break. One of them is Calypso. So how’s it going at LRU?”

She reached across the truck and smacked his arm. “How many times have I told not to call my school Lesbians R Us you butt wipe?”

“I don’t know, 250 or so. It is an all girls college named Leslie Richards isn’t it? And what is the percentage of students who are lesbian? I think you told me 75% one time.”

Robert was not sure of his sisters sexual orientation. She had never dated much in high school but seemed to like boys well enough. She never seemed close to any of her female friends in a sexual manner. Even though they were close it was not something he felt comfortable discussing with her. Why she was going there instead of a coed college was none of his business.

“I think it’s something like that yeah. But it’s a great school academically and it’s in town, I can live at home and help mom with stuff.”

“I know that. Me being three hours away is something I can’t help right now. I’m just glad I’m close enough to get home on weekends,” he said.

“It can’t be fun for you being in college and driving home almost every weekend. Mom and I needed you after dad died but it’s been over three years now. You need to get a life Bobber.”

“I know dad left mom fixed financially but she needed emotional support, hell we all did. I never saw dropping dead of a heart attack at 39 as the way a fit outdoorsy guy like him would go.

“Yeah me neither, maybe we should have expected it, grandpa died at 52 you know.” she replied. “Besides two of the reasons you came back every weekend for two of those years were Beth Hogan and Tracy Goodall. You know, the brunette bimbos.”

“Oh yes, I remember them,” he laughed. They were both his type; brunette, big boobs, tall, cheerleader type girls.

“Mom and I were glad you got rid of them. I told her you liked girls with cup sizes like the grades they got in school, mostly D’s.”

He laughed and said, “That’s not fair, Beth got a B one time.”

“So how’s your love life going these days?”

“Huh,” he grunted “what’s a love life? I have classes, work in the lab 40 hours a week and come home on weekends. Doesn’t leave much time for finding well endowed shall we say less intellectually gifted dark haired playmates.”

“Good, I’m hoping you will see the light one of these days and choose someone more of my stature with a naturally smoking hot body. Not one with artificial fun bags and a vacant expression.”

“Well that waitress at Big Boy last weekend looked interesting, şişli rus escort at least chest wise,” he teased.

“Oh please,” she laughed, “an original thought and a cold drink of water taken together would have killed her.”

“That is a distinct possibility,” he agreed. “Hey, why did you want to start hunting with me? Was it because it was my and dad’s thing and he’s gone or to try to hang on to some memories or what? I never really asked you why. I am grateful to you for wanting to. I couldn’t have borne it to come here alone, or even with a male friend.”

“All of the above I guess. I started shooting with you because that always seemed like fun. A way to focus, learn discipline. The hunting was just a natural progression I suppose.”

“Well whatever the reason thanks. I love the time alone with you.”

“Same here Bobber,” she said with a smile. If you only knew, she thought to herself.

She had not been able to say Robert when she started talking, it came out Bobber and the name had stuck. His folks used it too, thankfully only at home.

They stopped at the general store right before the turn to their hunting land and got last minute camping stuff including two gallons of fuel for the camp stove and Coleman lanterns. Their dad had hated the sound of a generator disturbing the peace and they carried on the tradition.

They bumped over the old logging road for four miles until they got to the camp site. Their grandfather had bought the 160 acre plot from the county at a tax forfeit land auction 40 years ago. The rear of the land backed onto US Forest Service land so they had a huge area in which to hunt.

They pulled the heavy canvas tent out of the truck and dragged it over to where they always pitched it. It was an old military surplus wall tent. It measured 16′ X 16′. The cooking and living area covered the front half and the back was two bedrooms with zippered doors that were 8′ x 8′. Robert had been setting up the camp for years and with Chelsea’s help it went quickly. They were soon setting up the folding table, getting the heating stove set up and the chimney out the special hole in the roof of the tent.

Chelsea brought all their gear in while Robert got their food locker filled and hoisted into a tree to keep it safe from bears and other critters. He stacked the firewood they had brought from home both for the heating stove and the outdoor firepit. He brought in the five gallon water jugs and put one on the table near the stove.

He checked on the outhouse. Their dad and grandpa had dug the pit and built it years ago. Robert checked that the coffee can used to store the toilet paper had a fresh roll and to clean the spider webs out. Nothing worse than a face full of spider web in the middle of the night.

Chelsea had the heater stove going and it was already shirt sleeve warm. He filled the camp stove and three lanterns and got one lantern and the stove going. He hung the other two in the bedrooms for later. He tied the doors back so the heat could get in those rooms. Normally the doors were left like that. It got cold pretty quickly if they were closed.

They always had their mom’s three alarm chili for supper the first night. Chelsea asked Robert where he had put it and after thinking about it he said he had left it in the food locker. She went out to get it and then yelled for help.

He went outside and found her with her hands on her hips glaring at him. “I know you have to put the food high but do you have to put the knot that high?” she demanded.

He laughed and said, “It’s only high for 5′ 1″ elvish people.”

“Yeah right said 6′ 2″ stilt boy. Now untie the rope pretty please before for I do something you’ll regret.”

“Ya got me shakin’ in my boots ah’m so afeared,” he drawled undoing the knot.

He remembered to tie the knot in her reach this time. They had a relaxed meal and cleaned up. They played cribbage for a while then Robert said he was going visiting.

The group that owned the next quarter section camped about a quarter of a mile away along a fairly wide trail. Hard to get lost even in the dark.

Chelsea had never liked the group of four men. Nothing really stood out as to why, she just didn’t get a good vibe from them.

“All right, but you be home by 11 pm young man.”

“Yes mom, see you later.”

He grabbed his coat and a flashlight and went out.

Chelsea straightened up and put a couple more sticks of wood in the heater. She decided she would go to bed and read for a while. Maybe her brother would want to talk or something when he got back. She lit the Coleman lantern. It gave off more than enough light to read. She took off her boots and laid on top of her sleeping bag on her folding cot.

Her book was a steamy Gothic romance novel featuring a wicked pirate and an Irish maiden. There was a rather lurid description of the pirate having his way with the virgin maiden that had Chelsea fingering herself through her pink camo pants. Soon her pants came off and she was şişli türbanlı escort rubbing along the wet gusset of her red lace bikini underwear. When she had put them on this morning she had laughed at the irony of camo and lace.

Robert had arrived at the Gunderson camp about this time. He found that young Shane was the only one there. Larry had been chopping wood and had missed and cut his shin rather badly. The other two had put him in the pickup and taken him to the emergency clinic. Robert could tell that Shane didn’t feel like having company so he said his goodbyes and headed back to his camp. When he got close he could see the light from his sister’s room shining through the tent wall. As he walked by he glanced in the window. The windows in these kind of tents are made of plastic and they distort the view greatly. They were more for letting light in than for seeing through.

Even distorted Robert had a great view of his sister naked on her cot masturbating. One hand was cupping a small breast while the other was rapidly rubbing across her clitoris. He was embarrassed that he had caught her in such a private moment. He turned to leave then heard her call his name. He froze wondering how she knew he was there.

“Oh Bobber,” she called again,”lick me, lick my pussy and make me come. Is that what you want? You want your baby sister to come in your face. Make you all sticky. Then are you going to kiss my lips so I can taste myself on your tongue? That’s it, right there, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t- oh my god yes, yes that’s good. Thank you bro’ I like coming on you.”

She seemed to settle down into her sleeping bag and sigh. Robert shook his head to clear it and finally tore himself away from her window. He slowly walked to the front entrance in a daze. His sister fantasized about him? His sister wanted to have sex with him? His sister was not a lesbian? His sister was-was-was what exactly?

He was really confused. How long had she felt this way about him? Why had he never suspected anything? They had a perfectly normal brother sister relationship. One in which they both liked, respected and loved one another. I think it’s bedtime, I have to try to sort this out. It will all be better in the morning, right? How will I ever unsee her pleasuring herself. Did he really want to unsee it? Of course he did, she was his sister for crying out loud. His little tiny cute adorable sister.

“Hey sis,” he called out “are you decent?”

She giggled and gave the standard reply, “I am clothed but I am not decent.”

He entered and found her standing there in her socks and pink camo pants and one of his OD green T shirts.

She asked why he was back so soon and he related that bit if news. She asked if he wanted to play more cards and he said he was going to bed early. She shut off the lantern in the kitchen and gave him a hug.

Did he smell pussy juice on her hand when she hugged him? Or was it just his vivid imagination? He went to his room and undressed. There was enough light shining through the common wall to get ready for bed. He could see his sisters silhouette and he watched her take off her pants. She left his T shirt on to sleep in and that was the image in his head when he fell asleep.

He was up before Chelsea the next morning. He took one of his trail cams and hung it from a support pole. He made sure it pointed into Chelsea’s room. It was motion activated and sent a live signal to his phone or tablet.

He made a huge pot of coffee. Enough to have at breakfast to wash down the donuts they had brought and to fill two thermoses or was it thermi?

He asked Chelsea where she wanted to hunt from.

“I think I’ll try the north ridge this morning. Maybe sit in Maple stand. You?”

“I’m going west, maybe to Cedar stand by the swamp. You going to come in and start lunch?”

“Sure, hot dogs and left over chili won’t stretch my culinary skills too far.”

“See you at 11:30 then. Be safe, be sure of your target. Call if you get one.”

“You mean when I get one.”

They grabbed their rifles out of the case in the bed of the truck and each took their own trail.

Chelsea got to her stand and climbed up. She got her coffee and baggie of trail mix situated and settled down to wait.

Robert took his time getting to his stand. He was thinking instead of paying attention to his surroundings. He finally got to his stand and got settled. He poured a coffee and thought about what he had seen. He had never been a voyeur before last night. He wasn’t sure why he had set up that trail cam this morning. But then he realized he had liked seeing his sister like that. But why? He had never thought of his sister like that. He thought maybe it was hot because it was like live porn, that it didn’t matter that it was his sister. It could have been anyone and he would have been just as aroused. Who are you kidding? He wanted to be the guy licking her pussy and kissing her.

It was a quiet morning. Nothing had come by his stand but a red squirrel. şişli ucuz escort He had only heard three shots in the distance, nothing close. At 11 am his phone softly chimed. He looked and saw it was the trail cam in the tent. He pulled his tablet from his day pack to get a larger picture and brought the cam online.

Chelsea was there lighting the camp stove and putting on the hot dog water and warming the chili. She walked into her room and took off her jacket. Then she pulled down her pants and black panties and stood there rubbing herself. He heard her talking to herself and turned the sound way up. Oh Bobber it was so exciting when you almost caught me playing with my pussy last night. What would you have done if you had seen me like that huh? Would you have turned away and been embarrassed. Or grossed out. Please don’t tell me the sight of my wet pussy would disgust you. I hope you would have come in and started kissing me, telling me to continue frigging myself while you kissed every inch of my body and bit my nipples until I had an orgasm. Oh yes Bobber, I can come just from nipple play. Which is good because I want to be a virgin until I get married. I wish I could marry you Bobber, I would have made you fuck me a long time ago. Yes fuck me until you came in me. Do it, do it now she yelled. Her hand was a blur on her clit. She came and her legs gave way, she sank to the tent floor still rubbing. It took her a while to calm down enough to stand and pull up her pants.

Robert turned the tablet off and realized he would have to hurry or he would be late for lunch.

He was about five minutes late but Chelsea didn’t comment on it. They had lunch and discussed afternoon hunt plans. Robert reminded her that the first one back started the fire in the firepit. Saturday night was potatoes and corn on the cob wrapped in aluminum foil and cooked in the coals. T bone steaks were grilled on the grate that swung over the fire. They cleaned up lunch stuff and were back on their stands by 1 pm.

Robert sat on his stand thinking about his sister all afternoon. A freight train could have come by and he would not have noticed. He didn’t reach any conclusions about his sister. The only thing he knew for sure was that she was going to have to initiate anything that happened. He would be fine if she never acted on her thoughts about him. He looked around, amazed that the sun was setting.

He was first back about half hour before dark. He had a good fire going when Chelsea showed up right at dark. Neither had seen a deer all day. He grabbed a couple of beers from the cooler and they pulled chairs up to the fire. They sat talking quietly or just staring into the flames. Soon enough they had enough coals built up to bury the taters and corn, then waited thirty minutes before putting the meat on the grill.

They had a good time. The food perked them up and gave their conversation a much needed lift. They cleaned up and had another beer. Chelsea asked if he were going to go see how Larry’s leg was. He said no, he thought they could play cards and talk or whatever.

She broke out the cribbage board and they each won four games. During the last two games Chelsea looked like she wanted to say something but couldn’t find the words or the nerve to start.

Finally Robert said, “OK, you’ve got something on your mind, give.”

She looked down for a bit then raised her head and asked, “Did you enjoy the show I put on for you before lunch? I saw you put up that trail cam. So, did you? Enjoy it?”

“Yes, yes I did. I know I’m not supposed to, you’re my sister.”

“Out of curiosity, why did you put it there?”

“Because I saw you though the window last night. On my way back from Gunderson’s place. I saw you and it turned me on. I wanted to maybe see more of you. Why did you masturbate if you knew I would be watching?”

“You big dope, I masturbated because I hoped you would be watching. It looked like an easy way to let you know how I feel about you. God I hope you feel something for me or I will die of embarrassment.”

He stood and helped her to her feet. He held her head in his hands and kissed her lips. It was a tender, soft longing kiss grew more passionate the longer it went on. He backed away and kissed her forehead, cheeks, nose and then back to her soft lips.

“That is how I feel about you,” he told her.

“If you really felt that way about me you would not be ignoring my neck and ears,” she told him.

“Oh I’ll get there believe me. Just a small detour while I wrestle with your tongue for a moment.”

Their tongues met, a little hesitantly at first, but soon the hunger for more overcame them.

Chelsea’s hands went under her brother’s hoodie and T shirt and explored his abs and chest. Her passion was building and she finally broke away from him.

“I, wow, I think I have too many clothes on. It’s hot in here, too many clothes on Bobber.”

“I agree completely. We are way over dressed. I’ve seen you naked, now I want to touch you.”

“Just touch me? Touch me how?”

“No, not touch you, devour you. I am going to use my hands, my fingers, lips, tongue, teeth. I’m going to rub my nose over your pussy lips and clit, I’m going to inhale you. I never thought of you this way but since last night, knowing that you wanted me, I can’t think of anything else. Let me love you Chelsea.”

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