My Sexy Wife

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It was a typical Monday evening. Finish work, come home, get everything ready for Work the next day and head to the club. The club, as we call it, is a private local bar that serves food, plenty of adult beverages and has plenty of machines for your gambling addiction.

We arrive around 4:45 and get our favorite beverages and head out to the patio machines to enjoy the weather and hopefully win some money. I guess I should give a Little background about my wife and describe her to begin to understand my story. My wife is about 5’7″, around 130 lbs. with dark hair and hazel eyes. She has a beautiful B cup rack and a sweet ass as well. Her personality attracts many as she is very outgoing especially when you add alcohol. Over 4 years ago she quit smoking and started vaping for a variety of reasons, but every once in a while over the last 4 months I hear her utter those words. “I think I need a cigarette. This vaping doesn’t get it sometimes when I drink.” Who am I to deny her? When she smoked it did nothing for me. Now that she quit and has the occasional smoke when drinking it makes me horny as hell. Instant hard-on!

So on this particular evening she is partaking in Margaritas, her favorite adult beverage. After about he second drink she puts down her e cig and says I think I need a cigarette. Being the pervert I am I always carry a fethiye escort pack of her favorites when we go out, just in case such an occasion would arise. She takes her first draw and I’m hard. Watching her smoke lookin at her in her long summer dress, I’m beside myself. As the evening progresses she has one or two more and I start to have more perverted thoughts. The one thing I failed to mention is in public she is rather conservative. She always wears spanks under her dresses, which I totally hate. So I decide to test the waters tonight. I tell her I’ll put a $10 bill in her machine. If in that $10 I get a bonus round she has to lose her spanks. She agrees probably thinking there’s no way and I begin playing.

Within 5 spins I get a bonus. Bam! I won the challenge. I allow her to play it out and keep the money. Then I push it a bit farther. I put another $10 in and tell her if it happens again she has to lose her thong. Yes even though conservative, at 50+ years old she still wears nothing but thongs. This time I was all the way down to a $1.50 left and just like that another bonus. A short time later she gets up and says she has to go to the bathroom. I point at her purse and tell her she’ll need that for her undergarments and she just walks away. At this point I figured she was backing out. Much to my surprise upon her return she had both escort fethiye in her hands and placed them in her purse, my dreams come true. We continue playing and drinking for a while with me occasionally rubbing her clit, inserting a few fingers and then licking them clean. I was in heaven.

Around 9pm we wrapped it up and headed home. Working day turns requires sleep as we get older. When we get home she tells me she’s hungry, which makes sense being neither took the time for dinner. The next thing I know she’s standing naked in the kitchen eating left overs. What a sight to see. I went to bed and waited for her to come to bed. Now she always sleeps naked so I knew what to expect. She climbs in bed and I begin rubbing oil on her ass. She asks me to rub her back and before long I have oil on her ass, her back, her tits and her pussy and am rubbing her all over. I can tell by her moans I’m definitely winding her up. I begin whispering in her ear about how this is probably how her masseuse used to do her massages and her moans increased. She was now soaked and begging me to lick her pussy, she loves me to go down on her, almost every time we have sex. The best part is when she’s drinking she’ll ask me who’s pussy am I licking and I always respond with her best friend ‘s name. This drives her crazy and she will respond with lick her pussy, is fethiye escort bayan her pussy good, do you want to fuck her and this goes on and on till she has another of her leg shaking orgasms.

Well tonight I decided she was really uninhibited so I grabbed the 7″ vibrator, oiled it up and slid it in her tight ass while I continued licking and sucking her pussy. At some point she reached down, put it in her pussy and told me to lick her pussy while she fucked. Wow! She was off the charts tonight. Now this isn’t the first time she’s done this, but it doesn’t happen often and I already had a good idea what was next. After about 10 minutes she pulls it out and tells me to suck his cock clean while she starts rubbing her pussy. This goes on for a while and she keeps moaning how hot that is and starts licking it with me in between kisses. She then slides it back in her pussy gets it nice and wet puts in back in my mouth. This time she starts whispering in my ear and kissing my neck driving me crazy. I start rubbing my cock and she is encouraging me, oh yeah baby jack off for me while she is burying her fingers in her pussy. I had enough and knew it was only a matter of time before I lost my load. I pulled her to the end of the bed, slid the vibrator back in her ass and slid my cock in her pussy and began Fucking her. The sensation of her right pussy and the vibrations I could feel between the thin lining sent me over the edge.

The best part is she just text me and ask if I was up for drinks after work? Don’t have to ask twice. Maybe I can get a repeat performance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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