My Return

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The train journey home had been long and exhausting, with three unscheduled stops and half an hour spent just sitting on the tracks waiting for another train to do whatever it was it was doing, I’d spent almost the entire journey gazing out of the window, watching the World go by to the soundtrack pouring out of my MP3 player. I had watched as the bright blue sky had turned to pink, the setting sun casting long shadows against the landscape passing by and then turned to black, nothing to see outside but for the lights, passing by almost too fast to recognise.

It didn’t matter what I’d been looking at anyway, it was only a nice place to rest my eyes as my mind did most of the action – thinking about her. It would be over two weeks since I last saw her, held her close and looked into her eyes, the time had dragged like a puppy with two lame legs, but at least I was now heading home.

The train finally pulled into my station, the announcement giving us barely a minute’s warning as I pulled my bag out from between the seats, stood up to fetch my guitar and stepped down from the train into the dark, damp night. It was raining gently, the really fine type that seems almost like steam when it’s caught swirling around the lights of the platform. The train hissed away as I walked slowly up the stairs, feeling the cool air press welcomingly against the back of my throat, awakening my dulled senses and, I’m sure, adding a sparkle back into my eyes – I was nearly home.

The walk back passed by in an instant, it was cold and I had walked with my head tilted down, avoiding letting the rain get into my eyes but still my thoughts were on here so I didn’t notice. Suddenly I was standing in the entrance hall to her home – the warmth from the radiators seeping through my wet clothes, trying to catch enough breathe and confidence to walk into her room.

I gathered the confidence; my hand went to the door handle and the door swung open. There she was. I took a moment to take in what I was seeing – she looked just as I remembered, only somehow better. Her big brown eyes looked at me expectantly – she had been waiting, her hair fell across her shoulders, framing her face and cascading into her cleavage, she only wore a chemise, her nipples gently poking through the ting material – perhaps just from the cold air passing through the open door. She looked amazing. My bag and guitar dropped to the floor as my arms went to her sides and we held each other, her head burrying into my shoulder as I relaxed into our embrace – home at last.

We may have stood that way for only a couple of minutes, we may have been there for hours, all I know is at some point the door behind me shut and her head raised, her soft and warm lips pushing hard onto mine, her tongue snaking into my mouth as our embrace tightened and I could feel her stretch up on her tiptoes, her nipples brushing noticeably against my damp t-shirt. Her hands moved from holding my head and slipped beneath my t-shirt, her warm hands on my skin; my hands which had, up until then, been settled in the small of her back rubbing in small circles moved slightly further down, cupping a cheek in one hand, feeling he edge of the material she was wearing, feeling the goose-bumps raise across her bare skin as my hand ran back up her back, pushing the chemise upwards and exposing more skin. I could feel her shiver into me, the goose bumps shooting up her back behind the movement of my hand.

Still in our embrace, my hands still gently massaging her exposed skin, her hands snaked further upwards, playfully brushing over my nipples before pushing upwards, forcing my arms into the air as my t-shirt went up and over, dropping to the ground with a damp squelch. She pulled back slightly, her hands on my chest marmaris escort and looked up into my eyes with mischief: “We really should get you out of these wet clothes”, the first words she’s said to me. I held her closer again, teasingly blocking her hands from reaching the front of my rousers as she tried to undress me.

Holding her tightly I swiftly picked her up – a quick yelp bursting from her lips as I carried her across the room and dumped her unceremoniously on the bed, taking only a moment to watch her look up at me before jumping on top of her and attacking her neck with nips and sucks. I could feel her excitedly squirm beneath me, her breath quickening slightly as I let my weight settle on top of her. I could feel my naked and still rain-damp upper half pushing down against the silkiness of her clothes, could feel her breasts and nipples pushing against me. Her arms wrapped tightly around me as I left a slow and deliberate trail of kisses across her neck and up to her cheekbone before kissing her deeply again.

Pulling back up onto my elbows I looked down on before kissing her soft skin again, making my way down her neck and across her collarbone. I could hear her breathe changing and she ran her hands through my hair as I reached the edge of her chemise, gently nudging it further down as my kisses left a wet trail down her cleavage and, with one hand, I pushed the shoulder strap back her shoulder and released her amazing breast and sucked her nipple into my mouth.

I felt her buck beneath me, her hands clamping my head firmly to her chest. I ran my other hand down her side, causing more shivers and then back up again across her stomach to give her other nipple some attention. My tongue slowly swirled around and over her nipple, my hand squeezing her other erect nipple through the silk. She let out a gentle groan, her hands brushing through my hair, her head tilted back and eyes closed.

I gave the nipple in my mouth a gentle bite before against swirling my tongue over it and sucking it, pulling my mouth off and kissing her again deeply on the mouth. I gave her a cheeky look, I could see the glimmer in her eyes and the smile creasing across her face – leaving crow’s feat in the corners of her eyes as I leapt up onto my elbows once again and quickly dived into her crotch.

She let out another yelp as my weight shifted off her and she was left with my head between her thighs, my hands pushing up underneath her clothes to once again find her nipples. I lay there, I could smell her sweet pussy only inches away from my face, the urge was to dive straight in and suck and tongue-fuck her until she came, but I had other ideas…

With my hands brushing against her bare breasts, I began my teasing assault on her inner thighs – starting near her knees and gently kissing and licking my way up the inside of one leg until I could feel the heat of her pussy on my fact before just gently skipping over it with my tongue and making my way back down the opposite leg. Each time my mouth came closer to her pussy she bucked, trying to force my mouth onto her, but that only made me tease her for longer. She moaned and bucked until finally, without any warning I stopped teasing her and moved my mouth to within millimetres of her hot snatch, breathing in her sweet scent. I slowly extended my tongue until it just touched the folds of skin partially concealing her hardened clit. My tongue moved up and over it, just barely even making contact as she squirmed more, her hands reaching down to hold my head, hands running through my hair as I began long and slow licks from clit to opening. I could taste her, lapping up her juices as my tongue reached her opening and I pushed my tongue ever-so-slightly in. She groaned even more loudly, her marmaris escort bayan hands running feverishly through my hair as I ran my tongue upwards again, between the folds of skin and found her clit.

I pushed down and around it, my entire mouth sucking slightly on her pussy as my tongue ran circles over and around it, pushing her into convulsions and her breath coming more and more quickly. As I continued my assault on her clit I slid one of my hands back down her body and around the inside of her thigh, just brushing it gently as my other hand continued to play with her nipple and my tongue buried deep in her pussy. As she began to moan more loudly I moved my hand, stroking up her leg and resting it against the opening to her pussy before pushing it all the way inside her.

She let out a shout as I started to move my fingers in and out of her, my mouth still concentrating on her clit and surrounding area, frantically licking and nibbling gently on it with my whole mouth. I could feel her pushing her pussy up and against me, grinding into my face, could feel her head pushing back into the pillows. I could feel the tension building up inside her, her breathe quickening still, one of her hands now grasping mine, squeezing it tightly and within minutes she was screaming, her chest raising and falling heavily as I felt her pussy contract tightly around my fingers, her juices flooding out of her and onto my chin, lips as I eagerly lapped it up.

I lay still for a moment, on my front with my face still between her legs, my dick pushing hard and almost painfully into the mattress beneath me as her breathing started to return to normal and her grip on my hand softened. I slowly pulled myself back onto my hands and knees, my face drenched with her juices and moved to lie beside her, putting my arms around her and just holding her for a moment as she recovered, her cute little body quivering in the aftershocks.

She turned to face me, moving onto the side of her body and wrapped her arms around me, kissing me again, tasting her own juices on my lips, pushing her body against mine, her wet pussy grinding against my obvious erection, still trapped inside my jeans.

Her hands moved between our entangled body, undoing my jeans and releasing my hard throbbing dick, rubbing it in her hands. My mind stopped, it felt amazing and I could feel the energy run out of me as my head fell into the pillow, my breath quickening, blowing across the naked skin of her shoulders. Using her feet she pushed my jeans and boxers the rest of the way off as I pulled her clothes over her head, laying together completely naked she continued to gently stroke my dick before rolling me on top of her and smilingly guided me to the entrance to her hot and sticky pussy.

I needed no further persuading as I happily sunk my full length into her, feeling every inch of her insides stretch to hold me, her hot heat gripping me firmly from every angle as I slid up to the hilt. I lay there for a moment, my eyes closed, savouring this feeling before slowly starting a rhythmic pushing in and out of her, feeling the head of my cock as it just started to pop back out of her before burying him all the way back inside her.

From the position I had been in, lying holding the top half of my body above her with my arms, I collapsed, pushing my cock even deeper into the warmth of her pussy and continued to thrust into her. Egged on by the again quickening breathing I pushed in and out of her, my own breath coming in gasps as I kissed her, my hands mauling her tits, my cock pounding in and out of her.

I knew I wasn’t going to last long – this was the first time in two weeks, and she knew it too as she pushed her hands against my chest, stopping me for a moment as she escort marmaris flipped me onto my back, straddling me and impaling herself on my throbbing cock, bouncing up and down on top of me, her tits within mouth-reach bouncing to their own rhythm right in front of my eyes.

I began to feel that tightness around the bottom of my balls and cock, knowing that I was going to shoot my load deep into her waiting pussy just pushed me further over the end and, calling out her name, my world stopped as I felt throb upon throb – load upon load pumping deep into her quivering pussy.

She let out a sigh of contentment as she felt m hot load filling her, sitting contentedly on top of me, holding my head to her chest. I collapsed backwards, completely spent but she had other ideas. Still sitting across my cock she slowly knelt up, letting my quickly-softening cock drop out of her before quickly caching it in her mouth and holding it there. She didn’t pump her mouth up and down my shaft, she didn’t lick, she just held it there and looked up at me, allowing it to grow hard again in her mouth until it was pushing deep into the back of her throat.

Then she began to bob her head up and down against my again-throbbing cock, I could feel the tip of my cock pushing back and forth against her tonsils, my lust for her quickly renewed I began to push my cock deeper into her mouth, groaning again, my hands in her hair, enjoying every second.

She sat up suddenly, letting my hand slide out of her mouth and into her hand as she jerked it off, again looking upward at me. Without taking her eyes from mine, or reducing her rhythmic strokes on my cock, she reached downwards and beneath the bed, fumbling only momentarily. I knew exactly what she was about to take out. Lube.

She looked at me and grinned as she popped the lid off and began to smear the cold gel onto my hardened cock. I flinched as the first waves of coldness struck me but it quickly heated up and her hands were working harder and faster over my slickness.

Without saying another word she made me sit up, hands still firmly on my cock and lay down on her front on the bed, beckoning me towards her inviting backside. Sitting on my knees behind her, my cock gently poking between her legs, she reached around behind her and, taking my slippery cock in her hands, slowly backed herself onto it, pushing it slowly into her asshole.

The feeling was incredible as my cock, still covered in cold gel, slid into her tight hot ass, my hands passing around beneath her to hold onto her tits as I breathed heavily onto her back. I held there for a minute, holding my breath, not daring to move, waiting for her to accustom herself to the intrusion.

“Slowly” she whispered to me over her shoulder in between her groans. I moved gently inside her, never quite sure what to do. She gave me all the guidance I needed, pushing back further onto my cock and then pulling away from me until I nearly popped out, just gently massaging my dick with her tight internal muscles, milking my cock as I began to up the rhythm slightly, our bodies pushing together and apart, nothing but a sheer layer of moisture separating us as we both fucked towards our orgasms.

The excitement of the moment became too much and soon we were both moaning, panting, yelling, screaming as we came – me shooting my second heavy hot load of the night straight up inside her, pushing my dick as deep inside her as I possibly could and holding her completely still as my juices throbbed into her. As I lay there on top of her, not wanting to move, she moved her hand down underneath us to her pussy and started to play with it, screaming loudly as she came quickly, her ass once again contracted crazily around my dick, almost pushing me towards a third orgasm but enough was enough and we lay there holding one another.

At some point afterwards we lay together side-by-side in the bed, both thoroughly exhausted, wrapped up in our own little bubble, we slept.

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