My Online Love Affair Ch. 2

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My name is George. I am a 42 year old male and I am a high school Math teacher. I am divorced, but I do have two kids that are 18 and 15 named Greg and Tammy. I was in the chat room “I Love Older Men” looking for a young lady to chat to. I saw “dik_sucker_2000” had entered the room and I read her profile it read this:

MEMBER NAME: Kelly Robinson

AGE: 18

SEX: Female

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: sex, sex, sex, dancing, partying, sex, sex, sucking dick, sex and more sex!

LOCATION: Michigan

OCCUPATION: Student at Carman Farnsworth High School and worker at a pizza place.

PERSONAL QUOTE: “If it’s long and thick, ride it. If it’s short and small, suck it.”-By me

When I read her profile I was thinking to myself this is the Kelly in my math class? I decided to IM Kelly so I IMed her.

I_Luv_Pussy: Hey babe, will you suck my dick?

Dik_sucker_2000: Sure 🙂 I love sucking dick! How big are you? **hehe**

I_Luv_Pussy: 12 inches ha ha, just kidding.

dik_sucker_2000: So what is your age and location?

I_Luv_Pussy: 42/male/California, how about you, sweetheart?

dik_sucker_2000: 18/female/Michigan.

I_Luv_Pussy: Mmm…Nice…I love younger ladies 😉

dik_sucker_2000: So, are you married?

I_Luv_Pussy: No, I got divorced 13 years ago, today.

dik_sucker_2000: Well, I am sorry to hear that 🙁 Do you have any kids?

I_Luv_Pussy: Yes, 18 and 15. , one boy and one girl

dik_sucker_2000: Do they live with you?

I_Luv_Pussy: No, they live with their mom.

dik_sucker_2000: Listen I must be going, I got work…:-( I will add you to my buddy list, is that ok???

I_Luv_Pussy: It sure is 🙂 Nice chatting with you, by the way, my e-mail is

dik_sucker_2000: My e-mail is I will talk to you later, right now I really need to get ready for work!

I_Luv_Pussy: Alright, babe. Bye 🙂

dik_sucker_2000: Bye.

The greatest lady I ever met on the internet has left me for awhile. I decided to e-mail her. I e-mailed her and wrote this:

Hey marmaris escort Sexy,

How are you? I am good. I just miss you. I am stroking my hard rod for you thinking of you. Tell me, what are your sexual desires? Is it having sex with an older guy like my sexual desire is to have sex with someone your age? I hope so 🙂 Well talk to you later sexy.

-Pussy Lover

After I e-mailed sexy, I went to the bathroom to stroke my cock. I moaned a little when I came but luckily no one heard me because I was alone in the bathroom. I went back to the classroom and graded papers. My son, Greg came in and I told him about the young lady I met on the internet. He said he wished he were I.

After my son left the room I saw a bulge from his pants and I could tell after telling him about my “lover” he was as hard as a rock. It was 6:00 PM and I remembered Greg’s football game. I was going to go and watch him play. So I went and got me something to eat and I saw the sexiest girl there. She looked about eighteen-ish with long blond hair, about 5’1, blue eyes and about a C cup. I got an instant hard on right there.

After I went and ate, I went to the high school and parked my car and walked to the stadium. There were a lot of junior high kids and freshman and sophomores in high school there but I didn’t really pay attention, I was thinking about the waitress at Michigan Pizza. I think I didn’t pay attention much to the game because I was stroking my cock through my pants. Mmmm…it felt so good I wanted to moan, but then everyone would know what I was doing and they all knew who I was. I was the star football player’s father.

After the game, I met Greg and we went home. I told Greg about the waitress at Michigan Pizza and he said I should go for her instead of the chick on the Internet. After I got home with Greg, Greg went up to his room and I went on the computer to check my e-mail. There were no messages so I just signed off and went to bed. When I went to bed, I rubbed my hot rod thinking about the Michigan Pizza waitress. The next day I woke up with a major hard on marmaris escort bayan and my sheets were covered in cum. I had a wet dream about the Michigan Pizza waitress and the Internet girl blowing me. I went online to check my e-mail and there was 1 new message from my sexy.

Dear Pussy Lover,

Hi. I am fine. I had a rough day at work but I worked like a dog just to come home and see if you were on. But you’re not. My sexual desire is top have sex with the football star, his name is Greg Thompson. He is the quarterback AND the most hottest football player on the team. Also, I do desire that I want sex with a guy around your age 😉

Well talk to you soon, hopefully

-Dick Luver

I didn’t have time to respond to her message so I got offline and got dress and ready for work. I got a hard on while driving to work thinking about her liking my son. I was thinking about revealing myself to her but she would freak…or would she flip? Did she like Greg and me? Or did she just like Greg? I received another message from her so I opened it.

Dear Pussy Lover,

Good Morning!! What a fabulous day today. Last night I fingered myself for you and I had the best orgasm of my life! But I really wish I knew what your name was. My name is Kelly for your information, not Dick Luver like I said in my last e-mail. Anyways, I was just e-mailing you to say hello and good morning to you. I must be going off to school now. Bye 🙂


I was about ready to respond to her e-mails then I got an instant message from dik_sucker_2000.

dik_sucker_2000: Aren’t you suppose to be at work, Mister 😉

I_Luv_Pussy: I am at work, Kelly 🙂 By the way, nice e-mails you wrote me. My name is George Thompson to answer the “What is your name question”. May I ask what you look like?

dik_sucker_2000: I’m about 5’1, long blond hair, blue eyes, freckles, about a size 36C, 120lbs., I sort of resemble Gwenyth Paltrow but more shorter **hehe**.

I_Luv_Pussy: Very nice 🙂 My son, Greg goes to school with a girl that looks JUST LIKE YOU. He has a crush on her.

dik_sucker_2000: escort marmaris What do you look like?

I_Luv_Pussy: I’m about 6’2, 205lbs., short blond hair, brown eyes, 8 1/2 inch dick.

dik_sucker_2000: Mmmm…nice 🙂 May I suck it **hehe** 😉

I_Luv_Pussy: Sure baby 😉

dik_sucker_2000: Ha ha, well I gotta start doing some of my schoolwork or else I will get in trouble. Bye, George 🙂

I_Luv_Pussy: Bye sexy.

I logged of the messenger and went back to putting grades in the computer. I read Kelly’s math paper and it said “I Love Pussy Luver”. I had a big smile on my face. I said to myself “Yup, that is who dik_sucker_2000 is”. After school got out I locked up my room and I went home for the night. I got on my computer and e-mailed Kelly.

I wrote this:

Dear Kelly,

Have you ever met anyone off the internet before? I have. I have met a lot of lovely ladies off here and maybe you’re probably the loveliest out of all of them I have ever seen. I’d love to meet you. I am in Michigan now, I moved to Michigan with my son Greg so I could be closer to his sister, Tammy. What do you say about talking on the phone first before you decide to meet me?


I hit the send button and I was hoping Kelly would get my message as soon as possible. I’d love to hear that young sexy voice of hers. I’d love to try to get her in bed with me if we do meet. Right then, I got a hard on so I went and lied down on my bed and stroke my 8 1/2 inch rod. I came about 3 times. I then went back online and checked my e-mail and here again, I got a message from Kelly. She wrote this.

Dear George,

I have met a guy off the Internet before but he turned out to be gay. I hope you’re not gay, ha ha. I sure would love to meet you, my number is 234-9900. Call me anytime, day or night and maybe we could have some phone sex too.

Hugs and Kisses,


I couldn’t believe that Kelly actually wanted to meet me! I was so surprised. So I e-mailed Kelly back and wrote this:

Dear Kelly,

Hey sexy, we sure can have phone sex if you want. My phone number is 767-0994 and you may call me anytime day or night 🙂 I am glad you do you want to meet me because you will be happy on who I am 😉

Yours Sexually, George

Part III coming soon!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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