My Mom – My Lover Ch. 13

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Sheila came down the stairs to the playroom followed by Dena and Jean. Sheila had told them while they were cleaning up dinner what might happen. All three were excited about the prospects of what they were going to be commanded to do. Jerry and Brady were waiting for them, sitting in the cushioned chairs, each sipping on their drink of choice.

Jerry looked at Brady. “May I give a few instructions?” He didn’t want to overstep his authority with Brady’s subs.

“Of course!”

“Ladies step to the middle of the floor.” He commanded them. When they were standing in front of the men Jerry let them stand silently for a couple minutes. Their breathing becoming noticeably labored as the tension built. “You three are here for our entertainment this evening. You will perform as we command you. Your performances will be judged by Brady and me. Any performance we judge lacking in enthusiasm or complete obedience will be punished. Now strip!”

Without hesitation all three ladies began to disrobe. “Keep the heels on!” Brady commanded them. He looked at Jerry. “I’ve always thought a naked slut in heels is a very erotic sight.”

Jerry laughed. “Agreed. I do like your tastes my friend. I think you and I are going to become very good friends.” He turned his attention back to the ladies who were now standing naked with only their heels on. “On the floor, all three of you!” Again, the ladies complied quickly not wanting to be guilty of something that would incur being punished. “Now form a triangle. Each of you is going to suck on another’s pussy until you’re told to stop.” The ladies maneuvered themselves till each was in a position that would allow them to do what they had been commanded to do. “Begin. The first one that climaxes will be strapped to the cross and punished for having such a lack of self-control.” Jerry looked at Brady smiling. “This is going to be fun.”

Sheila began to hungrily suck on Jean’s pussy as she in turn began to work on Dena’s pussy, who devoured Sheila’s. The room was filled with the sounds of slurping and moaning within minutes, each lady trying to bring the other off first. Each lady also giving a porn stars performance, not wanting to be the one that fails their Master. Each also trying to think of anything that would help delay the orgasm building inside them.

“Have you ever thought about taking on a second sub?” Brady asked Jerry, not taking his eyes off the show in front of him.

“I’ve thought about it. But I’m quite content with my Sheila.” Jerry never took his eyes off the performance taking place on the floor. “Plus I’m getting to old to be taking on another sub. If I was younger I might give it more consideration. Have you thought about taking on a third?”

Brady laughed. “Are you kidding? My two are more than I can handle most days.”

Jean moaned loudly as she tried her best to suppress the orgasm building inside her. Sheila sucked harder on Jean’s clit hearing her moans and feeling her body tensing. She had finally found some other women that she felt a connection to. She wanted to please them as much as she could.

“Well if you change your mind let me know.” Jerry continued their conversation as they enjoyed the show. “There’s a young sub in our community that just lost her Master. He died suddenly and it’s left her lost. I feel bad for her and somewhat protective. A couple of the other Master’s in the group have expressed interest in her. But I know them and I think it would be a bad fit for her.”

“OH FUCK!” Jean screamed as her body shook. She had fought off her orgasm for as long as she could. Sheila’s renewed efforts didn’t help anything. Jean’s pussy gushed all over Sheila’s face as she held on tight and sucked her through her orgasm. Jean’s body writhed on the floor, as she screamed and moaned through her orgasm.

Brady leaned forward watching with great satisfaction. “There’s nothing more erotic than a woman that loses control during an orgasm.” He said to Jerry, but never taking his eyes off Jean.

“I agree my friend. You are lucky to have such sensual creatures at your disposal.”

“That I am.”

Both men continued to watch in silence as Jean descended from her orgasm. She laid there whimpering softly, the intensity of her orgasm had been overwhelming.

Brady stood up and walked over to Jean. He leaned over and lifted her up by her arm and a fistful of her hair. He pulled her into his body as he kept a fistful of her hair. He felt his lust for her overtaking him. “You please me very much. But it’s time for your punishment. We need to work on your self-control.” He led her over to the cross and strapped her to it, spreading her arms and legs, completely exposing her body to whatever Brady decided to do to her. He walked over and took a flogger from the wall. Instead of walking back to Jean he turned to Sheila and held out the flogger to her. “You brought her off. I think it only fitting that you punish her.

Sheila looked at her Master horrified illegal bahis at what she was being told to do. “Please Master. Don’t make me do this! She’s my friend!”

Jerry sat in silence thinking. “He’s not telling you to do something I wouldn’t have you do. The only reason you’ve never had to punish a sub to this point is because it’s only been the two of us. I think it would be good for you to be forced to do something you’re uncomfortable with. You will obey him as you would me.”

“Yes sir!” She replied sheepishly. She took the flogger from Brady’s hand.

Brady stopped her before she could walk over to Jean. He looked at Jerry. “Do you have a vibrator?”

Jerry pointed to a small cabinet behind him. “You’ll find an assortment of them in there.”

Brady walked over pulled out a nice big dark blue vibrator. After turning it on to make sure it worked he walked over to Dena and handed it to her. “You’ll be responsible for tormenting her.” Brady returned to his chair and waited for the show to begin.

Sheila and Dena walked over and stood in front of Jean. Her body was already trembling from being stretched out and not being able to relax. Tears were streaming down Sheila’s face. “I’m sorry.” Her voice squeaking.

Jean smiled at her. “It’s ok baby.” Dena knelt in front of Jean, turned the vibrator on, then began rubbing her clit with it. Jean’s body jumped when it came into contact with her already swollen clit. “Oh shit! Oh fuck!” Jean wailed as her body began to spasm.

“Obey slut!” Jerry yelled out as Sheila just stood there.

She raised the flogger and brought it across Jean’s huge chest.

“Harder!” Brady commanded, his voice subdued but authoritative.

Sheila brought the flogger across Jean’s chest again, harder this time. Jean gasped from the sting. Back and forth Sheila used the flogger on Jean’s tits. The combination of the stinging pain to her chest and the buzzing pleasure between her legs was having the effect on Jean’s body and mind that Brady knew it would. Jean hung there moaning, her mind drunk on the sensations being forced on her. She felt herself slipping into a euphoric state where the only reality for her centered on her tits and clit. Her head dropped in exhaustion as her torture continued.

Brady decided to change things up. “That’s enough for now you two.” Dena and Sheila stopped what they were doing but remained where they were awaiting further instructions. “Each of you nurse on one of her tits.” Brady looked at Jerry. “I know how much my sluts enjoy the other’s tits. Let’s see how much your slut likes it.”

Dena stood and looked at Sheila, then they looked at Jean who was smiling at them. Both ladies stepped forward and began caressing one of her tits. Jean began to sob. Her senses and emotions were being pushed to the breaking point. A couple minutes before her tits felt like two pieces of raw meat from the flogging she was enduring. Now the soft touches of her sisters felt like electrical shocks humming through her body right down to her pussy. Dena and Sheila leaned forward in unison and sucked a nipple into their mouth.

Jean wailed as her body convulsed hanging on the cross. Dena and Sheila grabbed her body with both hands and began caressing it all over as their mouths stayed locked on her tits. Sheila dropped her hand slowly to Jean’s groin and caressed the insides of her thighs, grazing over Jean’s clit occasionally. Dena slid her hand down Jean’s stomach until it met Sheila’s. She laid her hand over Sheila’s and began using it to stroke Jean’s pussy and clit. The two looked at each other as they kept their mouths locked on Jean’s tits. The eroticism of the moment took over for both of them. They turned to each other and kissed, their tongues dancing together as their hands continued to love and caress Jean’s body.

Sheila squealed as she and Dena kissed. She had finally found the sisters she had longed for. Her Master had rescued her at a dark time in her life. She loved him deeply and would stay with him the rest of her life. But as much as he met those needs within her life and psyche that she needed, there had always been that one need within her he could not meet. Their kiss grew in intensity. Dena wrapped her hand around Sheila’s neck and pulled her in.

Brady looked over at Jerry smiling. “I think it’s time to join the party.”

“I couldn’t agree more.”

Both men stood and undressed. Brady walked over and stood behind Dena, as Jerry did the same behind Sheila. Both ladies broke their kiss smiling and turned around to face their Master.

Dena reached for Brady’s cock as he pulled her into his body and kissed her. She wrapped her left hand around his shaft and began to stroke it softly as she cupped his balls with her right hand and gently kneaded them.

Brady wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly. He stroked the back of her head with one hand as he slid the other hand down the small of her back till it reached her illegal bahis siteleri ass. He squeezed her cheek pulling her into his body tighter. The two lovers moaned into each other’s mouth.

Jerry wrapped one arm around Sheila and pulled her into his body as he grabbed one of her tits with the other hand. The two shared a passionate kiss as he mauled her tit like it was a lump of dough. Sheila squealed into his mouth as he took possession of her body the way he enjoyed, and the way she had come to crave. Whatever pain she felt was always offset by the pleasure she felt from knowing she was pleasing her Master. “Let’s go sit down and watch our new friends play together.” Jerry led her over to his chair and sat down with Sheila sitting on the floor between his legs. Sheila stroked her Master’s cock and caressed the insides of his thighs as the two of them watched Brady play with his two sluts.

Brady broke the kiss and put his hands on Dena’s shoulders. Son and mother smiled at each other. He backed her up till she was standing in front of Jean’s stretched out body, facing him. He put gentle pressure on her shoulders. Dena knew what he wanted as she dropped to her knees. She lovingly caressed his cock and then took it in her mouth. Brady watched her with a hand on her head till his cock was completely inside her mouth. He then turned his attention to Jean.

Brady reached out with both hands and ran his fingers over her tit flesh, tweaking her nipples. “I knew you’d be the first to climax when the three of you began to play together.” He said smiling. “I know you slut.” He laid a hand on Dena’s head as it gently bobbed on his cock. “I know both my sluts. I know what you both need.”

He grabbed both of Jean’s tits and pushed them together, playing with her nipples. Brady leaned forward and sucked one of them into his mouth. Jean watched him devour her tit moaning her approval. Her flesh was still stinging from the spanking she had received. Now the sensations of feeling his lips and tongue teasing her hardened nipples was like an electrical current surging through her body down to her pussy. She whimpered with need as Brady alternated between her two tits, squeezing and kneading them in his hands as he suckled on them.

Brady pulled off and looked up at her. “You need more, don’t you?”

Jean looked down at him, the need in her eyes answered his question. “Yes please.” She squeaked out.

“Tell me what and who you are.” He said smiling as he continued to knead her tits.

She gasped as he pinched one of her nipples. “I’m just a dirty slut. A whore that needs cock all the time. I’m your whore, your slut. I belong to you Master. Please take your whore sir!” She begged.

“Let’s take this over to the couch.” Brady released her tits and grabbed Dena by her hair and pulled her up. “Help me release our slut. She needs a good fucking.” The two of them released her ankles and then her wrists, helping her regain her balance while rubbing her shoulders. Dena and Jean embraced and kissed as Brady watched.

Jerry grabbed Sheila by the head and pulled her head into his crotch. “This is getting interesting.” Sheila knew what he wanted. She began to suck on his nut sack as she stroked his shaft.

Brady led them over to the couch, his stiff cock jutting out from his body leading the way. His cock was throbbing from Dena’s oral skill. He grabbed Dena and kissed her hard. “On your back babe.” Dena laid on the couch as she was told. Brady then grabbed Jean and kissed her hard. “Get down there and show your sister how much you love her.” Jean knelt on the couch and lowered her head towards Dena’s pussy as the the two sisters looked at each other smiling. Dena’s body arched up off the couch as Jean’s mouth locked on her clit and sucked on it. Dena instinctively reached down with both hands and grabbed Jean by the head, pulling her into her body as Jeans tongue worked her throbbing clit.

Brady watched his sluts for a couple minutes stroking his cock, enjoying the show. The combination of the look on Dena’s face and the noises each of his sluts were making made the scene before him more erotic than any porn he had ever watched. He looked down at Jean’s upturned ass as her face remained buried between Dena’s legs. He had never been an ass man, but he couldn’t deny the attraction he felt for what he was staring at. He stepped beside the couch and knelt behind Jean’s ass. He ran his hands over her ass cheeks, admiring their beauty. He ran his thumb over her puckered sphincter and played with it. Jean squealed into Dena’s pussy in response to Brady’s playing with her ass. Brady took his cock in hand and stroked the head up and down the slit of her pussy, spending extra time rubbing her swollen clit.

Jean’s body shuddered as he played with her ass and teased her clit. She moaned, lost in the sensations coursing through her body. She’d never felt such a depth of emotions and pleasure. She knew that the average person would never understand canlı bahis siteleri the relationship the three of them shared. She also knew how judgmental most people would be of that relationship. She thought about it almost daily. But she also knew she had found that which she had longed for her whole life. This was her family now. She needed them as much as she needed the air that she breathed.

Brady placed the head of his cock at the opening of Jean’s womb and shoved it in just slightly teasing her. Jean tried to shove back getting more of his meat inside her, needing to feel herself filled with it. Brady held his cock in place with his hands holding her hips. Jean wiggled her hips back and forth trying to get his cock inside her. She pulled off Dena’s pussy just long enough to moan out her need. “Oh please Master don’t tease me! Fuck me! Fuck your whore!”

Brady leaned forward and pushed her head back down onto Dena’s pussy. “Just do your job slut!” Then he slowly shoved his cock inside her gushing pussy savoring the heat and moisture as he buried himself inside her. Dena opened her eyes and smiled at her son and Master. Brady returned the smile as he settled into a stead humping of Jean’s pussy. He had the two most beautiful women he knew at his disposal to serve him however he wanted.

“I love you baby!” Dena cooed as Jean brought her close to climaxing.

Brady smiled down at his mom feeling his own orgasm building. “I love you too mom.” He increased the intensity of his humping Jean’s pussy. The noise of their bodies slapping together filled the room.

Jerry held Sheila’s head in a vise grip, driving it up and down on his shaft as he watched the erotic coupling taking place across the room. Sheila wanted to watch, but was kept focused on her Master’s cock. “Damn! This is incredible! I might have to reconsider getting a second slut.” Jerry said to no one in particular. Sheila massaged his balls hoping to bring him off faster so she might be able to catch a glimpse of the threesome taking place behind her.

Dena curled her fingers into Jean’s hair, arching her back as her orgasm slammed into her. “OOOHHH FUCK!” She almost screamed. Her body bounced on the couch as she tried to fuck Jean’s tongue. Jean kept her mouth locked on her pussy drinking in every drop of Dena’s juices as they gushed from her. “OH FUCK! OH FUCK! OH FUCK!” Dena panted over and over. Jean slipped a finger inside her sister’s ass setting off a new wave of pleasure for Dena, causing her to squeal.

Jerry groaned as she shot his load into Sheila’s sucking mouth. She swallowed every drop of his seed, just the way her Master demanded. But she didn’t need to be told to do that. She loved her Master and the taste of his cum. She savored every drop of it. Sheila moaned her own satisfaction as she felt her Master’s cock throbbing inside her mouth. She loved giving this man pleasure and she was good at it. No matter how many times she sucked the cock in her mouth, she always looked forward to the next time she’d do it as soon as she’d completed her task.

Watching Dena’s orgasm wash over her was more than Brady could handle. HIs cock exploded inside Jean’s pussy. Now the room was filled with the noise of their bodies sloshing together. Brady grunted with each thrust of his cock. HIs cum began to ooze out around his cock and down the insides of Jean’s thighs. He pounded her hard till his orgasm ended. Then he settled into a slower humping as he slowly descended from his orgasm. He chuckled, “You two sluts are going to give me a heart attack someday.”

Dena didn’t appreciate his sense of humor as she recovered from her own orgasm. “You better not die on us baby. You don’t know how much we both need you.”

Brady slapped Jean’s ass as he pulled out of her pussy and stood up. “I’m not going anywhere.” He said smiling. “I’ve got the two best sluts on earth. I plan on fucking you two for many many years to come.” He reached down and grabbed a handful of Jean’s hair, pulling her up off of Dena’s pussy. He kissed her hard, tasting Dena’s juices. “Mmmm! I do love the taste of my slut’s juices. Now get up there and let her clean your pussy out.” He walked over to the chair next to Jerry.

Jerry watched Jean as she moved up Dena’s body and straddled her face. “What’s that all about?” He asked as

“That’s a little ritual they like to go through whenever I fuck one of them. The other one cleans out their pussy, and then they share it between them in a kiss.

Jerry watched mesmerized as Jean ground her pussy into Dena’s mouth, her tits swaying from side to side. Brady sat there smiling. He not only admired his slut’s beauty, but he also knew they were putting on a little more of a show for Jerry.

After several minutes Jean got up off of Dena’s mouth and stood next to the couch, helping Dena stand. The sisters embraced each other and began to kiss. Dena opened her mouth, allowing the mixture of Jean’s juices and Brady’s seed to fill Jean’s mouth as well as her own. Their tongues fought each other as their hands drop down the others back and cupped their ass. A string of saliva mingled with Brady’s seed drooled out from between their lips and landed on one of Dena’s massive tits.

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