My Memoirs Ch. 02

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Saturday 17th July

I woke up feeling happy. I smiled to myself, thinking of the night before. The feeling of excitement, the thrill, the emotion. I remembered what I did last night to myself and smiled again. I stretched and turned my head to the left, and saw a photo of me and my husband on my bedside cabinet…then it hit me. What was I doing? I am married. I love my husband. The guilt really set in. How could I have done what I did last night? I sat up in bed and put my head in my hands. I couldn’t believe it. I started replaying the events of the night before and wished it was dream but I knew it wasn’t. I felt terrible. I looked at my phone. No messages or missed calls. Good, I thought. Maybe it wasn’t as bad as I remember. But that was the problem.

I didn’t remember last night to be bad at all. It was nice. It was amazing. Part of me wished I could relive it again , the other part of me wished I had never lived it at all. Confused? So was I. I looked at the time. 6.53. Hubby wasn’t due back till 8. I then started thinking whether Aftab regretted it. That made me feel worse. What if he was just drunk and didn’t find me attractive at all? But surely that was a good thing then? Why was I bothered about that? I just didn’t get it. I didn’t know what or how I was feeling. Did I fancy Aftab? Well, sure, he was good looking, intelligent, and successful, but did I really fancy him? I never even looked at another man since I got with my husband. I just couldn’t make sense of it.

As I sat there, going through things in my head, I remembered the ‘Deal’ we had made. The tight tops. What was that about? I remembered his hand touching my left breast. I could visualize it. I remembered the feeling of my heart pounding so hard. I remembered how I was feeling at the time. I remembered leaning ever so slightly forward as his hand trailed my left breast. All of a sudden, those feelings came rushing back to me. I could feel the same sensation in the pit of my stomach as I did last night.

I pulled my legs up and ran my fingers up and down my bare legs, my nightie gathering on my stomach. I found myself in a complete state of arousal. I could feel my pussy getting wet as I slowly parted my legs as I let my hand slide down my right leg until it reached my pussy. I was wearing no knickers, which was usual for me. Then I remembered using my hairbrush, I looked around for it but couldn’t find it. I closed my legs with my hand still between them and squeezed them together, as bursa escort I did this I slipped my middle finger inside my wet pussy.

I knew what my pussy wanted. It wanted the hairbrush again but I couldn’t find it. I slipped in a second finger into my pussy and started to fuck myself, hard. I was never one to make love. When I first met my hubby I was a bit of a wild child. I remember the wild sex we used to have, behind buildings at night. But not anymore. I missed that. I lay there in bed wondering what Aftab would say if he knew what I was doing right now. With his P.A, lying in her bed that she shares with her husband, masturbating, thinking of him. I started pushing my fingers in deeper, opening my legs to allow my fingers to penetrate me deeper. I felt amazing , I felt…dirty. I liked it.

I arched my hips forward and lowered my back to help my fingers get even deeper. I could feel myself losing control. I wanted to be fucked. By Aftab. I wanted him there, dying to fuck me. I wanted him to be all over me. I wanted him to be inside me. As I thought of these things I could feel my orgasm growing deep inside me. I knew I would cum any second now, so I pushed a third finger inside my soaking wet pussy, hard and fast. I was fucking myself so hard and could see my breasts moving up and down with my body movement. I could feel I was close. The closer I got the more vivid the thoughts in my head became. I imagined Aftab pulling out of me and cumming all over my stomach. That was it, my legs stiffed up and I started to cum. My body shook as I enjoyed the sensation of making myself cum, i closed my eyes and imagined Aftab watching me. I came harder than the night before.

I lay there, with my fingers deep inside my still as I recovered. I pulled out my fingers and as my heart beat slowly became normal I felt a slight guilt again. I closed my eyes and rolled over to my left side. What was happening to me? After a short while I got up and showered and decided to put everything out my mind. I got on with the rest of the day best I could.

Sunday 18th July

As the day wore on I became more and more nervous about the next day. I kept checking my phone for a text or anything from Aftab. Part of me wanted a text from him saying he was joking about the tight tops, part of me wanted a text saying he couldn’t wait to see me in my tight top and the rest of me didn’t want to hear from him at all. I didn’t know what or how I was feeling. At about 8.30 I went upstairs bursa escort bayan and looked at my clothes. I picked out 3 tops.

All three were old tops that I had not worn in years. The first was a yellow top, it was short and exposed the bottom of my stomach, showing my belly button. It was tight around my breasts and was a round neck, quite high up. The second was a baby blue color that had frills on the shoulders. This was longer, with a high v – neck. It was more of a jumper but was tight enough to display my breasts well. The last, was a cotton top, was the tightest of the three. So much so, it clearly showed the outline of my bra and stretched around my breasts tight. I put all three back in drawer. I still couldn’t believe I actually tried them on. As the night grew nearer I didn’t know what to do. I sat downstairs thinking of what I should do.

“You alright.” Said my husband, interrupting my train of thought.

“Yeah, I’m fine, why?”

“You seem distracted, anything wrong?” Distracted he said. He hardly notices me but he notices me when I want to be left alone.

“No, I’m okay, just got a headache, think I’ll go to bed.”

I walked upstairs and got ready for bed. What was I going to do in the morning?

As I walked across the bedroom I saw my hairbrush sticking out from under the bed. I picked it up and placed it in my drawer. I got into bed. My head was a mess. I could not make sense of anything. I turned one way then the other. I could not settle. I imagined walking in to work with one of my tight tops and Aftab staring at my breasts. It excited me. The thought of Aftab looking at me was exciting. The thought of Aftab wanting me was exciting. I could feel myself becoming aroused again. What was happening to me? I had gone months without masturbating and here I was wanting to touch myself for the third time in 3 days.

I closed my eyes as felt my right hand touching and fondling my right breast. The silk material of my nightie felt nice against my erect nipple. I squeezed my nipple hard, as it shot a jolt of pain and pleasure through my body. I did the same to my other nipple. I could feel my breathing getting heavier. I wanted to be taken. So badly. I wanted Aftab to be kissing me, touching me, exploring my body. I wanted him in my bed. I wanted him to touch my breasts, fondle them. As I thought these thoughts, I reached down and played with my clitoris with my middle finger. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter, escort bursa my breathing getting deeper and deeper.

I got up and got my hairbrush again, I walked over to my bed and climbed on. Then I lifted myself onto my knees and held the hairbrush on top of the bed. I pulled my thong to one side. I looked across and saw myself in the mirror that was hanging on the wall. The main light was off but a bed side lamp showed my face, my full lips and my long hair falling over my breasts. I pouted my lips, almost naturally as I lowered myself down until I couldn’t see myself in the mirror anymore, I felt the handle of my hairbrush and rubbed in slightly along my pussy lips. I could hear the sound from the TV downstairs as I lowered myself quick and hard, pushing my hairbrush into my pussy.

I was not in the mood to make love. I never was. I wanted to be taken. I rode my hairbrush imagining I was riding Aftab. I could feel my hair brushing on my back, smoothly gliding up and down my back as I bounced up and down on my hairbrush. I couldn’t go full throttle as I didn’t want my husband to hear, but that just added to my excitement. How would my husband feel his wife was upstairs fucking herself with her hairbrush thinking of another man? I bounced on my hairbrush and could feel my orgasm building up nicely. I imagined Aftab in our bed pleasuring me as My hubby watched TV downstairs, not knowing another man was making his wife feel so good. As I fucked my hairbrush deeper and deeper I reached out with my free left hand and grabbed onto the bed sheets in front of me. I moved my hips back and forth as well as up and down. I looked down and saw the left shoulder strap of my nightie had fallen off my shoulder and was exposing half of my left breast.

I could feel my full breasts swaying with the movement of my body, bouncing up and down. The deeper I fucked myself, the nastier my thoughts became. I started thinking of Aftab taking me telling me “What your husband doesn’t know right now is that another man is inside his wife, fucking her, using her, pleasuring her..”, as he fucked me from behind. I was so close to cumming, I decided to go for it, I knew it would only take a few full throttle bounces so I closed my eyes and bounced hard and fast onto my hairbrush. I could hear the head board behind me banging against the wall and as I thought, within a couple of seconds my body tensed up as I started to cum, my body shook more than the time before as it was free standing and not against the bed. I gasped and pulled on the bed sheets hard as I enjoyed another fantastic orgasm.

I fell into a heap on my bed, closed my eyes and fell asleep feeling , warm , fulfilled and relaxed……

To be continued…

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