My Fantasy Comes To Life Ch. 1

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Well first I should tell you a little about myself… My name is Joseph… I am 21 yrs old. My sister and her friends have been my obsession since i can ever remember. Whether it was spying on my sister changing or catching every glimpse of her friends I used every image I could for my fantasies.

Well little did I know that one day one of the fantasies would come true. Before I begin let me tell you about my sister. She is 27 years old… 36C-24-36… blonde… very big mouth! She has a nice ass which I enjoy a lot. Just basically a woman that is my obsession! Now let me begin…

* * * * *

It was a warm day in August and I woke up in the morning and went downstairs. I had talked with my sister the night before and she told that she was going to take me out for the day but when I woke up she was gone. So I was obviously upset because right there I thought that my day of staring my sister’s lovely tits and ass was over before it even started. So I went and showered and got dressed and then asked my Mom where Tasha (my sister) was… she told me that she went up to her friend Melanie’s for a bit. I told my Mom what Tasha told me about taking me out and my Mom told me where Melanie lives and to take her car there. I thanked my Mom gave her a kiss on the cheek and left. So I got in the old Sunbird and drove up to Melanie’s house…

It about an hour to get there. When I got there I noticed that only my sister’s car was there and not melanie’s… but then I thought to myself… Melanie’s boyfriend must have the car today. I shrugged my shoulders and continued on up to the front door. I knocked and Melanie answered “Hi Joseph!!!” I asked if my sister was home, she said “Yeah she’s just in the bathroom… come in sit down. ” So I walked in and took off my shoes. Then I turned around and Melanie was gone. Then I heard her voice “Joseph were downstairs. ” I walked downstairs and when I stepped into the rec room my cock stirred a bit because both Melanie and my sister were curled up on the couch in such a way that they’re round supple asses stuck out. Oh! by the way Melanie is extremely hot… She has long blonde hair and is 36D-26-36 her tits are just so nicely rounded and her ass is a thing of beauty. Anyways, I sat down on the lazy boy sarıyer escort chair next to the couch so I could have a nice clear view of they’re asses. I started talking to my sister. “Tasha I thought you were taking me out today??” then my sister said

“Oh yeah sorry bro… Melanie’s dog is really sick so George (Melanie’s boyfriend) took it up to the vet and Melanie didn’t want to be alone because she was so worried but she seems alright now. ” Melanie and my sister chuckled and blushed right after my sister said that and once again my cock stirred as I had a hunch of what happened. Melanie started flipping the channels and nothing was on, she turned off the TV and then started talking. “Joseph, I haven’t seen you in soooo long how have ya been??” We all started talking and were playing catch up and then in the midst of the conversation my sister said “Yeah he’s been going out with Melissa for 6 months but he’s still a virgin. ”

I was embarassed and told my sister to “shut up!” Melanie said “I think thats nice… I guess your waiting for the right woman huh?” I nodded yes. As we talked more it got really into the sex subject and I asked my sister and Melanie if they had ever had kissed a woman. My sister and Melanie both replied “Yes!” I said “Oh really?” then we I tried to get things heated up in my favour my sister just said “This isn’t right talking about this with my brother… its kinda sick!” So we all stopped talking and I grabbed the converter and started watching TV. Melanie said that she was going to have a shower. So she went upstairs. That left my sister and I in the basement. So we continued watching a hockey game on TV. Now its well known that whenever we watch hockey we start arguing but its fun.

Sure enough, 5 minutes into the game my sister started arguing about a call… so I argued back… and it continued until I said (jokingly) “You wanna go!” my sister laughed and said “Your on Bro! Lets Rock!” We grapple for about 15 seconds then she got me in a head lock. She then said “Had enough?!” I replied “Hell no I’m just getting started!!” so I got out of the headlock and then jerseyed her… We both stopped wrestling and were breathing heavily as my sister’s shirt was off and she was in her bra… sefaköy escort

I then said “Oh… sorry… Tash… I didn’t mea… ” then she said “I know Joe its ok. ” My sister then started to put her shirt on but stopped as she noticed the enormous hard-on I had in my pants. She tossed her shirt on the floor and then said “Do I arouse you Joe?” I nodded yes… “Do you like looking at your sister Joe?” I nodded again “Tell me brother, have you ever wacked off thinking of me? I said “Yes ever since I could I remember… I’m sorry Tash. ” she said “No don’t be Joe its alright, but let me continue… would like me to help you? I’ve kinda always wanted to see how big you are. ” I said “I would want that more then anything. ” she said “Ok!”

My sister then proceeded to get down on her knees… she unzipped my jeans and took them off and then took my underwear off. She then said “Does this turn you on little brother… well actually BIG brother. ” She said that as my fully erect 8 inch cock was right in front of her face.

“What do you want me to do brother?” I said “I want you to suck my cock sis!,”

“Ok Brother!” My sister then used that big mouth to engulf my cock… she went nuts… she was licking and sucking my cock and I was loving every minute of it. She kept sucking me off and then she stopped and said “Your so big brother! Why were you keeping this amazing cock away from me?” I said “All you had to do is ask!” She then went back to sucking me off… my body started to twitch and I said “You ready for my cum sis? You ready to drink your brother’s cum and lick it all up?” she said “Fire away bro!” then I did I shot out load after load and she kept sucking me off. She then stopped and stood up as she wiped some cum off of her mouth. I sat down and started to speak “Tash, I love you so much… I would love nothing more then to fuck you. ” she said “I love you to Joe… then fuck me you shall big bro!” then I said “Show me those amazing tits of yours. ” She reached behined and un-clasped her bra and let the bra drop to the floor. Her tits were so beautiful… I said “Now your take everything else off!”… She then turned around and bent down seductively and took her pants and panties off at once. Then she wiggled silivri escort her ass in front of me and I took my shirt off and stood up. My sister stood up and turned around… then right there we kissed for the very first time! It was amazing her tongue was probing my mouth. My hands were going all over her body and her hands were wrapped around my cock… Just then…

Melanie walked downstairs in her bath robe and stopped dead in her tracks. My sis and I froze and looked at Melanie. But then my sister started to walk over to Melanie and said “Mel… come join us and enjoy my brother’s lovely cock!” Tasha took Mel’s hand and walked her right in between us. My sister then undid Mel’s bathrobe and then let it fall to the floor. I stood in amazement and then Tasha said “Watch this bro!” Mel and my sister immediately began kissing soon after my sister had Melanie on the floor and was eating her out. My sister’s beautiful ass was stuck up in the air and I took it upon myself to go over and fuck it! I walked over and slapped my sister’s ass and she said

“Fuck my tight ass!!” So I grabbed her ass and rammed my cock right in her ass… my contiued to eat out Mel and as I was fucking my sister’s ass I was looking at Mel and she was feeling her big tits up and said “I want some of that cock next big boy!” I said “There is enough of me to fuck you both!!!” My sister stopped eating Mel out and I took my cock out of my sister’s ass. Then I layed down on my back and my sister layed on top of me she said

“Fuck me brother!!” I said “Ride me sis!!” She grabbed my cock and guided it into her pussy… it was amazing… it was so warm and my sister started to ride me. Meanwhile Mel was standing there admiring this and I said “Let me suck on those tits Mel!!!” Mel walked over and stuck her tits right in my face. I was in heaven my sister was riding my cock and screaming “FUCK ME BROTHER MAKE YOUR SISTER CUM!!! CUM IN ME BROTHER!!!” and I was licking, biting and sucking Mel’s tits.

Then I felt that I was going to cum so I said “Tasha get off me! Now both of you get down on your knees!” Mel and Tasha did so and I started jerking my cock and then all of a sudden I started to blast load after load of cum on to they’re’ faces… They both started licking it up and then I sat down on the lazy boy while Mel and my sister sat back down on the couch. My sister then said “Say Mel… George won’t be back for hours… and you have that queen size bed upstairs!” We all looked at each other and started walking up stairs…

To be continued…

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