My Brother, My Lover Ch. 07

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Callie stood in front of Nathan anxiously waiting to take the towel off his body. She’d been longing for his cock all day. Just kept thinking about how he’d feel inside her mouth. She’d done oral sex with two guys in her entire life, but she’d never dared swallowed. Swallowing was always sort of an uncomfortable deed for her. But with Nathan, that would all change. She loved him and wanted everything he had for her.

“Let me kiss you Callie,” Nathan said in a husky tone as he pulled her little body towards him.

Callie fell into his arms easily. She felt safe and loved in his embrace. He stroked her flawless pretty face and gently glided his lips over hers. His hot breath warmed her lips nicely. They kissed gently with their tongues meeting and locking.

Nathan ran his hands all over her body. He loved the way she felt. Her body was so small, yet so sexy. She was a grown woman now. It was hard for him to ever picture her as the flat chested little girl with braces. Now she was all woman, his woman.

Callie pulled away from Nathan as he kept trying to kiss her. She felt herself turn red, as she was about to perform a blowjob for own brother. She looked down and saw Nathan’s cock already hard underneath his towel.

“Sis? Why did you stop? Kiss me some more!” Nathan begged.

Callie nodded and placed her finger on his lips. “Shhh don’t say anything else bro. I’m going to treat you like you treated me the other night.”

Nathan looked confused for a minute and then had a huge smile on his face as he saw his sister slowly getting down on her knees. She looked so shy but yet she seemed to know what to do. Nathan felt his heart race feeling his towel fall to the ground. Callie looked up at him with desire.

Nathan’s hard cock was right in front of her face. She’d never seen a sexier cock than her brother’s. The head was plump and an amethyst shade. His precum was splattered all over her fingers as she grabbed his cock in her hand. She took a deep breath and slowly put the head in her mouth. Nathan never took his eyes off her. He watched her slurp up his precum. Her lips smacked loudly against his cock.

“Mmmmm fuck!” Nathan moaned aching for her whole mouth to deep throat him.

Callie teased her brother swirling her tongue on the head of his cock. She ran the tip of her tongue on the slit as more precum trickled out. Nathan leaned his head back feeling the sweet sensation of his sister’s mouth.

“Take it all in your mouth sis. Suck me. Suck your big brother.” Nathan rasped grabbing her hair.

Callie obeyed and slowly inserted inch by inch of her brother’s cock into her mouth. She could feel his veins on the touching the insides of her cheeks. She began to suck him off gliding her full lips back and forth hearing him groan in pleasure.

“Hmmmm that’s it. That’s it baby. Oh fuck yes!” Nathan blurted out in his moment of contentment.

Callie could taste him as she sucked him. His cock was big, but yet she still managed to put almost all of it in her mouth. If she put the rest in she was afraid she’d almost choke. She felt her brother put his hands on her face lifting it up to make her look up at him while she blew him.

Nathan watched his beautiful little sister sucking on his cock. He wanted her to look at him while she did it. Her lips were tightly wrapped around his prick and he could feel her putting more suction. Oh God! You look so sexy blowing me! Nathan thought silently keeping his eyes on his sister. Nathan was panting now feeling his balls swell up full of cum ready to shoot out in his sister’s mouth. He couldn’t wait to see her reaction as she swallowed his cum. The thought of her swallowing it made him more excited. She’d have his cum in her belly soon enough.

Callie felt Nathan’s cock twitch hard in her mouth and felt his body tighten. He threw his head back as he came in her mouth. Callie jerked as she felt a big wad of cum hit the back of her throat. That spurt was followed by more shots of cum entering her mouth. Nathan tasted incredible! Callie couldn’t believe she was guzzling down her brother’s cum. It was her first taste of cock cream. Her brother’s cream.

Nathan looked down as his eyes widened watching Callie drink his jizz. Fuck! She swallowed it all! So fuckin’ hot! Nathan said to himself. He made sure to keep his cock in her mouth until she sucked him dry.

Callie felt the tangy salty flavor in her mouth. She let Nathan’s cock out of her mouth and kissed the head. She stood up slowly putting her arms around him kissing his neck.

“I love you bro. I loved tasting you.” Callie said softly in such a innocent voice that turned Nathan on.”

“I love you too. I wanna make love to you Callie,” Nathan responded lifting her up from the ground and onto his bed.

Callie looked up at him while he began to take her clothes off. It was going to be another night of passionate lovemaking with her sexy brother.

That weekend Callie and Nathan decided to take care of cleaning up and taking care of the laundry. beşiktaş türbanlı escort After cleaning up, they went downtown to go buy Callie some more clothes for work. Callie had informed Nathan about her lack of work clothes and he’d voluntarily offered to buy her some outfits.

“I’ll pay you back once I get my life back on track.” Callie promised as they walked down the street window-shopping.

“No need to pay me back. I’m doing it as a gift,” Nathan replied sweetly.

They walked by several shops and the whole time Nathan wanted to hold her hand or put his arms around her. He couldn’t of course in case they bumped into someone they might know. They’d found some very nice outfits for Callie. She’d been sure to model them for her brother to get his approval.

They were in a one of downtown’s biggest shops and Callie was trying on some skirts. Nathan stood outside the dressing room waiting for her. She stepped out wearing a semi short white skirt.

“What ya think?” She asked softly.

“I like it. Just make sure they aren’t too short of skirts. I don’t want any guys hitting on you,” Nathan teased.

Callie giggled. “You don’t have to worry about that. I only got eyes for you bro.”

He wanted to take her right then and there but he had to calm down. He had to make his erection go away. After several hours of shopping they were both tired and decided to go have dinner at a small diner close to the shops. It was almost getting dark and the streets still looked lively.

Callie had ordered a shrimp basket and Nathan a burger. They ate chatting away talking about work. Callie didn’t really want to mention the fact that David had asked her out. She didn’t think it was important for the time being. She also hadn’t told Nathan about Amber and how rude she’d been with her.

They sat there enjoying their dinner. Enjoying each other’s presence. Nathan was in love for the first time in his life. He thought he had been in love with Amy Rogers, but no with Callie it felt different, it felt real.

“You know what we should do? We should get away from this town and maybe leave the state so I could be able to kiss you in public. To show strangers who don’t know us that I love you,” Nathan suddenly said making Callie smile.

“That sounds just so beautiful. I would love that. Maybe someday we could go far away and not have to hide our love.”

Monday morning came too quickly it seemed. It was going to be a long week, Callie thought to herself. The next project was to set up another program in the library computer lab for biology majors. David had assured her it wouldn’t take as long as the program they had set up in the English lab. Once again David had chose to work with Callie in hopes of maybe still being able to get a date with her.

Amber sat and watched them walk downstairs to the computer lab. She felt frustrated and angry. Callie probably knew how bad David wanted her and she was using it to every advantage that she could. That little bitch! Amber said quietly.

“So have you maybe given anymore thought to possibly go out with me?” David asked all of a sudden as they sat side by side in the empty lab.

Callie, caught by surprise wasn’t sure how to respond. “Well, uh I mean I told you I was seeing someone.”

David sighed. “I know I was just hoping maybe you’d have dumped him this weekend.”

If David only knew who Callie was seeing, he’d probably freak and for sure he’d stop asking her out on dates. “Well I didn’t dump him, sorry,” She said giggling.

I have to find out who this guy is. He must be something special for her to turn me down. David thought wondered. He loved working with Callie. Each day he talked to her, he liked her more and more. It was his luck though, he’d finally found the perfect girl and she was taken.

Amber stomped to the restroom furiously. She felt tears in her eyes. She looked at her face in the mirror closely. She couldn’t figure it out. She was very pretty, smart and ambitious. Most men wouldn’t turn her down, most men except David Lambert. Why had she even bothered to sleep with him? Now here she was going crazy because he liked another girl.

It was finally the end of another day and Callie was anxiously waiting to get home to be with her lover. She was walking out and saw Amber straightening up her desk. Callie hated passing by her but she knew she had to.

“Well leaving already? I thought you and David were working late again?” Amber said sarcastically as Callie was trying to walk past her.

Callie stopped and glared at the tall blonde. “Well no, not tonight.”

Amber rolled her eyes. “I suppose some other night then, when you’re in the mood huh?”

Callie frowned. “What is that suppose to mean?”

Amber didn’t respond. She just went back to what she was doing. Callie figured she wasn’t worth wasting her time for. She just walked out annoyed by the girls comment. She must really still like David to be acting like a 13 year old.

Outside, beşiktaş ucuz escort David was talking to Rebecca. She kept going on about her first day of college. David had his mind on Callie still. Almost everything Rebecca was saying was not registering.

“Davy? Are you listening to me?” Rebecca shrilled.

“Y-yeah I am. Give me a break man, I’ve had a long day Becky.”

Rebecca grunted aggravated. “Forget it cuz, I’m gonna go talk to Amber now.”

“Great! And if you talk to her, tell her how much I like Callie Adams.”

Rebecca narrowed her eyes at her cousin. “You can be such an asshole David. Bye!”

David laughed wickedly as Rebecca rushed off to talk to her friend.

“Amber? Are you OK?” Rebecca asked finding Amber crying in the library lobby.

“No I’m not! Your cousin is so mean to me! He knows how much I love him and he loves to be harsh with me.”

“Shit Amber I’m sorry. I’ve tried talking to him. Don’t worry, tomorrow point out this Callie girl and I’ll take care of that bitch.”

Amber seemed to calm down. “I actually have a plan. I’ve got access to almost all of her information. I’m going to do some research on this bitch and find out everything I can about her.”

“What if you don’t find anything?”

“Then I’m just going to making something up. Something big. Hopefully get her fired.”

“Oh so wicked my friend. I love it!” Rebecca yelled out.

“Hey Callie? Callie?” Nathan called out into the kitchen where Callie was preparing a fruit salad that evening.

“What babe?”

“Well I almost forgot to tell you that Mom and Dad invited us for dinner tomorrow night.”

Callie’s heart sank. It had been hard enough to go through dinner with their parents for one night but now another? She knew she had to go because she loved her parents but she just kept praying they wouldn’t bring up any of her or Nathan’s past relationships.

“What time did they say we had to be over there?” Callie asked mixing up the fruit.

Nathan walked into the kitchen sitting down on one of the bar stools. “Well she said around seven tomorrow night. She said there was going to be some special guests.”

Callie groaned. “Aww It’s bad enough that they are there, but to have someone else? Oh Nathan how am I going to be able to keep my hands off you for one evening?”

Nathan stood up putting his arms around her. “Mmmm well don’t worry you can make it up to me once we get home.”

She laughed softly enjoying his hold.

“So tell me how is work treating ya? Do you like your new job? You haven’t told me much about work.” Nathan asked concerned.

Callie shrugged. “Well work is work you know. I mean well I just think there’s some girl there that doesn’t like me much.”

Nathan raised his eyebrows. “Doesn’t like you? Who on earth wouldn’t like you sis?”

“Well it’s probably because her ex-boyfriend kinda likes me.”

“He kinda likes you?” Nathan echoed.

Callie looked sheepish. “Yeah but it’s OK bro I’ve already told him I’m seeing someone.”

Nathan smirked. “Good! I want this guy to keep away from you. Not that I blame him for trying to hit on you.”

Callie chuckled. “Oh whatever, you know you got me under your spell bro. I’m so in love with you.”

Nathan slid his arms around her waist once again pressing his body on her. She always made him hard. She had this way of turning him on, such an innocent way. It was still hard to believe that she was his, all his.

The next day Amber looked in the employee files to get as much information about Callie Adams as she could. So far she’d come up with nothing. “God this is useless!” She muttered. She only found out that Callie supposedly didn’t live in town, but out in the suburbs. She must really need this job for her to be driving out here every day. Oh poor girl, Amber was gonna fix that for her. She’d make sure to get her ass fired.

“Amber, you seen Callie?” David asked as Amber almost jumped from her seat.

“N-n-no I haven’t.”

David looked at her suspiciously. “What are you doing?”

Amber covered up the computer screen. “Nothing just researching. Mind you damn business!”

David frowned and walked away. He hated working with Amber and knew she was just here to keep her eyes on him. David’s uncle, Ron Lambert, which was Rebecca’s father, was the Dean of the college and adored Amber and her whole family. Amber knew she could get away with almost anything. She didn’t even have to work coming from a rich family, but she did just to be by David’s side.

David found Callie outside by her car. He heard her car making loud screeching noises. As he got closer, he saw Callie almost cursing loudly. He smiled looking at her sweet innocent face looking so upset in need of help.

“Callie what’s wrong?” David asked as he approached her.

She hit the wheel of her car with her and grunting. “It’s this damn car. It doesn’t want to start. I was going to go have some lunch beşiktaş üniversiteli escort and here I find myself stuck!”

David knelt down to have her face to face. “Don’t worry Callie. Look I was gonna go have some lunch too. In fact I was gonna ask if you wanted to go have lunch with me.”

Callie looked down. “I-I can’t. I’m just going to stay and have lunch in the student lounge.”

David laughed. “Nonsense! Come on. It’s not a date. Just two people going out for lunch.”

Callie ran her hands through her hair. “Oh Ok I suppose so.”

David felt his ego stroked. They both walked over to David’s BMW and rode off to have lunch. David went on telling her a little bit about himself and his family. It seemed as he came from a big wealthy family. Although he was rich, he didn’t seem snotty to Callie. She’d run into many wealthy men in her time, but none had the pleasant attitude David had.

They arrived at a nice little bistro downtown. The place was pretty crowded but yet they didn’t even have to wait to sit down. Callie supposed the people at the restaurant must know David or his family. They sat in a table outside since the sky was cloudy and the weather was nice.

“So I finally get to talk to you outside of work.” David said as they skimmed through the menu.

“Yeah I suppose so. Do you come here a lot?”

“Not really. I mean I do know some of the waitresses here. I went to high school with some of them.”

Callie watched one of the waitresses approach them bringing them two glasses of water. She smiled flirtingly with David. He didn’t seem to give her the time of day though.

“I see you’re popular here with the ladies,” Callie teased taking a sip of her water.

David scoffed. “Yeah I guess, but there is one lady who won’t give me a chance at all.”

Callie felt David’s blue eyes pierce at her. She cleared her throat changing the subject. She’d hoped David would just accept the fact that she’d never be interested in him. But most of all she’d hoped he’d never find out about who she was in fact in love with.

After lunch they headed back to work and Amber could see them driving up through the window in the library. She felt her heart breaking. It seemed like this Callie bitch was just teasing David. She must be one of those kinds of women who like to drag people’s heart around and then just move on to the next victim.

David and Callie walked back in laughing and making Amber want to just burst out crying. Callie passed by Amber’s desk feeling her smile fade while the blonde gave her hateful stares. Callie felt bad deep down knowing this girl loved David.

Callie hurried back to her car that evening hoping it would turn on. No luck. It just made loud sounds that almost made her ears bleed. Nathan! I’m gonna call Nathan!

She ran back up to the building to call her brother hoping he’d already be home. Amber sat at her desk talking to Rebecca. Callie passed quickly by them.

“That’s her!” Amber hissed pointing out Callie to Rebecca.

Rebecca frowned. “Amber you shouldn’t even worry about her. She looks so plain.”

“Well plain or not, your cousin obviously likes her!”

“What is she still doing here?” Rebecca asked in disgust.

“I don’t know she probably forgot to give David a blowjob and she’s rushing back to blow him.”

Both girls laughed at Amber’s comment. “Shit Amber, that was a good one!”

The phone was ringing and now answer. “Shit!” Callie whined. She then went ahead and tried his cell phone. She’d hoped he wasn’t in the shower or on the other side of town.

“Hello?” Callie finally heard Nathan’s voice pick up.

“Nate! Oh sweetie I’m so glad you picked up! Listen my car won’t start! Could you pick me up from work?”

“Yes! Of course! What building you in?” Nathan asked.

Callie gave Nathan directions and he’d advised her he’d be there in a few minutes since he was close to the college. Callie decided to just wait in her office for while. She didn’t want to walk by Amber and her friend again.

Rebecca and Amber were still at the front desk gossiping about other innocent people. Amber was mostly talking about David like always. In a way Rebecca would get tired of hearing her friend whine about her cousin, but she was her best friend after all. They were talking and loudly until Rebecca heard someone walking up the stairs.

She turned to see a tall handsome young man with his eyes on her. Rebecca felt her breath being taken away. Oh my God! Fuck he’s hot! Amber watched curiously at her friend gawking this young man. Rebecca just stood there with a silly smile.

“Can I help you?” Amber went on.

“Yeah I’m here looking for Callie Adams.”

Rebecca all of a sudden felt disappointed. Did this Callie bitch also have this gorgeous guy under her possession? Amber on the other hand, felt more relieved. Maybe this guy was Callie’s boyfriend. She only hoped so.

“May I ask who you are?” Amber prayed he’d say a boyfriend.

“I-I’m her brother. Nathan.”

Rebecca’s smile returned and Amber’s disappointed continued.

“Oh? Well let me go tell her you’re here.” Amber stomped out to get Callie.

Rebecca couldn’t stop grinning. The young man just made her feel like a little schoolgirl.

“So? You’re Callie’s bro? Well Callie is a really good worker, so I hear.” Rebecca lied.

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