Mummy, Sylvia and I

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I was living in China in my second year teaching English to private students and businessmen. I’d found a particular niche for myself and was enjoying life. I’d learnt in particular the pleasures to be found in Chinese women. Sometimes shy on the outside they were without fail incredibly sexual creatures. Always loud, always incredibly wet and hot for Westerners like me. I didn’t miss home too much nor family or friends truth be told. I was a late bloomer when it had come to sex and this was my time to make up for lost time!

Calling home one time though I was hit by the news that Dad had cancer. Of course he downplayed it being that kind of Englishman but having thought about it briefly I booked a flight home, against his advice of course. I stopped over in Zurich on the way home only to receive a call from my aunt telling me to take a taxi to the hospital. Shit! I got there just in time. It was as well I got the flight when I did.

Events sweep you along as I helped to organize the funeral, probate and all sorts of other items, most small, some large. Mummy held it together pretty well but let me take the lead, as did my sisters who both had both work and children to preoccupy them. Things went well enough though and as smoothly as could be expected. The funeral was cathartic for us and we slowly began to focus on the future. Was Mummy going to stay put and was I going to stay in the country? All was up in the air. For the moment I knew I couldn’t leave her. We did decide though that she would probably be best off downsizing. As part of that process we went through all Dad’s stuff being pretty ruthless in chucking stuff out, even filling up a skip. Mummy had taken the opportunity to go through her stuff too, chucking out a fair amount of her clothes in what seemed to be a purge topkapı escort of anything remotely sexy. I wasn’t at all sure this was healthy for her so covertly held a fair amount back.

We inevitably became closer as Mummy leaned on me emotionally and I enjoyed being cooked for and generally pampered likewise. We spoke like we’d never done before. As this went on I kept returning to all the lingerie I’d kept back from the skip. I’d even try them on slightly ridiculously. I was sexually frustrated and turned on by them, by their material and of course by their association with Mummy. This wasn’t so healthy for me I thought! So I went online and started to date a few girls. Nothing serious. One I’d been chatting to for quite a while but hadn’t actually yet met, so that when we did eventually meet we’d built expectations up a fair bit. We kissed as soon as we met in the railway station. We kissed like I’d never kissed anyone before. It was electric. We made love that night at hers and it was sensational! It had been a while and Sylvia was exactly what I needed. Happily I seemed to fulfil an equal need in her. She lived a couple of hours away but that’s not too much and we began to see a fair bit of each other.

The sex was fantastic and somehow became increasingly kinky. I quickly assumed the dominant role as she settled in to the submissive. Further I became her ‘Daddy’ just as she became ‘Mummy’ to me. Probably because of her high-powered job Sylvia loved deferring to me in the bedroom and outside of it too. Finally she came to stay the weekend at my mother’s since I didn’t have my own place to live in just yet. Mummy was thrilled and liked Sylvia immediately. They cooked for me together in the kitchen, happily discussing what I liked and making türbanlı escort all sorts of jokes, no doubt at my expense. All I heard was laughter as I lazily watched the cricket next door. Supper was unsurprisingly delicious and we made a merry threesome. Eventually I took Sylvia to bed as we bade goodnight to my mother. Sex was again unbelievable, as we seemed equally turned on by our fucking at my childhood home. As usual she was ‘Mummy’ as ‘Daddy’ fucked her.

The next morning we woke in each other’s arms as the sun poured in through the thin curtains. Off we went again fucking each other in a frenzy. Wow! Finally I went down for some breakfast as Sylvia took a well-earned bath. Mummy was down already.

“Did you call me just now?” She asked.

“No.” I replied unthinkingly.

“I was sure you did. Repeatedly in fact!” She insisted.

Now my bedroom was sufficiently distant from Mummy’s but at the same time it was directly over the kitchen. Christ! She must have heard our cries through the open windows. God knows what I mumbled then but she didn’t push the matter thankfully. Instead she asked why Sylvia was so lacking in confidence for someone who’d achieved so much. I asked her what she meant.

“Well she just seems to do everything you ask of her. She seems infatuated with you but as much your servant as your lover if you don’t mind me saying!”

Before I could answer Sylvia chose that moment to make her entrance.

“That’s because I am. Your son is my Master and I’d do anything for him. Any thing! I love him totally.” She whispered but her words nevertheless reverberated round the room.

I was sitting on a bar stool at this juncture just in a dressing gown. I was surprised enough tüyap escort by my mother talking about “lovers” of mine but with Sylvia declaring her love for me in quite that fashion, in front of Mummy, I was floored. I was further thrown when Sylvia knelt down to meekly kiss my feet just to prove her point. I couldn’t help but get hard as my beautiful Sylvia made this incredibly intimate and devoted gesture. For someone supposedly dominant things were quickly spiralling out of my control! I couldn’t hide my hard-on so I simply took hold of Sylvia’s head and pulled her to me. She of course knew what to do and didn’t hesitate. All the while I held Mummy’s eyes even as Sylvia’s bobbing head devoured my engorged cock.

“Sylvia’s my Mummy now. That’s why I was shouting Mummy this morning as I fucked her. We love each other. She will do anything for me just as I look after her in turn.”

“But ‘Mummy’?

“She gives me the love I never had from you.” I cruelly retorted.

So saying Sylvia nearly gagged on my cum so turned on was I that I had cum on the spot. I think Mummy would have fled in horror but she was transfixed at the sight of Sylvia now licking my cock clean. In tears she finally whispered: –

“I’ve always loved you darling. You know I’d do anything for you…”

I really think she was jealous! I took Sylvia’s head by the hair and released her from my cock.

“Go on then!” I commanded.

There followed what seemed like the longest of pauses as my beautiful widowed mother, frozen to the spot, finally thawed, dropped to her knees and came to head to head with her boy’s cock. She licked her lips in anticipation or maybe just because of a dry throat such was the tension. She bent forward to kiss my still rock hard and quivering cock. This she did so tenderly and with such love that I thought that was enough for now, lifting her up to kiss her on the lips for the first time.

This was going to take quite some working out! Not least the relationship between Sylvia and my mother and who was I going to call Mummy?!

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