Mr. Luke and Little Viviana Pt. 01

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Viviana just started working part time at a retirement home, it was her first job in the field she chose to follow when she went to college.

She always loved being around older people and learning about their lives when they were young. She mainly worked with the male part of the job because none of the girls could stand the teasing the men gave them.

She was talking to her friend Cass when Mr. Knight walked up to them, not once did he look at their faces as he spoke to Viviana.

“Hey Viv, we just got a new guy in and his been placed in your ward, apparently at his old home, the nurses there complained about his dirty mouth. We need you to get him settled in.”

She nodded and said goodbye to Cass and her boss. Taking the short cut she walked outside to the men’s side of the home and walked to the front desk to scan in.

“Morning Viviana!” She turned around to see Mr. Jenkins walking by.

“Good morning Mr. Jenkins, are you feeling better today?” She turned to him and lent against the desk pushing out her large 32DD breasts.

“I am now, now that you’re here” he sent a wink her way causing her to blush.

“Oh stop it you. I’ll see you later for your bath.” She waved good bye and walked to the west wing of the building.

She could hear grumbling coming from room 69 and frowned. No one has used that room sense Henry passed away, and she hasnt had the chance to fix it, as she was still grieving over his unexpected halkalı otele gelen escort death.

She walked in to see a tall light brown man standing by the window on the phone. “why do I have to be here James? Why can’t I come stay with you and the kids?” He stopped speaking and listened to his son.

“Okay fine, just make sure you and the girls come visit once a month. Bye.” He hung up the phone and grunted.

“So you must be my newest guest? Hi I’m Viviana your nurse and I’ll be helping you most of the time.” She walked forward scaring the old man.

“Jesus girl, give an old man a warning when you come in.” He turned around to look at the beautiful girl before him. His mouth opened and he smiled.

“Have I died and gone to heaven? Dear lord you must be a dream come true!” He walked up to her and shook her hand.

“No Mr Luke I can assure you this is real.” Luke stood at 6″5′ and was of a slender build, his had salt and pepper hair that reached his neck. He wore black pants and a white Tshirt that stretched over his large chest showing off his light muscles.

She blushed and moved away.

“Well, I just stopped by to see if you needed anything? Or if you need help unpacking?” He shook his head and just stared at her beautiful body.

She was a small girl, standing at 5″4′ with long raven black hair that reached her mid waist, her breasts where large and just halkalı rus escort begging to be popped out of the small tight nurse uniform she had on.

Luke shook his head no and just sat down.

“well if you don’t need anything at the moment I am just going to go on my round and check on the other men here. If you need me just hit the button by the bed and I’ll be right with you.” She turned around and walked out the door with her juicy ass bouncing as she walked away.

Luke got up and quickly closed the door, locking it and walking back to his bed. He sat down and unzipped his fly. After seeing her and watching her chest bounce as she talked had gotten him so hard.

He pulled out his thick cock and started to pump. Closing his eyes he imagined Viviana’s mouth around the tip of his dick and pumped harder. He brought himself to an orgasm but it wasn’t strong enough to last him the night.

Down the hall, Viviana was getting ready to give Mr. Jenkins his bath. She walked into his room and closed the door. She found him ready and waiting on his bed and smiled.

“You are always ready Mr. Jenkins.” she laughed and pulled the wash trolley closer.

“Always ready for you Viviana.” He pulled back the sheet showing his old wrinkling body. She laughed and walked towards him.

“Well let’s get this over with.” She placed the sponge into the soapy water and sqeezed it out. She started at his halkalı türbanlı escort head and worked her way down his body. Mr. Jenkins sighed and leaned back, he couldn’t wait for her to touch his cock again

She noticed he was getting excited and laughed, she could feel herself become wet and noticed he had splashed her with water, her chest now visible under the white uniform.

Slowly she reached his cock and began to wipe it. He knew what she was doing and couldn’t help the grunt that escaped his lips.

She giggled “do you like that Mr. Jenkins? Do you like me touching you?” When bit her lip and smiled.

The secret behind her loving her work was because she loved older men, and by loved she lived to fuck them.

He grunted again and nodded. “please darling, suck it. Like you did that week.” She nodded and brought her red lips to the tip of his red angry cock.

Slowly she slipped him in and moaned at his salty taste, slowly she pushed and pulled his cock out and Moaned when ever her pushed her head down.

Slowly she started to move faster, her head bouncing up and down in time with his thrusts, her cheeks sucking in each time.

She could feel him tense under her and she grabbed his balls, just as she did that Mr. Jenkins jerked once more and came in her mouth, blowing all his seeds into her young pretty mouth.

She swallowed it all and smiled at him, he laid back and laughed.

“You sure know how to use that mouth Viviana next time I want that pussy though.”

She stood and leaned her chest on him. “Sure thing hun”.

He fondled her tits and smiled “That’s my girl” he pulled her in for a sloppy kiss and pulled away.

That day she walked out happy and Horny as fuck, her pussy was wet and waiting to get fucked by an old mans dick.

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