Movie Night: A Family Affair

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*All characters portrayed in this story were above 18 years old*


It’s move night.

A cumbersome weekly tradition my family started every since my dad married Mary and her son Jake came to live with us. A futile attempt to force our “family” to bond.

Jake is two years older than me. And, there is no denying it, he’s fucking hot. Shaggy brown hair that falls onto his gorgeous dark blue eyes. He is almost a head taller than me, my eye level looks at his perfect pink lips, chiselled jawline and earnest smile with perfect white teeth. He spends more time at the gym than anywhere else, and it shows. His tight white transparent t-shirt hugs his ripped biceps and reveals his cut six-pack.

Ever since he moved in I’ve been acting like a little school girl around him. I always wear make-up and dress sexy around the house. I’ve caught him staring at my chest when I wear a tight top, and I love making him sweat when I wear my skimpy pyjamas in his room at night. I’m sure its obvious to the whole family.

So here we are, the four of us, cramped together on an L-shaped couch watching some shitty action movie. My father sleeping in the corner, with Mary cuddled up beside him, and Jake and I sitting beside each other. I try to act normal, but all I can think of ways to escape this room with Jake to give in to my wildest fantasies.

I slide my hips toward his and pull a blanket over our legs, inviting him to explore what is hidden. With little hesitation, I feel Jake running his fingers slowly down my thigh while maintaining eye contact with the TV.

My eyes lock into his in a moment of deep seduction. I smile and slide my tight yellow tank top just below my nipple to give him a sneak peek and encourage him to continue.

His face turns red.

He puts his hand on mine and places it on his crotch. I can feel his cock slowly harden through his leg-hugging black jeans.

*Cough, cough* My dad wakes himself up, cuddles up to Mary and then falls asleep again.

The excitement of being right beside them when we know we are doing something naughty, and at any moment can be caught, beckons me to continue. Who knows…maybe I want to be caught…maybe that’s what really excites me.

Jake eve gelen escort presses my hand deeper into his crotch as I feel his shaft thicken until I can cup it with my hand.

I look over at him with desire in my eyes, he knows I want more.

I slowly slide my hand up and down his shaft, I can feel it grow in size and harden.

He then unbuttons his jeans, inviting me in. Of course, he is going commando, as if he planned this to happen all along.

“stop.” I silently mouth with my lips as my eyes widen.

It’s one thing to tease him through his jeans, but to stroke his cock when my parents are sitting beside me seems too risky…but we both know I’m not going to stop.

“you’re crazy,” I whisper. I smile and softly bite my lower lip.

With his cock now fully erect and his denim jeans lowered to expose it, I wrap my fingers around his warm cock, sliding up and down, up and down. I take my time, moving slowly from the base of his cock inching my way to his tip, I tease him as I circle the head of his cock with my fingertips and then spread my fingers around his cock as I move back to the base. Repeating again and again.

Still focused on the TV, every once in awhile we giggle amongst ourselves, but with the blanket covering our legs we feel like we are getting away with a dirty crime. I can feel his cock throbbing with every soft sensual stroke. I lick my fingers and return to moisten his cock and squeeze firmer. I know he wants more. His cock is begging for more.

My heart is racing, but it feels deeply satisfying. I glance over at my parents, my father still asleep and Mary is now flipping through her phone, unaware of anything outside her emails.

I start stroking faster, raising the stakes, I want to take him to the edge. Jake wants more, but I have my own desires to satisfy.

I turn over on my side and rest my legs on Jake’s lap, My ass is now pressed against his hip. I’m facing my parents, but behind me, I’m completely exposed to Jake as my short pink skirt is hiked up with my lacy thong now staring Jake in the face. Ever since Jake moved in I’m always wearing my sexiest panties and revealing clothes because I never know when the fatih escort mood will strike.

I feel his hand squeeze my bare ass as he slides my thong down between my thighs. He senses no need to waste time. He licks his fingers and then slided them inside me. I let out a soft moan and then catch myself immediately.

Jake lays down beside me as if we are spooning. With his erect cock still out he thrusts himself inside me and begins a rhythmic pulsing. In and out, in and out. I feel his hand press down on my hips for leverage, I bit my lower lip to prevent myself from moaning and drawing attention as he continues to penetrate me. I reach back to spread apart my ass inviting him deeper inside me. In and out, in and out. I can feel my pussy moisten his cock.

Without notice, Mary gets off the couch and goes to the kitchen to prepare dinner. We both freeze. Faces flush with desire. We hide under the blanket pretending to be uninterested, all the while I can feel Jake’s hard cock pulsating inside me.

With my father still asleep on the couch and Mary now gone, Jack places his hand over my mouth and intensifies his thrusting. My thong has now slide down around my ankles, Jake aggressively bounces my ass up and down as he fucks me harder and harder. My eyes roll back as I feel my body quiver from head to toe.

He then forces me face down on the side of the couch with my ass up. Doggy-Style. He comes behind me and with little caution for the prospect of my father awakening, he thrusts his cock harder and harder inside me, slapping against my ass.

“sshhhhh” he whispers in my ear, as if I’m the one making all the noise.

With both his hands pressed on the side of my ass he pushes deeper and harder inside me. I can’t help but let out a soft whimper as I feel him dominate my body.

“sshhhhh” he whispers again, as he presses his chest against my back. My tight yellow top has now slid down my tummy, completely exposing my breasts as they bounce with each thrust. I cup them in my hand and squeeze in anticipation as I begin to climax. Each thrust bringing me closer and closer to ecstasy.

I look back at Jake as he continues to fuck me, my hand running through my hair, halkalı anal yapan escort heavy breathes, I let out a quiet “fuck me.” I can feel it coming, my body is electric. I’m panting. Every inhale and exhale lets out soft high-pitched moans, I can’t help myself.

“Mmmmm,” I feel my orgasm building. I no longer care about hiding anything, my sexual appetite has taken over.

My eyes roll back slowly; I can feel his cock throb inside me. He clenches my short skirt that’s now hiked above my ass as I feel his explosion coming.

“sshhh” he whispers in my ear as I feel his body freeze for a moment as his ejaculates inside me. I feel his hard cock pulsate as he explodes inside me. He moans softly in my ear and slowly pulls out his cock as his cum drips out of my pussy. He enjoys watching his cum on me, like he has planting a flag in an unclaimed territory, with his cum visibly dripping down my pussy he has conquered me. I fucking hate it.

“What the fuck, did you just cum inside me?” I yell at him. “We’re fucking step-brothers, what the fuck!”

He panics. My father wakes up. Mary runs in from the kitchen. Everyone is startled and staring at me.

“What did I just hear?” screams Mary in a panic. “What the fuck, what is going on? Hunny, how the fuck can you sleep through this, can’t you see our kids are fucking right in front of your eyes?”

“What’s going on,” Echos my dad as he snaps out of his once relaxing sleep. “oh shit, well I always knew you were a tramp, better to keep it in the family.” He high-fives Jake, “welcome to the family, boy.”

“Are you kidding me?” Mary gasps in disbelief, but smiling as if she knows there’s little she’s going to do about it.

“There just fucking around.” My dad responds. “There just fucking young and horny.”

I could tell there was a bit of envy in Mary’s eyes, she wanted to indulge in a forbidden sexual adventure of her own. “What is wrong with you? Oh my god.” Mary exclaimed in a frank tone as she walked back into the kitchen.

My dad looked over at Jake and I, “I’ll take care of your mom,” as he followed her into the kitchen.

Jake, now in complete shock and disbelief, looks over at me, “I’m so sorry, I couldn’t help myself.”

I smiled. It didn’t really bother me that he came inside me, we aren’t related by blood after all. There was just something inside me that wanted to get caught. Sometimes the risk of being caught is not as gratifying as enduring the raw emotion of the moment…it will make the next time all the more enticing.

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