Mother’s Solace Ch. 01

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I always felt my mother held resentment for me deep inside. You see my father died when I was young; around when I was five I strolled out into the middle of the street trying to get a better look at the cat I saw in the neighbor’s yard. All I can remember hearing was a car coming at full speed and my dad shouting my name as he rushed and pushed me out the way.

Needless to say my dad died in the accident. My mother was devastated, the driver was drunk driving and got sentenced for 12 years. My mother was an emotional wreck. I had to stay with my grandparents for a few weeks before she was able to stabilize herself mentally again. After that she always took care of me, she was loving, caring and would often spoil me when I got good grades in school. I felt I was the center of her life, and she was the center of mine.

Once I turned 14 she left me to my own devices so to speak. She would go out with friends every other Saturday, and Sunday. She would leave at 1 PM and come back around 8 pm a bit tipsy. Coming home she would cook dinner then we would chat while eating. It was always kind of awkward, she was a lot less “motherly”. She would talk about how guys hit on her at bars, or would complain about how she had to stay later at the office to file paper work. I always tried to encourage her when she would talk about her troubles with me, despite not really understanding what she was going through. My encouragement would cause her to smile, and tell me how I was her good boy. Eventually one night at dinner she ended up asking me if there were any girls I found attractive at school. I lied to her telling her I didn’t she had a puzzled look on her. “You’re not into boys are you honey?” she asked raising an eyebrow. I replied that I wasn’t. Honestly I did actually find some girls cute in school, but I didn’t have the confidence to talk to them. Besides none of them could even hold a candle to the beautiful woman sitting across from me at the table, my mother. I couldn’t let her know that, though.

One Sunday night she came home drunk and tired. She had brought me take out, then proceeded straight to bed after wishing me good night. We were gonna watch TV together, but since she was tired I lost interest in watching it by myself. So ate dinner then prepared to call it a night. I was heading to my bedroom, when I saw the light from beneath mom’s bedroom door. She was talking to someone, and being nosy I decided to listen in. “I- I don’t know what to do, Ma. I miss John so much” she said sobbingly. I was guessing she was talking to Grandma. “Why did Locke have to run out into the damned street like that?!”

I froze, it felt like a metal rod just ripped my heart out. She blamed me, who could say she was wrong. I was five but I should have listened. I pleaded with my dad to let me stay outside, while he ran inside to grab my stuffed bear. He had told me specifically to not move. It was my fault; my mom was crying beylikdüzü escort right now that she was lonely, and unhappy. I ran to my room and cried myself asleep that night.

After that instead of moping I became more responsible, I got helped out with the chores more did laundry, learned how to cook and once I turned 16 got a job to help buy food, and show her that I was growing up. My mom appreciated it, and would often give me hugs and kiss me on the cheek. It made me happy, seeing that I could bring her happiness outside of academics. I wanted to help her in anyway I possibly could, she was my best friend, crush, and one and only mom. I also did it to try and relieve my conscience. But in the end, it was fruitless endeavor, the words would still always echo in my head as I drifted off to sleep at night.

“Why did Locke have to run out into the damned street like?”


The alarm rang waking me up out of my slumber. Looking, at the calendar I saw it was a special day. Too bad I had work, after cleaning up in the bathroom and getting dressed; I headed into the kitchen. Mom was standing there in a light blue buttoned up blouse that matched her radiant eyes, along with a pair of jeans. She was cooking bacon and eggs.

Mom is 41, she had me when she was 22, she’s 5″6, has dark auburn hair, and blue eyes. She looks really nice for her age. People would assume at first glance that she was in her late 20s,maybe early 30s. She had well sized boobs in my opinion. I’d speculate 34 c-cup. I’m not sure I’d be comfortable calling her hot, but she’s definitely attractive. She has nice curves at the hips, and a cute butt.

“You look nice.” I said glancing at her back as I sat down at the table.

“Oh, thank you sweetie.” she replied, while reaching up to grab a plate from the cabinet.

Crap, I was staring at her again, in a way a Son should never look at his Mother. “What the hell is wrong with me” I repeated to myself, “she’s my mother, and I’m her son that isn’t right”. I glanced away looking out the window instead. Suddenly the words she said five years ago popped back in my head. My mood started to rapidly spiral downward.

She walked over and set the plate of bacon and eggs in front of me. She kissed me on the forehead, and gave me a big hug. Breathing in her floral perfume, I hugged her back. Her silky smooth skin, always felt amazing, likewise her soft curly hair hitting my face. She returned to the counter.

“What’s this for? You aren’t normally so affectionate in the morning.”

“It’s a big day for you, nineteen and all. Oh how my little boy has grown up into such a helpful, intelligent handsome man.” She said smiling and rubbing my head. She returned to the stove and fixed herself a plate, then sat across from me.”

Mom stared at me for a few minutes. The intensity of her gaze caused me to blush. “She’s so beautiful.” beylikdüzü eve gelen escort I thought to myself.

“What is it Mom?” I asked.

“You remind me so much of your father.” she whispered in a trance like voice.”

“Mom, are you okay?”

Her eyes widened as if returning back to reality.

“Oh, it’s nothing sweetie. Listen, Locke I have a present for you. I think you’ll like it. After all it’s a very special day for my boy.”

Her eyes were glimmering, and she had such a cute beautiful smile. I blushed, and decided to focus on eating.

“I wonder what it is.” I said with a mouthful of food.

“Stop that where are your manners?!” she said in a playful tone.

Later that day, after I got home from work I tried peeking through the window to see what kind of lame party she planned for my nineteenth birthday, but the house was dark. As soon as I entered and went into the kitchen all I heard was


The lights came on, and I saw my mom, and some of my friends from High School all with party hats on their, heads hands raised in the air with smiles on their faces. I was surprised and elated , I never thought all of them would make it.

My mom walked over to me and smothered me with kisses. She held my hands and leaned back “Happy Birthday, Honey!”

The rest of the afternoon went by quickly I caught up with old friends, opened my presents and my mom even allowed me to have a little alcohol. Later that night after my friends left me and mom were sitting on the couch watching TV in the living room.

It was some lame chick-flick, I never was really into them, but me and Mom would watch rotate what we watched together each night, so it was fine.

“Did you have a good time today?” she asked.

“Of course, Mom I was actually pretty surprised you put all that together.”

“Well, you rarely bring your friends over, and hardly go out on your free time so I felt a reunion with them for your birthday was in order.” Mom said smiling

“How did you even get in contact with them anyways? I asked quizzically.

“Oh, I don’t know there’s this website called Facebook” she said mockingly. “Even your old Mom knows about social networking” she said gently elbowing me.

“Well, first off you aren’t old. And second what kind of Mom looks up her Son’s Facebook?! I mean I could of had some personal things on there.”

Sitting up Mom looked at me bemused. “What’s so personal, that you couldn’t tell me? I always told you to be open with me, son.” she chided.

Nervously, I looked at her. “It’s nothing Mom, honest Just guy talk that wouldn’t be appropriate for you to see.”

“Oh, so you did chat about raunchy things with your friends, huh?” she teased.

“M-Mom!” I said blushing.

“Aww, you’re so cute blushing like that.” Mom said kissing my beylikdüzü masöz escort cheek.

We finished watching the movie until the credits.

“So what did you think she asked?”

“Eh, kinda corny to be honest, I mean who buys a girl flowers on the first date.”

“Yeah, but he was so sweet, and sincere kinda reminds me of you, and your father.” she muttered dreamily. After a moment of silence, Mom spoke.

“Locke, do you think I’ll ever find love again?”

“You’re a beautiful attractive woman, I’m sure you will.”

I looked at her and she seemed to space out a bit like this morning.

“All the men that talk to me always flirt, it’s like they are only after one thing. None of them really, show interest in me as a person. A few of them even insulted me after I rejected them.”

“They’re assholes, don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll meet the right guy soon enough,”

“Maybe, the girls always want to head to some sleazy bar though. Besides I have my big strapping son” she said sitting up and patting my chest. Mom, sat there silent again as if contemplating something. Then she turned to me.

“I miss him Locke, I miss him so, so, so much it hurts. Everyday I wake up and he’s not there anymore. The bed is so lonely..”

What I said in response shocked me.

“If you want, I can sleep in the bed with you.”

She looked at me, eyes widened for a few seconds. “Oh, I couldn’t ask my grown son to sleep in the bed with his own mother.”

Thinking, about it I could hold my desire from doing anything she didn’t want. Her happiness came before, my own personal carnal desire.

“I’m here for you, Mom. I really don’t mind.” I said.

“No.” She replied firmly which kinda took me off guard.

The words she said started echoing in my head. I decided if I were to ever bring it up now was the time.

“Mom, do you hate me?”

“Of course not. Locke, I love you sweetie what would make you say that?”

“It’s just that a few years ago..” I paused looking up at her. “You were talking to grandma, and you-you..”

My vision started to get blurry, tears welling up in my eyes.

I was shocked by what she did next. She lifted my chin and planted a firm kiss on my lips. Her breathing tickled my face. I felt like time stopped all the sadness faded away instead confusion, lust and affection took over. My whole body started to heat up. Blood started rushing towards my penis. It started to engorge and swell. We sat there for about two minute, interlocked in dark solace. She slowly pulled away from me and looked me in the eyes I saw lust, loneliness, and love in her eyes.

We just sat there looking at each other for what felt like eternity. So many questions were racing through my head.

“Mo-” As if she knew what I was going to ask she interrupted me.

“Don’t” she said with a regretful, and sad tone.

She got up and started heading up stairs. Before turning around and looking at me with a solemn expression.

“I’m so sorry, for many things. I hope you had a Great Birthday, and good night,” she sighed, before heading off to her room.

CH 1 End


Let me know what you guys think. This is my first submission and I kept this chapter brief.

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