Mother’s Red Shoes Ch. 03

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Katherine had managed to keep Alex’s body upright as the lad regained enough consciousness to move his legs slowly forward and in to her bedroom. Her mind was still reeling from what had happened as she managed to deposit the lithe, fit body on to her double bed. As soon as Alex hit the mattress he fell back asleep, the force of the enormous cum having drained him completely. Katherine hesitated over what to do. Her semen stained dress and stockings sparkled in the dim light as, breathing heavily, she looked at her sleeping son. She decided to make him as comfortable as possible. Leaning over him she pulled up his t-shirt to reveal his toned chest. She couldn’t help but smile at the sight of his body. Her scarlet red fingernails traced a line down his breastbone across his stomach to his bellybutton. She then moved her hand upwards to check his heartbeat. It was fast, but as far as she could tell it was regular.

The sexy, wanton woman who had driven her Son to this climax that had made him pass out, suddenly felt the great emotional weight of motherhood fall upon her and, sitting by his side, she let her head fall onto his chest now. Slowly rising and falling. She loved him so much. She had wanted him to love her back in the same way. Now, after this, the gratuitous display of a woman on heat, in her red dress, her tan stockings and those wicked, magical red high heels, she had pushed her only son to the very edge. Could she bring him back again? Would tonight have forever cursed their relationship?

Feeling very scared now, fearing she had gone too far, Katherine kicked off the red high heels and stretched out alongside her son’s body, arms around him, head on his chest, holding him, willing him to be all right.

Meanwhile far, far away, Alex awoke in a brightly lit room. His eyes adjusted to the intensity of the light. Where was this? Certainly not his bedroom. The last thing he remembered was the intensity of cumming as he had looked at his mother’s legs. Suddenly, guilt and fear overwhelmed the boy as he wondered at what had happened. Had he been sent away? Was his mother thinking he needed psychological help? As his focus returned what he saw frightened him even more. At the end of the bed was a white curtain that ran from rail to floor all in white, it was closed, sealing him off in this area, there appeared to be no other furniture. This WAS a hospital. Alex began to panic. What had he done? Why couldn’t he have controlled his feelings?

A familiar CLICK-CLACK echoed around the room, from beyond the white curtain. Alex swallowed, his fingers curled around the white sheets that held him in the hospital bed. With a clattering of rings the white curtain was pulled back and Alex gasped.

Standing at the end of his bed was his mother, Katherine, but like he had never seen her before. She wore a white, sleeveless mini-dress that ended just below her bottom, and was split down the front in an audacious v-cut that put her heaving bosoms on more or less full display. Below the dress she wore black stockings, held up with an all too-visible black suspender belt and that clipped the dark band at the stocking tops in a sensible, no-nonsense fashion. The uniform was topped-off with a white cap that rested on her dyed blonde hair, the hair itself had been pinned back in a business-like manner too. On her feet were the very same red stilettos that had caused his monumental ejaculation.

“Well then,” asked the woman. “How is the patient?”

“Mum?” asked Alex, as the woman smartly turned and drew the curtain, giving them completely privacy and then strode over to his side. Reaching into the deep gap of her cleavage she produced a thermometer.

“That’s Nurse Mummy to you, young man. Open wide please.”

Alex found himself obeying his Nurse Mummy’s instructions as she popped the thermometer into his mouth and took his temperature.

“Hmm, nothing that rest won’t fix.” She shook the thermometer a few times before dropping back down into the valley of her cleavage. “So want to tell me what happened then?”

Alex began to blush as his Nurse Mummy leaned forward and rigorously plumped his pillows. Alex’s nose as an inch from her breasts, barely contained in the this white material of the nurse’s uniform.

“I, I think I passed out.”

“Passed out by doing what?” Nurse Mummy pulled up and folded her arms to listen.

“I needed to, I mean I wanted to… masturbate, because of you.”

“Me? What did I have to do with it?”

“Those shoes…” Alex’s finger pointed down to her high heels.

“What about them?”

“They hypnotised me… or something…”

“Really, Alex?” Nurse Mummy shook her head from side to side. “How can a pair of shoes hypnotise you? I think you have much to learn…”

Back in Katherine’s bedroom, her concern for Alex had increased. What if she had innovia escort caused some permanent damage to him? Permanent damage ‘down there’? Slowly, biting her lip, Katherine pushed herself up from her resting place on her Son’s body and bent over his shorts. His cock, still big, but now limp, hung out of the flies. She undid the top button and, as carefully as she could, slid the shorts off of his long, tanned legs. Standing at the end of the bed she stared with love and wonder at her son’s naked body and brought the shorts to her mouth, smelling and kissing them once as she did.

“Let’s see if there’s any problem down there…”

Nurse Mummy yanked Alex’s shorts off with a determined twist of her wrists and Alex bounced back on the bed, amazed at the force which she’d displayed. Nurse Mummy then tossed the shorts over her shoulder before bending down and pinching the end of his limp cock with her thumb and forefinger.

“Well it looks ok to me… Doesn’t seem to be anything wrong there… How about your balls?”

This time Nurse Mummy’s hand reached down to Alex’s balls and tugged them tightly. He let out a yelp.

“Well you at least still feel something down there. They’re full too. Amazing, really.”

“Mum, what-“

“I said, Nurse Mummy, Alex! Honestly you’d think you could follow one simple instruction.”

“Well then… Nurse Mummy, answer me this. What am I doing here?”

“You’re having a dream, silly, I thought even you could work that out.”

“But- But with you dressed like this?!”

“You often think about me in uniform, Alex, except in the morning those dreams get pushed to the bottom of your subconscious and you forget them.” Katherine leaned over the bed giving Alex another perfect view of her cleavage as she reached out and wrapped her fingers around the base of his cock, squeezing tightly she began to jerk it up and down. “After all I’ve been an airline stewardess, a maid, and I loved that black leather catsuit from the other month…”

Alex look on in astonishment as Nurse Mummy rubbed his cock and slowly, but surely the blood began to return to it.

“See the question is Alex, that deep down, way deep down inside you, you love your Mother on a level you perhaps don’t understand or even fear, so what do you do about it?”

“But it was the shoes, those damn red high heels she bought. I couldn’t take my eyes off them!”

Nurse Mummy tugged hard on Alex’s cock and he cried out.

“Silly boy! The shoes are only half the equation, yes they may have had some chemical effect on you, in fact I’m sure of it and yes they look damn sexy, but it’s not the shoes themselves – It’s the woman inside them!”

As understanding crept across Alex’s face, Nurse Mummy once again began to masturbate her Son laying in the hospital bed.

“Honestly those fetishists who simply revere the object are missing out on half the fun, Alex. You need to put objects in context. Because these delicious high heels are being worn by your sexy Mother it’s doubling your pleasure. It’s illicit, it’s taboo and it’s THAT which is getting your cock hard.” Nurse Mummy looked at the penis in her hand. “Hmm, it could be harder. Let me think.”

The real Katherine looked on as her sleeping son murmured and turned on the bed. If only she could calm him? Moving back up to his side she tried to pop up his head with pillows, but still the boy moved twisting his body. Instinctively, Katherine put her arm around him and pulled him in to her chest, his head fell upon her bosom, still smartly presented in her sexy red dress, her cleavage forming a perfect pillow. Cradling his head, Katherine looked down at Alex’s mouth and saw his lips resting gently on her breast. On reflection, Katherine would blame blind instinct on what happened next, but at that moment it made perfect sense. The mother reached into her dress and pulled out her left breast. Positioning her tit up in front of Alex’s mouth she softly whispered for him to suck her.

Within a few seconds of Katherine telling her son what to do his lips found her erect nipple and he began to suckle his mother for the first time in years.

Suddenly, the boy in the hospital bed was doing the same thing. Nurse Mummy was laying alongside Alex on the bed. Both her breasts were pulled from her flimsy uniform and Alex was sucking, licking and lapping with all his might on the perfect, luscious tits in front of him. Below that, the uniform had ridden up over Nurse Mummy’s perfect pale bubble of an ass and across his stomach a black stockinged leg lay. The material of the stockings get moving back and forth across his cock, teasing and grazing it, so it was now red, raw with need, eager to spurt.

“That’s it baby, that’s it, suck all you need. Nurse Mummy has it all for you…”

Alex couldn’t stop, the sensation istanbul escort of sucking while her leg rubbed against his penis was incredible.

“You can have this everyday, Alex. Everyday if you just let those fears go and open your heart to Mother. You love her so much and she loves you too, and you could be together if you let her.”

“I will let her!” said Alex inbetween his lips working over Nurse Mummy’s hard, wonderful nipples.

“Say it again, Alex!”

“I love her and will let her!”

As the real Alex nursed, Katherine’s own mouth was open with surprise as she saw his penis coming to life once more, the cock was slowly beginning to become rigid and point upwards.

Katherine began to kiss the top of his head.

“Oh my darling, my darling baby boy…”

In the hospital room Nurse Mummy’s leg seared up and down Alex’s cock, her knee occasionally hitting his balls lightly. Meanwhile she pulled him even closer to her huge, exposed breasts.

“That’s it, Alex, that’s it! Make your mess now, make your lovely mess all over my stockings, all over Nurse Mummy’s legs. Show her that you love her, Alex. Cum for Mummy, cum on Mummy’s legs, do it, do it now!”

Alex cried in extreme pleasure and pain right into Nurse Mummy’s tits as his cum exploded from his cock and began to shower all over the black stockings. He gritted his teeth with sensation as the cum seared from his cock white hot and urgently spurt over the bed and her legs.

“Good boy, Alex! Good boy!”

Katherine, in the bedroom, found herself whispering the very same thing, as Alex withdrew his lips from her nipple and spurted his seed from his cock all over her bed. The boy whimpered and moaned, ultimately still asleep. Katherine continued to kiss the top of his head, before laying him back down on the pillow.

“Good boy,” she whispered. “Good boy.”

* * *

Alex had awoken the following morning feeling refreshed and with added purpose. Seeing his Mum asleep in bed next to him filled him with job and desire, but he decided it would be best to let her rest. Getting up he decided to see if his Mum would play along with him. Going in to her drawers he pulled out a pair of light coloured Wolford sheer hold-up stockings and laid them carefully over the back of the dresser’s chair. He then found her white satin bathrobe and put it on the chair too. Looking under the dresser he located a heeled pair of bedroom slippers that Katherine hardly wore any more. It was a shame as these were a pair of Daniel Green slippers that Alex always thought had given his Mum a touch of Hollywood glamour the rare times he had seen her in them. Leaving the slippers where she would see them, he deftly moved out of the bedroom. Alex smiled as he realised he had not left his Mum any underwear. What would she do?

The boy then thought about putting on some clothes himself, but decided against it. After all, he wanted to show her how much he loved her didn’t he? He should be able to that without clothing, besides it would be a nice surprise for Mum. With that Alex walked down to the kitchen and began tidying away the remnants of the meal from last night.

About an hour later Alex once again heard the CLICK-CLACK of heels on the wooden floor that instantly cause blood to rush to his cock. He turned away from the eggs he was preparing on the oven and smiled broadly.

At the other end of the kitchen table, hands on her hips, stood Katherine. Her white satin robe ran to the floor but as it was only tied at the waste with a small satin cord the robe split right along the leg. Proudly Katherine had placed one slippered foot in front of the other and the shiny stocking clad leg looked magnificent, brazen and incredibly sexy.

“Morning, baby,” said Katherine, her voice dripping with honey. “Oh my, my, not bothering with clothes today? You should mind the hot fat doesn’t burn you!”

“I’m being careful, Mum,” replied Alex who quickly turned off the hob and put his spatula down. He walked over to Katherine and put both hands up to her cheeks. Katherine stared deep into her son’s eyes checking that he shared the same passionate feeling she had. Alex didn’t hesitate this time, he pulled his mum’s face to his and kissed her on the lips. Katherine’s mouth yielded in response and mother and son’s tongues found each other. Katherine’s arms wrapped themselves around her son’s naked body and her fingernails scratched down his back with intensity. Alex’s arms brought his naked body against the warm, thin satin of his mother’s robe. The kiss seemed to last forever neither of them wanting to break this bond, this new found love. Katherine found herself rocking back and forth and eventually pulled away from her son’s eager lips. Smiling, she took a step backwards.

“So… I wore the outfit you picked kadıköy escort out. What do you think?”

“You look so… hot, Mum. Just amazing!”

“But you didn’t want me to wear the red high heels? I thought they were your favourites?”

“Well… it’s not just the shoes themselves…” Alex reached down to his Mother’s hand and gently pulled it to his thick, aching prick. “It’s the woman who wears the shoes.”

Katherine grinned widely as her hand wrapped itself his cock and began to massage its base, slowly.

“What a lovely thing to say to your Mother, young man. What a beautiful thing to say…”

Alex leaned his head back and moaned with delight as Katherine shook his prick a little. She smiled once more.

“Now weren’t you making your Mother some breakfast? Hmm?”

At that moment, Katherine pulled heavily on her son’s cock and the tiniest drop of cum squirted from his penis on to the fabric of the kitten heeled slippers she was wearing. The effect was instant.

From her toes, up her legs, across her thighs, searing through her sex, up her body to her fingertips and rushing to the head, Katherine suddenly felt the extraordinary feeling of sheer wanton NEED that she had experienced when she first put on the red high heels. It was a fantastic, erotic, electric shock that jolted her whole body.

“Oh God, Alex, oh my God…”

Alex felt it too, that uncontrollable lust filled his body, his cock swelled from root to tip. Now was the time for him to take control.

“Bend over!”

Katherine did as she was told. Turning around the needy mother leaned forward on to the kitchen table spreading her palms flat. Alex moved up behind her, his hand moved to her front and quickly ripped the satin cord, allowing him to pull the robe out of the way and reveal his mother’s beautiful bottom framed wonderfully by the hold up stockings. Katherine spread her legs apart for her son.

“Please, Alex! Please!”

Without hesitation, Alex pushed his hard, hot cock inside his mum and cried out with sheer pleasure.

“Yessss!” moaned Katherine. The feeling of her son’s big prick filling up her hot, wet, aching pussy was mind-blowing. She moved her hands to the edge of the table, gripping it with all her might. She wanted to be used, fucked, pounded with lust by her animal son. She wanted to be his fuck-toy, his slut. “Harder!” she demanded.

Alex complied and began to ram his cock deeper and deeper inside his mum’s wanton cunt. His hands gripped her hips and he pulled her towards him with each thrust as if she was some sex doll. The thought pleased Alex, after all he had dressed her this morning, she was his to fuck as he pleased. And now he had mounted her, fucking his mom like a bitch on heat. Alex’s hand moved from her hip and found the breasts he had suckled on last night and began to squeeze them with his hand. He squeezed in time with his urgent thrusts, making the cutlery and coffee cups on the table clatter.

It was then, as Alex mauled her beautiful, full, maternal breasts that Katherine began to experience the most intense orgasm of her life. Her body shook as Alex’s throbbing cock took her over the edge and she began to scream out into the morning. Hearing his mum scream made Alex lose his control too and his cock pumped spurt after spurt of thick, white creamy cum inside his mum’s pulsating cunt. The table shook violently as they came and SMASH! a coffee cup hit the kitchen floor.

And with that Katherine fell forward on to the table, panting. “Yes, baby, yes… Mummy is very, very pleased…”

* * *

“Dear Ginette,

firstly let me thank you for the wonderful time I’ve had since visiting your boutique and buying your very special red high heels. Needless to say the bond between my Son and I has improved dramatically and we now feel more emotionally connected than ever before. What we didn’t realise was the transformative nature of the shoes, namely on the lovely thick white semen my son now produces. Forgive me if that shocks your potential buyers, but I feel, as this is a letter of recommendation, that the long-term benefits are pointed out. Now, all my Son has to do is get one drop his cum on to any pair of shoes (heeled of course) and they produce a super-sexual feeling that is hard to describe, let alone deal with, as it races through your body. Of course this means I now have normal shoes for work and wicked shoes for play, that my son ‘christens’ with his cum and creates the most intense NEED within me for his cock. Once again I thank you for this breakthrough in our relationship. Mothers: if you’re thinking about improving the bond between you and your Son then please don’t hesitate and use Ginette’s unique service. However I understand there are many that wouldn’t want to do this. That is more than sensible, but I would say this: if you’d prefer some appreciative glances, some smiles and some manners and gratitude then investing in a pair of high heels to wear around the house may just make this happen. White to look smart, black for authority and red for… well… being a naughty, teasing woman like me.


Katherine P.”

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