Mothers In Law Are Not Always Bad!

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I have often heard that if you want to know what your wife will be like in 25 years look at your mother-in Law. I met Marge, my mother in law to be not long after I met my my future wife, Joan. Marge was in her early fifties and like Joan, she was tall (5’5″), had long lustrous brown hair, hazel eyes, full Lips and a ready warm smile. They both had and have a very warm outgoing personality. They resembled each other to a remarkable degree, so much so that on one or more occasion they were mistaken for sisters, which amused and pleased them both. They both had, and still have beautiful figures and in particular by especially attractive long legs. Marge specially enjoyed the sidelong and obvious appreciative glances these aroused from men, and now that I think of it sometimes offered them an extra bonus . She only wore dresses, skirts, fully fashioned stockings, and high heels. On more than occasion when she got out of my car, or was seated in our family room she allowed her skirt to creep up her thighs revealing a tantalizing glimpse of a lace trimmed stocking top, garter, or rarely her thigh. If this was a hint to me I was too inhibited and probably too afraid to respond. However after such tantalizing glimpses I often masturbated with a vivid picture in my mind of being clasped to her body by her long sexy legs in sheer nylon stockings legs as we made love. On the few occasions when Joan indulged me in these stocking fantasies I especially enjoyed making love to her, but I in my mind instead of Joan, it was Marge with whom I was making love.

Marge had always been easy going and very pleasant, but in the last couple of years she became brusque, somewhat subdued and lost much of her previous constant good humor. I asked Joan if she too had noticed this and she told me that her father, George was drinking too much, and was not “affectionate” any more to Marge. I asked if he was having an affair, and Joan just laughed at the idea. “He couldn’t even if he wanted to”, said Marge when Joan raised the subject with her.

One Sunday morning I returned from making hospital rounds and was reading the newspaper when the phone rang. It was Marge, and she sounded worried. She told me that she woke up with a pain in her leg and couldn’t get out of bed. What should she do? I asked to speak with George but he as usual was off playing golf and drinking with his buddies. He wouldn’t be home until later that afternoon, and as was usual come home befuddled by booze and go straight to bed. Joan and the kids had just gone off to visit with some friends who lived 50 miles away, and they wouldn’t be back until the evening. I told Marge to stay in bed, and that I would come over to see what her problem might be

After a few minutes I arrived at their condo to which we had an extra key. I rang the bell, entered and called out to let Marge know that I was there. She called out to me to come into the.There and to my surprise found Marge seated in an armchair wearing an attractive flowing white silk robe. “I feel much better” she said, obviously anticipating the momentary look of annoyance look on my face when she did not appear to be in any distress. ” Thank you for coming” she said “But I still have a few cramps in my leg. Do you think that you should have a look?” I asked her to go to her bed and offered my assistance . Marge indicated that she would like to lean on my shoulder. She got up from the chair and in the process her robe parted and revealed her long shapely legs. These were clad in fully fashioned black sheer nylon stockings, lace tops and garters, and as a bonus some white thigh above.

Marge noticed that I couldn’t take my eyes from her legs and smiled. She leaned on my shoulder and as we walked to her bedroom with my arm around her waist to support her I was acutely aware of her firm, full breast pressed against my side as I supported her by esenyurt otele gelen escort placing my arm around her narrow waist.. I helped her into the bed where again her robe parted, and this time her legs were completely visible, as was considerably more. Under her robe she wore a short black lacy Nightgown that just reached her hips, and through which I could see that she had on black lace panties over a black lace garter belt. I realized that I was becoming aroused and I felt my Penis straining against my pants. Hoping desperately that the bulge in my pants wasn’t noticeable I sat down on the side of the bed and tried to act nonchalantly.

I asked marge to show me where she hurt. When she sat up in order to point to her right leg the nightgown top opened a little and revealed most of her generous breasts. She didn’t seem to mind and proceeded to lay my hand on the calf of her leg. “From here and up” she said, giving me a smile. I felt the electric tingle of the Nylons, the lacy stocking tops, and garters as she slowly drew my hand up her thigh until it almost reached her groin. “There” she said, as she moved my fingers over to the edge of her panties. The skin of her thighs was warm to the touch, and it was not my imagination, but I could smell the scent of arousal coming from her. By this time I was also quite excited and close to ejaculating. “Are you OK” Marge asked. “You look a little flushed”. I mumbled something; I don’t know what in return. And suddenly that famous seduction scene from the movie “The Graduate” replayed in my mind. I couldn’t believe what was happening, and once again Marge asked me if I was OK. I answered that I was just fine as I moved my fingers gently up to her mound where they halted. I was waiting for some reaction from Marge, but she didn’t withdraw or make any attempt to remove them from there. I felt my fingers become moist from a wetness that probably came from her vaginal secretions. Marge didn’t move or try to move my hand away. “That’s much better “she said and moved my hand closer to her Vagina. “There..rub a little harder, move your fingers there” and she moved my hand until it covered her mound . My fingers found her pubic hair, and then reached into her vaginal lips which felt swollen, very warm, and moist. Marge sighed happily and said ” Doctor, you have a magic touch.”

By this time my penis was so enlarged it was caught in my shorts, and I felt some discomfort there. I couldn’t do anything to relieve the pressure or to diminish the large bulge which was quite noticeable. I was by this time quite sure what message was being delivered to me. Marge noted my obvious discomfort, smiled and placed her hand on the bulge.

“My goodness” she said. “I haven’t felt anything like this for ages.” At that point she leaned her head up and forward so that we bumped noses. I laughed, but not for very long because in an instant our mouths, lips and tongues found each other. She was an accomplished and vigorous kisser, so much so that I had to come up for air frequently. Her hand moved up my pants until they reached the zipper which she opened. She gently touched my erection, and almost immediately, much to my chagrin I exploded into her hand. She didn’t remove her hand but gently massaged my Penis. Then she leaned her head forward and down, gently, as if she had tasted a delicious ice cream for the first time licked the tip of my penis clean. Then slowly, inch by inch took it into her mouth. At the same time she flicked and licked it clean with her tongue, and all the time looking into my eyes. Then she took her hand off my Penis and licked that clean. In the meantime my own hands were not idle either, and my fingers pushed the edge of her panties aside. My fingers easily penetrated her Vagina where her own copious lubrication eased the way. Soon the esenyurt rus escort movements of my finger were also producing the anticipated result for Marge. She began to breathe heavily and said “For God’s sake fuck me.”

I leaned down over her generous hips and pulled down her panties which by now were sopping wet. This created a picture image in which her groin was delightfully framed by the black lace garter belt above, the garters themselves, and the creamy pink of her thighs above the lace tops of her sheer black nylon stockings. It was a dream come true for me.

By now I was on my knees on the bed after having shed my pants and shorts. I brought my mouth up to her vagina. My tongue penetrated it while at the same time the heady aroma of sex and the slightly salty taste of her juices complemented my pleasure. I lapped at her vaginal walls gently at first, then more vigorously. Marge grabbed my hair and pulled my face down closer to her. She placed her nylon clad legs over back and used them to pull me down even closer until I had difficulty in breathing!. Her Clitoris was quite large and easily identifiable, and while my fingers searched for and found Marge’s G spot I mouthed and licked her Clitoris. After what seemed like an eternity she screamed “Oh my God, I’m coming.. don’t stop, please don’t stop.!” and she came. I felt the walls of her already tight vagina rhythmically squeezing my exploring fingers. She must have come at least two or three times until she relaxed her strangle hold on my head and permitted me to come up for air.

“I needed that” she laughed as we lay side by side. “Do you know that George hasn’t been able to perform for at the last two years? He’s always complaining that he is too “tired” or else drank too much. Of course he is 15 years older than me. Do you think that might be the reason? Is there anything that you can give him that might help?” Unfortunately for George and Marge this conversation occurred at least 30 years before the introduction of Viagra and the other drugs for ED, so that the answer then had to be No. And of course Alcohol while it may increase the desire for sex dampens the performance.

“You know” said Marge “that I’ve never done this before with any one other than George. Please don’t think to harshly of me. I’ve been attracted to you from the first time we met, and I think I love you, and not just because you became a son to us. I’ve never dared to make my feelings known to you because I didn’t want to harm your marriage. If you want this episode can be forgotten and never repeated”

I answered directly by telling Marge how I had been attracted to her almost from the first time that we met. However because of my fear that following this desire might damage my marriage I abstained, but made love to her in my mind.”

“I wouldn’t worry” said Marge.” I have an idea that everything will work out. Joan was right, you’re a wonderful lover. Now let’s enjoy ourselves.” I didn’t think to ask Marge about that comment, because I was already busy kissing and fondling her impressive breasts. Marge at the same time began to gently stroke my scrotum and ran her finger nails up my Penis. This of course almost immediately sprang to attention arousing a purr of happiness from Marge. We kissed, touched, tickled, for minutes. Marge was an accomplished lover and soon had me as close to ejaculation as when we began to make love. And I too brought Marge close to her climax by use of my fingers and tongue . Finally neither one of us could wait any longer and we began to make love.

I moved alongside of her and directed the engorged, almost purple head of my Penis to her Vagina. She tried to pull it into her but I resisted gently and allowed it to rest at the entrance of her vagina. There it rested occasionally touching the engorged and sticky esenyurt türbanlı escort rosy Vaginal lips, and occasionally touched her Clitoris. I caressed her nylon clad leg which rested on me, running my fingers up the leg and thigh, teasing her garter, and sometimes playing with her Clitoris. At the same time I took her nipple which was by now stiff and erect and played with it with my tongue. My penis slipped easily into her moist and deliciously warm Vagina. This time I could not and didn’t want to further delay so I joined her in her rhythmic movements. We came together almost immediately and once again I felt her vaginal muscles contract to squeeze and milk my Penis dry. I couldn’t remember when I had produced so much ejaculate. We subsided together, and within few minutes we both fell asleep in each others arms. Amazingly my penis was still semi erect and remained in her Vagina. We must have napped for several minutes because when I opened my eyes Marge was looking at me with tears in her eyes. Again I felt life return to my penis which became hard. This time our love making was not at all gentle, but was violent and active.

“Please Fuck me with everything you’ve got” cried Marge. I was happy to oblige. I rolled her over on her hands and knees and entered her from behind. This position enabled me to penetrate her much deeper. She very much liked this judging by her cries and language. I was amazed that this woman who previously blushed if anyone told a risqué story or used some minor profanity had a vocabulary that was every bit as large as my own. “Fuck”, “Fuck me harder”, “Fill me up”, etc, etc rolled from her mouth until once again we both came . But this time even though Marge would happily repeated the exercise in any other of the many positions that she mentioned I was bushed. We cuddled and kissed, but not even Marge’s most tender ministrations could raise the dead. After another hour or so of playing we took a shower together. I knew that i had to leave soon because Joan and the kids would be coming home within the hour. Marge and I made tentative plans to be together the following week when Joan planned to visit another friend for the day. I left feeling exhilarated because now I had two great women, each with their own particular talents. The only problem that I could envision for the future was how I could satisfy Marge without endangering my marriage.

Joan and the kids returned later that afternoon. I told her that her mother had called and that I had gone over to make sure that everything was OK. Joan smiled, kissed me, and thanked me for my concern. I felt, but did not display any sense of embarrassment. Joan then called her mother and had a a lengthy and animated conversation with her, while I watched TV.

That night I prepared for bed, and to my surprise found the light on and Joan not asleep. I got into bed and as I reached over to give her a kiss I felt her leg brush against mine. I was amazed to find that she was wearing stockings, and had done so without my having asked her to do so. Happily I explored her legs with my hands and soon discovered that she also had on a lacy garter belt. I drew back the covers and there Joan lay in all her glory, smiling at me. I said nothing but embraced her. My earlier exercise had not completely exhausted my resources and almost immediately my rejuvenated Penis sprang to attention. Joan played with me, and just before she took me in her mouth (something that she did not do very often, and then only after my pleading) she said

“Thank you for what you did for Mom today. It meant a great deal for both of us. She has been so unhappy, and now you know the reason why. Are you sure that you can make love to me. All you had a vigorous workout earlier today.” I turned red, gulped, and was just able to ask her what she meant. By this. “Oh, Mom and I worked it out together. I know how much you love me and our kids, so I don’t mind at all if you are more generous with your love. But just remember that it stays in the family.” I couldn’t resist asking her if this applied as well to Helen, Marge’s recently widowed and equally attractive sister. “We’ll see” she said. But first you have to keep the home fires burning”. And so we did.

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