Mother is my Sexy Cougar. So What?

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Unable to afford her rent, an elderly mother comes to live with her son.


“Roger, it’s me.”

“Mom? It’s late. What time is it?”

“After midnight,” she said.

“What’s wrong?” He waited with trepidation for her to respond.

“Nothing,” she said too slow for him not to think that there was something dreadfully wrong with his mother.

“Mom, for you to be calling me after midnight, there must be something wrong. What is it? Tell me. Whatever it is, I’ll help you.”

“I couldn’t sleep,” she said with a yawn.

“You couldn’t sleep? You called me at whatever the Hell time it is because you couldn’t sleep?” He had a difficult time not showing his exasperation with his mother. Ever since his father died if it wasn’t one thing it was something else. She’s worse than having a spoiled child who always craves attention. “Are you ill? Tell me, how are you Mom?”

“How am I?” The pause between the time he asked the question and until she answered it was long. “Not good,” she said finally.

“Not good?” Expecting her to say good, when she said not good, he knew there was something dreadfully wrong. “Why? What’s the matter? What happened? Did you fall? Did you break something?”

“I didn’t want to say anything to you before to worry you but…” she said softly sobbing.

“Mom?” He said in a softer, more concerned tone. “What? Tell me. What’s wrong? Whatever it is, I can fix it. I can hop on a plane right now and be there in a couple of hours.”

“I’m being evicted.”

“Evicted? Why? I don’t understand. How can you be evicted when I send you more than enough money every month to pay your rent.”

“Yeah, well, that’s a long story but I can no longer afford to pay the rent. After losing my part-time job and with all the prescription drugs that I take with deductibles and co-pays, and after the money they deduct from my student loans after I returned to college to earn my degree, I don’t have much very left of my Social Security, barely enough to buy food.”

“Social Security?” Going back to the last time he saw her, he was stuck in a time warp thinking that he’s still thirty-years-old instead of forty-years-old and his mother is still 52-years-old instead of 62-years-old. “When did you start collecting Social Security?”

“A few months ago. I put in for early retirement figuring that the extra money would give me enough to cover my monthly expenses and it did for a while, until the city cut back on their libraries and closed them from six days a week to only two days a week. I didn’t work there long enough to collect unemployment.”

Knowing he’d regret his invitation, there was a long, thoughtful pause while Roger thought of other options and of what to say before extending an invitation to his mother to stay with him.

“Listen Mom, after Janet left me for her personal trainer, suddenly I have all this extra room. I have three bedrooms when I only use one. Why don’t you come live with me?”

“Live with you?” Her voice was filled with too much enthusiasm for him to think that she’d turn down his invitation. “I can’t do that? I’d be too much of a burden and an inconvenience,” she said with a long pause, “wouldn’t I?”

“Don’t be silly. You’re my mother,” he said. “You’d be no inconvenience,” he said while thinking about all the crazy things she’s done in her life, the affairs with his father’s friends, the loud drunken parties, the nude sunbathing in front of her neighbors, and her endless shopping sprees.

“I don’t know Roger if I want to live down there with all of that warm, sunny weather instead of all of this cold and snow we’re supposed to be getting this season,” she said.

“Mom, c’mon. Just as much as I know how much you love the heat and the sun, I know how much you hate the cold and the snow. I’d love to have you stay with me but only under one condition,” he said his with mind suddenly filled with her nude body.

“What’s the condition?”

“No nude sunbathing. Okay? I mean it.”

“Oh, I don’t do that anymore Roger, not since your father died,” she said with a giggle.

“It will be fun. We can catch up on old times. Being that I’m shelling out money for your rent, a cook, and a cleaning lady, with you doing the cooking and the cleaning, that’s all money saved that I can give to you. Besides you must be lonely after Dad died,” he said pausing to wait for her to answer and when she didn’t respond, he continued. “Come live with me. I think it’s a good situation for the both of us.”

“I am lonely, very lonely but,” she said pausing, “don’t you have a girlfriend?”

“A girlfriend?” He laughed a sad laugh. “Always working, I don’t have time for a girlfriend. Besides, between my job and my hobbies the last thing that I want to do is to tie myself down again with another woman. Glad I’m rid of her, one selfish bitch was enough,” said Roger. “Only, if you don’t mind…”

“Don’t mind what?”

“While you’re here staying with me, I need to call you Helen instead of Mom.”

“Helen? Okay esenyurt ucuz escort but why?”

“Thinking you’d have the wrong idea about me, I didn’t want to tell you, but I’m living in a swinging singles place. If the other tenants discover that I’m living with my mother instead of with some, hot cougar, they’ll make my life miserable.”

“A cougar? Oh, so now I’m your cougar?” She laughed a dirty laugh. “So after all of these years the incestuous truth comes out,” she said.

“What are you rambling on about?” Already impatient with her and already knowing it was a mistake to ask her to live with him, there was no reneging on his invitation now. “What incestuous truth?”

“That Mommy is a MILF you’ve always wanted to fuck,” she said laughing. “That you’ve always thought about me as you’re lover?” No doubt knowing he’d be mortified, she laughed at her son’s obvious embarrassment. “I’m glad to know that I’m the only one who still gets your sexual motor running and revving?”

“Mom, don’t do that. You just gave me an image I’d rather not have,” said Roger while thinking of fucking his mother after she sucked his cock.

Suddenly he had an erection. Maybe she was right. Having already seen her topless and naked a dozen times before and masturbating over her naked body every time he saw some part of her nude body that he wasn’t supposed to see, maybe he did always want to have sex with his mother.

“Sorry, I was just teasing my baby boy. If anything, I’m excited.”

“Excited? Why? That is, so long as you’re not sexually excited,” he said with smugness

“Oh, I don’t know,” she said putting the back of her hand to her forehead in the way of Joan Crawford or Gloria Swanson, “I always wanted to be an actress. Without doubt, being a cougar is the perfect part for me and a role that I can easily play. It will be fun to pretend.”

“Well, I’m glad you’re excited and think that it will be fun to pretend Mother.”

“Finally able to take them out of mothballs, playing the hot, sexy cougar will give me a chance to wear all of my old, sexy clothes that have been collecting dust mites in the closet. I have lots of short skirts and low cut tops that I–“

“Mom, I can’t believe I’m talking to you as if you’re my teenage daughter instead of my mother, but I really don’t want to see your panties in an up skirt and your bra in a down blouse if you don’t mind. Maybe you could wear a jumpsuit that zips all the way up to your chin when around me,” said Roger.

“Oh, don’t be such a prude Roger. You were always trying to steal a look of my bra and panties when you were living with me,” she said laughing. “I can’t tell how many times I mercilessly teased you with up skirts of my panties and naked pussy and down blouses of my bra and naked breasts so that you’d have something to masturbate about that night.

“Mother really,” he said voicing his indignation at being caught looking.

“I know you were in your room masturbating to the naked thoughts of me,” she said laughing again. “I know you were sexually fantasizing of having sex with your old mother.”

“Mother! Really. That’s quite enough,” he said remembering all the times he masturbated over his mother’s bra, panties, tits, ass, and pussy. If only she knew that he still masturbates to the naked memory of her now, he’d be so embarrassed.

“It’s okay Roger. Every son wants to have sex with his mother. Every son imagines his mother stroking his cock before sucking his cock,” she said.

“I was a horny teenager then Mom. I grew out of my infatuation with wanting to see my mother naked and wanting to have sex with you,” he said.

“A man never outgrows his need to see his mother naked and to have sex with her. It’s in their genes,” she said.

“Mom, I really don’t want to have this discussion about me seeing you naked and/or wanting to have sex with you. Suffice to say that, after you’re dead and gone, God forbid, I’d rather have the image of you fully dressed and acting motherly, if you don’t mind,” he said.

“Oh, Roger, I don’t know why you’re living in a swinging singles place if you’re not acting like a swinging single. While I’m still young and healthy, just go with the flow and allow me to have some sexy fun for once before I die,” she said. “Maybe I can teach you how to relax. Maybe whatever I do will rub off on you.”

“The only way this will work Mom is if you only play my sexy cougar when we’re out of the apartment with other people,” said Roger. “Otherwise, you’re my mother and I’m your son. Okay? I mean it. That’s it. No monkey business with you walking around my apartment naked in the way you used to do back home in front of me and my friends.”

“Your friends loved seeing my naked body just as much as I enjoyed showing them my naked body,” she said.

“Yeah, well, even though this is a swinging singles, guests and tenants are expected to remain fully clothed when in the common areas of the complex,” he said.

“Don’t worry about me. I can esenyurt üniversiteli escort do that. I can play your modest mother while playing your sexy cougar,” she said, “so long as I don’t actually have to have sex with you,” she said with a laugh before letting out a big sigh with a long pause. “You’re still angry with me for having sex with your best friend, aren’t you?”

“Water under the bridge. That’s water under the bridge Mom. That was years ago,” he said.

“I can tell you’re still angry. Why him and not you? Is that it? You wished I had sex with you, my son, instead of with your best friend.”

“Okay, if we’re going to live together, let’s clear the air,” he said. “I invited Kyle to stay with me after college for a month or two until he found a job and you took that as your opportunity to seduce him.”

“I was lonely and horny. You father and I weren’t getting along and–“

“You were a 44-year-old woman seducing a 22-year-old man. Do you still not see that as wrong? You’re my mother and that was my best friend.”

“In hindsight, I can see that as wrong but I was an 18-year-old virgin when I married your father, a 30-year-old recently divorced man. Other than your father, Kyle was the only other man I experienced intimately. Being that I was as attracted to him as he was to me, I was curious as to know what–“

“Enough Mother. It’s enough that you had sex with him, I really don’t want to hear any more of what you did with my best friend, if you don’t mind,” said Roger obviously still angry with his mother for seducing his friend.

“Maybe this is good that we’ll be living together. Maybe you can find it in your heart to forgive me for what I did with Kyle. While I’m there, I’ll stay out of your way. I’ll spend most of my time by the pool,” she said with sadness to her voice.

“Mother, please, if you don’t mind, instead of lounging around by the pool, you can stay in the apartment with me. It’s a big apartment, 3,000 square feet,” he said suddenly getting an image of his mother topless and asking one of the young men to rub her sixty-two-year-old body with suntan lotion while telling everyone that she was his mother and not his cougar and he was her son and not her lover.

He could only imagine this neighbors thinking that he was having sex with his mother when he wasn’t. If he had any real hopes getting a girlfriend before, he’d never get one with everyone thinking that he was having an incestuous relationship with his mother. He suddenly wished he could rescind his offer of having her stay with him and just send her some money to pay her damn rent. Yet, he tried that already. Obviously, she’s not using the money he sends her for rent. Maybe she has a drinking or a drug problem. Maybe she’s addicted to gambling. Maybe she owes money to the mob. Maybe it’s time he babysat his mother in the way that she babysat him for so many years.

“Actually, at my age and being that it’s a new, modern age of anything goes,” she said with a pause, “I wouldn’t mind having sex with anyone, even my son.”

“Mother, really. I can’t believe you say all that you think out loud without filtering it first,” he said.

“What? What’s the big deal? Think about it. We’re both mature adults. An ideal sexual scenario, it’s a win/win for both of us. You don’t have time for a girlfriend and I’m lonely and horny. You lick my pussy and I’ll suck your cock.”

The image of his mother on her knees and sucking his cock was a more exciting image than him between his mother’s legs licking her pussy. Knowing she’d suck his cock, he didn’t dare give her any encouragement.

“Gees, Mom. What the fuck? You really need to stop watching Jerry Springer reruns,” he said suddenly filled with the image of his mother blowing him while he felt her big breasts and fingered her hard nipples just before he exploded a load of cum in her mouth.

“It’s true. Nothing is the way it was. No one gets married anymore. Everyone is shacking up with one another in this terrible economy, even mother and son,” she said.

“Call me a prude but I don’t think I’ll be having sex with my mother in this lifetime,” he said with assuredness.

“I’ve been so very lonely lately Roger. Except for dirty, old men who can no longer cut the mustard and can only lick the jar, and young horny boys who are looking to have sex with their mother, no one wants a woman my age but her son,” she said with sadness, “and now not even my son doesn’t want me.”

“It’s not that I don’t want you mother. I just don’t want you in a sexual way,” he said lying while knowing that if he was drunk enough, he’d fuck his mother. “Why can’t you understand that?”

“I understand. I get it. I do,” she said falling silent again. “You think it’s only about sex with me when all that I want now is a little bit of companionship, loving comfort, a hug, a kiss, and a touch from a man,” she said with sadness.

“I understand you’re loneliness. I’m lonely too Mother. Yet, you’re only etiler escort sixty-two-years-old,” he said still amazed that she was older than he remembered her to be, “and not eighty-two-years-old Mom. Moreover, you don’t look your age. You look ten years younger,” he said and she did. When she was fifty-two-years-old, she looked forty-two-years-old. “Matter of fact, if you weren’t my mother and if I didn’t know how old you were, I’d think you were in your late forties. I’m sure you’ll meet someone.”

“Thank you Roger. You’re sweet,” she said. “Let me ask you this then.”


“If I wasn’t your mother, would you do me? Would you have sex with me? Would you fuck me? Tell me and be honest.”

“Mom, I really don’t want to have this conversation but, if you weren’t my mother, yes, probably, I would do you,” he said.

“Thank you. If I was there now, I’d give you a big, wet kiss,” she said laughing.

“I’d settle for just a kiss on the cheek Mom,” he said while filled with the image of his mother sticking her tongue down his throat while he fondled her naked body.

Suddenly, he was horny. Filled with the images of his topless and naked mother again, suddenly, he needed to masturbate. Suddenly, he wanted his mother in the way he used to want his mother.

* * * * *

The flight from Massachusetts to Miami was a straight run. If it wasn’t for Helen being delayed by security because she asked to go through the screening process twice, she wouldn’t have missed her first flight.

“I was only kidding about wanting to go through security twice,” she said to the Captain of TSA. “I’m an elderly woman with no sex life. Being felt up by a TSA agent, even a woman, was thrilling,” she said with a dirty laugh.

Roger picked his mother up at the airport and true to her word, as soon as she saw her son, flattening her big breasts against his muscular chest, she planted her body against him, pussy to cock, and gave him a big, wet kiss while reaching down with one horny hand to grab his ass and her other horny hand to feel his cock through his pants.

“Mother! Really! What the Hell has gotten into you? Are you mad? Are you on drugs? Have you been drinking? What are you doing? Don’t do that. Gees, you just made my skin crawl,” he said lying.

Yet, as soon as she kissed him and as soon as her tongue touched his tongue as she ran her hand down the length of his cock, he had an immediate erection.

“Why are you calling me Mom? You told me to play the part of your sexy, cougar Helen. I’m just staying in character,” she said feigning her innocence by tossing back her hair as if she was Jane Fonda lying about her age or Suzanne Somers lying about all the plastic surgery she’s had.

“Not here at the airport and never again are you to French kiss me and grope me through my pants. That’s just wrong. That’s just nasty,” he said eager to get home to masturbate over his mother kissing him and groping his prick through his pants.

“Sorry, I got carried away but you didn’t have to slip me your tongue Roger,” she said with a laugh while looking over at him.

“Sorry,” he said. “Me slipping you my tongue was just an involuntary reaction.”

“My kiss gave you an instant woody,” she said laughing again. “It’s good to know that you’re still sexually attracted to me,” she said staying quiet while they walked away from the airport to find their car in the parking lot. “You have your father’s big cock, you know,” she said unabashedly.

“Gees, Mom, suddenly I’m feel that Debbie Reynolds or Raquel Welch is my mother,” he said. “Is your entire extended visit going to be like this?”

“What? What did I do wrong? I kissed my son,” she said. “What’s the big deal? Get over it.”

“You groped my cock Mom,” he said while turning to look at his mother in time to see her roll her eyes and shrug.

Maybe it was no big deal to kiss him and to feel his cock through his pants but obviously it was a big deal to him. What he would have loved her to do years ago, when he was alone in his room masturbating over the naked thoughts of her, she was willing to do now. She’s already solicited him for sex. She’s already admitted that she’d suck his cock and he could lick her pussy. Only, too controlled by the forbidden stigma and incestuous label of having sex with his mother, even though he wanted to experience his mother sexually, he just couldn’t go there, not now anyway and not yet.

Roger loaded her suitcases in his car and headed off to his apartment and to the nightlife of Miami with his mother. As soon as he opened his apartment door, there was an invitation to a party. Not unusual there were parties at the complex every weekend. Seldom did he attend, especially now after Janet left him and after he’s been working extra hard from home so as not to be the next one to be cut from the company’s payroll.

“A party? Can we go? I haven’t been to a party in such a long time and–

“Low profile Mom. I’d rather people not know you’re here living with me.”

“Not here living here with you?” She looked at him as if she was about to cry. “Are you ashamed of me?”

“No, of course not, Mom. How could I ever be ashamed of you? Look at you. You’re gorgeous,” he said.

And she was. Having a thing for Angie Dickinson when he was a kid, his mother looked a lot like a cross between Angie Dickinson and Tuesday Weld.

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