Mother and the Book Club Ch. 02

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April Hayward and I had a nice chat while we ate our dinner at the café, which we mostly talked about somethings that we had talked about and, about what we did while we were at the lake and about how good it was. We sat side-by-side each other while we ate, so we whispered when we spoke to each other so others around us wouldn’t hear all that we said to each other.

April and I finished eating our dinner and she paid for the meal as she said she would do, then we walked out to her car and we French kissed each other for a moment before breaking the kissing off and I opened the car door for her and helped her into the car, getting a good view of her pussy as she got in, “I must say you told me the truth about liking it when a woman goes commando since that big bad boy under your pants there doesn’t lie.”

“It’s bad about giving me away like that.” then stepping back to close her car door.

“I’ll give you a call as soon as I know something tomorrow if I can.”

As April Hayward backed out and was leaving the parking lot, I got into my pickup and then left right after her and went back home.

When I got home I saw that mom wasn’t home but she left a note for me on the kitchen table telling me she had gone to talk to one of the women that is a member of her book club. At three o’clock mom came home from where ever she had met the other woman at, “Son I’m home.” I heard her call out from the front door as she closed the door behind herself.

The way I was laying on the couch she couldn’t see me and with her calling out like that it woke me up from the nap I was having, “I’m right here sexy… mom.” adding the ‘mom’ as an afterthought.

“Oh I’m sorry. Did I wake you up son?” as she stepped around the end of the couch.

“Yes but that’s okay. I didn’t plan on falling off to sleep like that. I also didn’t realize that I had fallen asleep till you called my name.” lifting my feet and swinging them out to the floor as I sat up, to let mom sit if she wanted to.

I noticed that mom had a dress on that fit just a bit on the snug side and had a zipper from the hem at mid-thigh to her plunging V neck line with tan stay up nylon stockings. The nylon stocking tops came into full view when she sat down on the couch, next to me.

“How did your visit go with the woman from your book club? That is if you don’t mind me asking?”

“It went is all I can say really. She is having trouble trying to figure out what would make her husband want to have sex with her again like they used to have back in their collage years. She’s thinking about leaving him or maybe cheating on him since they haven’t had sex for just over a month ago.”

“What did you tell her?”

“What could I tell her really? I really didn’t want to tell her what I found my husband doing behind my back after he started treating me the way her husband is treating her. I don’t want her to think her husband is having sex with another man when it maybe another woman or yet, some couple of men or couple of women or another woman man couple, like husband and wife, that needed a man toy or boy toy, which ever they want to call it.”

“True. Is she one that will think her husband is doing just what you found your husband doing, instead of trying to find out just what he’s doing for sure?”

“I don’t know if she is or not but I really don’t want to take that chance to find out and put the wrong idea in her head. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say. She does appear to be that way though.”

“I understand. How old is this woman?”

“She’s in her mid to late thirty’s if I remember right. Why would you want to know that for?”

“For no reason at all really.”

“Do you want something cold to drink?”

“That does sound good. What do you want me to get you to drink?”

“I can go get it for us because I was going to get me a big glass of ice tea.”

“I’ll get it for us.” getting up off the couch.

I went into the kitchen and got the two glasses of ice tea for mom and me. I handed mom her glass of ice tea and then I sat down next to her again, just a tad closer to her than we were when she had sat down before I went and got the two ice teas.

After both of us had taken a drink of our ice teas, “By the way, how did you do at the Freeman office this morning?” putting her arm around my shoulders.

“The guy I have to talk to had to go out on site about two minutes before I got there due to an emergency that came up out there. They said he would call me later on in the week, the way they all ways do.”

“Do you plan to go back and try to catch him there again?”

“In a couple of days I plan on it.”

“Good for you. Are you going to go at the same time or earlier of a morning?”

“I’m thinking a little earlier than I did this morning.”

“From the sound of things you may end up with enough work that you won’t need to work for Freeman Construction.”

“What have you heard, to say that?”

“From the sounds of it April Hayward has been telling everyone how beylikdüzü ucuz escort good a job you’ve done on her yard when you mowed it last week. The woman I went to talk to today was asking me if you would be interested in mowing her yard since her husband has been slacking off on the yard work, as well as his other husbandly duties around the house.”

“Sure. I guess if enough of the women at your book club need something done that a husband isn’t doing or can’t do, I can do it for a price I guess. Then if I get enough business to keep me busy all day every day, then I just may forget trying to get on with Freeman Construction. By the way, what is the woman’s name that you talked to today?”

“Maryanne Ferguson is her name.”

“Did you give her my cell number by chance?”

“Yes I did just in case you were out on another job with April Hayward, which sounds like she has more work for you to do around her place to be done if, you’re able to do it.”

“Speaking of Mrs. Hayward, later on this week I’ll be going over to their place and spending a week there, doing work for her, which I won’t be home till one day next week. I hope you don’t mind me going over there and spending a week over there, instead of coming home each night?”

“Are you sure about going over there and staying a week there, since you and Alison have broken up like you two have done?”

“Yes I’m sure. You won’t believe who the other man is that she left me for is.”

“Why don’t you try me? Who is she seeing now?”

“She is seeing her dad, Mr. Hayward. We saw them go to a hotel that is just a little ways from Freeman construction’s office and they spent close to two hours in a room, before leaving the hotel.”

“We? How does I become, we? When did you see them go to this hotel you’re talking about?

“Well I saw them meet at the hotel and Mrs. Hayward met me at the station across the street from the hotel and we watched them leave afterwards, today after I left the construction company office.”

“That explains why he’s not looking at April anymore. I bet she is devastated right now.”

“Yes and no I think.”

“Why you say that?”

“Her and I went to the lake and talked and the one thing she wishes for is a son, which wouldn’t be so bad if he would show her some love like their daughter is showing Mr. Hayward. She said she may understand why he is fucking their daughter if they had a son and the son was fucking her at the same time. After Alison was born he didn’t want another child so he got cut to keep from getting a woman pregnant.”

“Did she say what she is going to do now, that she knows what her husband is doing with her daughter?”

“She’s not sure as of yet. She’s going to wait and see how she feels around them knowing but them not knowing that she even knows, and if she has trouble keeping quiet about it, she is going to pack up both his stuff and her stuff and kick them out or, she will pack up and move into another house of her own.”

“I hope she doesn’t do something stupid that could hurt her or kill her?”

“I think the week I will be spending over there is to help keep her from doing any such thing that can hurt or kill her.”

“What about Alison or George? That will cause a problem between them two and you won’t it?”

“They will be gone on one of his business trips out of town.”

“Oh. With what you just said you and April saw today, I guess incest is more common than one really knows.”

“Yes it is, just like I told you it is. You never know who all is committing incest because no one talks about it, for the reasons we have already discussed.”

“I guess with you spending a week at the Hayward’s place with April, will help me decide about how I feel about us and I thank you for not asking me about it every day or so.”

“Believe me it’s been hard not to ask you about it for sure.”

“I know baby and I’m sorry but I think I’m about to come up with an answer as to how I feel about us being together like that, when it is just us two alone.”

“I was hoping it would help you to decide something with me gone from the house here for a week.”

“I see, so you’re hoping that with you gone, that I will come to realize just how much I may love you and want to be with you or, make me want to be with you?”

“You got me there.”

Mom and I took a drink of our ice teas before we started talking about other things than us and she even filled me in on a few things about Maryanne that she thought I may like to know about. The only info she didn’t give me about her was how beautiful she may be or not be.

Supper with mom went the same as usual for us as we ate and the same with breakfast the next morning. At about five after ten April called me on my cell phone telling me she would come by and pick me up and asked, that I be ready to go and maybe bring my blanket if I can get it without mom knowing I was taking it with me.

When I got off the phone mom stepped out of the restroom, beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort “Was that a job offer from someone babe?”

“No, it was Mrs. Hayward wanting to come by and pick me up so we can go off and talk, and it sounds like it may be out at the lake that we end up going to.”

“I’m fixing to go to the store to get a few items for supper tonight. Do you want anything that we may be out of?”

“I can’t really think of anything right at the moment.”

“Okay. You be careful and I love you son.” then she turned toward the front door to leave.

“Okay mom I will.”

Fifteen minutes after mom left, April Hayward showed up, which I was out the door and got it locked and grabbed the blanket out of the pickup, and then I got into April’s car and tossed the blanket over into the back seat of the car.

Once in the car I wasn’t able to slide over toward her due to bucket seats and a console in between the seats, “Hi there babe. How are you doing today?”

“I’m good, how about yourself?”

“So far I’m doing well. I must say though, I sure missed you after we finished eating dinner yesterday afternoon.”

“I missed you too.”

“I hope you don’t mind that we go by that hotel and see if Alison and George show up there again if not already?”

“You’re driving, not me. Just go whichever way you want to go.”

“You are so sweet. I love how you just make me melt around you like I do. Heck just seeing you makes me all wet between the legs after our little get together yesterday.”

“Oh? Do I get to go in and find out just how wet you are between the legs baby?”

“Only if, you want to, I cannot stop you from doing anything to me right now.”

I then reached over and stuck my hand between her legs and found that she has no panties on and her pussy was so wet it soaked my finger as well as the rest of my hand, “Wow April! You are wet as all get out. I also noticed that you shaved all of your pussy hair off too.”

“That’s not all I did either. I went home got in the shower and saved my pussy bald and put lotion on and just slipped on a very short skirt that is a lot shorter than this one is that I have on now and a blouse, that is as sheer as this windshield is with no bra and no panties, and when he got home I made sure he could see my ass and pussy when I bent over. When I would sit down in front of him I would spread my legs wide apart so that he could see that I had a bald pussy and even left the top four buttons unbuttoned on my blouse, for when I would bend over facing him he could see my nipples openly instead of through the blouse. Did any of that faze him? Hell no! Alison kept watching me as well as him to see what he did or didn’t do and, she was still dressed just the way they had left the hotel yesterday, with no bra and no panties on under her clothes and he looked at her, when she bent over or kneeled down in front of him or sat in front of him, she did what I did and he watched every move she made! Talk about getting mad. I just about went off on both of them but I managed to hold my cool till I can figure out what to say and how I got to say it. I’m thinking about moving Alison’s things into the master bedroom and my things into her room and just let the two of them sleep together all that they want to or just move his things into her room, so he can sleep with her in her room.”

“Please don’t get mad at me for what I’m about to ask but be honest and don’t worry about hurting my feelings.”

“Okay I can do that.”

“Had George looked at both of you and Alison the way he did her last night and this morning, would it bother you or bother you if, he would have sex with both of you and not, with just her?”

I could tell that April was thinking it over for just a moment before she answered, “I have thought about that from the time I saw them come out of the hotel room together to present. Had George looked at me last night the way he looked at Alison, I would have told them I saw them come out of the hotel room together and if he would fuck me and pay more attention to me like he used to do, I would be willing to share Alison with him no problem. Even now I will let him and her fuck since he doesn’t want me as it is plain to see but, I want what is mine out of this deal and he better ‘not’ say a word as to who I may want to fuck around with either.”

“That makes perfect sense to me.”

April reached over and took a hold of my hand, “I hope you don’t mind being the man I fuck around with?”

“No I don’t mind. I just don’t want to be the one that breaks up a marriage is all, which in a way I feel like is what I’m doing.”

“No you are not. I’ve been debating about leaving George for some time now long before you and Alison even had an inkling that she was going to break it off with you. I’m still debating about leaving him but you, are by far a long way off from breaking this marriage up because it has been coming for a long time now, really.”

“Yes beyoğlu escort but I gave you a call to let you know what I saw and told you where I saw them at, which in truth is helping in the break up if you and George break up.”

“Let’s say you helped speed it up if that is what we do. You’re not helping it break up as far as in the starting of the break up but speeding it up, so I’m not in misery from now till whenever I did happen to find out what him and Alison are doing behind my back because now, I feel like I can go ahead and get some cock that’s not his because I now know, he is getting pussy that’s not mine.”

April Hayward and I talked on as she drove us to the station and parked on the side where she had found me parked yesterday, when she got here to the gas station where we sat and waited for Alison and her dad to come back out of the hotel room, “While we sit here and wait to see if they show up or not, do you want me to go in and get us something to drink?”

“Sounds like a good idea to me.” then April handed me some money.

I went in and got April Hayward and me something cold to drink, then I returned back to the car and got into it. Seven minutes after I got back into April Hayward’s car, George Hayward pulled into the hotel and drove right up to the same hotel room door as they had gone into yesterday. I could see that someone is sitting next to him as he drove but all I could see was the back of the head, of whoever it is next to him. When George got parked and got out of the car, he waited till Alison stepped out of the car which told us she had went to his office and left her car there, to ride with him here to the hotel.

Alison has on a halter top that is straining to keep her C cup size tits contained in it. She even had on this really short skirt that was tight fitting on her and showed every curve of her body with the hem up on the lower part of her butt cheeks letting us see only about a fourth of her ass. When Alison got out of the car she didn’t bother with pulling the skirt hem down, to cover the bottom part of her ass cheeks.

When George shut the hotel door behind them, “I guess we now have anywhere from an hour to two hours, before they come out of the room to go where ever he wants to go.”

“Alison never flaunted that much to me when she and I were together and we would happen to be going to where it was just her and me alone like that. But then again we never went to a hotel or anything like that to do anything.”

“I have an idea.”

“And what is your idea?”

“Let’s go over there and get us a room and do our thing.”

“Are you sure you want to do that and take a chance on them seeing the two of us together?”

“Yes I am sure.”

“Go for it then. I think I want Alison to see me with someone she knows too.”

“I say it is high time that they know that we know about them two and have known, for a little while now.”

“How long is the little while in case we’re asked?”

“How about since, a couple of days after Alison broke up with you?”

“That sounds pretty good to me.”

April started the car up and then drove over to the hotel office and then we went into the office and got a room, right next to George and Alison, which April parked right next to George’s car in front of the hotel room, we had got assigned to us.

As soon as April and I were in the room together and the door closed behind us, April turned to me and started French kissing me, with me returning the kiss too. As we French kissed each other, I started lightly pushing April toward the bed while guiding her, with her having her back toward the bed to start with.

I run my hands up and down her back and around to her tits, and while I had her tits in my hand I gave them a squeeze and her nipples a pinch, through the material of the blouse. With my other hand I found the button and zipper on her side, which unfastened the skirt she has on.

April helped me get my shirt off first and I helped her get the skirt off first, before I started unbuttoning her blouse. With April’s skirt off and my shirt off, I then started unbuttoning her blouse as she unbuttoned my pants and unzipped them, and then she pulled my pants down as I started taking her blouse off of her shoulders and letting it slide down and off of her arms. With her blouse off, she then helped me get my socks and boots off and got my pants off from around my ankles.

April and I went back to French kissing again, which I lightly pushed her toward the bed again till she fell back onto the bed and lay on her back, which then I started kissing my way down to her chest and sucked on a tit and nipple, “Oh fuck me baby. My pussy is so damn wet and horny; I need you to fuck me now.”

“Okay. You asked for it so I’ll just give it to you then.” as I got up and lined my hard cock up with her now bald pussy.

As soon as the head of my dick caught the opening to April’s pussy, I drove my cock deep into her pussy and started fucking my dick in and out of her bald pussy, while fucking her as fast as I could.

After a few strokes in and out of April’s pussy real fast, I pulled out all the way and flipped her over onto her belly and then lifted her up onto her knees, leaving her head down on the bed, and in finding her pussy again, I drove my cock back into her pussy again and took back up with fucking her pussy, as fast as I could.

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