Mother and Sister Package: Bra Mask

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I was watching TV with my mother and sister. Of late, I was hornier than I’d ever been in my adult life. So much so that on a number of occasions over the past couple of weeks I’d had cause to scold myself for eyeing up the bodies of my mother and sister, and thinking inappropriate thoughts, not to mention the sneaky ‘accidental’ touching I engaged in. I wondered if it was like this for men all over the world in these trying times. I lived for the moments when one or the other would innocently give me a glimpse of private parts, especially my sister, whose big boobies which she almost always lugged around unharnessed had become magnet to my eyes in those days and nights of sexual and social drought.

It was nearing five months of lockdown due to the covid 19 pandemic. In my home it was me, mom, dad and my younger twenty-two year old sister. A month before the lockdown dad suffered severe back and hip injuries in an accident, which he laughingly said had happened at just the right time; he was known for being funny. The doctors said it would take about a year for before he walk again, unaided. When not in bed he was in a wheelchair. He spent most of his time up in his bedroom reading or listening to music, as he wasn’t a big TV fan, save for news and sports which weren’t being played because of the crisis. So it was usually me, mom and sister spending time downstairs, mostly in the living room.

We’d stocked up well before the lockdown, and continued to order delivery service supplies when needed. I took over the caring of dad’s vegetable garden, so we had fresh vegetables and also fruits from the many fruit trees in our yard. In four months nobody had left the house. We were determined that we were not going to meet the virus, if it wanted us it would have to come and get us.

I’d seen on Facebook some funny pics of homemade face-masks, one of them, a mask made from a bra cup. We were watching TV when a news item came on about face masks being hard to get because of persons buying up and hoarding. I told mom and my sister Helen about the bra post and they both found it funny.

“You could let me have one of yours, Helen, so I could make a mask, you don’t wear them anyway,”

Mom laughed.

“To go where, in the garden? … You don’t go anywhere,” Helen said, laughing.

Mom laughed again.

“But, on second thought, never mind; with one of yours I’d have to make a hood,” I declared, light heartedly, just trying to be funny.

Nobody laughed. For one minute straight I could actually hear the silence and feel the tension in the air.

“Charles, why do you always have to say the wrong thing … how could you make a remark like that?” my mother said.

“I’m only joking mom … I wasn’t trying to be mean or anything. You understand, right Helen?”

Helen shook her head in the affirmative, albeit with a serious face, but mom was not finished.

“Joke mih ass … you know how sensitive yuh sister is about her breasts. Boy you really gotta learn what to say and what not to say … how many times I told you that?”

“I’m sorry Helen, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings … you know I love you.” I pleaded.

Helen shook her head, “Is okay, I understand.”

Helen had big boobs. I’m not an expert in guessing bust size, except for A cups, maybe, which didn’t take much experience or knowledge to spot, but I guessed Helen’s to be around 40, or is it DD they call it. They were really huge, and she and mom is always talking about the difficulty in finding proper bras. Mom’s was big too but not as big as Helen’s. While mom appeared to be accepting of, even if not totally comfortable with hers, Helen had not reached that level of maturity or resignation, and seem to literally hate her boobs. Though she never went out the house without bra, not even in the yard, when indoors she rarely wore one.

I think one of the reasons Helen disliked her boobs, was because it just wasn’t proportionate with the rest of her. She was slim – well – maybe slim thick, at the most, five foot seven, and didn’t have the standard ass of a black woman. Her ass though not flat, as in laughable flat, was not what one would call big; it was just an ass, even though she was shapely with a small waist and flaring hips. So there wasn’t that big behind to match with the big front, which would have equated to knockout sexy. She had her share of sexiness though – a pretty heart shaped face leading into shapely, pointed chin, with big, lovely black eyes, a neat mid-sized nose and full sensual lips. Her skin was a smooth mid brown, lighter than mom’s darker hue. She wore her hair in a wild frizzy afro style.

I sat there in the spoiled atmosphere thinking about my blunder and how I could make up for it, when out of the blue my horniness and maybe, selfish nature kicked in and showed me a way how I could make up and also have a little sexual fun. Not actual sex, of course, for that would be incest, but fun, like a little feely feely now and then. As far as I knew, Helen had only had one steady boyfriend halkalı otele gelen escort and two or three short lived flings. The steady relationship had lasted a year and had come to an end a year ago. She was probably hornier than me, I thought.

Two hours after the family discomfort, Helen got up and headed for the kitchen to do the dishes before retiring for the night. Shortly after I got up and mom looked at me with a far from pleasant face, she was still seething, but by her expression I could guess she was signaling to me that another apology wouldn’t hurt.

In the kitchen, Helen was standing at the sink, legs crossed with the toes of one foot resting on those of the other – a preferred standing position of hers when doing some chores. Her shapely but not big ass was hugged snugly in pale blue, stretchy short shorts. As I stood there for a moment deciding what to say or do without bungling either, I felt my horny cock responding to the sight of my sister’s butt. The short top she was wearing did not reach her waist, leaving a couple inches of skin to be enjoyed. My cock lurched.

I walked over and put my hands around her waist, one over the bare belly above the shorts waist and the other, on and below the low waist, and with stretched out fingers, I was effectively pressing onto her mons veneris

“You know I love you Helen. And I assure you, you’re beautiful, big bubby and all,” I said, kissing her on the cheek and then the neck.

I felt a little tremor as my lips touched the neck

“It’s alright Charles, don’t worry about mom, you know how she is.” Helen said.

“And you don’t worry about these, nothing is wrong with them … they’re beautiful and nice to look at.” I said.

I raised both hands and hefted the low hanging, big balls of flesh, then released them.

“Most men would like to have something like these to look at and to hold every day.” I continued.

As I spoke I once again hefted her breasts, this time keeping them in my hands and applying a gentle massage.

“Yeah? … I don’t see them lining up,” she said sarcastically.

“Maybe you don’t give them a chance. Maybe you put up a wall that they can see.”

I was still holding and massaging the bubbies and she didn’t object or attempt to pull away.

“Look, I am lining up, right here behind you,” I said, giggling.

“You don’t count, you’re my brother … and that’s why you’re telling me sweet lies.”

“No, I’m not lying Helen, you have really beautiful boobs, nice to look at and nice to hold … look, I held them and now I can’t let go, even though I’m your brother. I just want to hold them all the time,” I argued my case softly, while still mashing the bubbies.

“And it’s not all about guys, it’s about how I look out of proportion, it’s about not being able to wear certain tops … it’s about feeling a strain on my back sometimes … it’s about silly guys throwing remarks every time I go on the street.”

I dropped my hands and then let them come up under the top, touching bare skin. I took the thumb and nipples between my fore fingers and squeezed them. Her body trembled and her butt bounced against my hard cock. She pulled back quickly.

“These are so nice I can hold them forever,” I said.

“Seems like you’ve been holding them forever. You even listening to me and trying to understand? Or just concentrating on feeling up mih bubby. I think this lock down got yuh in a bad state … yuh feeling up yuh sister,” she said, laughing, once again bumping into my cock and this time letting her ass remain pressed against it.

She continued, “You better go look for some bubbies, brother, these are not the right ones for you.”

“Where will I look, it’s only you and mom around, and if I have to choose it’s gotta be these beauties, hands down.” I said, squeezing harder and feeling her ass wriggle against my cock.

“That’s it then, hands down Charles,” she said laughing.

I continued squeezing and I heard her hiss loudly.

“Please stop Charles … I can’t take it … yuh making me … “

“Making you what?”

“I don’t know … just stop … please … stop … listen, mommy coming.”

I dropped the bubbies like hot cakes and jumped to the side of Helen, picking up a soaped up cup.

“Got ya!” she said laughing.

“You’re a cheat, I’ll get you for that … soon, you’ll see.”

Two days later, we were about to pass each other in the living room, when I suddenly stopped and looked up.

Shit, john hasn’t returned the step ladder, and it looks like I have to fix another loose bulb in the roof. Helen looked up at the ceiling with its sunken bulbs.

“Which one?” she asked, peering at the ceiling.

I reached out both hands and grabbed the nippled area of her boobs, quickly locating and gripping the sizable knobs.

“I told you I would get you back,” I said triumphantly, still holding onto the nipples.

She was so taken off guard that all halkalı rus escort she could do was look down at my hands and the twirling fingers. She started to pull back, but had no choice but to stop, lest she hurt herself because I had them in a firm grip. I watched as she closed her eyes and hissed, then bite into her bottom lip.

“Charles … don’t do that … I … loose mih nipples, please,” she pleaded

I made a final squeeze and then released the, by then, hardened nipples. For a moment she stood frozen to the floor, eyes closed. I silently walked away. I knew she was almost there; I just had to give her another few hours of thinking about it and arguing with her inhibitions while the feel of my hands was still fresh on her boobs and my words fresh in her head.

The next evening I cornered her in the kitchen after seeing mom go upstairs. My cock was fully hard from thinking about what I was sure would happen later that night.

“Give us a hug,” I said

“What for?” she asked, not unpleasantly.

“I want to do a little experiment to prove to you beyond doubt how beautiful yuh boobs are.

She looked at me with eyes that were questioning but ablaze with excitement. We both stepped forward. I took her in my arms and she wrapped hers around me hugging me in a casual way. I let my cock just barely brace her lower belly, but in a few seconds I pressed harder against her. She giggled but didn’t pull away.

“Yuh feel that?”

“Who wouldn’t?” she asked, stifling a laugh.

“Good, see … I just leaned against those big beauties and that happened, and I’m your brother.”

“That was already hard … it always hard these days,” she said.

“Only partly hard, and that was because I was thinking about them. The rest came from touching them.”

It was time for big business, I thought. I stepped back, lowered my shorts and let my cock jump out. She raised her hand to her mouth as she looked at it. I reached out and took one of her hands and brought it to the hard cock.

“You want me to touch it?” She asked, seemingly in disbelief and breathing hard.

I didn’t answer. After two attempts she quickly grabbed it and squeezed firmly. Seconds later she let it go and started walking out the kitchen.

“Leave your bedroom door open tonight,” I said, walking beside her while tucking my cock away.

Later, I went up to my room, announcing that I was going in to do some reading. I lay in bed naked, under the soft red light bulb, tense with anticipation, hoping that Helen would let me come to her room and finally fuck her for the first time. I saw my door open and Helen slipped in. She was wearing a short, shiny black wrap.

“I didn’t want to take the chance of you changing your mind and not coming to me,” she said.

She stood over my bed and let the wrap fall to the ground. Shyly holding up the monstrous boobs, she lifted her leg and climbed onto the bed. She lay on her back beside me, a big boob falling to each side. I told her I loved her, then getting between her legs, I crouched and placed my face in the damp cleavage that smelled like talcum powder. I told her to hold the boobs hard against the sides of my head. With the boobs in place I began moving my head and face around passionately, while inhaling deeply and licking the cleavage, at the same time gliding my hard cock against her inner thigh. I felt her playing with my balls.

I rolled away onto the bed beside her, lying on my side as I took a hard, stout nipple into my mouth and began sucking it tenderly. She cooed softly, while holding my cock with a firm grip, as if trying to keep it from escaping. After a while she turned and moved her breast away from my mouth, replacing it with her mouth. She straddled me, and kissed me deeply, her breasts splayed on my chest as she rubbed her clean shaven pussy along the underbelly of my cock. I reached out and caressed the soft, ass cheeks, pulling them apart. She slid backward and lowering her head, took my cock into her mouth. She sucked it gently, her head making slow bobbing movements. She gave a cry and crawling back up held the cock against her pussy and sat down hard, letting it slide up into her.

She squatted flat footed, bouncing up and down and making little, halted moans. I reached out and took the two big balls in my hands as if weighing them, then I went wild, just kneading them frenziedly as she bounced. She sat down hard again, taking me into her up to the base, her face screwed in a mixture of pleasure and pain, it seemed. She bit her bottom lip and rolled her ass on my belly, with my cock like a pestle in her hot brown mortar, pounding soft material into paste. I sat up and tilted her over. She spread wide into an almost perfect split. Her brown body glowed beautifully under the red light. I grabbed the big bubbies, one with each hand as I rammed her with sharp, quick strokes.

She lifted her legs high, pulling them all the way over to the sides of her head. I got onto my knees halkalı türbanlı escort and continued pounding away, watching her bubbies rolling at her sides. I looked on in amazement as she took each nipple between a thumb and forefinger, squeezing and tugging them roughly, her head thrown back, eyes rolling up in their sockets. She threw her legs back down flat and began winding furiously as if in anger, at some scene playing out in her own head. I leaned over and kissed her and she playfully bit my tongue.

I pulled out my cock and moved upward, placing it in the cleavage, instructing her to wrap her breasts around it. I rode the big bubbies, experiencing a sensation never before felt. As I pumped away between the huge bubbies, I leaned backward and gripped her clit, rolling it between fingers and suddenly she moaned long and hard and began to tremble as an orgasm claimed her body. Shortly after I felt myself cumming. Sensing it she pushed her mouth forward and took in the head of my cock. I shot hot, thick sperm down her throat causing her to gag.

Within minutes she attacked my cock like a ravenous animal, sucking and chewing hard, bringing it back to full hardness. I pushed her over onto her side and spun around without my cock leaving her mouth. She raised a leg and I fitted my head between her thighs. She clamped my head as I eat her pussy, us writhing against each other’s face in unbridled lust, brother and sister with nothing but fuck on the agenda.

I placed my sex charged sister on her knees and elbows and led my cock into her pussy. She pushed back hard against the intrusion. I pulled back and returned fire harder, sinking sturdy muscle into her soft depths. She grunted and turned her head around to look up into my face with a challenging smile. Still looking at me she rolled her ass and I smacked it. She rolled harder and I smacked it harder. She bucked and flounced with the huge cock buried in her. I could see her bubbies lying on the bed, partly under, partly outside of her. She turned and looked at me again, still with a challenging look. An idea flashed in my head. I spat a huge glob of saliva in my hand and moved it to her little anal doorway. I lathered it carefully then eased my forefinger into it. The finger was immediately clamped by contracting and opening walls as she rolled her ass seductively.

I continued pumping her pussy with cock while pumping her ass hole with finger. She was gyrating frenziedly under the titillation of the double penetration. I took out my cock from her pussy and kept the finger pumping her anal passage. She oohed and aahed happily so I let my middle finger join the forefinger in her tight ass. She immediately pushed backward and began a slow wind, as if wanting to savour every minute of the finger ass play.

I said, “Wait a minute, don’t move,”

I pulled out my finger and hopped off the bed. I collected a bottle of oil from a three tiered glass shelf on the wall. I squeezed oil onto my cock and lathered it. I the stood over Helen and squirted oil into her ass crack directly onto the little hole that was pulsating in anticipation of being probed again. Instead of getting back onto the bed, I told her to turn around. I dragged her to the edge of the bed and she assumed her previous position on hands and elbows, ass high. As she felt my cock touch her body, she looked around like she’d been doing minutes ago. There was passion in her eyes and a little smile on her full lips.

I pushed forward, moving aside restricting wall muscle and slowly entered the tight anus, and the smile on her face slowly turned to a grimace as hard cock penetrated her ass. With gritted teeth and a grimacing face she continued looking back and up at her big brother making his way into her ass. She moaned hard and breathed out heavily as if blowing away the pain from her stretched passage. I began to move in her batty hole, as she somehow managed to keep her eyes on me as if guarding valuables. I pumped her ass slowly, with shallow strokes until I noticed the smile returning to her face, albeit mixed with some pain. I made about half a dozen deep strokes, causing her to tremble and blow hard again.

I stopped the deep probing and began making quick half-length strokes. She turned around, resting her forehead on the bed. I watched as she began to move slowly, rolling her ass under my thrusts, I picked up speed and she followed suit. My hips rolled and thrust with fervor, hers rolled and bucked with equal fervor as if we were trying to outdo each other. She spread her elbows wider and came to rest the side of her face on the bed. I gripped the damp hips and pounded away merrily. I felt the build up inside of me and I increased speed, heading for the finish line. I freed one hand and reached under, taking hold of the clit and rolling it down at the base between thumb and forefinger. We were locked in that steady rhythm for about two minutes until I heard her gasp and her body began to shudder. I held her tight and ten seconds later experienced my own blast off, the force of which knocked her off her knees and

“Oh gawd, wooooooo!” She cried as I wet her insides with thick fluid.

Two weeks later, Helen had gone into the yard to hang laundry on the clothes line and I was walking past mom seated on her favourite sofa in front the TV. I heard her voice and stopped, leaning into the backrest of the chair

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