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I slowly awake, gradually becoming aware of myself and the daylight entering the bedroom.

The first thing I noticed was you beside me. At some point you’d snuggled into the back of me, your arm thrown over me and cupping my breast. Your breath tickled the back of my neck in a slow, steady rhythm. I felt the heat of your body against me. I smiled to myself, remembering. It had been our first night together in each others arms that you didn’t need to get up first thing. I’d prepared a nice meal with candles and a good bottle of wine. The inevitable had happened, just as it always does. But this time was different, we didn’t need to rush. Clock watch. We just had to be together.

You had given me more orgasms than I could count, the first few with tongue and fingers, frantic, gasping, rushed. Then as I had straddled you, riding you, your hands reaching up to massage my breasts and teasing my nipples, your lips urgently on mine, your teeth occasionally tugging at my lips. The best had come as I climaxed tightening around you too much, tipping you over the edge, my legs wrapped around your waist, moving together, while you filled me deep inside.

My insides tingle at the memory and I become aware canlı bahis of a damp sticky feeling down below, partly the result of last night and partly in anticipation of a repeat performance. I squirm slightly as my body reacts to the thoughts in my head. My tiny movement causes you to stir, pressing yourself more tightly to me. I become very aware of your erection, pressing against my bare ass and the back of my thighs. Your hand, still until now, gives my breast a gentle squeeze and your fingers circle my nipple. It swells and grows stiff in immediate response.

My wicked body betrays me, squirming a little harder and pressing my bottom back into your erection. This is no deliberate action, it happens without me thinking about it. You take a deeper breath and your hand squeezes a little harder, fingers rolling my stiffening nipple and pulling gently at it. I feel a new dampness forming between my thighs, one caused by the pleasure of the closeness as much as the feeling of our naked bodies entwined together.

You’re waking now and starting to nuzzle at the nape of my neck, kissing the first vertebrae on my back. It sends Goosebumps down my spine and turns my insides to jelly. I inhale deeply as you press bahis siteleri your hand more firmly to my breast, I raise my leg to allow your erection to slip up between my thighs until it rubs against the lower part of my slit. You let out a low murmur as you press into me, rubbing your erection against my sex finding my wetness. At the same time, you raise your head and starts to kiss my neck, nibbling and biting on my shoulder.

Straightening my legs causes you to straighten too until your cock is standing firm, protruding between my thighs and pressed hard up against my sex. I take the hand that was holding my breast and pull it down, across my belly and into my wet slit. Your fingers quickly find my clit and tickle and tease it. You start to thrust gently through my thighs, apply pressure to the bottom of my sex while your finger manipulates my clit.

We are now both fully awake and I am enjoying the sensations your causing inside me, I am ready, wet and urgent for more. I release you from between my thighs and roll over, moving in to you and falling into your embrace. Our mouths meet, exchanging kisses, wet and passionate yet gentle and intimate. I roll further, forcing you over onto your back and bahis şirketleri lying on top of you, pressing my breasts into your chest. Your arms encircle me, one cupping my bottom, the other round my waist and reaching up between my shoulder blades to scratch at my spine.

I draw up my knees on either side of you and move you to enter me, slowly, gently, filling me, stretching me, possessing me. A sigh escapes my lips and I press my head into your shoulder.

We move gently together, without any urgency, exchanging kisses and little touches. I enjoy the feel of your masculinity, the movement of your muscles, the heat of your breath. I am transported to levels of pleasure that I rarely reach. A heat is spreading through my groin and into my belly, yet our pace does not increase.

I am concentrating on pleasuring you, squeezing you with my internal muscles, rising up almost to release you and pausing, then moving back down to fully contain you, pressing down until I am completely filled and your pressing deep inside. This cannot continue, my body is already quivering, as I go over the edge exploding over you, you thrust to meet me for a final time as we melt together in our release, our fluids mingling, hearts racing, breath quickening, time slowing.

I rest on your chest, letting the world return to us. Reaching up to kiss you one more time, finally I say the first words of the day;

“Good morning, baby”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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