Morning After

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Sitting on a dock many years into our marriage, we enjoy a hot cup of coffee. We are over looking a lake from little cabin in the woods. Sitting huddled together on the dock; we shiver because the only thing protecting our naked bodies from the cold is a warm blanket and our combined body heat. Close together we sit, your hand on my cock, stroking it softly, with a small content smile on your face.

Although, most of the night had been consumed by lovemaking of every type, we have yet to shower. Cum is still on your body in almost every spot, from your cheek, down to your ass crack. Even dried, it gives off a small little glimmer on your cheek.

The quiet morning air is interrupted by soft barefoot foot steps of our 18 year old daughter, running up as she always does to greet us in the morning. Wearing nothing more than a light, silky, red colored robe, She comes up to us. Kissing you, she reaches down to caress a hardened nipple. Her tongue is flavored with a hint of orange juice, and her hair brushes your cheek as she says good morning in her special way.

With your hair and my eyes, she is a knock out to look at. Having both breasts pierced, and a small tattoo in the small of her back, she literally has to fight off all of the attention she gets. She gives bakırköy masöz escort no attention to anyone anymore except us. She is our baby. She is our light.

After tantalizing her earliest connection to food, she tells us that breakfast is ready.

Lovingly you get up and start to head back to the house to get it on the table. Before doing so, you give me a kiss on the cheek, and a slight grin is given to her. You rise, leaving the blanket, and walking back through nature, as natural as you were born.

Leaving our daughter behind, she takes one step over me, and sits down, her bare naked cunt rubbing against my now hardend cock, her arms wrapped around me. She looks into my eyes, and with a innocent look, she begins to kiss me softly, turning it into a passionate kiss. Before I know it, my cock slips into her very wet and juicy pussy, and she whispers in my ear how she loved watching us last night, and she is the luckiest girl in the world to have parents as loving as us.

She continues to nibble on my ear, and begins to move up and down on my cock.

She is so incredibly tight, that I feel that I am close, and it’s only been a few seconds. I reach up and begin to play with her pierced nipples. She gets bakırköy otele gelen escort up on her feet, so that she can bounce up and down even better; feeling the tool of her creation deep within her pussy. Scratching her nails down my back, I feel my skin under her nails. Her teeth clamped down on my neck, while she tries to keep from jumping out of her skin in a mind blowing orgasm.

Not wanting to waste the serenity of the moment, she stops, and stands up a little above my cock, teasing me with short quick strokes.

Moving over to the hand rail of the dock, she bends over, and gives me a wink, and says, “Daddy, I need to feel your cum in my ass, please… daddy… fuck your little girls’ ass…”

Slippery and very hard, I walk up to her. Since she is only about 5’ 1” and 105 lbs, I have to bend my knees in order to line up properly. I bring the head of my pulsing cock to her ass, and begin to apply pressure. There is very little resistance, and I slide all the way in in one quick motion. I begin to pump with a lot of power, really hard, the cold morning air is now invigorating to our sweating bodies. Our little girls face is one of concentration, as she is reaching between her legs and simultaneously bakırköy rus escort playing with my balls and her clit.

She is screaming my name when you walk up on us. A beautiful sight; the sun is beaming down on everyone one you love.

Walking up, you already know from one look that I am close to cumming. You come in front of her and begin to fondle her breasts. She turns her head and sucks on one of your breasts. As she does, you pull her hair, and with your other hand slip two fingers into her cunt. You can feel my cock through the thin piece of skin in your baby as I am ramming her as hard as I can.

I give you that final look, and I pull out of her beautiful brown eye, and instantly she spins, and drops down to her knees. You join her in a flash, somehow still continuing to finger her, and both of your tongues are out, touching, awaiting your reward. Before you know it, I am spewing all over both of you; on your tongues and faces. Your free hand playing with my balls, hers stroking me for the last drop.

When I am finally milked dry, the two of you kiss, exchanging back and forth the wonderful sperm that you drew out of me. Completely spent, I watch as the two of you savor every last drop.

You finish each other off by moving into a 69 position. You bring each other to yet another mind blowing orgasm.

After all of this, we all get up, and move into an arm and arm position, making our way to the house to enjoy our breakfast. Completely naked, except for the small silky robe that is now slung over her shoulder. We all have a wonderful smile and it looks likes it’s going to be a beautiful day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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