Mom’s Surprise Birthday Party

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“Happy Birthday, Mom!” I said over the phone as soon as my mother answered. “How old are you again? 25? No… Wait, you couldn’t be a day over 21!”

“Oh, Matthew. Would you stop! You know I’m 42 today. We couldn’t possibly be the same age.” My mother joked back.

“Well, I stand by my statement. You don’t look a day over 21!” I continued. “Are you getting into anything tonight?” I asked.

“Oh, you know me. I’m just a boring old woman; I don’t have any plans for tonight. I think some of the girls want to have a get together this weekend and celebrate but nothing too crazy.” She answered.

“Alright, well have fun! Happy Birthday, I love you.”

“I love you too, honey. Thanks for calling.” She replied.

When I turned 18 I moved out of mom’s house and into my own apartment, I picked up a job as a male stripper and have been doing that ever since. I’m currently 21 and live in Los Angeles, California; Mom was never much of a big city kind of gal and had relocated to Palmdale, which was about 40 miles outside of LA. Palmdale was much nicer than LA, she had a huge house and a good job with way more friends than she ever had in LA; I hated visiting because it’s basically the middle of nowhere, in the desert. Mom had no idea that I had been stripping for all these years; when I moved out I told her I was starting my own online marketing business with a friend… Which was partially true. The business just turned out to be an “adult entertainment” business.

A few days prior to Mom’s birthday, I got a call from a client who wanted to hire me for a party the upcoming weekend. The beauty of my business was, it wasn’t a club; each performer was available for hire by the hour anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area and even some parts of Orange County. Basically, there weren’t too many places in SoCal we wouldn’t travel to.

Anyway, the client had scheduled for me to arrive at 9 PM in Santa Monica. We have various outfits, characters, and scenarios that clients can choose from; this specific client had chosen the “kidnapping” scenario for a friend. She told me it was for her friend’s birthday and she was desperately in need of some excitement; I invited her in to our offices and we discussed the details.

The party would take place on Saturday night at her house and all of the guests would be arriving around 8 PM. I was scheduled to arrive at 9 PM in a blacked out car, a black outfit, with a black ski mask; I would then wait outside the house and the client would send her friend outside to grab something from her car and that’s when I would grab her. I’ve done this scenario countless times and had no problem at all pulling it off; every woman I’ve done this to has absolutely loved it. We signed the legal agreement and she was on her way!

Fast forward to Saturday night…

I arrive in Santa Monica a few minutes before 9 PM and park my car across the street from the Clients house; I kill the headlights and watch the house closely. There’s a large window at the front of the house that peers into the living room and the blinds were open, giving me a direct view into the house. I see the back of four heads sitting on the couch in front of the window and across from them in a chair is the client who hired me. The client had texted me about half hour prior to inform me of what the client would be wearing; she was wearing a bright pink button up blouse and a long black skirt, along with a pair of black lace stockings. I laid eyes on the target, though I could only see the back of her head; I waited for my cue to strike… While inside the room:

The girls all had tall glasses of wine and I could hear music coming from inside the house, two of them were dancing and they all looked like they were starting to get a bit buzzed. There was a bowl of fruits and vegetables on the table and the client gathered them around and began demonstrating sex acts with a cucumber. Perhaps it was a sexual party game; I couldn’t hear what was being said.

“What’s the biggest cock you girls have ever had?” The client asked the room as she picked up a large, thick cucumber from the table.

“Oh, boy. Here we go again…” The target said, placing her hand to her forehead.

“Come on, loosen up! Have another drink, it’s your birthday!” One of the girls coached her.

“Seriously!” The client said, “I think this is about as big as I’ve got.” She wrapped two hands around the base of the cucumber and there was still a few inches left at the top. Her eyes went wide. “I could barely fit it in my mouth, it was so thick.” she said, as she proceeded to place the cucumber to her lips.

The girls all giggled and looked at each other; she passed it to one of the girls who attempted to fit the cucumber in her mouth but to no avail. She then passed it to another girl in the room who took it about a quarter of the way down.

“How about you Ari? Do you think you could take it?” The client asked the target.

“Oh, no. Really I don’t think so…” Ari responded.

“Come on, you’ve got to at least try!” The girls are shouted at her.

Ari avcılar grup yapan escort threw her head back and chugged what was left of her tall glass of wine.

“Alright, sure. Let me see that thing…” She said.

She held the cucumber in her hand and looked at it for a few seconds; she then opened her mouth as wide as possible and stuck her tongue all the way out. She slowly pushed the cucumber through the threshold of her lips and took it more than half way before gagging on it. Every single one of the girls cheered as she continued to try and get it down but she couldn’t go all the way.

“Wow! You’re a fucking naughty little freak aren’t you? Where did that come from!” The client asked.

Ari shrugged her shoulders and her face began to turn bright red.

“Well if you like that big ol’ cucumber, you’re going to love what we got you for your birthday present…” The client said. “Why don’t you run out to my car and grab it. I left it in the trunk.”

Ari stood up and made her way to the front door.

I watched the target stand up from the couch and walk to the door; it was extremely dark outside which was best for what I was about to do. The target drunkenly stumbled down the front porch steps in her heels; it was dark and she was totally unsuspecting of anything. She made her way to the back of the client’s car and opened the trunk; she bent over and began searching around for her present. I silently snuck up behind her and pulled a black sack over top of her head; I quickly placed one hand over her mouth to muffle her scream and wrapped one arm around her waist pulling her closer to me. She kicked and flailed her arms effortlessly, she was far too drunk to even come close to putting up a fight; I pulled out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed her hands behind her back. I then threw her over my shoulder and placed her in the trunk of my car.

All of the girls were eagerly watching from the window as I “kidnapped” their friend; after placing her in the trunk I looked up to them and waved, signaling them to follow me back to our warehouse set for this scenario. The set wasn’t too far from the client’s house so within a matter of minutes we were all there; I instructed the girls to go in and have a seat around the chair in the middle of the room and to keep quiet while I brought the target inside.

Once they were inside, I opened the trunk and pulled the target out over my shoulder once again. I noticed her tits were huge and were all but busting out of the blouse she was wearing, my cock started to get erect. I took her inside and placed her in the chair I had set up in the middle of the room, I tied her ankles together as she begged me to set her free; she sounded like she had been crying.

“Please sir, I don’t know who you are. Just please don’t hurt me… Please let me go.” She pleaded.

This is the darkest part of the show so I hurried on to the next step without saying anything. I stood behind her and placed both of my hands on her shoulders, she tensed up immediately. I slowly pulled the sack from her head over her eyes, her were wincing while adjusting to the dimly lit room.

“SURPRISE!!” All of the girls yelled. “Don’t worry! He’s a stripper.” They assured her.

Her makeup and mascara had begun to run down her face due to the tears, she was in shock. Her shock soon turned to anger and she started to yell, “You fucking BITC-.”

I placed a ball gag around her head and shoved it into her mouth, tightening it appropriately to silence her anger and slid the sack back over her head. All we could hear now were the muffled screams of the target as she kicked her legs. I uncuffed her hands and turned on some dance music to start the routine; all the girls whistled and cheered.

The first thing I did was dance my way over to the target and sat in her lap, grinding my crotch on her tits down to her lap; I was still fully clothed. I took her hands in mine and placed them on my chest and allowed her to rub it, admiring my body; the next thing I did was take that blouse that her breasts were busting out of and ripped it open down the middle; the buttons exploded and fell to the floor as her tits popped out of it. She had on a tight, dark maroon bra that was pushing her size 34E enhanced breasts together. The girls continued to whistle and howl.

“Oooow! You go girl!” The client yelled.

I continued to grind on her lap and pulled the sack over her nose exposing her lips and the ball gag. I softly ran my fingers around the edges of her lips that were bit down tightly on the gag, my finger made its way down her lips to her chin where I grabbed it with my hand and tilted her head back to where she was looking up to me. I then leaned in and ran my tongue around the base of the ball gag just outside of her lips and bit down on it myself and yanked the sack off of her head completely.

I never expected what was waiting for me under that sack, I couldn’t fucking believe it. The target was my own mother! And I was now face to face, avcılar masöz escort basically lip to lip with my mother; whose breasts were all but exposed, with a face full of runny makeup, and a ball gag in her mouth. The shock of seeing mom underneath that hood sent me jumping backwards towards all of the girls; Mom had a huge smile on her face and was looking sexy as hell. Her huge tits were all but falling out of her bra and her skirt had started to ride up her thighs, exposing the matching thong she had underneath.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of her… But I had to. She looked like she was really enjoying herself; I didn’t want to take this experience away from her. I turned towards the girls and grabbed my cock over top of my pants; I gripped it tightly and shook it up and down in their faces. Slowly I danced backwards back towards Mom who was sitting there, drunk and eager. I spun in her direction just before I reached her and ripped my black tank top in half and threw it at her; she grabbed it and held it over her head spinning it like a helicopter.

I unbuckled and unzipped my pants before sliding across the remainder of the room on my knees and buried my face in her lap. The only thing that was keeping me from having my face buried in my mother’s pussy was the thin layer of her lace thong and my black ski mask. I could feel the warmth and moistness between her legs and shoved my nose as deep as I could to get a nice smell before sticking my tongue out and running it up her thighs to the base of her vagina; my cock was rock solid. Usually, this is where I’d remove the mask for the routine but I was too ashamed to remove it; I figured I’d continue as I would normally, just without removing the mask.

Mom’s head fell back as my tongue moved its way up the inner part of her thigh and up the slit of her vagina; she screamed just as my tongue reached her clit. I jumped to my feet and dropped my pants. I threw one leg over Mom’s shoulder and began thrusting my hips back and forth in front of her face, grinding and gyrating my hard cock in my mother’s face. We pretty much let anything go at these events, depending on how attractive the clients are.

It only took a few seconds before Mom grabbed my rock hard cock through my thong and grasped it tight; my hand instinctively reached out and grabbed the back of her head along with a handful of her hair. I pulled her hair tightly and tilted her head back again once more so she was making eye contact with me; she smiled and pulled my cock closer and closer to her face. She pulled it all the way to her lips and slightly opened her mouth and gently bit down on the outline of my cock through my thong.

“Owwww! Ooooow!” The girls continued to howl.

Mom released my cock and I released her hair and turned so that my back was facing her; she smacked my ass and yelled, “Take that mask off!”

I turned back to her and made an “uh-huh” gesture with my finger, shaking it back and forth.

Mom had now lifted her legs into the air and was untying the rope around her ankles; once the rope was untied she hiked her skirt even higher up her thighs to where it was now hugging her hips. She spread her legs even wider, giving me a nice view of the outline of her pussy lips; she placed both of her hands upon her huge breasts and bounced them up and down in her grasp.

“Show us your face and I’ll show you these…” Mom said, as she began running her fingers across the outline of her bra, slightly pulling it back so that her nipples were just barely peeking out.

I shook my head once more, denying her proposition. I turned back towards the girls and danced a bit and said, “She’s fucking crazy!”

When I turned back to Mom, to my surprise she was on all fours now in the floor looking up at me; she had stripped herself down to just her lingerie. I’d never seen Mom act like this; this carefree. She must have been REALLY drunk. I hesitated for a moment; the seductive look Mom was giving me was confusing and arousing at the same time. Where do I draw the line? I couldn’t give myself up now, after everything I’ve done!

Mom reached up from her knees and grabbed a handful of the waistband of my thong and started pulling it down, my cock popped out and bobbed up and down in front of her face.

“Oh my God! Ari!! This is too fucking hot! You are so wild.” The client yelled, egging her on.

Mom ran one hand down my thigh and grabbed my cock with her other hand and attempted to shove the head of my cock into her open mouth. I grabbed a handful of her hair once again and pulled back, just in time to keep my cock from going in her mouth. Behind the chair I had placed Mom in was a full bedroom set, equipped with a king size bed; Despite her thick Colombian figure and huge tits, Mom was only about 5’4″ and only weighed about 115 lbs. To avoid her grabbing my cock again, I grabbed her by both arms and picked her up and threw her on the edge of the bed.

Mom gasped out of excitement as I lifted her into the air and sat on the edge of the avcılar otele gelen escort bed awaiting my next move. I extended one of my hands to hers and pulled her back to her feet; I pulled her closely until we were face to face. She attempted to kiss me; Mom was no longer drunk and eager, she was drunk and horny. Before she could land the kiss, I spun her around and bent her over the edge of bed; shoving her face down into the mattress.

Her face bounced up from the mattress and she had a huge smile on her face; her thong was riding high up her ass and was giving me the best view of my life. I placed one hand at the top of her thong and pulled it up higher and placed my other hand on my cock and began stroking it as she looked back at me. I bent down into a squat position while pulling her thong to the side; her legs began to tremble and I could hear her moaning. We were no longer paying attention to her friends. I sat there on my knees, looking into my mother’s asshole and pussy while stroking my cock.

Before I knew it, Mom had reached back grabbing a handful of my mask; she pulled me in quickly and closely so that my face was now buried in her ass. She screamed, “YESSSS!” as my tongue instinctively made its way up and down her ass crack all the way down to her sweet, sweet vagina.

I was so turned on; my cock was dripping pre-cum. I hadn’t even noticed that Mom ripped the mask off my head when she pulled me in closer. She straightened her legs while bent over the edge of bed and pushed her ass back into my face as hard as she could; I grabbed her ass with both hands and spread it wide before spitting in her asshole and burying my tongue as deep as possible. My “caveman” side had taken over and I was furiously feasting upon my Mom’s ass and pussy.

I stood up straight and Mom slid down the edge of the bed to where she was now sitting with her ass on the floor and her back against the bed; she took my cock into her hands and started sucking my balls. My head flew back as she massaged each ball back and forth with her tongue; her hand guided my cock back down as her tongue moved its way up from my balls up the shaft of my cock and into her mouth. She wrapped her tiny hands around the base of my cock and began stroking it up and down in sync with her mouth, taking my cock deeper and deeper into her throat each time.

I reached down and pulled her bra down over her tits, finally freeing them for everyone in the room to see; Mom continued to suck my cock with everything she had, her eyes closed tightly. I placed one hand around her throat and started to squeeze gently choking her; I pulled her to her feet so that she was now standing before me her. Her eyes were still sealed shut, especially now that I was choking her. She had one hand still firmly gripped around my cock as I leaned in and passionately kissed her while still choking her; I released my grip around her throat and we pulled back for a slight second when she finally opened her eyes…

“Matthew?!!” She whispered and her eyes went wide. “What the fuck…”

I panicked and reach to feel the mask over my face but it was gone. Blood rushed to my face and I started to blush, I was so embarrassed. Luckily my back was to her friends and none of them could hear what she had said. Without much time to think, I picked Mom up once again and tossed her backwards onto the back; just to create some distance between us and not alarm any of her friends.

To my surprise, Mom shrugged her shoulders and sat on her knees; she held a hand up and with one finger motioned for me to come to her. Hesitantly I placed one knee on the bed and she moved over towards me; she wrapped her arm around my head and pulled me in for another kiss.

“I’m so fucking horny, don’t stop now. Please…” Mom begged in my ear.

Once again my primal side had taken full control and I placed both hands on Mom’s thong before ripping it right off her body. Mom sat back on her heels as she kneeled on the bed, with her legs wide she reached down and with two fingers spread her pussy for me to see; she stuck her tongue out and placed a finger upon it and slid it down the back of her throat. I grabbed one her huge tits in my hand and pushed her back onto her ass; I grabbed underneath her legs and pulled her closer.

Immediately I dropped to my knees and began working my tongue slowly up Mom’s slit, tasting every last drop of her pussy. She bit down on her finger as my tongue moved closer to her clit; she pulled the skin around her clit back exposing it for me and I swirled my tongue around it over and over as we made eye contact. Mom smirked and ran her tongue across her top lip as I placed my entire mouth on her cunt, I couldn’t hold back a smile myself.

I stood and held Mom’s legs in both arms and positioned my cock at the bottom of her slit; she leaned her head back flat on the bed and stared up at the ceiling. She took a deep breath and whispered, “Do it.”

I gripped my cock and pumped it once with my hand, a load of pre-cum shot out onto Mom’s cunt; I slid my cock up and down her slit, across her clit teasing her. I placed my hands on the inner part of Mom’s thighs and pushed the head of my thick cock into her cunt. She bit down, clenching her teeth and grabbed my hand shoving it to one of her tits; I gripped it tightly and started to pinch one of her nipples before finally shoving the entirety of my cock deep inside my Mother’s cunt.

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