Mom’s in Charge Dad, sorry! Ch. 05

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Big Tits

Josh here again with another story about me and my mom. Just to recap I’m 19, about 5’7 and 155 lbs. now and have been “working” with my mom for over a year now. My mom, Amy Sethwick is a super hot straight-ironed bleach blonde barely 4’9″ doll of a woman weighing in at exactly 80 lbs. Mom’s forty-three but dresses like a teenage slut ALL of the time! Just to recap my dad’s at home working, as he always has, at the telephone company making 39900 a year.

Mom scammed her company into giving her 70000 for a driver and then got us driver service for 30000 and then hired me as her personal “driver,” which meant nothing more than I would hang out with her all day while she did virtually nothing but shop, drink coffee and vodka and act like the wonderful hot mom she always has been!

We were in Aruba on business with her business associate Roger for the entire month of October, and mom just informed me until Nov. 3. She had said to Roger and I that she wanted to “Party very hard on Halloween!” He and I just swallowed hard and grinned at each other knowing what a night that would be!

Mom had a limo service for us provided by the family company and we purposely dined at the most ridiculously priced restaurants nightly! As I probably mentioned, mom is a naughty, naughty woman when it comes to business. As a snapshot, mom was on the PTA board when I was in Elementary School and she was in charge of the Treasurer position. Mom had a charge account and blew through over ten thousand dollars of PTA money, mostly on booze, clothes and earrings!

Her dad, and my dad hired one of the biggest lawyers to defend mom and they just kept filing motions and stalling for several months so it looked like they had a case. A closed settlement was reached finally, one year later and my mother admitted no guilt and would only agree to an undisclosed restitution and it all went away. But to see this beautiful doll of a woman and to know she is such a complex bitchy creature has given me more masturbation fuel in my life than any of the porn I have often watched on my computer!

Yesterday was my nineteenth birthday and I spent it with my mom and Roger, her business associate from the family company. As it turns out I overheard the real reason that we were down here and that was to get Roger to severely under-appraise the property that mom’s company owns. Then, she would file massive losses on the company’s ledger and she would collect 10% That would be in this case, around 200,000 for mom! (You go MOM!)

During the course of our stay at the time-share mom and I stayed in the one room and Roger in the other. I had never seen them do anything sexual the whole time I was there and believe me, mom wasn’t making things easy on us! Some of the swimsuits she wore could only be described as hard-core. I tried my best to snuggle up to her in bed but mom was having none of it! Things were done on her terms only and only if she wanted them done at all!

Mom came in and woke me around 9 wearing just her thong panties and a super-tight shirt that totally showed her hot, hard nipples! She already had her makeup on and her hair straightened too. “Hi honey, good morning. Why don’t you help me drink this second pot of coffee and I’ll make you eggs.” I bolted out of bed at the thought of mom in that thong and of her actually making breakfast, which was rare but not unheard of.

No such luck with the thong though as she already had her sweat pants on. Hey, at least I get to stare at her nipples! Mom poured herself yet another cup of coffee and I ate the scrambled eggs that she made for me and they were quite good indeed! Mom wanted me to take her to Starbucks so she could get, “Super-wired” as she put it. Mom liked to abuse caffeine and vodka and sometimes cigarettes but she wouldn’t so much as smoke a joint and she would literally kill me if she ever saw me so much as looking at a cigarette or taking a drink. “Diet coke for my Josh, no sugar for this good-looking man of mine,” she would proudly say.

But mom and I were co-workers and buds now so when she wanted me to be there with her I was only too happy to oblige. Mom put on a super naughty outfit with a micro-mini pink skirt and a pink polo shirt about a size too small. The shirt must have been about a young teen size so it was SEVERELY tight and so cute! Mom was wearing some sexy, very light nylons on and she finished it off with a four-inch pair of white, open-toe high heeled stilettos.

Mom didn’t smoke everyday but she still put away about two cartons a month. She loved menthol cigarettes and she had me run down to the store across the road to get her some. I wanted mom to be properly prepared for her caffeine assault. Mom drank FOUR large black ataşehir escort Starbucks coffees and smoked 7 or 8 cigarettes in about an hour. She peed like, three times at the cafe! Mom always had to be near a bathroom with her caffeine consumption off the charts as it was.

After getting completely wired mom ranted on and on about something or other and I drove her and I back to the timeshare. Mom said she wanted to, and I quote, “Grease myself up like a tiny little piggy then I’m going to privately lay on the balcony for a few hours.”

I said “Mom, you’ve earned that right!,” and we were back in 5 minutes.

Roger was home and mom immediately went to our bedroom to change into one of her swimsuits. Roger and I were both pretending to be busy near the open kitchen area so as to see mom walk by and check out which suit she was wearing. It was a game we had been kind of playing since last week. As soon as we heard mom coming we both asked her at the same time if she wanted something to drink. Talk about getting busted as we were both looking, jaws dropped to the ground, at mom in a a bright white string bikini that was also a thong in front! Mom literally had to shave all of her hair and you could still see a small portion of the top of both sides of her pussy.

Mom just walked out to the balcony ignoring both of us. I followed her out a moment later with a club soda and a wedge of lime and apologized to mom for acting like a pig. She said not to worry about it and we talked for a minute and I tried not to stare at her body. Mom said it was “Piggy” time for her now and she wanted me to grease her up with straight corn oil and a sponge. Like a silly little teenager mom wanted that harsh reddish burnt tan. Who was I to complain, she mostly wore white and it would look awesome of course! Mom let me sponge her down her back and butt even but not the front. She told me she wanted some alone time so I left her oily hot little body to cook in the sun.

Roger and I were talking about today’s swimsuit about two hours later, like we did daily! While she was out on the balcony and we both agreed with a mutual fist-bump that she looked the hottest in her white, completely see-thru bikini. I mean, she couldn’t necessarily leave the house in any of them but the sheer suit, oh my!….It was so hot that Roger and I were going to ask her to wear it again and we hatched a plan to bring it up during dinner. I was getting pretty turned on talking about my mom that way with Roger but he was really cool and I secretly hoped that he and mom were getting along.

Forward to dinner: Mom came down from her shower and said, “Vodka!” This is something she often did to signify someone to get her a number of drinks. Roger and I looked like two little puppies running for the bottle and a big glass. Mom was wearing sexy cargo shorts, in some teenager size as the bottom of the shorts didn’t really cover all of her cute little butt. She had a very revealing blue bikini top on that completely showed her tiny peachy boobs and nipples.

Oh, and one new addition to mention: Mom just had her belly button pierced and now had a one and one half-carat diamond stud in! Yes, we were shopping in Aruba too. Mom paid $3,300. for the belly button stud! In mine and Roger’s opinion it was worth every cent. She bragged that it was on the company when she saw us staring at it. She cutely pointed to it with both middle fingers and said, “That ‘s what I’m talking about, on my family company yo,” in a streetwise type of hip-hop imitation. It was so cute! Her hair and makeup were as always just like she left a salon. She wore some sexy Scholl sandals but of course, the ones with the high-heels. Mom’s feet a truly a sight to behold. Her toes are always perfectly made up and today was no exception with that “Slut red,” painted on them.

Mom sang Happy Birthday to me in her Marilyn Monroe voice while sitting on my lap and moved around just enough to get wood. Once, she grinded a bit harder and smiled her sexy smile just to let me know that she was aware of it! Roger watched and I know I saw him go to grab his dick, almost instinctively like he just had to touch it for a second. Mom whispered in my ear that she had a special birthday present for me later on but now she whispered, “I just want to drink a lot of drinks and and smoke my cigarettes after dinner….will you come hold my hand when I smoke? Since it’s your birthday I’ll sit on your lap too.”

This got me so hard and I said, “Mom, I will be here with you every single day for as long as you want me to.”

“Thanks Honey,” she said, almost absently, and then declared “I want some drinks!,” and then whispered to me to go get her pills, avcılar anal yapan escort which meant 2 Advil’s, her inhaler, and the pain pill that she took 3 times a day.

When mom found out that one of her friends had fibromyalgia she drilled her with questions so she could get a doctor to say she had it. Mom knew her friend Kim had the best pain pills and she, although not in pain, loved taking them for the boost in the morning and then to help her keep on rolling all day. Lately, upon her friend Kim’s advice, she had taken to snorting them.

During the time mom was singing to me Roger was carrying out a plan that we had hatched earlier to get mom pretty lit up. He had chilled six shots of vodka and poured it into six separate shot glasses for mom to down like a sorority house whore! When we showed her she got so excited she walked right over and like a surgeon, methodically rammed down each shot within one minute! She kissed me and Roger full on the lips after hammering the last shot down. Mom immediately went to the bedroom to snort her pain pill.

When she came back she was dancing around to some music we turned on and letting Roger and I grind up against her quite a bit. (So hot and over the top) Roger blurted out something to her about he and I, “Having to talk to her about something.” I felt a knot in my throat as Roger threw me to the wolves by not saying anything. Mom looked at me with her,”So…….” expression.

I just blurted out, “Roger and I were talking about our favorite swimsuit of yours and we both agreed is was the sheer white bikini.”

Mom wore a devilish smile and said, “Well, I didn’t know that I had two little perverts to please for the rest of the month.”

Roger then meekly asked her if she would wear it tomorrow.

All mom gave him was a stern, “We’ll see!” Mom was apparently not very happy about this exchange so I quickly set the table and we sat down.

We ate a quick meal and mom ate half her protein bar and her and I went out to smoke. Of course I don’t smoke, mom would disown me! But we love to play this game where she smokes a half pack as quickly as possible and her heart really starts pounding and I’ll hold her hand and sometimes she’ll let me listen to her heart pounding out of her chest. I know, it’s weird but my mom is a very complex woman and so, so hot! Tonight she really got really revved up and gave me another lap dance although this one was more show than grind. “It figures,” I thought, “Her buzz is wearing off.”

Her face was so flushed and beautiful as she lit like, her eighth cigarette. “Mom, you’re so hot when you’re wired like this.”

“Wait until we get back and then go to the bedroom and sit in the corner chair. It’s birthday present time,” she whispered in my ear and licked the inside of it just a little. As she was walking away she did a little gesture that has become a devious inside joke for us. She did the juvenile blow job gesture while pushing her tongue out in her cheek. It’s just something mom and I laugh about. Of course, the last time she menacingly made the gesture, in the airport, the next thing you know I’m on a plane watching her tickle the top of Roger’s cock with her tongue while she’s looking right into my eyes!

I stared out at the sunset for a few minutes but then quickly got up, not wanting to screw my birthday present up, and ran into the timeshare only to see mom and Roger locked in a passionate kiss. He had her up off the floor and was holding mom like a little doll and they weren’t so much as kissing but playing tongue tag. They were being really perverse about it with a lot of moaning and both of their eyes closed and it was weird because she or Roger would not even acknowledge me!

Mom dismissed me with a decisive motion to me toward our bedroom. Determined not to mess anything up I quickly go back to my orders from mom and sit down in the chair in the corner of the room. I was a bit put off…I really do want more sexual attention from mom and I know it will probably not happen but I still hold out hope. It’s not that I never had girlfriends but once you’ve been sucked in by my mom, you just don’t want anything else!

After about 10 minutes mom came in dressed in the lingerie that I bought her a few months ago and she was holding the most outrageous pair of clear platform heels! She sat on the edge of the bed and motioned for me to come over to help her put them on . “My pleasure mom!,” I thought.

She made a big deal of keeping her arms crossed so I couldn’t see her boobs and she was sitting just so that I couldn’t see her sexy pussy. I then

helped her into her “party girl” shoes. It was such a avcılar bdsm escort rush that most of it was a blur. “Go over to Roger’s bedroom door in about two minutes. I’ll leave it open. If you hear noises then crawl in and sit down on the floor in front of me. Be very quiet coming in.”

I almost fainted in the room after she left. I quickly went into the bathroom to splash some cold water on my face to help me pull it together. In 19 years this would have to be the best birthday present ever! I waited what felt like an hour but looking at my phone it was exactly two minutes. I crept down the hallway and it wasn’t too hard to be quiet really as I only had socks on and the floors were carpeted. Also, it was a ground-level unit so there wasn’t the creak of the floors to contend with.

As I got to the door I could see the room was dimly lit and I heard some of the hottest noises I will probably ever hear live. I crawled in slowly and saw mom sucking Roger’s cock! I kept crawling, watching my mom all the way for instruction. Finally, I was into the room so that I was less than 3 feet from mom’s face going up and down on Roger’s hard rod! Roger was clueless as to me being there, evidently from mom’s awesome planning! Mom had a black nylon robe on that went down to her knees but I could gather that Roger was very busy down there by the way mom was wriggling around! She’s such a great planner, plotter and manipulator. I really couldn’t see any of mom naked but who cared when she was bobbing up and down on a hard cock like that!

Roger wasn’t porn-big but had a good-sized boner and next to mom’s tiny face just about any cock looked huge. Mom was pretty much a professional cock-sucker from the two times now that I had seen her in action. She could go deep, gag and spit on a dick like a porn star and then she could be sensual, licking the top of the head and “popping” the penis head.

Mom was putting on a slow clinic right in front of me and her expressions were priceless. Mom motioned me closer and I crawled in to about two feet away. She smiled at me and stuck her tongue out and then did the “fishlike” thing with just Roger’s penis head in her mouth.

His legs were at the foot of the bed under the covers and it appeared he was eating mom’s ass hole and pussy. The reason I say that is it seemed she kept switching her hip positions to make him get both. At one hot point, she took her eyes off of me and looked back and said, “Yeah you fucking get it, just like that!” It startled me because the only time I have EVER heard mom swear was when she was cussing out my dad. She then looked back at me and smiled and held Roger”s cock like a microphone and pretended to lip-synch for a second. I could see a lot but not a lot of mom really, which was maddening.

Roger was making soft groans like he couldn’t last much longer and my mom was starting to put on a show now, licking the top of his cock, doing lollipops, gagging and spitting on his cock like a porn star! Mom motioned me closer and I crawled in to less than a foot away. Mom stared into my eyes and made love to Roger’s cock with her mouth. She then motioned me even closer and put his cock in her hand and started to pull him off. She stuck her tongue out at me and gave me “The gesture” but this time used Roger’s cock to perform it.

Then, out of nowhere, she locks eyes with me and sticks her hot little tongue out about an inch from my face. I briefly tongue tag Mom before she gets back to work on Roger’s cock. She gives me an arrogant b-bye gesture and I slowly crawl away. To cover for me leaving she started gobbling and gagging on his cock a bit to make some noise. As I was about one foot outside the door and just getting to my feet I heard Roger groan pretty loudly and I could easily guess what had just happened!

Surprisingly to me mom rolled into bed just about a half hour later. I must have done a good acting job to look like I was sleeping as she just slid right into bed and dozed off. I tried to make myself peek to see what she was wearing but did not want to rock the boat in any way!

Mom was up by 3 am, as was pretty usual for her and in the bath. She typically took 2 hours to get ready with putting on her makeup and ironing and straightening her hair. My mind began to wander and I thought of Halloween……

I couldn’t sleep and with my heart still pounding I wrote mom a quick e-mail and then went back to lie down. Here’s what it said….


Thanks for the best and most thoughtful birthday present EVER! That must have required some careful planning and intelligence on your part. Not only are you the HOTTEST mom on the planet but you are also very smart and a great strategic businesswoman! I am so proud of you and truly honored to be your son! (dad’s son too….NOT!) Roger’s cooler anyway! laughs I’ll do anything for you and I love you!


PS- I was thinking of a few ideas for Halloween costumes. I realize mom, how important this is to you and I wanted to take you and Roger out to lunch to discuss it! -Josh

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