Mom’s Big Bed Ch. 05

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“I am going to put the jug of wine next to be bed sweetie in case you get thirsty during our snuggle ok?” mom said as she turned on a night lite on the edge of the room. She set the wine on the night stand and then turned down the covers after fluffing the pillows and got into the bed. Then she laid on her side and looked at me and said in a whisper, “Come on into bed with mommy son, and keep her warm!”

I obeyed and she raised the covers a little and scootched over as I got in with her. She moved over into the center of the bed and told me to get in the middle with her. It wasn’t as much getting in the middle as it was meeting in the middle ….her bed was soooo big it seemed. King-size beds are fun, no two ways about it! I lay next to her and she looked into my eyes in the dim glow of the night lite. “Hug me son, and give me a kiss!”

Her arms opened to embrace me and I reciprocated. I brought my lips up to hers and kissed her as we embraced but the kiss I gave was a little kiss. She frowned, “Haven’t you made out with a girl? Kiss me like you would make out with a girl in the back of a car parked out in the desert away from all prying eyes!” With that as my inspiration, I brought my lips to hers and my mouth opened slightly and her tongue went into my mouth and danced around a little bit. My boner, went “BOING!” as I embraced my body against my naked mother in a wonderfully warm deep kiss. As we smootched she gently rolled me from my side up onto her and she parted her legs so that my feet and knees lay between hers. We broke our lip-lock for a moment with a wet salivating smacking sound and she said, “Mmmmm much better. I will make a make-out artist out of you yet! Now kiss me some more. I am going to teach you some things about kissing so that you are ready to please any woman you are with!”

We went back into a passionate kiss and her mouth lightly bit and licked around the corners and edges of my lips before we again opened our mouths again to explore each other’s with our tongues. At one point it felt like her tongue went down my throat and then I reciprocated — tongue fucking her mouth for a good long time. Her hands stroked my back and shoulders and buttocks ever so lightly as she barely touched me with her nails and finger tips. Then, our lips separated and she kissed my nose, my eyes and my ears, taking time out time to sniff and savor me. I did the same. Mom then kissed my chin and sucked on it and then gave it a playful bite while one hand continued to stroke my back and the other gently rubbed my cock and balls.

“Errrrr ruffff! You are so awesome!” she said. She kissed along my jaw and then moved to my neck and began to suck my neck. “I am going to give you a hickey son, “she said, “all the girls at school will see this and know you were making out.” She then added in her Betty Boop voice, “just don’t tell them who did this! “

“It’s safe with me mom!” I said as I knew people would speculate which girl did this and I could benefit from a lie that I had a date with a mystery chick who went with me up to the high hills above Phoenix in her car for a make-out and fuck session, complete with blowjobs and pussy eating! It was awesome knowing my mom was being complicit with me on this!

Mom continued to suck my neck and massage my dick and balls with her hand. Then she had me kiss her on her neck. She even let me practice my hickey producing skills on her. Looks like we would both be lying on Monday! Good. Fair was fair!

After a minute of this I said to her, “Mom….you were going to tell me about how you and Dad got into swinging?”

She paused and thought a second and then said, “Well let’s start at the beginning. Let’s cuddle and snuggle and kiss while I talk ok?” I nodded.

“Slide down a little and put Mommy’s nipple in your mouth and nurse from my titties while Mommy tells her BIG BOY a story!” I slid down and then took her nipple in my mouth while my hand tweaked and rubbed the other nipple gently. Her hand stayed on my boner but now the tip of my cock was further down ataköy türbanlı escort from her pelvic bone and was rubbing against her ringed clit. She nudged my dickhead against her clit-head with her hand while I continued to nurse from her tit.

“When I was eighteen I was playing with myself on my bed thinking I was alone,” she began, “and your two older aunts, Sharon and Maria walked in on me. Sharon had to have been 19 and Maria was 20 and both were still living with us but they were working. I thought they would tell Mom which would have not been much of a threat because as you know your grandma is a bigger hippy than any of her kids!” I knew this.

My grandmother lives in a tee pee with a bunch of other aging hippies on the side of a stream up in the northern part of Arizona. She smokes more pot and walks around naked more than my mom even is able to do. My grandfather passed away when my Mom was twelve and left my grandma (who was a college professor) with the a boy and three girls all by herself to care for so naturally the kids were a little on the un-supervised side of things for most of their lives.

“Well, instead of telling anyone, your two aunts shucked off their clothes and joined in with me. They masturbated on my bed with me and one thing led to another and we began to practice making out on each other and our fingers found each other’s pussies. They showed me how they got each other off when there were no boys to fuck them and I was all attention and focus like the good student that I was. We then fingered each other and got each other really hot and bothered. Soon curiosity got the better of us and we were putting our tongues in each other’s pussy holes and licking our butts. We discovered to our surprise that we could make each other cum and cum hard! It was fun experimenting like this! We kept it a secret and later we would sneak off to the woods or to our bedroom or to the garden and DO IT with each other. “

This got me very excited and as I sucked her boob, I ground my cock against my Mom’s clit and pelvis. She continued to explain as she gently rubbed my penis, ” This went on for about a year and then one day when your uncle Mike had just turned eighteen, I caught him out in the barn beating off while Mom and my sisters were in town. He did the same thing I did when I was caught jilling myself and wanted to know if I would ‘snitch on him’. Instead of snitching, I took his cock and rubbed and tugged it like you are doing now and then I sucked it and then we both got naked and laid down in the hay and played with each other’s stuff. He fingered me and I pulled and sucked on his cock. I then showed him how to sixty-nine like my older sisters had shown me. We did this for a while until we switch around and I got down on my knees and gave him a proper blowjob just like my sisters describe. He came in my mouth and I swallowed cum for the first time!” This was really making me hot and my dick leaked pre-cum against my mom and her clever hand.

“After that he fingered me and got me off with a little instruction for him as to how I liked it. Then we got our clothes on. This became another fun sneak around session that I did with your uncle Mike from time to time. When I wasn’t sneaking off to do things with my sisters, I was sneaking with my younger brother. Then one day we fucked. We had gone for several weeks just with sucking and eating and with fingers but we wanted to do something more. We even had laid in bed and rubbed his penis against my clit and across my peephole down to the edge of my cunthole make us come ‘outside’ of me on my tummy. We could rub our genitals for hours it seemed! That was where I learned to juice out of my peehole. Then one day we got too hot and I put it inside me and we fucked! We fucked and fucked and fucked! It was great!! When it came time for him to cum, he pulled out and shot it in my mouth. I still remember his taste. This became a new part of our secret routine and it was not long before we tried something ataköy ucuz escort else…..we put it in my asshole! “My cock twitched.

“We found that he could fuck me there and cum and I would not get preggers so we used up a lot of lotion and vaseline that summer from Grandma’s medicine cabinet! Then a few days after that, my two sisters got suspicious and followed us down a path into the woods and came upon us fucking like two dogs in heat! Again, instead of giving us any grief about it, they joined in. They also let my brother cum inside their pussies as they were on the pill. Afterwards as we lay naked my sister Maria said she would take me to the free clinic to get me a prescription as well. She was ‘friends’ with the nurse which meant she did the lesbo thing with her and they smoked pot together.”

Again, my cock was twitching hard but she just continued, “We had a great old time for the rest of the summer until one day when my brother was out and it was just my sisters and me playing daisy chain and fingering each other in a circle after a little too much weed, who should walk in on us but our Mom who came home early from work!” Mom chuckled about this and paused like she was remembering then she continued.

“Mom, put her hand on her hips, like she was going to scold and then shimmied out of her skirt and underwear before shucking off her blouse and joining us. She had been watching us for weeks it turned out and she knew about everything but we thought we were being sneaky. She was a psychology professor who was into the whole free-love anti -war smoke weed until your head explodes movement and the whole puritan thing was just not her bag. She also knew that young people experimented sexually in many ways and that SHE herself had done many of the things in secret as an eighteen year old that we had been doing. She figured the boundary of incest was an exciting threshold and not a DO NOT CROSS LINE. That is why she is the way she is son, and that is why I am the way I am.”

I nodded. This was a lot for me to take in.

“Then as fall arrived, we kids got jobs in town and then my sisters began bringing home girlfriends for sex and my brother and I just joined into the fun. I was on the pill so when some of these girls brought their boyfriends and brothers along I got to enjoy some ‘strange’ dick. That is how this swinging thing got started in the family. Grandma even would sometimes join in with us hippy kids and the farmhouse must have shaken like an earthquake. Soon there was a ‘secret network’ of young folks coming out to our place in the country to fuck and smoke and drink and there was even a secret network of girls who fucked their brothers and sisters. Then one day, a girl from my community college came home to have sex with my sister Sharon and she brought her brother. While Sharon and the girl fucked with your uncle Mike, I fucked this boy with your aunt Maria. That young man was your father.

He and I began to see more and more of each other and later when I landed an academic scholarship at State, he came with me (in more ways than one). We eventually got married and had your sister and then you but we never lost the lust — or the desire to experiment. We had sex with each other and with other couples and we even let your Aunts and your uncle Mike get in on the fun. We just kept it away from you kids. Grandma did the same. Then one day your uncle Mike was killed in a motorcycle accident running from the cops after he tried to buy weed from a policeman in plain clothes. I was devastated. You must have been about eight then and your sister nine. I cried and cried for weeks but your father was supportive and loving and helpful. When I finally got things back together in my head, your father and I resumed our bedroom antics with each other and other people but I still felt such a loss over your uncle Mike.

Then when your father died it was like my whole world slammed shut. I completely shut down like my life was over. Eventually it was your two aunts ataköy üniversiteli escort who rescued me and would come by the house, get me stoned, and then take me out on the town to hit the bars. Of course we would then end up coming home pretty much in bad shape but we would sleep it off in this bed and maybe do some of our old naughty tricks on each other!”

“Now do you understand son?”

I nodded.

“Now son, lets kiss and you can rub your cocky against my pussy just like your uncle Mike and I used to!”

I was now incredibly horny. I grabbed her waist and Mom moved my cockhead back and forth against her clit and the top of her cunt-hole. I could feel her getting damp and her pussy began to make familiar sloshy sloshy sloshy sounds!

“Ooohhh like that — push your hips son!” mom gasped as her hand pistoned my cock back and forth in our grinding of cock clit, pee-hole, and cunt-hole!

“Ohhhhh jusssst like that Ian!!! Grind me son! Grind me! Oooohhhhhh!!!!” she said as a big wet splatter as she brought herself off using my cock as a masturbatory tool for her hungry twat and clit! She shuddered and bucked and splattered and cursed and howled, “Awwwww! Yyyyyesssss!” Then another big wet splash shot out of her pee-hole and onto our crotches!

Mom, went limp beneath me and exhaled in satisfaction. She kissed me and then said, “That was wonderful. Now we are going to have you cum inside your Mama!”

“Won’t you get pregnant Mom?”

“No silly, I had my tubes tied a little while after you were born, “she said as she repositioned my cock to the mouth of her waiting cunt-hole.

“… push into your mother’s pussy and make love to me son!”

I adjusted my weight and using my hips pushed against her. Her wet soppy hole yielded and opened and I slid into the moist warm comforting excitement of my Mom’s vagina! I was there!!! This was great!!! I had finally lost my virginity and I was doing it with my MOTHER!!!!

“Now fuck me son! Fuck me and become a man!! Make us both into lovers my dear son!! I love you!!!!”

“I love you too Mom!” I gasped as I pushed in all the way to my balls. I paused there for a moment and then instinctively did what felt good and began to thrust back and forth. Mom sighed and encouraged me with her hands on my ass. She gritted her teeth and smiled up at me.

“That’s it you fucker! Fuck your mom! Fuck mommy good! You have such a big fucking cock! I want it to shoot your cum way up inside this fucking pussy of mine. NOW FUCK YOU FUCKING FUCK!! NAIL MOMMIE’S PUSSY TO THE MATTRESS!”

I bucked and sawed my hips back and forth in a rhythm that was satisfying to us both and continued to fuck my mother. This was awesome!! Her hand hands grabbed the back of my head and she pulled me down into a kiss as our bodies smacked and separated and smacked and separated in a wet sloppy fuck in the center of the bed! Her tongue snaked in my mouth and at the same time I felt the rush of cum building in my balls. I kept pumping. About ten seconds later I could stand it now no longer and I let out a loud groan into my mother’s mouth only to have her pull away from our lip-lock and shriek as another wet orgasm erupted through her body! We both howled in wonderful agony in a sort of mother/son duet of “OOOOOOOHhhhhHH! AWWWWW! OOOOHHHHHH!” as I shot a white hot load up into my mother’s pussy while she convulsed in an earthshattering climax!

Then we lay panting and breathless. My cock twitched with little involuntary wriggles and Mom’s cunt vibrated in little aftershocks, like a muscle that was cramping — only in a good way. We kissed again. This time it was goodnight.

“Well lover,” mom said, “let’s get some sleep. I’ll want to fuck and suck you again when you wake up!” I rolled off her and we got in a spoon position and then Mom slid my semi –erect dong into her pussy from the back. I pushed our bodies tight together until if was certain my cock would not slip out. As I drifted off to sleep, Mom lazily whispered in one of those pre-sleep epiphany’s people have,

“Your sister comes home next weekend for the start of Spring Break! Let’s practice this weekend so we can give her a big warm wet welcome when she arrives seven days from now!” The thought of having a three-way with Linda and Mom was pleasing and exciting! I drifted off to sleep knowing this was just the beginning!

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