Mommy Daycare Ch. 03

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Aj Applegate

Chapter Three: Alanna


Kaden sighed as he killed Orson’s character yet again. “That’s eleven to nothing now, dude.”

“Hey, I got one win in.”

“No you didn’t.”

“Yeah, the first round. Or second or something.”

“Eleven to one, then.” Kaden held up Orson’s controller. “Would you please come sit back down.”

“In a minute.”

Kaden shook his head, started another round, and killed Orson once more. “Twelve to one.” It didn’t really feel like much of a victory though.

Orson wouldn’t stop looking out the window. Ever since he’d seen the sights the backyard had to offer, he’d been riveted. Kaden couldn’t exactly blame him, but it was rather annoying that Orson had come over to play video games, and Kaden was neither getting that out him, nor the usual sexy times with the girls outside. It was lose-lose, so far.

“They’re so… naked,” Orson said, not for the first time.

“I know,” Kaden grumbled. “You can stop staring now.”

“No I can’t. Your mom… and sisters… and–“

“Jaina’s my sister. Riley’s her friend. You know I don’t have two sisters.”

“Well… whatever. And that other woman, though. All naked.”

“Yes, dude. I seriously know. I’m about to start taking clothes off too if you don’t sit back down.”

“You wouldn’t do that.”

Kaden didn’t press his threat. He simply pulled off his shirt, then his socks. Disrobing was as casual to him these days as breathing was. After acclimatizing to total exposure with family, friends weren’t a big deal anymore either.

“Hey! Hey stop that!”

Kaden ignored Orson and slipped his shorts off. Orson finally bounced back to the bed, picked up his controller, and started hitting back.

“I’m playing, I’m playing.”

“Good.” Kaden picked his controller back up too.

“You can put your clothes back on.”

“Nope. You had your chance.”

“But… you’re just in your underwear.”

“I know.”

“That’s… weird.”

“I’m usually wearing less than that these days.”

“Even… around your family and everything?”

“They’re not wearing anything. Why would you think I would be?”

Orson shrugged uncomfortably. “It’s hot when they do it.”

“Ah. Right.”

They managed to get a few games in. Orson started to forget about Kaden’s barely clothed state and actually got into the game for a bit.

“Is it, like, an every day thing?” Orson asked.


“The nudity?”

“Oh. Yeah. Basically.”

“So every day you and your mom and sister–“


“Huh. Crazy.” Orson thought some more. “Is it kinda hot?”


“With, like, your mom?”


“What? Just asking.”

“If it was your mom, would you want me asking that?”

“Well… here’s the thing, though. I think it probably would be pretty hot.”

“Oh.” Kaden softened his response at the admission. “Well… yeah, it is kinda hot.”

“Thought so. Weird at first, right?”


“But… I mean your mom… and my mom….”

Kaden grinned shyly. “Kinda total hotties, yeah?”

Orson nodded, grinning back. “Totally.” He nudged Kaden with his elbow. “You’re lucky, huh? Getting to actually see yours all naked and stuff.”

Kaden shrugged. “I mean, if you really wanted, you could too.”

Orson was silent a moment. “For real?”

“Why not? If you could convince her to come over. We’ve essentially got the beginnings of a mommy daycare going already. We could handle a few more moms, in theory.”

“And you’d… get her naked?”

“It’s required. That and a few other things. Plus it, uh, isn’t free.”

“No, no, of course.” Orson was back to not paying any attention to the game, but this time because he was busy thinking. “So I’d pay you guys… bring Mom over… leave her here….”

Kaden was getting hard at the thought of getting Alanna naked. He tried to repress and hide it, but he couldn’t deny that he was almost as interested as Orson was in getting his mom naked. He’d known Alanna almost as long as he and Orson had been friends, and while it wasn’t the first time he’d had ‘thoughts,’ it was the first time he’d ever seriously contemplated seeing her with no clothes on.

“I’m sure we could take care of it from there,” Kaden said confidently. “Jay’s got a way with this sort of thing.”

“Bet you do too, somehow,” Orson said.

“Well… maybe. Between both of us, anyway. And Riley might help some. And our moms will help make it seem more normal too.”

They kept discussing the idea off and on until Orson went home, and even after that, Kaden’s mind was still whirling with possibilities.


“We’re really doing this, huh?” Jaina asked.

Kaden glanced sideways at her. They were waiting naked out by the driveway, having been assured Orson would be pulling up within moments. “I mean, yeah.”

“Don’t give me that tone. It was a legit question.”

“I just don’t know why this is all of a sudden where you question things.”

“Maybe ’cause I don’t know Alanna?”

“So? I didn’t really know Mary before ankara escort she started coming over.”

“You kinda did.”

“Only kinda.”

“You just want her here ’cause she’s your friend’s mom and you think it’s gonna be hot.”

Kaden grinned. “True. But that’s the same as you wanting Mary here.”

“Nuh uh. We were being helpful.”

“Maybe at first. But now… tell me you don’t love eating her pussy? Especially in front of Riley?”

“… shut up.”

“That’s what I thought.”

Orson pulled his car in a moment later, forestalling any further argument. Not that it was really a heated debate. Jaina had agreed with Kaden when he’d brought the idea to her. More moms made sense for their burgeoning summer daycare, after all.

Kaden was pretty sure Jaina’s sudden reluctance was only due to her realization that she’d have to be naked in front of a stranger. And Orson too, if only briefly, but at least she kind of knew him.

Orson made a face as he got out of the car. “Really, dude? Naked?”

Kaden shrugged. “You knew what you were getting into. You were warned.”

“Yeah, but–“

“It’s the whole point, y’know?”

Alanna, unlike her son, had wide eyes and a bright flush on her cheeks. She had presumably been offered some details of what to expect, but not enough to mentally prepare her. Her gaze flicked back and forth between Kaden and Jaina so rapidly it was kind of funny, and Kaden struggled to keep a straight face.

“Hey, Alanna,” Kaden said casually.

“Hello, Kaden,” she answered faintly.

“Ready to try spending a day with us?”

Alanna blushed deeper red. “I… I think maybe I’m not, actually. I don’t know how I got talked into this, but–“

“Don’t be silly,” Jaina interrupted, coming to the rescue. She stepped forward and took Alanna’s unresisting arm. “I know it seems scary, but you get used to it super quick. You’ll see.”

“I don’t–“

“Why don’t we just go get you all set up, then we can hit the backyard, ok?”


“I’ll just be a minute,” Kaden called after them as Jaina led Alanna away.

Jaina shook her head. “Don’t follow us. We’re gonna take some girl time and get settled.”

Kaden shrugged. He assumed Jaina knew what she was doing. And she’d thought she’d have trouble with a mom she didn’t know. She was a natural at this sort of thing already.

“Damn,” Orson said, “you really think she’ll get Mom to… to….”

“Probably,” Kaden said. “She can be… persuasive.”

Orson gave him a funny look, but didn’t comment. “So can I wait and see, or–“

“Nah, dude, I told you. Better to drop her off and let her adjust, then pick her up this evening.”

“And I’ll get to see her then?”

“Yeah, man. You’ll almost certainly get to see your mom naked when you come back, alright?”

Orson grinned broadly. “Alright,” he agreed. He fished in his pocket and pulled out some money. “Dad was fine with paying for some daycare. Didn’t tell him what kind, though.”

“Better not to,” Kaden concurred, taking the cash. “Probably best he never finds out about this.”

“Yeah, no shit.” Orson was still grinning. “Can’t believe she even went for it. Except I think she gets pretty bored sometimes. Maybe that’s all it is.”

“Maybe,” Kaden said. “You never can tell with moms.”

Orson shifted his weight and peered toward the house like he’d be able to see through the walls. “You sure I can’t just stay and see her now?”

“It’s a delicate time. Best if she doesn’t have to reconcile with you checking her out at first.”

“You’re gonna be checking her out though.”

Kaden shrugged. “Not her son. Not the same thing.”

“Fair.” Orson sighed. “Alright. Be back this evening.”

“Cool. I’ll text you if she wants picked up early or anything, but hopefully everything goes smoothly.”

Orson nodded. “Hopefully.”

Orson left, and Kaden went back inside. He donned an apron and got set up in the kitchen to make omelettes. He didn’t start cooking anything yet, but just got things prepped.

Kaden turned at the soft sound of approaching footsteps. He tried to check his reaction, but still bit his lip and felt his cock twitch at the sight of his sister leading Alanna toward him. At least his apron gave him some cover so he didn’t totally freak Alanna out right away.

Alanna was blushing just as badly as earlier, and had even more reason now. Jaina had done good work getting her entirely naked and shaved, ready to join the others.

“Damn,” Kaden whispered.

Alanna turned her head and shyly played with her hair to keep from looking straight at him. “Can’t believe I’m doing this.”

“Hey, it’s no pressure,” Jaina said soothingly. “Other than my pervy brother, of course.”

Kaden stuck his tongue out Jaina. She returned the gesture.

“Sorry,” Kaden said. “Just… you look good like that.”

Alanna’s arms twitched toward herself, like she wanted to cover up, but Jaina was holding on to one of them and she let the other drop back to her side of her own volition. “You shouldn’t look at me that escort ankara way,” she mumbled.

“Sorry,” Kaden repeated.

“Don’t mind him,” Jaina said. “You know how boys are.”

Alanna smiled crookedly. “I suppose I do. And… it’s not like I didn’t expect this, to some extent.”

Kaden tilted his head. “Hm?”

“You didn’t think I missed all those times you tried to peek down my shirts, did you?”

It was Kaden’s turn to blush. “Well… sometimes they’re very loose in the, uh, cleavage area.”

“Yes. That’s what makes them fun.”

Kaden’s cock twitched further to life. He stared at Alanna, trying to gauge whether she was being serious or teasing, or even some of both.

“Honestly,” Alanna continued, “I was pretty surprised Orson ever suggested this to me. You wouldn’t think he’d be so eager for one of his friends to, uh….”

“See his mom without her clothes on?” Jaina supplied. “Yeah. It’s complicated, based on our limited experience.”

Kaden decided not to add to the question. He didn’t want to give away that in fact Orson may not have even considered how much time Kaden would get to spend ogling his mom, giving how focused he was on checking her out himself. But then, maybe it was just worth it to him.

Kaden cleared his throat. “So, hey, I’m making omelettes if you want one.”

Alanna frowned sightly and put a hand on her tummy. “Not sure if I’m ready to eat. I was too nervous this morning, and I’m still pretty fluttery.”

“Don’t worry. You’ll adjust in no time,” Jaina assured her. She nodded at Kaden. “Maybe wait ’til the end for hers and see if she’s ready to eat yet?”

“Sure thing.”

Kaden followed Jaina and Alanna as they headed outside. Partly it was just because there were two sexy asses walking away–which was hard to resist at the best of times–and Alanna’s in particular was brand new to him. He was really beginning to appreciate how the women surrounding him all had a sway to their hips that was just a little bit their own, even when allowing for when they gave their butts some extra wiggle for his benefit.

In this case, Jaina was deliberately swinging her hips enough to make sure she got just as much attention as Alanna, despite Alanna’s butt having the novelty factor. Goddamn his sister knew how to push just the right buttons when she felt like it. She could have him all wrapped around her little finger if she wanted to. Or maybe she already did and merely chose not to exercise her power most of the time. Hard to know for sure.

From a distance, Luna and Mary seemed very welcoming toward the newbie. Riley, other than checking Alanna out as introductions were made, seemed more or less indifferent.

But then, much of Riley’s alleged indifference was feigned, so far as Kaden had been able to tell. Certainly she’d been joining them more and more often. Still not every day by any means, but she was practically becoming a third member of their staff, such as it was. Which got a bit weird considering she was also paying for them to look after Mary. Granted, it wasn’t her money, so maybe it wasn’t so weird in that sense.

Kaden headed back in to actually deal with breakfast. It seemed like the moms just couldn’t be bothered to eat first thing in the morning. If they didn’t get late breakfasts or snacks or something, they’d start getting cranky sooner or later.

He’d really only just gotten started when Luna came in. He glanced at his mom as she flounced in, but got no clue as to what she was after.

“I’m working on food,” Kaden said. “You gotta be patient though.”

“Mmm, could definitely eat… something,” Luna said in away that suggested she wasn’t talking about eggs.

Kaden squirmed. “You’re s’posed to be helping Alanna adjust.”

Luna giggled. “She’s got lots of help already. Thought you might need some help instead.”

Luna pressed herself right up against Kaden as he tried to fry up the first omelette. Her warm skin and soft breasts felt incredible on his back, but he was quite convinced she didn’t intend to offer any actual help. At least not in the culinary sense.

Despite his best efforts to ignore his mom, she was unignorable. She rubbed her chest back and forth against him, as well as nuzzling at him from behind. She kissed and nibbled at his ears until he flinched and tried to raise his shoulder to block her, at which point she simply switched to the other side.


“Sorry, baby, too distracting?”

“Yes! You know it is!”

“So sorry,” Luna murmured.

She slipped downward, dragging her boobies down Kaden’s back, trailing sporadic kisses along his spine.

Kaden squirmed, cock twitching at the feel of her against him and the thought of where she was headed.

“This isn’t better,” he grumbled.

“Oh isn’t it?” Luna asked huskily.

Her breath was warm on his butt cheeks. She gave him a few more light kisses, then grabbed his ass and spread it open. Her next kiss was directly on his butthole.


Luna ignored Kaden and licked his sensitive little asshole. She kissed and licked ankara escort bayan and got him all slippery with her spit.

Kaden was having a very difficult time focusing on his cooking, but somehow managed to finish up a serviceable pair of omelettes from the two frying pans he had in front of him. He set them on plates, then reached back to tap Luna’s head.

“Mom? Could you run these outside? See who wants theirs first?”

Luna reversed her earlier voyage and trailed her boobs back up Kaden’s naked backside.

“Sure thing, baby.” She kissed his shoulder and gave his butt another quick fondle before grabbing the plates he’d prepared.

“Jeez, are you extra horny this morning or what?”

“Well, there’s a new mom today.”

“Alanna? So?”

“So I know why you want her here, and–“


“–and Mommy can be a little jealous sometimes.”

“You and Jay both.”

“Also, Mommy hasn’t eaten a thing all morning.”

“You can have one of those omelettes if you want. And I can make you another if you’re still hungry.”

“Hm, that’s not what I want to eat right now,” Luna said blithely as she exited gracefully, plates in hand.

Kaden stared after her. “You’d rather just eat ass, huh?” he asked the empty room.

And it seemed she did. As soon as Luna got back, she dropped right back to her knees and dove into Kaden’s butt. She also grabbed his cock and gave it long, slow strokes up and down.

Luna switched to Kaden’s balls after a while, sucking them one at a time into her mouth and orally massaging them, then eventually went back to eating his ass. All while jerking him off about as infuriatingly slowly as possible.

Kaden fucked up the fold over on one of the next omelettes and decided to keep it for himself since the presentation was off. He handed the other plate to Luna, earning a brief respite from her admittedly pretty luxurious attentions.

“Hey, Mom? Would you leave you and Jay ’til last?”

Luna tilted her head, mischief dancing in her eyes. “Sure, sweetie. Why, though?”

“No reason.”

“No reason, huh?”

“Fine. It’s a secret.”

“Ah. I see.”

Luna ran out and back even faster than before. This time, Kaden was ready for her to resume her anal tongue-bath. In fact, it was all part of his half-baked scheme.

Kaden took his time getting the last two omelettes cooking, really giving his mom time to lavish attention on him and play with his cock some more. He very deliberately left these last omelettes open as he plated them.

“Faster, Mom,” Kaden urged.

Luna stroked him a little faster, but not enough.

“Faster, Mommy!”

Luna went faster and harder this time, and got more aggressive in her ass licking. Kaden moaned and removed his apron, now stained with precum thanks to his mom.

Kaden let the delicious feelings build and build until he was close to cumming. He then swatted Luna’s hand off his cock and took over jerking himself off. She retaliated by sucking on a finger, then worming it up his spit-lubed ass, while fondling his balls with her other hand.

“Fuuuccck, Mooommm,” Kaden groaned.

He came even harder than he planned for. As he aimed his cumshots for the two remaining omelettes, there was actually too much, and he was pretty sure a lot would leak out when they were folded up. Still, he evenly split all the cum between them and did his best.

“Did you just cum all over our food, baby?” Luna asked as she pulled her finger back out of Kaden’s butt.


“Bad boy.”


Kaden turned and offered his cock to his still-kneeling mother. She sucked the tip into her mouth without hesitation and cleaned it all up for him. Kaden then sent her outside with her cummy breakfast and a firm smack on her butt. Luna giggled and winked at Kaden before prancing away.

Kaden followed with his and Jaina’s plates. He gave his sister her food with a totally straight face, then sat down next to her. There were more than enough chairs outside now, thanks to a much-needed shopping trip. They’d acquired them along with some other useful supplies, including something to store drinks and glasses outside, since running back indoors all the time got rather tedious.

In spite of the cum running out of her omelette, Jaina was oblivious to what Kaden had done until she took her first bite. Her eyes went wide and she whirled toward her brother, lips slowly breaking into a wide smile. She chewed and swallowed while maintaining eye contact.

“Naughty,” Jaina said.

Kaden just grinned back at her.

“What’d he do?” Riley asked from Jaina’s other side.

Jaina held up a forkful of her breakfast. Riley examined it, then the game was given away when some cum slid down Jaina’s fork.

“Is that….”

“Yep,” Jaina said, licking her finger clean.

Riley shook her head. “You guys are gross.”

Jaina stuck her tongue out at her. “Guess I won’t share with you then.”

“I don’t want you to. I mean… cum on food? Can’t we just keep them separate?”

“Oh, so you want your cum separate? Kay, Riley would like–“

“Shut up! No. Stop. That is so not what I meant.”

“Sure it isn’t.” Jaina examined her omelette. “Though admittedly, I’m a little concerned at how eager Kay is to get his sperms all up in my eggs.”

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