Mommy and Daddy Get to Play

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Victoria was walking home from school. It was a crisp, cool and cloudy Friday afternoon in Autumn. The wind was pulling at the last few red and gold leaves that remained on the trees. The brown carpet of those that had already fallen were crunching loudly under her feet.

She had always loved the Fall. There was a feeling of power in the air. A sense of the things that lay hidden in the forests. Mystical creatures that cannot be seen. She could feel the vaguely ominous power in the distant storm clouds. Lightning arced across the sky. Brilliant blue branches of light followed by a far away rumble of thunder. Magic.

There were those that said Victoria had an overactive imagination but she was okay with that. She considered it to be a gift. Most of the eighteen year old girls that she knew were too stupid to see the amazing world around them. They just wanted to pretend like they knew how to put on makeup and try to impress equally stupid boys.

She didn’t play with makeup. She was a natural beauty and didn’t need it anyway, although she was unaware of that fact. She just had no interest in such things. Boys asked her out plenty but she had never found any of them interesting to talk to. Let alone anything more than talking.

As she was walking through the trees, her long, wavy red hair was flowing down her back and past her slender waist. She had big, innocent looking eyes. They were the color of emeralds. Under her high cheek bones, she had peachy-pink lips that were soft and full. They looked ready to be either kissed or bitten.

Under her distractingly pretty face was an even more distracting little body. She was only about an A cup but her perfect little nipples pushed through her white shirt like pearls. Hard from the chilled air. She was thin with an athletic build. A tight stomach with a waist so tiny you could wrap your hands all the way around it. Under the thick cascade of her deep red hair was a perfectly rounded, very firm little ass. Tight jeans showing its flawlessness off perfectly, making you want to cup it in your hands. Her legs were graceful but strong. Toned and muscled from running and playing in the woods.

She was enjoying her walk as the storm grew nearer. She reveled in the sound of the wind whipping through the tree branches as the cracks of lightning and crashes of thunder came closer and closer. Large rain drops began to fall and she spread her arms wide, face to the sky. She loved the rain too.

Victoria was oblivious to how the falling water was making her shirt cling to her body. The white material was now almost transparent from the moisture. She just kept dancing away in the rain as she went.

The storm was very close as she made her way out of the trees. The rain was stinging with its force. She hurried down the sidewalk, almost to her house now. She ran up the yard and under the cover of the porch. Dripping wet and cold, she looked at the angry sky and smiled. She would always love this weather. The energy of the storm felt full of potential.

She let herself into the house and stood on the big grey rug in the entranceway. She took off her soaked tennis shoes and was peeling her jacket off when she heard a noise coming from down the hall. Dropping her wet items on the white tiled floor, she decided to go investigate.

She was tiptoeing in the plush white carpet down the hall to remain silent. Her fingers trailing down the light yellow painted walls. The sounds were clearer now. Panting breath and what sounded like moans of pain to her. She realized the sounds were coming from her Mom and Dad’s room. Suddenly concerned, she rushed to the slightly open doorway. What she saw stopped her dead in her tracks.

Mom was on her knees in front of Dad. Her long brown hair was draping over her back, almost to her knees, covering her slim body. She was kissing and licking Dad’s cock like she had never tasted anything better. Dad was standing in front of her, his hard muscled body glistening with sweat.

The panting breath and moans were coming from her Dad but his face didn’t look like one of a man in pain. Quite the opposite, he seemed to really like what Mom was doing. She heard him saying “Yes,” and telling her not to stop repeatedly.

Victoria backed up just enough so they wouldn’t be able to see her but not too much so that she could still watch what they were doing. She was fascinated and very curious. What was happening to her body as she watched them was confusing her, though. She felt a tingling between her legs and her face was flushed, her cheeks hot. Like when she was embarrassed.

The tingling was getting stronger and now it was starting to ache. She reached down and rubbed at it, hoping to make it feel better. To her great surprise, rubbing it not only made it better, it made it feel much better. Much, much better than anything she had ever felt before. She found that she couldn’t bring herself to stop and she was wondered if this wasn’t how her Mom was making Dad ankara escort feel. The good feeling increased quickly and very soon she was having her first orgasm. Right there in the hallway with her eyes still locked onto the sight of Mom with Dad’s cock in her mouth. Her pussy clenching as the sensation rolled over her. She had no idea what had just happened but she knew she liked it. None of the boys at school had ever made her feel anything like this heat.

Victoria was still watching as she tried to recover. She noticed that Mom was rubbing herself just like Victoria had been doing. After a few more minutes, Dad began to move faster and faster against Mom’s face. Then, suddenly, he pulled himself out of her mouth and stroked himself with his hand instead. Mom was still on her knees in front of him, looking up at him with a grin. Her hand between her legs was starting to move more quickly. She heard her Mom make the moaning noise this time.

What was going to happen next, she wondered. Then Dad cried out and his knees buckled a little. He kept stroking himself, almost frantically now. Victoria saw Mom open her mouth and close her eyes while she kept rubbing herself. Victoria was shocked when something came shooting out of him and landed all over Mom’s face and in her open mouth. She was even more shocked when Mom cried out and her body shook like Victoria’s just had as soon as Dad’s cum hit her. He just made a mess all over Mom’s face and she liked it?

Dad handed Mom a towel and helped her to her feet. She saw Mom lick her lips before wiping herself clean. Dad turned to grab his jeans and it appeared that they were done. Not wanting to get caught, Victoria backed away from the door and turned to run quietly down the hall and back into the kitchen.

She pulled open the refrigerator doors just as Mom and Dad walked in. She was pretending she had been doing nothing more than look for something to eat since she got home.

They were startled to see her. They had lost track of time and hadn’t realized that she was already home. They both felt a misplaced sense of relief at the thought that she hadn’t come past their room since she had gotten home.

“Hi sweetheart,” Mom said “Did you have a good day today?”

“I did, yes. I got an A on my math test plus there’s a storm outside. That’s a good day for me.” She tried to act and sound normal but all she could think about was what she had just watched them doing. The tingling was starting in between her legs again.

“That’s very good, another A.” Dad hugged her in congratulations. The heat inside her flared up at his touch. That had never happen before. Mom came up and hugged her as well and it rose even higher.

Victoria had no idea what this meant. She was baffled by the events of this afternoon and needed some time to think and process it all.

“I’m going to head to my room to change into dry clothes and watch some TV.” She said to Mom and Dad as she turned to go back down the hallway.

Mom and Dad went to go sit on the big grey leather coach in the living room after Victoria left the kitchen. They were talking about Victoria and how beautiful she was becoming. Dad had actually been noticing far more than he was comfortable with and he was terrified that Mom would somehow find out. What he didn’t know is that Mom had been feeling ashamed for looking at their sweet little girl the same way.

Victoria was one of those rare beauties that people couldn’t help but stop and stare at. Even her own Mom and Dad were not immune to her physical appeal. Mom really wanted to know if Dad had been as distracted with Victoria as she had become but she was too afraid to ask. She was just as terrified as he was of being found out. They both knew that you weren’t supposed to look at your daughter like that and they both felt guilty for looking anyway.

To try to broach the subject as she and Dad were talking, Mom commented on how they would probably need to talk to Victoria about safe sex soon with how attractive she was, especially now that she had turned eighteen. Mom watched Dad’s face closely and laughed as he blushed beet red. His face showed nothing but uncomfortable embarrassment but Mom saw the bulge in his pants that hadn’t been there a moment before and knew that thinking about Victoria and sex had the same effect on him that it did on her.

“She really is turning into a gorgeous young lady.” Mom remarked. “She has quite a fantastic little body. Doesn’t she?”

Dad shrugged and continued to look very uncomfortable. His cock was clearly getting harder with the thought and Mom found herself getting wet. Seeing Dad get turned on while thinking about their beautiful little Victoria made her react more intensely than anything she had ever experienced before. The wrongness of it thrilled her.

By this time, Victoria had changed her clothes and decided to go back to the kitchen for that snack after all. She stopped short when she heard Mom say, “It’s okay, I see escort ankara it too. She’s a very sexy young woman now.”

Were they talking about her? Her heart started to beat faster.

“You’d have to be dead not to notice her with that white, rain-soaked shirt clinging to her tight body. You could see every detail of her chest through that thing. And, I’ve seen you staring at her ass lately too. Especially when she has shorts on, it’s hard not to.”

They were talking about her! She stayed on the other side of the wall so she could keep listening.

“I didn’t want to say anything,” Dad stammered. “I’m not supposed to see my daughter like that. I know it’s wrong but I can’t make it go away.”

“I can’t either. I was afraid to tell you what I’ve been thinking about her myself.”

“So, what do we do?” Dad asked.

“I really don’t know.” Mom replied.

“We can’t let her find out or she’ll be disgusted with us.” Dad said and Mom agreed.

They had no idea just how wrong they were. Victoria was thrilled by what she just heard. If Mom and Dad looked at her like that then she didn’t have to feel bad about looking at them the same way. She smiled and snuck back out of the kitchen and down to her room, no longer thinking about food.

Victoria lay in her bed deep in thought. Contemplating the brief conversation she had just heard. She was playing the scene she had watched earlier over and over in her head while running her hand between her legs. She hardly noticed the show playing on her television.

Mom and Dad both think I’m sexy, she thought, beaming. She didn’t care if it was right or wrong, she just knew that it felt good. But how could she tell them she was she not at all upset with them, as they feared? How would the react to find out that she really liked it? Most importantly, how could she ask them to teach her more beyond what she saw today? Her thirst for knowledge was only just beginning.

“Victoria, dinner!” Mom called down the hall. Victoria got up from her bed and stretched with her arms above her head. Her smooth belly showing under the bottom of her shirt as she did. She caught a glimpse of herself in her mirror. She had never thought of herself as either attractive or ugly. She had always seen herself as somewhat neutral. Victoria was not one to think about sex like others her she. Not until today, that was. She tried to see what Mom and Dad had been talking about. How, exactly, was she sexy? What did it matter if her shirt had clung to her when she barely had a chest? She didn’t understand what they saw.

She turned and walked out of her room and down the hallway towards the kitchen. Victoria blushed as she passed by Mom and Dad’s open doorway. She entered the kitchen and took her seat at the table between them.

Everyone was quiet at dinner time. Each of them was in their own little world of thought. No one really knowing what to say to each other. After they had finished eating, Mom and Dad went back into the living room to watch a movie before they went to bed.

Victoria returned to her bedroom to try to stop these obsessive thoughts about Mom and Dad. She turned the television back on but there was nothing on that screen as compelling as the thoughts in her head were. After an hour or so, she decided to stop fighting it and just give in to the thoughts. With a sense of determination, she decided she was going to try to figure out how to make something happen.

She went to her dresser and started pulling open drawers and digging through her clothes. Mom had said something about being able to see through her shirt and how she looked at her in shorts earlier. After a few minutes she had found what she wanted. A thin white T-shirt that fit her snugly and a pair of very short pink pajama shorts.

Victoria changed her clothes and looked in the mirror, turning to see all of herself. She was pleased that she could see the color and outline of her nipples perfectly through the shirt. Her shorts revealed the lowest part of her rounded bottom and she smiled. Mom and Dad should really like this, she thought.

After their movie was over, they both came into her room to say goodnight. Victoria deliberately stood when she heard them coming down the hall. She bent over her bed, pretending to straighten her pillows, making sure that they would be able to see everything she wanted them to see. After they entered the room and she was certain they both had gotten a good eyeful of her ass, she turned to hug and kiss them both. She wrapped her arms around Mom’s neck and pressed against her.

“I love you Mom, goodnight.” She said as she stood on her tiptoes so she was able to press her lips to Mom’s.

“I love you too, baby.” Mom said in a choked voice.

She could see Dad looking at her through the reflection of the mirror. Sure enough, he couldn’t take his eyes off her bottom. The expression on his face was almost pained. Victoria didn’t need experience to see how badly he wanted ankara escort bayan to touch her. She let go of Mom and turned to Dad with her arms open. She saw his eyes darting over her chest as she moved to embrace him. There was a bulge in the front of his pants that pressed into her belly. The feel of it sent a spike of fire through her so she hugged him more firmly even as he tried to pull away. She kept her arms tight around him while she tilted her face back for his kiss. Once again she was responding very strongly to both of their touches.

“I love you Dad, goodnight.” She pushed against him and up as he leaned down to kiss her. He made a quiet sound and pulled away from her. This time she saw Mom had been focused on her bottom. Victoria felt deliciously naughty.

She lay in bed for a long time after they left, staring at the ceiling. She was far too preoccupied and exhilarated to even think about sleep right now. There had been definite reactions to her choice of pajamas. She felt that her little experiment was quite a success.

Finally giving up on sleep, Victoria sat up and put her feet on the floor. She sighed, stood up, and walked out of the room. She was heading towards the kitchen once more, debating on whether to have just a cup of water or a snack and a cup of water. She realized she had stopped in front of Mom and Dad’s door.

It was closed now but she knew they would be lying in their bed. She wondered if they were naked under their blankets. She reached out and put her hand on the painted wood. Listening intently to see if she could hear anything. Hoping. Even so, there was nothing to be heard at this hour of the night beyond the faint sound of Dad snoring.

Victoria thought about opening the door and climbing into bed with them but she had no idea what she would do next. For several minutes she stood there, undecided on what to do. Finally, she gave up and moved away from their door. Continuing on towards the kitchen.

She got a glass from the cupboard and filled it with tap water. She was sipping slowly as she walked back to her room. She set the glass down on her desk and climbed back into bed.

She closed her eyes and pictured herself in Mom’s place, on her knees in front of Dad. Her mouth wrapped around him while he moaned for her. She tried to imagine what Mom might have tasted when he came in her mouth. How it would feel on her skin. Victoria rubbed her clit slowly while she thought. Eventually, she drifted off to sleep with her hand still between her legs.

The storm had passed in the night and Victoria awoke to a sunny, Saturday morning. She rolled over and closed her eyes, wondering if what she had seen yesterday had been real. She stretched under the covers before throwing them back and climbing out of bed.

Mom and Dad were already in the kitchen when she entered. They both looked up at her then quickly glanced away, trying to ignore the way she looked. Victoria had forgotten her choice of outfit until she saw their faces. She may have been half naked but she felt no embarrassment as she strutted around the kitchen. She was showing off for them and she really hoped they were enjoying the show.

It was like torture, the effect she was having on them. Mom and Dad were both trying to fight their reactions, to hide their feelings from their little girl. Those shorts that showed half her ass cheeks was making Dad’s blood boil. Mom couldn’t help but stare at her prefect little nipples through that damn t-shirt. It was just too much.

They exchanged a look and Mom tilted her head slightly towards the hall. Dad nodded and they excused themselves from the room. As soon as Mom closed the door, Dad had her pinned against the wall. He kissed her hard with his hands all over her body. She kissed him back and reached for his belt. He grabbed her and spun her around, shoving her roughly towards the bed. Once her knees hurt the edge of the bed, he pushed her face down into the blanket while all but ripping her pants off. He quickly undid his belt and pushed his jeans down to the floor as he bent over her.

Mom was already soaking wet when Dad yanked her legs apart and crawled onto the bed behind her, pushing her legs wider apart with his knees as he moved. Grabbing her hips and lifting her up to meet his hard cock, he thrust deep inside her. She buried her face in the blanket to keep from screaming.

Their movements bordered on frenzied, almost desperate. Fast and hard he fucked her as the wetness from her pussy dripped down his legs. He could feel that she was already close to climax and he increased his pace.

She pushed against him and her back arched when she came. He gripped her hips tighter and slammed into her as fast as he could when her body went limp on the bed. He came inside her, hard, before collapsing on top of her.

They lay there for a moment before he rolled off of her and stood up. Mom sat up and looked at him with a sly smile.

“I think we’re both know what that was about.”

Dad cleared his throat uncomfortably as he pulled his jeans back on and said, “Possibly.”

“She’s having quite the effect on both of us. I’m not saying I’m not enjoying it. That was quite fun just now.”

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