Mom Son Straw Skirts Ch. 02

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You’ve got to read Part 1 before you read this part.

Also a massive thank you to Goamz86 for editing and further crafting this story.


There was no queue and as I approached the toilet, mom came out.

“I’m going out to get some fresh air.” she said looking a little more respectable and slightly wet from having washed her face and chest.

After doing my business in the toilet I too went out to the garden. I found mom chatting to a few of the younger accountants including the girl with the big tits. One of them was rolling up what looked like a joint. Nobody else was around.

After a while the joint was passed around and mom was offered it. At first she refused but then one of the girls insisted and to my surprise she accepted. Mom inhaled a big toke and exhaled like a pro. She repeated this a few more times. I guess even my normally conservative mom must have done some naughty things in her younger days.

I smoke a fair bit at college and gladly accepted when mom offered it to me with a smile. A few more joints were rolled and smoked over the next hour. We all just sat on the grass on the lawn and if one of the senior partners peeked their head out, we hid the joint. I think mom enjoyed being one of the naughty kids.

We had a nice buzz going on and were just chatting about rubbish when one of dad’s colleagues came out and saw mom sitting with us.

“There you are Sarah, Fancy a dance?” Said the man.

“Come and get me with a drink in 2 minutes.” muttered mom as she politely got up and walked into the house with the old fat guy.

Two minutes later I served a large whisky and found mom in the disco room we had danced in earlier. Handing her the drink, I said “Mom, can we practice some more, I have that dance next week?”.

Mom was pleased with my gallant attempt to rescue her. A sexy smile appeared on her face for the first time that evening. I guess the buzz helped too.

The fat guy left us to it, mom gulped down the drink and hugged me close for a dance. My mind raced to another evil plan as we danced at the darkened bit of the room. I held mom by her hips and she had her arms around my neck. She had a distant look in her eyes.

Within a minute I could feel my cock start to get hard. I ground it against mom’s pelvis. She was too buzzed and drunk to realise I guess because she reciprocated too. Before long my cock was parting my skirt and hers and pressed against her pussy mound.

Suddenly mom woke up from her daze and her body stiffened. “Not again” she exclaimed.

“I’m sorry mom. I really don’t know what’s wrong with me today.” I said.

“Well I’m not doing that thing with my hands and mouth. My hands are exhausted and my jaw actually hurts.”

“I understand mom… it’s just that there’s only one way to get rid of this thing as you know…. well unless…..” I said deviously.

“What? Anything. What are you thinking?” mom asked desperately.

“Well I could just carry on dancing with you like this and… you know just let it rub on you a little….” I tried my luck.

“Of course not you idiot. That’s nearly like fuck… like doing stuff. Besides, I’m not sure I should have done what I’ve already done for you. There must be another way.” Mom said sounding reasonable.

“What? No! Look mom when I was little and I hurt myself, you would kiss my swelling better. Like that all you did was kiss my swelling… what’s the difference between kissing my head and my penis?” It’s just skin… right?” I held my breath.

“Just skin…. ” she pondered.

“Exactly, and all I’m asking you to do now is no different to what we are already doing. Hugging. Just skin to skin. Nothing more.”

“But you’ll be getting enjoyment…”

I cut her off before she could reason with me “I have a boo boo and only you can fix it. My skin is going to touch yours. It’s just hugging.”

And to make my point, I squeezed her hips but didn’t push my pelvis towards her thus assuring her of the innocence.

“Ok so what do we have to do?” asked mom defeated.

I looked around the room. Everyone was minding their own business. We had moved to the darkest part of the room. I push mom against a wall and pushed my cock at her groin. My cock was pointed downwards and followed the grove of her pussy slit. My cock had neatly parted the straw on my skirt but I felt that there was straw in front of mom’s pussy effectively acting as a barrier and preventing me from actually making skin to skin contact.

“Let me just adjust myself so that I’m dry humping you… if you know what that means. After a while I’ll illegal bahis just cum on the floor and we can return to the party. No one will know and won’t have all the mess like the last time” I said confidently.

“Ok.” I had her.

I brought my hand between us and towards our groin. Sensing there was no resistance from her I used two fingers to part a v-shape in the straw at the top of her skirt at the elastic level and followed my hand down feeling her skin as I went along. I did it slowly, enjoying the feeling of her hot skin on my fingers. A couple of inches from her waist I realised that mom must have been clean shaven. She was smooth – no stubble. I continued further as she inhaled deeply.

“That’s ticklish. What are you doing” She whispered as her body melted into mine.

“The straw was in the way. I’m just making sure our skin can touch… as we agreed” I said making it sound like she was legally bound to let me continue.

I reached her pussy mound and I cupped it with my whole hand feeling the folds of her cunt lips. She inhaled deeper again but felt that I better stick to the plan or I risk losing her so let go of her pussy. Using my fingers again to keep the straw parted, I positioned my throbbing cock for first contact.

By now the head of my cock had started glistening with pre-cum so I just let it slowly smear the gooey stuff as I pointed it downwards stabbing mom’s pussy and parting her lips. The problem was that I was a little taller than mom so my cock was either going to poke mom in the stomach if I let me stand to attention or nearly part her lips if I pointed it downwards.

I decided to play the long game and just moved my hips with the slow music filling the room. The mushroom head simply parted the lips on the top of her pussy and played with her clit. This did have the advantage of getting mom excited and I could tell by the way she dug her fingers into my neck as she danced. She said nothing but her body was reacting.

Playing with her tits was not an option as it would be obvious to anyone looking so I decided on my next move.

I moved my hands from her hips to her ass. The straw easily parted as I moved the hands behind her massaging it and bringing her lower body closer together on every thrust. This got mom even more excited. Mom was still pinned against the wall so I slowly started lifting her on every move. Slightly at first but increased the height with every thrust. Eventually mom’s feet were permanently off the ground. Her weight in my hands held up by her ass.

Seizing my chance, I looked around the room one more time to make sure we weren’t being watched, and holding mom afloat, I backed my hips so that my cock was now free and pointed directly at its target. Slowly I pushed. Mom’s pussy lips parted near her opening.

“What the fuck you pervert” mom said loudly wiggling her ass so I dropped her back on her feet.

No one had noticed mom’s outburst. “What, we agreed our skin can touch. What’s the big deal mom? I was so close… so close to coming” I said disappointedly.

“You were going to fuck… put it in me David. That’s not happening.”

“Of course I wasn’t. I was simply going to rub it on your skin a bit more so that I cum quickly. Don’t you want this to end quickly mom?” I turned the argument around on her. “The way we were doing it before.. there was no contact and I would never have cum. It’s almost like you don’t want this to end.”

“Were you really close?” mom asked.

“So close mom…. so close” I said with fake conviction.

“Well OK then… carry on I suppose but you’ve got a minute tops mister” mom said still slightly slurring her words.

One quick survey of the room, still undetected, so I lifted mom off the ground and held her against the wall. I backed up and positioned myself. Now believing I had become the luckiest guy in the world I slowly pushed into mom.

My mushroom head pushed at her entrance once more but the interruption had dried the lubrication we had both built up. I backed up and tried again and she squealed in pain. I continued backing up and bringing my cock to the entrance of her opening and then after moving it around a bit backed up and repeated the process.

It was working and my throbbing cock started coating mom’s entire pussy area with pre-cum. The sensation of rubbing my cock on a bald pussy was unbelievable. The irony was that if I had a pencil dick I would be fucking mom by now but my cock head was so large it was going to have trouble getting into what felt like a pretty tight pussy.

My ‘pussy job’ continued and we were both sufficiently illegal bahis siteleri lubricated. Mom’s body tensed with each push and her nails dug into me instinctively. I went for the kill with mom.

“Mom don’t get mad but I’m really close and I just want to put a little of it in… it’s just skin but on the inside… no different to me putting my finger in your mouth or you putting my cock…err penis in your mouth.” I asked with all my christmas wishes rolled into one.

After a brief silence mom admitted defeat “Ok honey… Just the tip. And please finish soon. This is beginning to hurt me. You’re just sooooo big.”

I didn’t have to be told twice. I pushed my cock slowly at her dripping entrance splitting her in two. She dug her fingers into me deeply. I pulled out. Then I repeated and entered her entrance again. After a few more times of fucking her entrance her body gave way and I piped in. It was magical. My mushroom head was now inside my gorgeous mom. I was about to pull out again when she stopped me.

“Ahhhh don’t…. Keep it in and just move the tip around a bit. Ahhhh …You’re splitting me in two and it’s ahhhhh hurting a bit…. BUT just the tip you hear?” Mom said in pleasure and pain.

I obliged and at first just moved my tip an inch in and out then two inches… well before long I was nine inches deep and mom was biting into my shoulder in pulling my hair in ecstasy.

“Big…ahhhhh…..tip…. ahhh” mom said knowing I had fully violated her.

Our bodies smashed into each other. Her coconut top bruising my chest with its hardness. Mom didn’t say a word but she didn’t have to. Her body told me everything I needed to know.

I had already cum an hour earlier so I knew I would last a while on round two. I kept fucking mom, taking long deep thrusts at her, still pinned against the wall. All the lottery wins in the world would not have made me happier than I was at that moment, but as always, fate came knocking.

“I’m sure I saw them in here” we heard dad’s secretary say as mom and I froze mid stroke.

I gently let go of mom and allowed her to slip back on her feet on the ground. I was still buried in her and still moving ever so lightly to the music. My hands were back on her hips and mom’s on my shoulder.

“Ah Sarah darling. Can I have this dance?” asked dad rightfully.

“Oh darling I’m teaching David to dance for his…errrr thing next week…. you know that dance thing he has at school er college.” Mom stumbled nervously.

“I’ll dance with you.” said dad’s secretary as mom shot her a dirty look.

Oh, the irony. Mom was jealous of some tart dancing with dad in front of her while she had her son’s cock deep in her pussy.

The music was a slow love ballad and Dad and the secretary held each other at a distance and danced like they were… well, mother and son. I on the other hand was now grinding myself into mom’s pussy and she was moving in a way to increase the sensation. Given mom’s height, my dick was bent in order to stay in her and it only added to the sensation. On the outside we looked like any other dancers holding each other close and dancing.

Mom backed away from dad far enough to whisper to me. “This has to stop. Take it out”

“Err mom, if I do there is going to be a pretty big cock that’s going to need explaining to all these people.” I said secure in the knowledge decoupling was not an option.

Mom was annoyed and whatever enjoyment she had allowed herself to feel earlier had disappeared.

“Dance with me to the bar.” whispered mom and then more loudly so dad could hear “Do you two want a drink before we call it a night?”

Dad and the stupid bimbo agreed. I could have killed them. Mom and I danced towards the bar. I enjoyed what was going to be my final moments in mom. We must have looked odd dancing to the bar because any other normal person who have just stopped dancing and walked to the bar.

Once behind the bar, mom pulled her pelvis away from me and clenched her face when I popped out of her. Our bodies were covered by the high bar table. She got four shot glasses and poured us some tequila as I stood to her side with a throbbing monster that was sticking devilishly out of my skirt in the open.

As I pondered my next move dad and his secretary joined us on the other side of the bar as we gulped down the drinks. Mom poured another and we downed that too.

A plan had formed. It was risky and likely to get me grounded for life but I was a horny teenager ruled by lust.

“Hey DJ put the Feeling Hot hot hot song.” I shouted aimlessly into the other canlı bahis siteleri room.

Everyone looked at me quizzically. I got behind mom and whispered “Mom, trust me on this. There is no other way. This is the only way we can go home with our dignity tonight”.

Mom didn’t say anything but understood that we had a problem as people were getting ready to leave the house and I had a baseball bat of a cock sticking out of my straw skirt and coming was the only option.

I lifted mom’s right leg off the ground. She went with it not knowing what I was doing. Next I got behind mom and positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy and using my right hand guided it into mom. No one in the room saw. Two things surprised me at that moment.One, Mom was still wet as I entered her with ease and two, she didn’t object.

She bent over slightly giving me better access and my cock slowly travelled all the way into mom’s pussy. Just at that moment the music changed in the next room and my song came on.

Firmly lodged into mom, I held on to her hips and danced her out of the covered bar area. People knew what this meant – the universal song to get everyone into a train formation. Dad of all people put his hands on my hips and others rushed to get behind him.

We had started a music train with mom in the front. As is always the case, someone got in front of mom and lots of other people followed and joined to the front and back of the train. We danced into the music room and collected more people. All the while I was fucking mom deep while dad held on to my hips with his hands. Essentially he was puppet fucking mom through me.

I thrust forward in an exaggerated manner hitting her cervix. Dad’s hands followed my every movement. I pulled back and then deep in again. I was fucking mom from the back but to any bystander, this was a mom and son simply dancing in the fashion people do to this song. I couldn’t believe what a genius I was. Whoever was controlling the iPod just put the song on repeat so we danced for a few minutes as the song just repeated itself.

After the third play of the song, people left the train and started to gather their things to leave the party. At some point dad must have left too as I had no one behind me nor in front of mom.

Mom and I both sensed I was close but had not yet cum. Mom then took over. She placed her hand on my hands which were on her hips and started to move around even sillier. She would thrust her hips forward and backwards. Move it side to side and in big gyrating circles. I’m only a man and I couldn’t hold it any longer.

My fingers dug into mom’s hips as I started pumping her. I was exploding inside mom in the middle of the dance floor with dad and his colleagues watching us with mild amusement and interest. If I had done this with a young girl her dad would have knocked me out on the dance floor. It must have looked vulgar and sexual but at this party people were too drunk to notice and they knew who we were. But still a mom and son dancing like that would have raised eyebrows for sure.

Even as I was coming, mom dance moved us to a corner of the room which was quieter. I was weak from the intense orgasm and on our last step I tripped on someone’s leg and fell to the floor. High, drunk and tired I sensed that even as I was falling I was still coming my last few spurts.

Mom turned around to see if I was ok. I had fallen on my side and even though the straw skirt had bunched up to my front, the very tip of my cock escaped out. It took me a second to realise why my cock looked so weird. The ultraviolet light was on and my cock looked like a lighthouse shining brightly covered in a mixture of mine and mom’s juices. I quickly used strands of straw to conceal my dick.

Mom bent down to protect me as well and I realised in doing so she was now showing a long trail of white liquid shining brightly in the UV light. Mom had my cum running down her leg. Dad hovered over me and just asked if I was OK.

“Yeah I think I pulled a muscle. Just give me a minute” I said finding an excuse to stay on the floor until my cock calmed down.

Dad moved on to get our stuff to leave and call his driver. Just then I noticed that the same fucking accountant who had possibly witness mom and my shenanigans earlier. His eyes were like saucers and his mouth was wide open. He had a perfect view of mom’s legs and the white trail and must have seen my cock too. I saw mom also had other specs of white on her face and hair and her chest just looked like it had been smeared in white paint. All my cum from earlier.

I stayed on the floor with my eyes closed. I think I actually passed out slightly from all the activities of the night. Like an ostrich I was hoping the world would go away if I just stuck my head in the sand.

To be continued… if the people want it.

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