Mom Saves Soldier Son Ch. 02

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Twenty hours flying home and all I could think about was my mother’s hot body. Her love, support and sexiness had sustained me throughout most of my deployment. But it was the magnificent images of her naked body that flooded my mind now. After receiving a “Dear John” letter from my bitch of a girl friend. I almost committed suicide that night that I had gotten ditched. I was so hurt that the only relief seemed to be to eat a bullet. Mom had been my only comfort. We had spent hours talking on skype after that. But more to the point, mom and I had spent a lot of “Quality mom and son time”. Our conversations had gotten very frank and we boldly discussed our sexuality. Towards the end of my deployment, we had begun masturbating together at least weekly and often times more. I had seen my mother in a whole new light. And that light had shone on her naked body almost every time we chatted. It was those images that now filled my head as I returned home.

I had marveled at the beauty of my mom and her exquisite sexuality. I had seen so much of her and studied every detail of her. I felt that we had been lovers for years. And now, I was just hours away from becoming just that; my mom’s lover. I could close my eyes and see her gorgeous legs rising to the most splendid ass in the world. I dreamed of holding those tight cheeks in my hands as I pounded her pussy. I couldn’t wait to feel her perfectly proportioned tits mashed against my chest or in my hands. I longed to be face to face with her gazing into those emerald green eyes and kissing her sweet lips.

I wanted to continue to look into those gorgeous green eyes as we fucked each other into oblivion! I wanted to do everything with her. And, I had told her as much. The beauty was that she appeared to be as excited about it all as I was. It seemed that the trauma of losing my bitch of a girlfriend was worth it because of the opening of this new chapter in my life; one that would find me fucking my own mother.

But, just like when I was in my mom’s wound wrapped in a cocoon of an amniotic sac, all of this was wrapped in a tough membrane of love and respect. Just because she was the sexual desire of my life didn’t outweigh the fact that she was my mom. I would never do anything that would cause her pain. If she changed her mind and called it all off or if it had all been just an act to keep me alive, I would be OK with that; or at least that is what I was telling myself as the wheels touched down.

As I deplaned in the airline terminal, my stomach was doing flip-flops. What if she had just been playing? What if she had changed her mind? What if she too was planning on ditching our intimacy. On the other hand, I was nervous about the other prospect; of it being real and I was about to actually fuck my own mother!

After I passed through customs with my bag and then the security checkpoint, all my fears and doubts dissolved. There she stood in all of her radiant and sensual beauty. It wasn’t just her splendor that spoke to me, it was her body language and the way she was dressed. She was wearing a white mini dress. Her hemline stopped just below her crotch; maybe a couple or three inches. Her magnificent legs were on maximum display. Her cleavage was about as brazen as the law would allow. I wasn’t sure how she was not showing any nipple. Her gorgeous face was made up like she had been done up by a professional. She looked like a young wife coming to meet her long-absent husband.

Her demeanor said even more. At the sight of me she began to jump up and down like a school girl. Though constrained by her clothing, her gorgeous tits were bouncing so hard that I thought at any moment they would simply fly out of her dress. Then she ran to me. She hugged me like she never wanted to let go. She held me so firmly, that that I could feel the payoff from her workouts in the strength of her hug and the tightness of her body. And, moreover, I could feel her considerable breasts pushing firmly into my chest. I am sure that her antics caused quite the show from behind. There was no way that her short dress still covered her ass with all of her gyrations and especially when she reached up throwing her arms around my neck.

Then she kissed me. In no way did it resemble a motherly kiss to which I was accustomed. It was a full-on, open mouth, wet, tongue-probing, lover kiss. She held the back of my head as she used her tongue to explore the inside of my mouth.

I was beside myself. I had dropped my bags and was holding this beautiful sexy woman with the same zeal that she was crushing me. I welcomed her kiss and slipped my tongue inside her open mouth as soon as I gathered the wits to do so. She smelled like heaven, she looked like a goddess, and she felt like pure sex!

The crowd around us erupted in applause. I wasn’t sure if it was in appreciation for the love of two people, my returning home as a soldier or the show she had to be giving with her ass on display. Whatever the reason, it brought canlı bahis us both back to reality. Otherwise, we might have just dropped to the floor and fucked right there.

I picked up my duffel bag and cast a cursory wave to the on lookers. Then I put my arm around my mom’s waist and we walked out of there to renewed applause.

“That was special,” I said as we made our way through the airport. “Mom, I am so glad to see you and know that you still feel the way we were on line. I was scared that it had all been a dream or that you were just accommodating me to get me through my deployment,” I added.

“Oh baby! You have no idea! I have discovered more feelings inside me than I could ever have known. I am totally happy with myself for the first time in many years. I feel loved and appreciated; and not just as a mother, like always, but as a woman who is truly desired. And, surprisingly, my sexuality has opened up and blossomed,” she said holding me tighter.

“Oh mom! I love you so much! I cannot wait to get home with you,” I said enthusiastically.

“Well, you’re going to have to wait. I didn’t want to drive two-hundred miles tonight and risk us getting in an accident because of lack of focus on driving. So, I have a room for us at the Hyatt; the honeymoon suite,” she said as she gave me a squeeze.

We arrived at the car in the garage and I slid behind the wheel. As mom got in, her dress rode up showing all of her legs, the crease where they met her hips, and a flash of the white material that barely covered her pussy. She leaned over the console and laid her head on my shoulder. I turned and kissed her on the top of her head. She raised her face to me. Looking into my eyes, she kissed me again. It was as loving as the one she had laid on me at the gate. But, this time there was even more heat of passion than that one had encompassed. I thought she was going to shove her tongue into my lungs the way she was probing my mouth.

I turned and pulled her to me. My hands roamed freely over her back and down to her ass which was now definitely uncovered. The feel of her lusciously smooth skin was exhilarating. Just as I had thought, she was wearing a thong. I marveled that, for the first time in my life, my hands were on my mother’s bare ass. It was a wonderful feeling. Her skin was so smooth and firm. I roamed my hands over my luscious prize feeling every square inch that I could reach. Mom seemed to enjoy my touch immensely as she leaned into me more and moaned something indiscernible into my mouth. Our kissing and the scrumptious feeling of her her tight perfect ass, made my cock strain almost to bursting out of my pants.

“Mom? Are we going to do this right here; right now? Because if you keep this up, I’ll have no choice but to fuck you right here in the car,” I said between kisses.

“You’re right, sweetie. Let’s get to the hotel where I can show you just how much I love and want you!” she said as she sat back and fastened her seatbelt.

I fastened mine and started the car. As we drove the short distance to the hotel, she leaned onto my shoulder and held onto my arm. “My goodness! I don’t remember my son being this muscular. Are you trying to impress someone or is this what happens when you don’t ‘get any’ for a while?” she chuckled.

“Well, I figured that I would need to be in shape to keep my hot new girlfriend,” I said.

“Oh, baby! You have no worries about that. I am yours forever. After all, you could never shake me off. I am your mother,” she chuckled.

As I drove I kept stealing glances at her thighs and her on-display crotch. God my mom was hot! When we rolled the AMG up to the door of the hotel, the valet opened my mom’s door and smiled broadly as she got out. Taking her hand, he was treated to a shot of her panty-clad pussy. Coming to my side to get the keys, he said, “Welcome home soldier. You are one lucky guy!” he remarked as we both watched my hot mom’s ass walk towards the door.

The concierge remarked as we passed, “Welcome back Ms. Smith. In honor of your husband’s return, we have a chilled bottle of our best champagne in your room; compliments of the house. And, might I say, thank you for your service, Mr. Smith. You deserve all that ‘We’ can give you.” He winked at my mother as he said the later. “I will have your bag brought up in … say … an hour?” he added with a smile.

Looking at my mom, I said, “Maybe you might want to wait a couple of hours.”

In the elevator, I couldn’t keep my hands off of her. I was once again feeling her sweet ass made all the firmer by her standing on tip toes to kiss me. I was even so bold as to dip a finger between her legs and feel her soaked panties. We arrived on our floor and were still locked in an embrace when the doors opened. A waiting couple cleared their throat to announce their presence. My mom’s ass had to be on total display with only my hand cupping her cheeks to cover it. Turning, she took my hand and we walked bahis siteleri past the other honeymooners who watched after us as we walked down the hall. Mom giggled as we approached the door to our room.

Opening the room with the key card, she made to go in but I would have none of that. If we were going to play the honeymoon card, I was all in. I reached down and swept my mom off of her feet and carried her across the threshold as she hugged my neck and kissed me. Setting her down, I began to unzip her dress. As I did, I felt her back; no bra. She playfully pushed me back saying, “You shower while I get ready for you.” She nodded towards the bathroom.

My look of disappointment must have registered because she said, “Don’t worry. It has kept for all these months. It’ll be here when you get done. Besides, I want to slip into something I think you’ll like.”

“As long as it will look good on the floor, mom. Cause that’s where it’s gonna wind up really quick. I turned and walked to the shower shedding my uniform as I went. By the time I had reached the door, I was down to my underwear which I flung back at her. A backward glance showed her catching them and rubbing them on her now naked tits.

I showered in record time. My cock didn’t even have time to soften one bit. When I stepped through the door, I was wearing only a towel, just to give her something to remove. The towel poked out in a tent-like fashion. I followed my erection to my mom, laid out on her stomach on the turned-down bed.

She turned on her side to me raising onto her elbow. Mom was now dressed only in a tight tank top and sheer black thong. I stepped toward her. As I reached the bed, she removed my towel and my rock-hard cock sprang out right at her face.

Without hesitation, she took me into her mouth. I almost came immediately. The situation was overwhelming! Here I was looking down at this gorgeous woman who was my mother and she had my cock deep into her throat. She just held it there as she cupped my balls. It was as if she knew that if she moved that I would come immediately. Her eyes looked up at me. I could feel her tongue swirl back and forth across the underside of my shaft.

I reached down and, for the first time I held my mother’s breasts in my hands. They were soft, but at the same time, so firm. Though they were still covered by the thin shirt, I could feel her nipples grow stiffer in the palms of my hands. Taking one between my thumb and forefinger, I pinched and rolled it ever so gently. I could feel her moan onto my cock in response. She pulled her mouth back, just a bit and then slid my cock back into her throat. This time her lips met my pubic bone.

“Mom, stop … stop … or I’m gonna come,” I said as I squeezed her tits again. Quickly, without taking my dick from her mouth, she flipped her legs over the side of the bed and was seated in front of me. My hand was still on her tit. She bobbed her head; once, twice, three times. That was it. I couldn’t help it. I had warned her. I continued to squeeze her tit with one hand while I grabbed the back of her head with the other and began shooting hot cum into my mother’s throat. She grabbed my ass, pulled me all the way into her, and moaned loudly as I emptied my balls into her. I was cumming in my mom’s mouth and she was loving it. She looked up at me with a smile in those beautiful iridescent emerald green eyes. I came for what seemed an eternity and she swallowed every drop of it. Never once did she gag or hesitate. She obviously wanted this.

I wanted to fuck her face. But I was afraid that I would get carried away and hurt her or that she would see it as “Too much”. But she did the ‘fucking’ herself. She was pulling at my ass back and forth, driving my cock down as far as it would go into her face. Her head moved back and forth as I spasmed shooting load after load of cum into her stomach. With one last lurch, I was done.

Mom, slipped her mouth from my cock taking care to savor every drop of liquid. She looked up at me and smiled showing those beautiful white teeth. I leaned down and kissed her like I had never kissed anyone before. I savored the taste of my cum in her mouth. I held her head in my hands lovingly as I kissed her lips, her face, and her neck. In between kisses I said, “I love you, mom, so much. God, I love you. I want to stay like this forever. You are the most perfect person in the world for me. You know all about me and love me anyway.

“No, baby, I love you BECAUSE of the way you are. You are my everything!” she said.

I pulled her up, laying her onto the bed. As I reclined her body, I pulled her top over her head and there they were; those perfect tits. As I lay down with her, I began to suck on them. Now it was her turn to hold my head. She pulled me to her chest as I hungrily licked, kissed, and sucked on her breasts. I licked my way around her areolas pulling her stiff nipples into my mouth and sucking them like I had done as a baby. bahis şirketleri My tongue danced over the hard nipple flesh. My hand went to her pussy. Slipping under the waistband of her thong, I slid my palm along the small patch of hair to her vulva. She was soaking wet. I glided my middle finger in between her lips and found my mom’s clit. It was stiff and about the size of a bean. I gently flicked my finger over it and then made small circles around it.

She began to squirm. “Oh, Tommy! Oh Baby! That feels so good on mommy’s pussy. Oh baby!! I’m gonna… AGHHHH OH BABY!! OH MY SWEET BOY!! Mommy’s coming honey!! Mommy’s coming for you my lover son!” She cried out. She grabbed my head and pulled it to her mouth kissing me like mad!! Now it was her turn to kiss all over my face and neck. I continued to gently work her clit. Her hips bucked and thrust like mad.

At last, she grabbed my hand and, having become too sensitive, pulled it away. I wasted no time in pulling off her soaked thong. Now we, my sweet, hot mother and I, were totally naked laying in bed holding each other; body to body. I had dreamed of this moment for months and now it was reality. We kissed and caressed each other with the love that only mother and son lovers could do. There were no reservations. Nothing was taboo. Taboo went out the window months ago when we vowed our love and lust for each other.

After a bit, my hand returned to her pussy and her hand to my cock. We were both ready. It was time. I was going to be inside my mother’s pussy for the first time since I came out of it. But first, I wanted something else. I wanted to taste my mother’s sweet cunny.

I flipped mom from her side onto her back with ease. I continued kissing her breasts. It was hard to leave them. They were so sweet and delicious. But what I had in mind would be far tastier. I kissed my way down her flat belly; the belly in which I had spent my first nine months of life. I stopped at her belly button. I slipped my tongue inside it and toyed with its depth. All the while, my hand continued to caress her mound. As I mouthed further down her body, I came to the thin strip of hair that pointed towards my goal; her bald, silky smooth pussy. I let its softness brush across my lips before slipping to her lips.

Mom sensed my eagerness to taste her. She spread her legs and offered her sex to me. Sliding my chest over her leg, I positioned myself with my prize at face level. It was glorious! She had, what had to be, the most beautiful pussy in the world. Her lips were silky smooth and swollen from our play. During my hand play, my fingers had spread her lips and smeared her juices abundantly over her mound. Her outer lips had only partially closed. I could see her the nub of her clit barely protruding from her outer lips. That was my goal. I kissed it first.

Mom shuddered a bit when my lips made contact with her little flower bud. Then, I ran my tongue from her vaginal opening to the base of her clit, sucking it into my lips. I slithered my tongue inside her tasting the sweetness of my mother’s juices. I will never forget that moment. It ignited me. I began to eat her pussy with a fervor unparalleled by anything that I had ever done. I wanted my mom to feel the best orgasm that she could. I wanted to let my mouth show her my appreciation for EVERYTHING; giving me life, raising me, sacrificing for me, saving my life and the wonderful way she made me feel. I wanted to make total love to my mom. And I did. I licked her gently and thoroughly. I missed nothing. Her outer lips, inner lips, her slit, her clit, her perineum, and as far into her hole as I could get my tongue. She lay blissfully still as I bathed her sex with my tongue. Flattening my tongue, I licked her mound. Pointing it; I dove it into her hole. Softening it, I lavished praise on her clit.

I began to focus on her clit, coaxing it as far out of its hood as possible. I gently sucked on the little bud and teased it with my tongue. I bit it ever so gently. I tried everything I could think of to see what pleased my mom the most. I discovered that each time that I flicked it up and down with the tip of my tongue, she reacted the most. I started my orgasmic-producing assault with that action. I flicked the little button over and over; slowly then fast, soft then firm. I finally hit the right combination of soft and fast.

As I found my rhythm, mom grabbed my head on both sides. “Tommy, baby, mommy is going to come,” she said quietly and calmly. “And I am going to come hard!” she huffed out. With that her hips pushed up and, placing her hands on the back of my head, she pushed my face hard into her mound. She began to shake.

I continued my diligent assault on her pussy. I struggled to maintain contact with her as her hips rapidly rose and fell in a jerky manner. I was now licking inside her hole. Looking up over her chest, I saw her head begin to move rapidly side to side. I grabbed her left breast and squeezed it. Then I took my right hand and slipped it under her perfect ass. Cupping her ass crack, I inserted my thumb in her pussy hole replacing my tongue. I fought against the pressure of her pulling me to her to get my tongue back on her clit.

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