Mom and Son Collide, Em and D 2.0

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Alternate Version — Mom and Son Collide Em and D’s Storys — Pt. 1

Backstory: Damon Harper is 5′ 11″ 200 pounds, 19. He has an 8.5-inch cock. He has been working for the Greek Family the Golias since he was 13. It is owned by Cosmo Golias. They run the Cosmic Landscaping Service. Damon does MMA training at a local gym run by an Italian man, Luca. Luca’s Gym. Damon has a steady girlfriend, Crystal.

Damon was born on December 21, 2000, He lives with his mother, Emmaline Harper. Damon and Emmaline are close.

Damon and his Mom live in Gilroy, California, in a 4 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom, Dining Room, Living Area, Large Kitchen with walk-in pantry. There is a den downstairs, ten-seater movie theatre, workshop, gym, steam room. Outside a large pool and besides that, a hot tub and bbq area.

At 33 years of age, Emmaline is a goddess. She is 36C-25-35 – 5’4 — 115 pounds, Wavy Black Hair, Hazel eyes. She is fit and always horny and bisexual. Her on-again, off-again lover, Ginger, is a knockout redhead, 30-year-old. Emmaline calls her a “good friend.”

Taboo short story.

All characters are over the age of 18, and all sex is consensual. Obviously, this is the story of a handsome Son and a horny mother, which is ENTIRELY fantastical in nature. If you want realism, then read something else. All feedback is welcome. Thanks!


Damon Harper, nearly nineteen, gets out of his truck, throws his vest and rucksack into the backseat, and goes into the house. He enters the laundry, ample space with a big white tumble dryer, a front-loading washing machine, two huge bamboo hampers, a big white bench, and cupboards. To the left of the bench is a large coatrack on the wall. Damon takes off his vest, throws it on a hook. Tears his Cosmic Landscaping Service T-shirt into the hamper on the right. A large mat is at the side of the door. It’s the shoe mat, Damon’s mother, Emmaline, calls it. A variety of shoes, boots, and sandals are all lined up neatly against the wall. Damon kicks off brown work boots and gets his socks off, tossing them into the right hamper.

“Is that you, sweetie?”

“Yeah, Mom, it’s me. You got some Lime in that Soda for me?”

“Sure do, I’m out at the pool with Ginger, why don’t you join us. Your drink is on the island.”

“Thanks,” Damon calls back.

Damon’s usual routine on weekdays to take off his grubby clothes, grab a drink, and hit the shower. This time though, he decides to have a peek at Ginger and his Mom.

He walks into the kitchen, wearing just his work jeans. It’s a large white kitchen with a massive island in the middle with stools on one side. A big glass of soda water, ice, and lime slices sit waiting for him. Damon takes a big gulp, puts it down and walks to the massive window over the sink and the open gas range. A perfect view of the pool, the BBQ area, and the hot tub, which is nestled on the other side of the BBQ area undercover. Ginger is lying to the right of the BBQ area under the shade sail, facing the house, naked. He sees his Mom walk up to Ginger and tells her something, and she puts a small towel over her bare pussy.

Damon feels a twinge in his ten and a half inch cock. “Ginger gets hotter and hotter by the day,” Damon says to no one in particular.

Ginger is a natural redhead, 29, and the same height as his Mom but has more massive breasts and straight hair. Damon suspects that Ginger and his Mom have been fucking for ages, but he is yet to find any real evidence. Five times he has gone into the Steam room downstairs and distinctively smells pussy.

Damon watches his Mom wiggle her tight butt at Ginger, and Ginger laughs. Emmaline is, and Damon and his friends all know, a fucking knockout. At 33 years of age, Emmaline is a goddess. Damon has started to look at her 36C-25-35 fit, toned, 5’4, 115-pound body in ways that makes him freak out. He knows his Mom works out every day and is strict about what she eats, but her body is just so adorable, so fuckable.

A Son is not supposed to look at his mother as sexy, hot, and fuckable. That’s incest. But as she swings her wavy black hair around before she sits down, Damon’s cock is thinking other things. He gets hard in a second. “Jesus. Two hot MILFs, fuck me if I am not going crazy.

Damon thinks about joining the ladies but just knows that sporting a massive erection in swim trunks is only going to be “uncomfortable” at best.

Just then, his phone goes off.


“Hey baby, you horny, I am!” Crystal Peters, also 18, Damon’s current girlfriend, states.

“Timing is everything Crys. Can you be over here ASAP?”

“Yup. Almost there now.”

Crystal and Damon have been together for over four months. Crystal comes from a highly strict and religious family. The Church is associated with is called Grace Church. She is not allowed to date until she turns 21, cannot eat meat or drink caffeine, alcohol. She is only allowed to wear long dresses that cannot reveal her ankles.

Damon met Crystal when he was sent by Cosmic Landscaping canlı bahis Service, which he has been working at since he was thirteen, to the Grace Church. The Church had to get rid of another landscaping service because they were caught stealing. After a few times doing the lawn, pruning, and getting rid of weeds, Damon noticed three girls at the back of Prayer Building smoking, drinking, and giggling. It was late in the afternoon, and he watched them for a bit and thought nothing of it. Girls being girls.

Then the next time, Damon was putting in an aqua line at the side of the Prayer Building when two beautiful C cup tits, with nice pink areolas, stares at him. He looks and puts his gloved hand up. A face then stares at him, smiling. Shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, and cute dimples. She beckons him inside.

Damon knows the rules about mixing with customers, but his cock was aching.

Damon entered the side of the building, and the girl, Crystal, unzips his pants and gives him a fucking unbelievable blow job, including swallowing all of his jizz.

From that moment, Damon was hooked on Crystal. She was funny, in your face, and always horny.

Damon and Crystal fell for each other. Big Time.

So fast forward to now.

Crystal pulls up. She jumps out of her banged up Volkswagon Bug, wearing cut off jean shorts and a Metallica t-shirt. Damon smiles as he greets her at the front door. She always has extra clothing in the car to change into.

Crystal is a true blonde. Long straight blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, like her namesake, 32C tits, firm body, long legs, cute dimples and loves having a nice bare pussy. For a natural blonde, Crystal does not need any make-up (she’s not allowed) to enhance her look at all.

Damon whistles at her. “Mom and Ginger are hanging around the pool. Let’s go down to the Steam Room and fuck.”

And thus begins the tale of Damon unleashing his raw sexy self to the world.


Crystal is a knock out in her own right. When we started fucking, she could not get enough of my cock, which in turn made me a happy person. Mind you, nothing has changed in four months. We just always want to fuck. It’s kind of crazy, really because my Mom lets us just be who we want to be.

My Mom said, if you want to have sex in the house, just do it, just don’t wake me up or disturb me. Well, how cool is that!

I fell big time for Crystal. She rocks my world.

Her strict religious background and family life amused me at first, but I soon accepted that we had to creative to see each other. She was a pro at sneaking off or convincing her Dad to go on “errands.” I suppose the strict upbringing just made Crystal a more determined person to open up her repression.

When we entered the Steam Room, I set the temperature at a nice, even 75F. So for the next hour, we fucked like we had only hours to live. I was all pent up having not had sex for over a week. So this was just stellar. Crystal is only 5’4″ so I could lift her up easily, and piston fucks her.

Emmaline knocks.

“Crystal, your sister wants to talk to you, something about Cantos tonight.”

“Shit, shit, shit. Thanks, Emmaline. I’ll be right out.” Her naked, glistening body turns to me. Her nipples are still rock hard. “Have you got a robe for me?”

“On the hook, throw me one too.”

She puts on a white robe. I hit the overhead lights and put mine on. My one has Damon stitched into the left breast. A thing my Mom likes, personalized robes.

We leave the Steam Room, and Crystal heads for her purse, which is in the kitchen. I let her go. I go over the small four cobalt grey lockers between the Steam Room and the PerSonal Gym. I open my locker and fish out a pair of board shorts. I choose loose-fitting black and white ones. I sigh. I can feel my mother behind me. I turn around. She is wearing her skimpy orange bikini and has a white sarong wrapped around her midsection. Her nipples are sticking up. Is she turned on?

“Fucking in the Steam Room, huh!”

“Are you busting my balls?”

“Maybe,” she smiles.

I shrug. “At least we are safe!”

“This is true. I know my policy. I know you are good at adhering to it but really, are you sure you’re not using Crystal?”

“For sex!?”

“I love her, Mom. I really do. She is the bomb.”

“I can tell you love her when you fuck her.”

“Mom, shit, have you spied on us?”

“Once or twice, you are kind of loud, hence the worrying about using the poor girl.”

I’m confused. “Mom, come on, really, you’ve brought me up with better values than that.”

“Boys your age are walking fuck-sticks, eyes all bulging, cocks all hard, I know because I get all the cat-calls wherever I go.”

“Jesus, Mom, the language! What cat-calls?”

I am kind of rocked to hear those words from my Mom.

She laughs. “Men. Boys. They all call out to me. I find it amusing. Anyway, we’ll have a more mature chat about sex later on at dinner, okay.”


“Really, young man.”

“I’ve noticed bahis siteleri you are getting quite brazen walking around naked and flashing your cock.”

“You’re the one who sleeps naked,” I shoot back.

“And how would you know about that?”

“I’ve seen you a couple of times.”

She snorts. “I suppose the Steam Room is out of order for the next hour!”

“Mom, shit, stop busting my nutsack.”

“Damon, hey Damon?” Crystal calls down to me.


“Can you come up here, I gotta go.”

Emmaline walks through the Gym and out the side door and out to the pool. “We’re having Chicken Tortillas, be hungry.”

I barely hear my Mom. I run up the stairs and Crystal is back into a long fucking cotton dress and clogs!

“I have never seen clogs before, and they look so hot on you!”

“Don’t be a smart ass. I got to be at singing practice for our big celebration on Sunday, feel free to come.”

“Um, sure, if you want me to come.”

“Seriously, did you just say yes?”

I scratch my face. Time to shave before dinner. “Um, yes.”

Crystal wraps her whole body around my big frame. “You are the best. But you have to come as a stranger. Just cute winks at me. No sexual shit got it, big boy!”

I laugh. “I got it. Hey, I love you, you know.”

She kisses me, and our tongues do a dance. “I know. I gotta go.”

She runs out the door and dives into her shitty Volkswagon.

I walk back into the kitchen just as sexy Ginger walks in. She has curves in all the right places. Holy Hell. She a blue towel on, no top. Her stiff nipples and large breasts are stunning.

After fucking Crystal and now I face my Mom’s on-again, off-again girlfriend half-naked. My brain goes into thinking of having my cock between them. My cock starts bulging.

Oh shit.

Ginger looks sideways at me and goes to the fridge.

Is this normal? I mean she has not done this before, why now? I thought she is girls only exclusive.

“Hey Dams, you wanna share a beer with me? I’m sure your Mom won’t mind.”

I slip behind the island, so she doesn’t see my cock. My palms start sweating, and my heart is beating like a drummer on speed.

“Hey, great idea, but I am hitting the gym, got to keep in shape.” I can’t believe I said such a lame-ass thing as that.

“Suit yourself.” She pops the top and seriously licks the top like she would a cock. I gulp. She takes a swig and lets some dribble down her neck.

Oh, fucking hell in a handbasket.

“I got a question for you.”

“Um, sure.”

“Do you think my tits are better than your mothers?”

I choke. I cough and hold on to the island.

Just then, my Mom walks in. She is topless too. WTF!

They are perfect. Her nipples are out like half an inch. Wow. I would say a 35 or 36 Cup at a guess. Gulp times a thousand.

“Is Ginger messing with your head, honey? Just say mine, and we’ll all be happy.”

“You want me to answer?”

The ladies both answer together. “Yes.”

“Ah, um, well Ginger yours are bigger, but have smaller nipples, um, Mom, yours are perky and um, nice, I mean, firm, yes, firm, and both are like a chick in Hustler so um … yeah…”

Ginger looks at me. “Hustler. Does that mag still exist? Nice answer but …”

My Mom cuts Ginger off. “He didn’t answer. Honey, answer for fuck’s sake.”

My cock is so hard I think I am going to pass out. Ginger starts rubbing her nipples.

“Moms. Hers is better, slightly. The nipples do it for me. But Ginger’s would be great to tit-fuck.” I blurt out what my mind was thinking and did not edit a fucking thing. Oh, shit. I am going to die for this.

Both ladies laugh and high-five each other.

“Ginger is only into girls, honey.” My Mom states. Ginger and her kiss, and it’s so fucking hot. Ginger looks at me. “You know if I were into boys, you would be a hot catch, Damon. Crystal is a lucky girl!”

My Mom is smiling from ear to ear. She kisses Ginger on the neck. Ginger shakes her head and pulls out a twenty from her hip. “A bet is a bet!”

I smile. A bet. Okay, that went down okay, I haven’t been crucified.

I roll my eyes.

I decide the Gym is not the go.

Water. I need my cock to get flaccid in water.

The pool.

“I am going for a swim, ladies. Hope I didn’t say anything too freaky. Cya, Ginger.”

She waves at me and I go down to the pool area and dive in.

I start doing laps.

After a thousand or so laps, as I have lost track of time, I stop and lean on the edge of the pool in the shallow end. I close my eyes. Wow, things are crazy.

Is my Mom going through some kind of crisis? Why is she busting my balls about Crystal, speaking so candidly about sex and flashing her tits at me?

Why am I looking at her like I want to devour her?

I got to talk to Crystal about my head. This is not fucking right. I love my Mom. To want her sexually is not right.

I get out of the pool, dry myself off and head up to my room.

I hear moaning bahis şirketleri from the dining room.

Oh shit, they are fucking! Do I dare look?

No, don’t.

But one look. I would love to see both of them naked.

What the fuck am I saying?

One look.

I spin around and peak.

My mom is in a chair with her legs open, and Ginger is licking her pussy. Ginger is ramming two fingers inside my Mom, and she has her eyes closed. Ginger’s plump ass is sticking right up as she is on all fours. Her pussy lips are soaking wet. Fuck me.

My cock goes rock hard. I look away. Too much. Way too much. I run upstairs and jerk my cock until I shoot all over the tiles in the bathroom.

My heart is hammering and my body is shaking.

What is going on?

The Next Day

I had a long day working on trimming hedges and digging holes.

I dive in the pool and do laps. I hit the shallow end and find a jet and let it smash my shoulder muscles.


My eyes snap open.

My Mom is standing on the other side of the pool with an orange little itty bitty bikini on.


The orange color makes her look like she’s my age. Fuck me.

She is holding a soda for me. She steps into the shallow end, and I swallow hard. I feel like I am in a fucking commercial. She moves down to her waist and slides up to me. Her hazel eyes are so demanding.

“Sorry about yesterday. Ginger and I were arguing about our tits. She wanted you to decide.”

I take the soda and have a drink. “It’s okay. Ginger is um, a horny lady.”

My Mom smiles. “She is. We broke up yesterday. She is flying to Paris to meet up with her sister and then going to some Kibbutz in Switzerland.”

Holy Fuck that was good-bye sex in the dining room. Wow. “That’s not good Mom, are you okay with that?”

“Yes, I knew this was all happening weeks ago. We just made it official. We’ll still remain friends, of course.”

I look at my Mom closer now. Emmaline’s face is gorgeous. Light little freckles around her eyes. Lucious lips. I smell her, and I get coconut oil and something sweet. Gulp. She hands me the soda. “Take another sip.”

I feel like I am in a Porno.

I took a drink and had it back to her. Her tits are amazing. Her nipples rock hard.

Shit, my cock responds when it shouldn’t. No, cock, down boy. She licks her lips.

“What are you thinking about honey?”

I stammer. “That you are a beautiful woman, Mom.”

“Honey, that’s a lovely thing to say.” And moves in for a kiss. Her lips brush mine for only a few seconds. It’s a few seconds of sheer pleasure.

She looks down into the water and sees me vulnerable.


“Mom. It’s okay. Normal, right?” I laugh. My laugh is me dying.

“Why not release it then. Take it off. I will if you will?”

Did she just ask me to skinny dip?

“Skinny dip, us?” I sound like I am shocked.

“Yup.” She pushes off the wall, spins around and throws her bikini upon the tiles. My heart is beating like a jackhammer.

I grab my shorts and throw them behind me. My mother dives down and swims to the other end and then comes back. I move deeper in, up to my shoulders.

She joins me.

I look down and see she is shaved.

Holy mother of God! Is this really real?

I laugh because I am feeling so light-headed. I suck in some water and spray Mom’s face. She screams, and I take off. She tries to catch me, but I am too fast. I zoom over to the shallow end, and she splashes me. So I launch an attack, I grab her and dunk her quickly and move off.

My cock slaps against her head. Fuck me. What am I doing? Don’t think Damon.

She gets on her knees and up, so she is facing my erect cock. She whacks it. Electric shocks shoot through my shaft.

“Get that thing out of the way.”

Have fun, Damon! Have fun.

She dives on to my back. I can feel her luscious breasts, her nipples.

I growl. She wraps her legs around my torso like I am piggybacking her.

“Got you now, mister.”

I back her up until I hit the sidewall and use that momentum to slide her off. I am suddenly right in front of her in less than waist-deep water inches from her body. We look at each other.

She moves closer and kisses me on the lips. It lasts about five seconds. I don’t know how to respond but I do kiss her back. She pulls away grinning.

I smile. I am dying inside from fear and shock.

My mother looks down at my cock and sees how hard it is. She lifts up her hand as if to touch it. I gulp. The movement is slow and deliberate.

“Playtime is over, mister.” She touches my nose with her finger.

I can’t stand this. I am insanely turned on.

I lean in and kiss her with everything I have. She gasps. She pushes me back.

“Damon, no. We cannot do that.”

Her nipples are hard as a rock and sticking out. I can tell she is massively turned on. I know I am. Fuck me, what did I just do?

She puts and hand on my chest and looks at me in the eye.

I kiss her again, and she responds back, a little moan creeps out.

She pushes me away again. “You are devilish handsome. We just cannot cross that line. You have Crystal. I’m sorry for leading you on.”

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