Mom, Alice , Me Ch. 01

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After months of complaining to his mother, Janice, about the sexual neglect his wife was subjecting him to, Josh’s mother mentioned one of her friends thought he was quite handsome and was always making sexual innuendos about him.

Having already approached Alice, Janice told her son that Alice was more than willing to service him. She convinced him that his sexual desires needed to be met and her trailer would be safer than Alice’s trailer, as she had a daughter that stopped by often and unexpectedly.

Josh knew all of his mother’s friends but was quite surprised when he learned that Alice was the lady in question. Thinking she was the oldest of her mother’s friends he was hesitant, but his sexual desires and curiosity won out and the first meeting was set.

Josh usually saw Alice sitting at his mother’s kitchen table having coffee so he never had the opportunity to appraise her feminine attributes properly. Not that he really cared to anyway.

At their first clandestine meeting, the 4’7″, stocky, broad ass redheaded woman stood before him in the kitchen. Compared to his 6’1″ frame she seemed like a midget.

They spent only minutes in greeting before heading to the bedroom, leaving Josh’s his mother watching TV and standing guard.

In the bedroom, they stood kissing, fondling and slowly undressing each other. He found her breast small, no longer firm but touting substantial nipples. Her belly was pudgy and her thick meaty thighs meshed together.

Still, her freckled face cuteness, her thinning red haired mound and thick- lipped labia mesmerized him enough to overlook her age and body flaws.

Bedding her, he found her hungry for TLC. Her right hand yanked on his stiff cock while he lavished her torso with kisses, sucking on her nipples passionately.

Totally turned on by the little lady’s unbridled passion he wasted little time working his way down, putting his head between her legs and exploring her pussy. She had come within moments of him putting his tongue into her pussy.

She then begged him to come up and mount her. She eagerly sought his cock, placed it to her hole and wiggled her ass to assist coupling. Her ass met his aggressive thrusting and never slowed.

Josh had been married for 14 years and for the last five or six years he had become accustomed to having his wife lose interest after coming.

Alice was either a good actor or she was still enjoying the fucking. After he had emptied his load into her, she voiced her desire to continue fucking and both achieved another orgasm after a lengthy fuck.

A week later, the second meeting, she willingly took to her knees for a good doggie fuck. She took his hammer thrusts with relish, thrusting her ass backwards to take him deep.

Eating her pussy once more, with repeated tongue fucks until her orgasm seized her, he was rewarded with a good but brief cock sucking before they coupled missionary and he filled her belly with his sterile cum.

We are a bit late at the third meeting of 63-year-old, Alice, and 35-year-old, Josh. Two lovers are already engaged in love-making.

Minutes earlier Josh had brought Alice to orgasm eating her pussy. He had learned quickly that she desired to orgasm early.

She had lustfully beckoned him up to mount her and they are now fucking missionary with passion and enthusiasm.

“Are you enjoying my pussy?” Alice asked, in a low whisper in my ear.

“Enjoying the hell out of it!” Josh replied, not bothering to whisper. “It’s tight and I had no idea a woman your age could still be so horny. And you being a natural redhead makes my cock that much harder! I love your cuff as much is your collar!”

“Ahhhhh! Just like that!” Alice exclaimed. “It makes me happy that you think so. My pussy has been neglected for so long it’s no wonder it’s tight.”

“Do you like the way I eat your pussy?” Josh quizzed.

“godgggggggggg! Stick it deep!” She begged. “Oh fuck yes! Yes, I love the way you eat my pussy. Didn’t I come almost immediately when you tongue fucked me the first time? Sticking your tongue in my hole was more than I could bear. Just the thought of your tongue inside me makes my pussy as wet as a waterfall.”

“I can feel your juices on my balls!” Josh said. “Before me, how long had it been since you’d had a stiff cock?”

“Not since my husband died six years ago.” Alice answered. “I didn’t think I would ever find a man to fuck me again, especially, a man of your age with a good stiff cock. I’ve had my toys of course and a few good videos.”

“Did your husband eat your pussy?” He queried as he slammed his cock deep into her.

“Occasionally. But he sure as hell never stuck his tongue in my hole!” She assured him. “Damn! If you stick me like that again I’ll come. SON-OF-A-BITCHHHHHHHHH!!”

Alice’s body shook with the second strong orgasm.

Josh never slacked his moderate rhythm or the deep thrusts that had caused her orgasm.

Her orgasm released its grip only after many long moments. She was exhausted now but still she bakırköy üniversiteli escort thrust her ass to send his cock deep. Again, another orgasm, the third, gripped her and faded grudgingly as she felt his cock stab deep into her.

“You’re killing me!” She exclaimed breathlessly. “I’ve got to rest a minute! Don’t stop! Grab my ass and give it to me! Give me your cum!”

Josh followed her directions and locked her in tight. He had handsful of ass and his rock hard cock hammered her pussy with abandonment.

Alice was content to give her young lover the reins. She smiled contentedly as her eyes wandered.

Her body stiffened momentarily when her gaze went to the door, saw it cracked wide and clearly saw Janice watching them.

‘Is this the first time?’ Alice pondered, letting her gaze continue past the door.

She was brought back to the moment as Josh groaned and shot his load into her.

“Don’t stop, sugar.” She directed, then, after a moment, “Your mother is at the door.”

“She is?” He exclaimed in a whisper.

“Don’t look!” Alice said, stopping his head from turning.

“How long?” He queried.

“I don’t know, honey!” Alice replied with a bit of annoyance. “I was a bit distracted. What the hell does she think she’s doing! Watching TV my ass! She’s gone now.”

Alice pushed Josh off her gently.

“I don’t feel like screwing anymore, sugar.” She said gently. “We can’t have your mother spying on us. I don’t know if this is the first time but we can’t have her watching us screw. We probably need to find another place. Maybe my trailer.”

“I’ll talk to her.” Josh said, with a comforting tone. “It won’t happen again.”

“I don’t want to shock you, but your mother is just as horny as I am.” Alice explained. “She has told me she masturbates almost daily. She is multi-orgasmic as I am. I know this as fact! We drink a lot of coffee and talk a lot about sex – and you. She disappears into the bathroom supposedly to pee but I know she’s in there getting herself off. She’s already pumped me for information about us screwing. I’m talking nut and bolt details. Her watching us is stirring a pot that don’t need stirring “

“You’re being silly!” Josh retorted. “Are you suggesting that mom wants to………… I can’t even say it!”

“When I looked at the door she didn’t notice me – our eyes did not meet.” She continued. “Her gaze was locked on our coupling. Do you think she was looking at my pussy or your cock?”

“I’ll talk to her – promise.” Josh assured her.

“Before next week, okay?”


Josh had found it troubling that his mother had spied on him and Alice, but they had always had an odd relationship when it came to sexual things. Growing up, he had never gone to his father with any of his sexual inquiries. He had always gone to his mother. After a while, she began to share things also; like, because of his heart medicine dad could not keep an erection long enough to satisfy her. After his father’s death, she occasionally mentioned her sexual toys.

As a 19th year birthday present, his mother had confided in him that she knew that he was masturbating and that it was, as he was doing, smart to use a sock. She assured him that all young men did it and not to worry but to enjoy. It was their secret.

He had had a few girlfriends but was a virgin of 21 years when he had married his wife, Ann.

After a short honeymoon, it was his mother that he confided in, telling her that Ann could not get enough – sex. His mother had assured him that that was as it should be.

Josh, two kids and years later, despondently told his mother that his wife had slacked off considerably in the bedroom.

Again, due to their peculiar relationship, Janice hesitated only a few months before offering him a solution. She could set him up with one of her friends.


After they had dressed, Alice and Josh had hugged and kissed in the kitchen, bidding a quick farewell to his mother.

Janice made an effort to keep her son from leaving so quickly, but failed. She figured she had been discovered and wanted to apologize – to explain.

She remembered that she left the door ajar and their odd behavior told her she was right.

Josh shook his head as he drove home through the afternoon rain. He must muster the courage to confront his mother. Insider knowledge made him aware that his mother probably was as horny as Alice had suggested, but surely she could not be considering what he hoped she wasn’t. He made a competent decision that “it” would not happen.


“Mom, your answer, “that you were curious”, doesn’t make it okay!” Josh stammered, as he sat the next day in his mother’s kitchen eating a lunch he did not feel like eating. “You really rattled Alice. You’re my mother! She thinks you’re going to start having crazy thoughts!”

“What! Like taking you away from her! Maybe that’s a good thing.” She replied. “If the bakırköy bdsm escort broad-ass little shrimp thinks she might get dumped for a younger, better looking woman, she’ll stop giving you half a blow job. I give good head and go all the way in that department – no fuss no muss! You do think I’m better looking than she is, don’t you?”

Josh was immediately surprised at his mother’s bluntness and frustrated that she had totally glossed over his main concern, that they were mother and son.

“Do you know she does that?” Josh snapped. “She said you were pumping her for blow-by-blow details – but Damn! But yes, yes of course I think you are a better looking woman than she is but that’s not the discussion on the table.”

“Maybe you should tell her not to come over anymore!” Janice offered. “If you can’t, I’ll take care of it.”

“Why would you want me to do that, mom?” Josh queried, showing his hurt and concern. “You set me up with her – we clicked – and now you want to break it up. What the hell is wrong with you?”

“I just think it would be better.” Janice replied sounding confident. “You might get caught by her daughter. Somebody might tell Ann. We’ll work something else out.”

“You asked me if I thought you were a better looking woman and she is?” Josh queried unbelief in his tone. “You can’t possibly be jealous! Please, tell me it’s not jealousy? What do you have to be jealous of??”

“I have to admit that seeing you two – together – made me feel something I’ve been pushing me away for years.” Janice confided. “You’re sterile! I’m sterile! Basically, we’re it’s. Where would be the harm if we……….?”

“You’re my mother!” Josh exclaimed, cutting her short. “I’m your son!”

“I know that!” Janice shouted, then, calmed herself. “Your problem with Ann is not going to change and as long as Alice is screwing you, you can’t see the possibilities.”

“Mom, there are no possibilities – not for you and me.” Josh retorted. “I know what doing without feels like but the bottom line is – you’re my mother – and there’s no way in hell……………… I can’t even continue this conversation. Bye!”

Josh dropped his fork on the table, stood and hurried out the door not understanding his mother’s final words shouted after him.

On the road, he called Alice three times, getting her daughter twice before Alice answered the phone herself.


“Are you alone?” He asked without any greetings.

“I thought that was you.” She said. “I am now. Did you talk to your mother?

“Unfortunately, you are right.” He began. “She’s got some crazy ideas and they all involve the unmentionable.”

Josh spent the next 20 or so minutes telling Alice what had transpired at lunch, including the veiled threats concerning her daughter and his wife.

Alice did more listening been talking until he had finished.

“I spend almost every day with your mother.” Alice explained. “The last couple of years she has become quite depressed. I try to steer the conversations away from sex but she brings them right back to the subject and you. She knows you’re not sexually happy. Says you told her that. Did you?”

“Yes. Sort of.” Josh replied. “That’s why she got me and you together!”

“I’m sorry! A stupid question, I suppose.” Alice apologized.

“It’s very complicated.” Josh explained. “My life sexually has always been an open book to her. She’s told me things about her and dad. We’ve had secrets for a good many years.”

“So, you two have been sexually intimate without the physical part.” Alice said more to herself than a query to Josh.

“I guess that’s an interesting way to put it.” Josh offered an answer anyway.

“Look, sweetie, I don’t really care if you screw her are not.” Alice offered. “In fact, because I care for both of you, I think you should. I just don’t want to be cut out of the loop. I lose two people – my lover – and a good friend.”

“You can’t be serious!” He retorted. “But either way you don’t have to worry about being cut out of the loop. If not her trailer, we will find somewhere.”

“I know enough about you to know that you can’t afford a motel every week. I sure as hell can’t!” Alice replied. “Personally, the dark interior of Grandy Park would be quite adequate for me.”

“What are the chances of your daughter coming back?” He asked.

“Zilch!” Alice confirmed. “But your mother will see your car out front.”

“Old man Dean will be gone all day. I’ll pull deep into his parking space and walk down. I can be there in about 20 minutes, if you’re agreeable?”

“Concerning you, I’m always agreeable, sugar!” She assured him. “Just be careful. After y’all’s discussion, it would be a bad time to further upset your mother.”

Alice saw Josh coming down the lane and waited by the door to quickly opened the door for him to slip inside her trailer.

Janice, by chance, glimpsed him too. Her face reddened with anger but she pushed the anger aside. She walked to the bakırköy elit escort microwave and pushed the listen button on a small white box. She hoped she might find Alice’s transceiver on. They had mutually purchased the dual set a year earlier to keep check on each other at night. She lucked out.

Prior to his arrival Alice had quickly shed her cloths and put on her terrycloth bathrobe.

There was little discussion between them as she guided him to her bedroom. There is a fury of commotion as Josh quickly undressed from the waist down, yanked at the terrycloth belt that secured Alice’s robe and together they literally crashed onto the unusually low bed. All the while eager to couple, Josh maneuvered between her legs and Alice strived to guide his cock into her.

“God yes! That’s good!” Alice exclaimed, as Josh pushed deep into her.

They began a frenzy fuck. Alice held her knees high and pressed them against Josh’s sides. Her ass bucked as if trying to throw off her attacker. Josh supported his weight on his elbows, his hands clutching the top of Alice’s head as his cock stabbed into her with a quick reciprocating rhythm.

In short order, both were breathing heavily as they endeavored to release the pent up tension caused by their separate fears concerning Janice.

Alice, twice the age of Josh gave up first. She slipped repeatedly halfway up the ladder to orgasm only to slip.

“I can’t do it!” She cried, a good 20 minutes into the lustful fuck, causing Janice to smile. “Don’t worry about me, baby! Come in me! Damn her!”

Alice’s body stilled though she kept her knees high.

It took another six or seven minutes of striving to flood her belly before Josh’s rhythm slowed and came to a stop. He too could not reach that top rung of the ladder.

“Damn! I’m sorry! I can’t either!” Josh sighed.

“I know, sugar.” Alice whispered. “She has gotten into our heads. I don’t know what we’re going to do.”

Janice had to strain to hear their whispers but she caught it all and smiled once more.

Josh was washing his cock in the sink as Alice showered.

The phone rang. Alice apparently did not hear the ringing and Josh let the phone ring. On the fourth ring the answering machine picked up. Unable to decipher the words, but recognizing his mother’s voice, he dried his cock off and walked into the kitchen to the phone. Pressing the message button;

“I know you’re there.” He heard his mother’s voice say. “I want you to stop by here before you leave. I hope you two had a good time.”

Josh pushed the message button again and then pushed the delete button.

As he walked past the bathroom, Alice’s was drawing the curtain open.

“She must’ve seem, me.” He informed Alice. “She kind of insisted that I stop by. I suppose, I don’t have much choice.”

Alice entered the bedroom still naked as Josh was running his fingers through his hair to finish off his dressing. Alice moved in close to him and they hugged affectionately before kissing passionately.

“Go see what the bitch wants!” Alice said. “Call me later and let me know how you get along.”

“I will. I’m sorry about before.” He apologized.

“Well, I suppose, I should have showered before you got here.” She joked, as she followed him to the door. “I probably could have come that way!”

“Next time for sure.” He assured her.

Janice smiled contentedly as she sipped her coffee, then, she pushed the off button on the intercom, double-checking that the on light blinked off.

Josh did not feel comfortable leaving his car in old man Dean’s driveway, plus, he wanted to call in and take the rest of the day off. He longed to go home and take a long nap.

He pulled in behind his mother’s car. He steeled himself for what might await him and exited his car.

Alice peeked through her blinds watching Josh climb the stairs to his mother’s trailer. She felt as if she was sending him into a siren’s den without the benefit of an orgasm to steel himself against her. And this siren might bite.

Knowing the door would be unlocked; he turned the knob and quickly stepped into the trailer.

He saw his mother standing at the sink. She was wearing a white, thin material, ankle length gown. Visibly see-through, he could clearly see the outline of the lone strap of black, bikini type underwear that left her butt cheeks bare. Having never seen his mother dressed in such an alluring fashion, Josh had an immediate anxiety attack.

“Sit down. I’ll pour you some iced tea.” He heard her say without looking around at him. Her tone was normal.

Sitting at the kitchen table, Josh studied his mother as she finished drying a few dishes. She was a clean freak and the trailer was dust free and immaculate.

She then moved between the refrigerator and the sink getting his iced tea.

Dressed as she was, leaving little to the imagination, he consciously tried not to compare her to his wife, Ann, and Alice. He failed.

His mother, an avid walker, was slim and trim at 5’8″. Her butt appeared more like a downhill incline, bubbled ever so slightly at the bottom. Practically no butt at all could be an appraisal of the 54-year-old Janice. Alice on the other hand was practically all butt! While his wife, at 5’9″, was ultra slim and had a cute little bubble butt that he loved to lavish kisses on, but of late rarely got the opportunity.

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