Mind Over Management Ch. 05

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Ass Squirt

“Okay, Roxanne, Carl. I bet that you wonder why I told you both to visit me here. Well, as it happens, I have branched out in a way into couples’ counseling recently. I understand that Carl wants a divorce due to Roxanne’s infidelity, am I right?

“Carl, I understand your point of view. It’s very humiliating and no doubt you feel very betrayed by your unfaithful wife. You also still love her and want on some level to understand why she cheated on you. You also want a little revenge and to make her suffer a little, right?” I confronted both my sister and my brother-in-law, the latter of them rather grim and the former very scared.

“Yes, that’s pretty fair to say,” Carl admitted glumly.

“And Roxanne, you no doubt have a mouthful to say yourself, but have been very terrified of angering Carl even further, yes?” I asked.

“Yes, Jack. I’ve been a horrible, terrible wife and I know that I deserve whatever punishment Carl gives me, but I still want to be with him. I don’t want to lose him or my kids. What’s worse, I… ,” Roxanne began to stammer and mumble.

“Say it,” I ordered her, now once more using my powers for good.

“I can’t quit fucking around. I wish that I could. I really do, because then he could trust me, but I have this need to fuck men … and women. I’m a slut. I’ll be the first to admit it, that I am a complete, absolute slut. That’s why I hit on you when I was pregnant that one time, even though you denied me. I could tell that you wanted to fuck me, but that your honor kept you from cuckolding Carl.

“I wish that I were that honorable, but I’m not. I’m driven wild by this insatiable desire to fuck people. I kept urging threesomes on Carl, but he wouldn’t go for it. I mean, I’ll share him whenever he wants. I won’t get jealous. I’ll suck his dick straight from other woman’s dripping twat if he asked me. I’ll do anything for him … except give up what I can’t give up. Sex. Lots of wild, kinky, nasty sex.

“I love you, Carl. I really do, but I am compelled to sleep around. Every time that I tried to be faithful, I was climbing the walls for days afterward. I was very unpleasant to be around, too. Very sorry. I wish that I could be what you want in a woman. I was so close … so damn close,” Roxanne burst into tears.

“Roxanne, you almost sound like a nymphomaniac or a sex addict. You obviously have a very high libido, of course. Carl, what about you? What do you think of this? What was your objection to her idea of sharing openly?” I asked, fully expecting him to boil over into a rage at even the suggestion of sharing his wife.

“What … if I’m not good enough for her after that? What if she tries to turn me into something that I’m not? What if she can’t bring herself to go back to bed with her mediocre husband after all of this wild, crazy sex? What if she finds another man, more of a stud, and leaves me for him? It was just so much to worry about. I mean, God, she fucked another man and has his baby in her womb right now! That was the last straw. When did you plan to tell me that the child isn’t mine, Roxie? When, please tell me!” Carl spoke in anguish.

“I was going to tell you, believe it or not, that it wasn’t yours, but I feared that you would dump me, so I kept putting it off out of fear. I am sorry. I have no excuse for this. Anyway, what can I do? This baby has me even hornier and now not even my husband wants me! You worried about me not desiring you? Carl, you make me wetter than anyone else alive! I love you, trust you, and need you! Now I fear that you will want to drop me for a faithful wife. I would deserve it, even if I can’t help how I am.

“As for nymphomania or sex addiction, I’m not really sure about that. I just know that I love to fuck lots of people of both sexes. The truth is … that it’s Jack’s. Oh, don’t get up and protest, please, Jack. I didn’t fuck you. I know that. It wasn’t from lack of trying to seduce you, of course. Here’s what happened. I visited your apartment a while before you started sleeping with your ladies. I saw your used boxers and I scooped up what cum I could from them. Fresh cum, meaning that you had just jacked off, pun intended. I was fertile and I just felt the impulse. It was hard to explain, but I wanted badly to have your baby. So now I have it. It’s only four months along, of course. I don’t know the sex.

“Anyway, I soon realized that this would really upset Carl, but I finally got up the nerve to tell him when he confronted me first with the home pregnancy test and told me that he had a vasectomy earlier in the year, so he knew that it wasn’t his. I got really steamed that he had gotten fixed, too, and I called him some names as well.

“I am very sorry, Carl. Even if I still don’t think that you should have been fixed, after my deception, you have every right to be mad at me. I was still especially angry that this was why you hadn’t been able to fuck me at all for a while. Even with other partners, it just wasn’t the same not having my sweet Carl in my pussy, driving it deeper. ankara escort Do you understand why this would upset me?” Roxanne begged Carl.

“Yes, I do. Actually, to be honest, you’ll be even more upset when you learn that I lied about the vasectomy because I strongly suspected that I’m not the father. I didn’t sleep with you because I was angry with you right then. As for what to think, dear God, what am I supposed to think, Roxie? You love me so much, but you can’t give up spreading your legs for so many people, what kind of love is that? What happened to the idea of love meaning devotion, loyalty, fidelity, etc. What happened to that? That’s what society always drilled into me. Are those ideas meaningless to you?” Carl now elaborated more on his thinking.

“What if I told you that love is what we make of it? Loyalty, too. You can be loyal to someone by keeping their trust and not betraying their interests. You can be faithful in the sense of keeping faith with them and not disappointing them. These words do have meanings, Carl, but society has overloaded that meaning with things that are not logically inherent to them. You can be faithful to your wife by bringing home the bacon, raising kids with her, and giving her lots of affection, even if you have a dozen lovers. You can be unfaithful by not doing those things, even if you never fooled around at all.

“You are right, however, that Roxanne should have been more open with you. She should not have pulled that stunt with my cum, even if I am now a proud papa. I understand if the incest part squicks you out, too. However, that is also society and its values. Often, society gets it wrong.

“Roxanne went about much of this the wrong way, but what she desired was healthy and natural. She wanted to make her adventures yours as well. She wanted to share that life of hedonism and debauchery with you, to include you in it, which makes her a lot better than some of the women that I’ve met, who want to keep hubby completely out of it and in the dark, so he’ll be monogamous while they are not. As to having another man’s baby, that’s not going to be an issue. I will step up and claim my child.

“Carl, Roxanne, I’m going to do both of you a favor. I hereby forbid you to divorce or separate. You are going to be together for life, as you were intended to be. You will be part of a small, but growing circle of those of us with a similar attitude about life, sex, etc. Carl, this is going to be a harder adjustment for you than for the rest of us, perhaps, but trust me that this is for the best.

“Don’t worry, there won’t be any humiliation or anything like that. I’m glad that you didn’t actually have that V done for a variety of reasons. One of which is that I want you to take on the role of one of the fathers. I want you to knock up some ladies. You’re going to be one hell of a busy stud, Carl. Life for you will be just as wild and crazy as it has been for Roxanne, but you’ll soon love it. Cheryl, for example, loves to let men fuck her tits. Have you ever fucked a girl’s tits before, Carl? Be honest,” I demanded.

“Uh … no, I haven’t,” he stammered, utterly shocked at what I just told him and his inability to resist my will.

“Have you fucked a girl in the ass?” I pressed further.

“Yes. I have fucked Roxie in the ass. She wanted it first and I resisted, but I soon enjoyed it a lot,” he admitted.

“Well, Jess and Jamie are especially fond of taking it in the ass. They also like to work as a team. Imagine how many threesomes that would mean for you. Threesomes, Carl, the ultimate male fantasy,” I grinned and caught just the hint of a smile on his face as his cock began to bulge in response to that idea.

“What kind of threesomes? I always thought that Roxie just wanted the kind with two guys. That isn’t what she meant?” he abruptly asked.

“Honey, I meant both kinds. Trust me. Both kinds. Yes, I want to have two men inside me, but I also want to share you with another woman and have us wear you out. I’ve been a terrible wife in some ways, but I never meant to be cruel or hurtful, I swear. I have no double standards. Never. I want us to play together, to have fun with each other, etc. Jack, thank you so much for this! I’m sorry that I stole your seed, but I had to do it and now I know why.

“Carl, baby, I’ll be such a good wife to you that in twenty years, if not sooner, you will thank Jack for forcing us to stay together. So, we open up our marriage?” Roxanne dared to hope as she showed on her face.

“That, although there will be some gay sex, too. Don’t worry, Carl. Just relax. Garth will make it as enjoyable for you as he can, won’t you, Garth? We’ll start you off easy, with things like having Garth suck your dick. You’ll get used to wild, kinky sex. In case you wondered, yes, we will take turns with the day care needs so that your parental duties are not neglected.

“Carl, Roxanne, this will be very different for all of us. Yes, I plan to fuck my own sister, your wife, at last. I also plan on sharing escort ankara my ladies with you, as I said, Carl. Roxanne will have to get used to me fucking her in all three holes and I have to warn you that I am rough at times, just not always. Other times I like to be gentle, too.

“There is no question or doubt of this, so both of you just need to relax and let it happen. Pam, Garth’s mother, will also be involved. She will have some things to do with you, including plans for a foursome that includes both of you. Make no mistake, both of you. This will happen. All of this will happen. Just brace yourselves for a long and wild ride,” I was adamant that things were to change.

Both Carl and Roxanne could see from the look on my face that this was unavoidable, that their destiny now involved getting their ashes hauled a great deal. Carl shook with his nerves for a moment, wrung his hands, but then looked at Roxanne first, then me, and then Cheryl, who spread her legs apart right then to show him her naked, bald pussy. Her nipples were visibly erect and she ran her tongue along her lips with their bright red lipstick in obvious lust. She even started to drool a little in his presence and this wasn’t an act. She did this for me several times and I knew what would follow. Sure enough, Cheryl’s cunt was soaked with her juices leaking out. She was not damp, but drenched! Carl shivered for a second and then his bulge really showed through his pants.

“By the way, Carl, we have a rule in this apartment. No clothes on below the waist. I waived it for a little while until you listened to me and told your sides of the story, but now it’s high time that you followed it. Aren’t you glad that you took off your shoes and socks now? Makes it so much simpler, doesn’t it? Carl, take off your pants,” I commanded my brother-in-law.

Carl complied, thus showing that he actually went commando for some reason. If Cheryl drooled before, she couldn’t hold back her lust now at all. Before anyone could say a thing, she was on her knees in front of Carl, putting her lips around the head of his exposed, circumcised dick. I laughed, knowing that Cheryl must have really liked what she saw this time. Carl’s breath became very ragged for a moment as he felt the sensual touch of Cheryl’s mouth on his dick. The more she bobbed on it, taking it closer to her throat, the more Carl was at her mercy.

Roxanne watched this whole act in complete fascination, slipping her hands inside her pants to stroke herself, and finally just sliding her slacks down to her ankles, followed by what turned out to be crotchless panties. Easing the trousers over her toes to get them off her feet, Roxanne then rose and planted her ass right on my naked lap. Within moments, she stood up just long enough to lower herself onto my cock, after which it was only a matter of time before I went balls deep in my sister’s twat.

By now, Carl’s cock was lodged in Cheryl’s bosom, though she picked it up now and then with her mouth to lick and suck it a little. I could see Carl’s resistance completely melt now. He was one of us … it just took him over. All effort to divorce and remarry in favor of a new, traditional wife was gone, lost in my blonde slut’s cleavage. His eyes showed not fear or guilt but lust. He grunted and groaned as Cheryl brought him a new pleasure that he had only vaguely heard about before in his life.

Cheryl was tailor-made for exactly this kind of seduction, I suppose. She had him ready to eat out of the palms of her hands. Who could resist a blonde sex goddess with a fine bosom that she loved to use to trap men’s cocks in it? Carl wasn’t a philosopher. He was a basic, simple, sturdy, and hot-blooded man with needs, and Cheryl was eager to meet them. She was an all-American babe, ideal for a normal, red-blooded American male (well, if you leave out the technicality of her being from Calgary, Alberta). He wasn’t as eclectic in his tastes as me or as sophisticated, though in the end, pussy was always a good thing. Yes, Cheryl was exactly the right weapon to bring him in line with us.

Meanwhile, Roxanne bounced her sweet, juicy cunt on my cock, absolutely reveling in the realization that she was now fucking her own brother. She kissed me so much that I wondered if she would use up all of her lipstick on my face, neck, and chest. When I eased a finger into her asshole, my sister became uncontrollably aroused, almost breaking my dick with her frantic orgasm. Her warm, wet pussy was surprisingly tight, but when I mouthed a query about that, she just winked at me.

Leaning over to one side, Roxanne whispered, “Kegel exercises, baby. Anything to keep my muscles in good shape to squeeze out your cum from your balls. A slut’s gotta do what a slut’s gotta do.”

“I’ve wanted to fuck you for years, Rox,” I confessed.

“I know. I’ve always known. And the moment that you asked me, I would have bent over and offered you my holes. I stupidly waited for you to ask me. Well, I’m not waiting anymore,” Roxanne peppered me with ankara escort bayan even more kisses.

“I had girlfriends back then. You had boyfriends. But I suppose that I wasn’t cut out for monogamy, even then. In those days, I would have fucked you bow-legged, but I didn’t dare. Now I dare all,” I grinned.

Just then, I heard a loud groan, as Carl came all over Cheryl’s tits. She closed the distance and began making out with him with a fervor that shocked all of us. Clearly, Carl had bonded with her, but she was still mine first, just as Roxanne was primarily his. Still, we were a family … and the fact of fucking my own kith and kin got to be too much, as I emptied my balls into her cunt. Roxanne smiled and slipped me so much tongue that I felt it almost invade my throat, before rising from my lap, winking at me, and licking Carl’s cum off Cheryl’s tits.

“See why I married him? He seems very normal, but he’s a lusty fellow, this one. I can’t wait to have Jack and Carl DP me someday. My loving brother and my wonderful husband. They’re both far out of my league, but they love me, anyway,” Roxanne told Cheryl.

“I would never think that of you, baby. You were right. I was wrong, Roxie. So fucking wrong. This was what we should have done all along. When I looked into her eyes, I saw her warmth and her passion, and I never wanted to let her down. The same that I see with you. I didn’t know that we could love like this, so much love for more than one soul, more than one body. So much love, so much lust. I didn’t think that it was possible. I always heard that I could only have one soul mate. Now I know better. You and Jack are soul mates. You and I. Cheryl and I. Jack and Cheryl. It goes on, far more than I knew before,” Carl waxed shockingly articulate and eloquent.

“I live to please my men … and my ladies. That’s why I was born. I was made to please people, especially men, but also women. I want to make you feel such pleasure that you can’t ever be the same. I live to serve,” Cheryl then gave Roxanne a snowball, sharing Carl’s cum between their lips.

“And Jack?” Jen spoke up to ask.

“Jack is a god. There’s no other way to say it. Jack is a god. He has corporeal shape, but he’s something very different. I don’t even think that he’s truly human, not deep down. He’s … something else. In any case, you know that as well as I do. I worship the very ground on which he walks. He’s to die for. Jack is a dream,” Cheryl confessed.

“You can say that again,” Jess remarked.

“He’s to die for. Jack is a dream,” Cheryl repeated.

“Cute, very cute,” Jamie remarked as we all burst into laughter.

“All I know is that he saved my marriage and set me free from my morals at last. Thank you, Jack,” Carl shook my hand right as Garth and Pam began sucking his dick as a mother-son team.

Then he lost all semblance of interest in conversation, but then, I couldn’t exactly blame him for that. He was only human, after all.

The wedding was extremely beautiful, I had to admit. The brides were gorgeous, though for many it was an adjustment to attend a wedding without a groom. Jessica and Jamie took their vows, pledging to love each other for life, but crucially omitting the old passage about “forsaking all others”, of course. That part would have been a lie, since they were both part of my personal harem. It didn’t bother me that two of my ladies were putting rings on each other’s fingers and swearing to love each other, albeit in the context of polyamory, for the rest of their lives. They had long since formed a bond of flesh and spirit with each other that made all the sense in the world.

When Jess and Jamie kissed each other at the end of the wedding, it was a truly sensual, erotic kiss that would probably make even the Pope rise to the occasion before condemning it as an abomination. Of course, both brides were pregnant, too. Jess was roughly a month along with my child, while Jamie had been knocked up very recently by Carl, my brother-in-law.

His wife, my sister Roxanne, was the matron of honor, and she was also with child … mine as well, in fact, though Rox and Carl had talked me into letting them raise the little one as entirely theirs. My new wife, Jen, was there, with our little daughter Vicky in her arms nestled against her breasts. The fact that Vicky wasn’t biologically mine didn’t matter to me. She was very much my daughter and she already felt comfortable being held by me. The sperm that made Vicky actually came from Garth, Jen’s ex-boyfriend, who had also impregnated his own mother, Pam. The only one not knocked up yet or mother to a newborn in the group of women was Cheryl, but she was working on it with three different men, hoping that one of us would breed her with his spawn.

“What do you plan to name your child, Jess?” I asked Jessica, the more submissive and slightly more feminine of the brides … Jamie being something of a tomboy at times.

“Either Jack Junior or Jackie. Depends on what he or she is. I hear that Roxie wants to call her daughter or son, whichever it turns to be, Stacey. She wants to be ‘Stacey’s mom.’ It’s a bit of a joke in a way, but it’s kind of cute. Jamie, on the other hand, gets to be ‘Jessie’s girl’,” Jess laughed while kissing me.

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