Merry Christmas Little Worm

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Note to readers: This story is my entry into the winter holidays story contest so please vote and comment. It includes incest so if this offends the please read no further. It is set on Christmas day and the events that unfold during it between a brother and sister and their family. It follows the path of a typical Christmas day so includes lots of dialogue as people have a tendency to converse in real life! There may be some people that doubt the premise of what happens at bedtime but I assure you it is possible, I know because it is based on a real event! The story is written in English as spoken in the UK, I impart this information as I have often seen complaints about spelling when reading comments on this site and often this has been the reason behind it.

Finally all the usual disclaimers apply; I own the rights, the story contained within is a work of pure fiction and any similarities to real life or real people – either dead or alive – is entirely coincidental and highly improbable, all characters are of legal age, no animals were hurt in the making of this story – oh you get the idea, I made it all up, well except the real bits! If you have come this far then please read on and hopefully enjoy!

“Here you go Pete, Merry Christmas.” I ducked as my little sister Wendy threw a present at my head. “Mum told me you needed some new ones,” she added laughing. I scowled at my sister, we used to be close but as our teenage years rolled on we started to fight, not badly you understand, it was just the usual sibling rivalry but we loved each other; well our mum told us we had to anyway! Wendy is my little sister but we are only ten months apart and due to our dates of birth we are in the same year at school. It was a family joke that dad must have been queuing up to get back in as soon as Wendy had popped out. I opened the package and two boxes of boxer shorts fell out.

“Oh thanks, underpants, lovely!” I scowled at her again. “Just what I wanted!” I shook my head. She pouted at me then grinned mischievously.

“I bought them specially, I thought that your little worm could do with a bit of help,” and she burst out laughing hysterically. I cringed, reddening in both rage and embarrassment.

“That was years ago, I wasn’t even eleven and the sea was very cold.” I protested; she collapsed on the floor holding her stomach. “I had shrinkage!” I cried out in anger. She never let me forget the time my towel had fallen off after we had been swimming in the sea years before and I had stood there naked in front of her as she sat on the beach. She had looked at my penis that day, all shrivelled and wrinkled from the cold and said it looked like a little worm; from then on she had always called it that, especially when she wanted to wind me up.

“They are the ones that help give you a big bulge.” She managed to gasp it out, now turning blue in the face from being short of breath with tears rolling down her face.

“Stop it Wendy.” Dad was trying to hide his laughter as he spoke. “It’s not right to tease your big brother about the size of his manhood; it’s not good for his self-confidence.”

“Big brother, BIG?” her laughter was too much. I got up and stormed out to my room, slamming the doors behind me, fuming; sometimes I really did hate her. After a while our mum knocked at my door and asked if she could come in.

“Pete sweetheart, she really didn’t mean it.” Her voice was soothing as she sat next to me on the bed and put her arm around me. “I don’t think you realise that she loves you very much and she did buy them especially for you. She was so excited when she got them; she said something about you looking really hunky in them.” With that mum kissed me on the forehead just she had done since I was little boy when she was comforting me and stood up. “Come on, you’ve still got to give your sister her present yet and I know she’ll love it.”

She started walking to the door, turning as she reached it, “Oh, and I’m sure that it’s not a worm anymore, looks more like a snake from here.” With that she laughed as she looked straight at my crutch and went back to the front room. I looked down and my face flushed, bugger I had a raging hardon and my mum had noticed it, great! How come that always happened to me when I got angry or wound up? And how come I didn’t always notice it straight away when it did? Sitting on the edge of my bed I forced myself think of boring, mundane things and soon my embarrassment had started wilting enough that I could adjust myself sufficiently to re-join the festivities in the front room.

When I sat down Wendy came over and leant in to give me a soft kiss on the cheek saying sorry as she did; obviously someone had told too but it wasn’t something I was used to and I blushed. I looked at her as she bent down, her loose fitting top flared at the neck and I could see right down to the swell of her unrestrained breasts; full, firm, swollen orbs of flesh with delightfully beylikdüzü escort pale pink nipples crowing their glory. Christ, when did they develop? My little sister was little no longer little and I reddened even more. I knew what was happening this time as I felt my embarrassment start to rise again for the second time in less than twenty minutes. I expected her to go and sit over the other side of the room but when she saw my cheeks go red she smiled and just dumped herself down next me and laid her head on my shoulder, something she hadn’t done since she became a self-aware teenager and had started to blossom into the beautiful young lady I was finally allowing my conscious self to realise she had become.

A short while later mum passed me a package; it was my present for Wendy. “Here you go, this is for you, and before you say anything mum told me what to get you as well!” I handed her the package as she lifted her head from my shoulder to look at it. My shoulder suddenly felt very cold as I realised just how much warmth had been coming from my sister and how comfortable it had been having her pressed against me. She opened the box and pulled out contents; two bras with matching lacy knickers from Janet Reger, well when I say knickers there was more cloth in a baby’s sock and as they were lace then they would cover the sum total of nothing. I was about to get my own back with what I now realised would be an obvious lie and say that I had no idea why mum had made me buy such large cupped bras as she only needed a trainer one when she just squealed, threw her arms around my neck and covered my face in kisses as her gleaming blue eyes burned into mine.

I fell backwards from the onslaught, carrying her on top of me feeling the warmth of her return to me and knowing that she must feel my hardened member pressing against her stomach as she wriggled against me. She kept squirming on my hardened cock, giggling as she did; her eyes open wide with a mischievous glint sparkling in them. I could hear my parents laughing, so lifting her up I recovered my composure and sat up straight again trying to hide my straining cock.

“Oh thank you Peetie, I wanted these ones but mum said they were expensive. Oh god, they cost a fortune.” With that she kissed my cheek again, more demurely this time, but still my face reddened as she glanced down at my straining member, her eyes shining. She put them back in the box and rested her head on me again, this time taking my arm and putting around her. “Hmmm, that’s better my lovely brother, nice and toasty.” She sounded just like she did when she was little and would cuddle up to me to watch telly, and she had just called me Peetie, she hadn’t done that in years either. We sat there opening the last of the presents, laughing and joking, enjoying the festivities and each time we moved she would take my arm and wrap it back around her, snuggling back in to me. It felt so natural to be this close again to my sister, like it was just yesterday the last time we had been this friendly.

Dinner was approaching, a massive Christmas blow out that made the table groan with the load; we ate, we drank, we laughed, and gradually expanded to the point of explosion as all the time Wendy kept gazing at me, her big blue eyes sparkling with the reflection of the tree lights, her beaming smile almost blinding in its intensity. There were times I had to make myself stop staring at her, stop taking in the beauty than had hit me like a speeding train, stop thinking what it was like to have my arm around her, stop remembering the feel of her firm, young, voluptuous frame pressed against me. Every once in a while she would notice me looking at her and her smile would get even bigger if that were at all possible and I could perceive a slight blush wash over her cheeks as she’d almost shyly avert her eyes before looking at me again.

Later; much, much later we all helped tidy up, clearing the table so that mum and dad could wash up and we took our piles of presents up stairs. As we got to our doors Wendy turned to me. “I am sorry for earlier Peetie; I wasn’t trying to upset you. I really did think you would look so good in them, in fact I expect you to model them for me tonight.” I know my jaw must have dropped, I could feel myself reddening again and she just laughed. Then suddenly it hit me.

“Only if you model yours for me little sis.” Bingo! That’ll shut her up I thought! “They were expensive after all; I deserve to see how they warrant something so small costing so much money.”

“Okay deal!” She showed no hesitation in answering. “When everyone’s gone to bed you can come to my room and show me.” Bugger!!! I shouldn’t have carried on afterwards about their cost! She smiled at me; a deviously wicked little smile, her blue eyes hypnotically sparkling with her obvious joy. With that she walked into her room, now with a big beaming smile on her face, flicking büyükçekmece escort the door shut with her heel behind her. I stood there flabbergasted, my jaw hanging even lower down than before. That was supposed to be me taking control and she turned me over so easily. What the fuck, this is my baby sister, we’re not supposed to be see each other in sexy underwear, well me see her in sexy underwear anyway, nothing ever looks sexy on me. I stumbled into my room; I could still hear her laughing behind the door as I shut mine, throwing my stuff down on the floor and collapsing on the bed.

Luckily for me it was a tradition for us to have a rest after Christmas dinner so I laid there and tried to work out a way out of this. I tossed and turned on my bed, my mind formulating increasing bizarre and lame ideas to avoid the embarrassment that was obviously going to come but the more I tried to think of ways to get out of it the more I thought of her beautiful breasts that had hung so temptingly before my face earlier, of her wicked smile outside the door and her sparkling eyes as she left me. What would she look like in them, she had grown so much, so beautiful and more developed than I had ever realised. It was all I could think about and my cock had stirred again at all these thoughts.

As disgusted and ashamed of myself as I was, thinking about my little sister in this way I knew that this time there would be only one way I could deal with the raging, blood engorged rod that now threatened to burst through my trousers. I ripped them down as fast as I could, not even taking the time to pull them over my feet, allowing them to pool around my ankles as I spat into my palm, grabbed my rampant shaft and started abusing it frantically. Pulling my foreskin back and forth mercilessly I pounded it for all I was worth as images of Wendy scrolled through my mind; those full firm breasts pushing into my face, her smirking lips opening to suck on my cock, her nipples engorged as I suck on them, her eyes; god, those big blue eyes willing me to cum for her, to shoot my load over…


I exploded so hard that I shot to my feet with the force, spraying my seed everywhere; all over the carpet, hitting the wall five feet in front of me as ropes of it fired from my poor abused cock. I staggered at the release and then vainly wished I had removed my trousers and underwear as they tripped me over sending me crashing to the floor in a sweating, exhausted heap. I sat there gasping for breath, laughing at my predicament as I looked at my trousers now half hanging off my feet, trailing behind me, cum all over the floor. I had never cum as hard in my life; never felt such an urgent need to cum, never felt such an overwhelming sensation of release. Then the reality of what I had been thinking hit me.


What the hell was happening to me? This was wrong; wrong, wrong, wrong! Its sick I told myself; sick, twisted, disgusting, sordid, base, perverse, repugnant, nauseating, revolting. So many terms for my own self-loathing slammed through my brain but as try as I might one thought kept silencing all the others; it felt so fucking good, so right, so perfect… My little sister was so perfect, so beautiful and so sexy all of a sudden. I struggled with my trousers and underpants, eventually pulling them off my legs and throwing them into the corner of the room. I couldn’t wear them now, they were covered with the cum that had landed on the carpet earlier.

I grabbed the box that Wendy had bought me and pulled a pair out; they were boxers, the kind that gripped and presented you for inspection, not the usual briefs I would wear. I looked at the picture on the box where some over preened pretty boy stood supposedly smouldering at me as he posed thrusting forward, the picture in reality designed to lure your woman to buy the overpriced cock containers for you on the unrealistic promise of turning you into super hunk overnight. Yeah right! I was laughing at that thought but took them with me to the bathroom, surreptitiously sneaking along the landing, naked from the waist down so I could clean myself up.

Once I was happy that my washing had left no evidence of the personal pleasure I had enjoyed I slipped the clinging cotton onto me, adjusting myself into place and looked in the mirror on the back of the door. I was amazed at what I saw. Good god; they gripped, they moulded, they lifted, I looked huge. I immediately decided I would go and buy some, no loads of them when the shops reopened and throw all my old ones out. I must remember to thank Wendy properly for these I thought as I opened the door and walked out to go to my room again. Just them my parents’ door opened and my mum walked out looking slightly dishevelled and grinning furtively to herself. Now, while it was nothing unusual for me to be wandering along in my old undies when cevizli escort she saw me she did a double take and a huge smile spread across her face.

“Oh my god, I’ve got to get your dad some of those, they look worth every penny!” She grinned as she looked straight at my bulge before smiling at me again. “See your sister was being very good to you, I told you so.” With that she slipped past me into the bathroom and closed the door.

“Thanks mum… I think?” I sort of half answered, half stammered in embarrassment and for the umpteenth time that day turned red. Good god, my mum had just checked out my package for the second time today, what in hells name is going on? Still she was impressed, that made me feel good. I wandered bemused into my bedroom and sat down, trying to get a grip on myself – NO, not like that, God you people always assume the worst! I opened my wardrobe and pulled a pair of jeans out that just happened to be the tightest ones I owned but I wasn’t really paying attention until I slipped them on and realised just how controlling and moulding the boxers were.

I noticed myself in the mirror again, even in the jeans I looked huge, good god these things were good. I felt very happy all of a sudden, very controlled, in charge. I started thinking rationally at last; it almost seemed that having my cock encased in its tight cotton gaol had put it under control in every way possible, not to mention the obscenely immoral carnal desires that I felt for my beautiful little sister. Nothing will happen with Wendy, I am not like that, I don’t want to feel like that, she can have a look later if that what’s she still wants, I may even still look at her but that will be all. I am not an animal, I want love and romance not lust; I want to make it special. And do you know what? At that precise moment in time I genuinely believed it!

Buoyed by my self-control I went down and sat on the kids’ sofa in the front room, the first to appear after our siesta and switched on the telly, rifling through the channels before settling on some old movie that seemed vaguely familiar. A while later mum and dad came in, looking as rested as two marathon runners who had just finished their race; dishevelled, hair all out of place and was that mums lipstick smeared off her lips slightly and on dad’s neck? She looked at me sheepishly, realising their appearance made it evident but smiling happily to herself. With a little shrug and a nod to agree my obvious suspicions she sat down on the other sofa, dad sliding himself next to her, wrapping his arm around her in one fluid, well-practiced movement. She giggled, well that was the last confirmation and I smiled over at them both then motioned to mum and pointed at my lips and then my neck.

“You need a little wipe there mum, and dad there.” Dad looked at mum and laughed, then wiped his finger around her lips before she licked her finger and stroked his neck wiping away the evidence. As they were doing this Wendy walked in and looked at them and shook her head then laughed.

“You would think after all these years you two would have calmed it down.” Laughing she just threw herself down next to me landing half on me and half on the cushion then laughed again as she at first wiggled on my lap before settling properly next to me. “Oooh, sorry BIG brother,” she giggled while looking straight into my eyes with hers as she emphasised the word big. I heard mum giggle at that, making dad look at her before he too fell in and gave a smile as mum kissed him lightly on the mouth. With the new control felt I decided to ignore her flirtatiousness, but when she saw mum kissing dad she looked back up at me. “That looks nice.” I looked at her enquiringly. “This.” That was all she said then lent up and kissed my lips before taking my arm and wrapping it around her. “There, now we are just like mum and dad.” I sat dead still; as much as I enjoyed being this close to my sister, today was getting far too weird. Mum and dad just looked over at us, smiled and settled down to watch the telly.

The film finished and Wendy wriggled against me. “What’s on now Peetie?” I was just about to switch the channels to see when a voice announced that a wonderful life would be on after the news and she squealed gleefully. “I love that one, can we watch it mum pleeeeease?” What now, the little girly voice she hadn’t used for years as well, what is going on? I shot a look at our parents hoping they would say no but they agreed readily and then mum said she was going to make a few snacks with some leftovers for when we were watching it, motioning for dad to follow her to help. I sat still, looking down at my sister as her head rested on my chest; this wasn’t so bad I thought, just like…

“When we were younger Peetie isn’t it?” Wendy had finished my sentence. What the fuck, now she was reading my thoughts as well? She looked at my shocked face and smiled, it was a warm, soft smile. “We should never have stopped doing this, it’s so nice.” I heard a soft sigh escape her mouth as I nodded in agreement; I never realised how much I had been missing this closeness with my sister until today. She took her hand and rested it on my lap, giving my thigh a gentle squeeze. I froze; it tingled, sending a shock straight to my cock that made it jump.

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