Menaka, Yet Another Saga

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Angela White

Raman Nair sat in his easy chair reading a novel. A slight sound made him look up and he looked right into the eyes of his daughter in law, Menaka. She stood at the doorway, hands on her hips smiling at him. She wore a tight blue jeans and a tight pink tops that hugged her body and being soft material outlined her black lace bra. The low neck of the tops showed the bulge of her breasts forming and the breasts themselves were thrusting forward invitingly. Nair gasped at her, mouth open wide. She laughed at his shock and walked towards him.

Mesmerised by her luscious beauty he sat there gazing at her and her breasts bouncing, hips swaying as she walked. Reaching him she took his face in her slender hands and pulled it to her breasts and held it there, letting him cherish the softness and the heaving of her breasts. She knew she was turning him on and knew he was hirs to do as she pleased.

“I am going for shopping now, uncle and will be back in about two hours, I need you tonight and it will be my way, so come to me, okay?”

With an effort he pulled his face away from her and said, “ Are you going out, dressed like this?”

“No uncle, I have a vest coat handy and it will hide my breasts, don’t you worry, none.” She giggled.

“Oh, okay,” Nair stammered in his excitement.

“Uncle, do you like me in this dress,”

“Love you kiddo, you are gorgeous,”

“Will you come to me tonight and let me love you?”

“Of course I will kiddo, I am all yours,”

“Uncle, you are a darling,” she bent down and pecked lightly on his lips and then turned and walked away. He watched her swaying butts and sighed. She had him in her grips, he realised and wondered if he had done wrong, fucking her in the first place. It was fun and he thought he had bided his time and caught her unawares then. But actually she had baited him and taken him to be hers for keeps, he realised.

Her cool request that was really an order confirmed his total surrender to her and he was not sure of his own feelings, pleased or angry. Suddenly he got up and went to the window just as she walked out the house. She wore a vest coat on top of the flimsy tops and coyly got into the car and drove away.

Nair had a hard on seeing her in that sexy dress and the night that promised more of this cute young woman who is his daughter in law. He went back to his reading, sighing deeply.


Lakshmi, his wife went to bed early and was a heavy sleeper. He waited till she was fast asleep and then sneaked into Menaka’s bedroom. He did not bother to knock as she was expecting him and also since the door was not locked inside. Menaka lay in her bed with a transparent gown on, which hardly came up to her knees and her long legs looked smooth and inviting. She smiled at him and got off the bed when he entered.

“You are right on time, uncle darling,” She cooed. Nair felt his cock growing hard under his shorts seeing her in her sexy gown. He felt his mouth dry and could not reply. She came to him and began to un button his shirt.

“You look great uncle, and today I am going to show you how much I want you,” As the shirt opened, she caressed his bulging chest feeling his nipples as they hardened at her touch. She looked up and smiled at him. Bending lightly she kissed one of his nipples and he groaned. As she removed his shirt she sucked his nipple, flicking her tongue over it, her hot breathe firing his already simmering lust.

Her fingers moved sensually over his chest tracing lines that heated him up more and more. She looked up at his face and saw he was enjoying himself and had closed his eyes in ecstasy. She un zipped his shorts and pulled it down releasing his hard throbbing cock from its hide out. Still licking his bare hot flesh, she sank to her knees and took his cock in her hands lovingly. Moving her hands on his cock sensually she began to stroke him, her tongue licking the slit in the cock head tasting his precum. He groaned with pleasure and clutched her head with both hands.

Holding his cock with one hand, she took his balls in the other as if weighing it and gently squeezed it. His groan was louder now and he pulled her head towards him wanting her to take his cock in her mouth. She let the cock slip on to the side of her face and looked up at him. Nair looked down at her, disappointed she did not take his cock into her mouth. Smiling at him she got to her feet and led him to the bed.

“Lie down my hungry uncle, I will feed you my nectar,” she cooed and pushed him on to the bed making him lay there comfortably on his back. His rock hard cock stood erect throbbing and he winced in half pain and half pleasure. Sensually she pulled her gown over her head and thrust her breasts at him teasingly. As he lifted his face to suck her now hardened nipples, she pulled away giggling and said, “ Not so fast uncle, I got other things to do before you can even touch my breasts,” She pushed his hands that tried to catch her and stood away ataköy escort watching him, lying there naked with his cock in attention throbbing, Precum oozed from the slit.

She stood before him and cupping her breasts began to squeeze them sensually, pinching the nipples moaning and licking her lips.

“Come here bitch, let me do that for you,” he hissed at her. She only moaned and continued swaying her hips lustily, arching her back, so he could see her juices flowing down her thighs from her cunt.

“Not so fast, uncle darling this is my night,” she told him softly and climbed onto the bed and sat on his chest with her back to her face. His hands circled around her hips hungrily. She let him pull her waist towards him and bending down, placed her knees on either side of him, so she can comfortably move. Then she pushed her ass towards his face and took his cock in her hands. She wriggled her waist around until her cunt lips touched his mouth and then took his cock head into her mouth, running her tongue around it. Nair pulled her closer to him so he could kiss her cunt lips and let his tongue move into her juicy cunt.

Menaka began to suck him slowly, gyrating her hips so his tongue touched all the sides of her cunt lips and especially her now erect clit. Her wet mouth on his cock working up and down was too much for him and to hide his groans, Nair was now lapping her juices up as his tongue kept flicking at her erect clit, forcing her up the hill. He felt her cunt lips contract against his tongue and then the flood hit him as she pushed her cunt down onto his face sucking him all the time.

He gripped her ass cheeks hard with both his hands and gently massaging let his middle finger move into her wet cunt, lubricating his finger. He then moved the finger between her crack and searched for that tight little hole. Finding her ass hole, he pushed his finger hard into it. Menaka yelped in pain but pushed her ass down to let the finger slide in. She sucked on his cock harder as he began to finger fuck her ass hole. Menaka felt another orgasm building inside her and bucking her hips on his face, once more let loose, her juices now flooding past his mouth and running down his face.

Nair kept lapping at her cunt and finger fucked her ass hole as fast and as hard as he could, forcing her into another orgasm. Nair’s finger and tongue were playing havoc in her cunt and ass hole and in her excitement, Menaka pulled his legs close to her face as she sucked him, her fingernails digging deep into his ass cheeks. His strong legs against her cheeks further added to her heat and crying with pleasure she let one of her fingers find his ass crack. She lovingly traced his ass crack to his balls and then back touching his ass hole and gently poking her finger into it.

To her surprise, it opened up as if inviting her finger into it and slowly she inserted her finger into the hole.It was tight against her finger but her finger slid in easily enough and as her orgasm build inside her she moved her finger in and out of his ass hole loving the feeling. Unable to hold her release any longer she let go and began to cum furiously. Menaka’s finger inside his ass hole made him groan louder in pleasure and only her cunt on his mouth held the sound back. At the same time his balls began to swell and he too let his sperm spurt into her mouth. She could not take all the cum he was spurting and half of it ran down to his balls and legs. Nair let his finger slide out of her ass hole as he felt her spasm subside and he pulled his face away breathing hard.

Menaka, let go of his cock and still holding it against her cheeks lay her head on his legs and gasped for breathe, sweat pouring down her face. For a long time they lay there, Nair regaining his breath and cherishing her soft naked skin on his and Menaka, loving his hard torso against her and his cock now limp in her hands. When at last she felt normal she kissed his balls lovingly and slowly slid down and turn to lay by his side, her head leaning on his massive chest.

Nair put his hand around her and held her close to him as if thanking her for the sweet time she had given him.

“You are a real bitch, aren’t you?” He said affectionately caressing her hair.

“Don’t you like my bitching, uncle,” she cooed in return and they laughed together.


For a while they lay there just enjoying the feel of each other and then Menaka’s hands moved to his cock once again and began to stroke it.


“Yes Kiddo,”

“How old is aunty?”

“Thirty-nine, Kiddo running forty, why?”

“She is beautiful and has a lovely body, so trim,”

“Yeah, she is very conscious of her looks and works hard to keep in shape,”

“Uncle, does not she let you fuck her? Why are you so sex starved with such a beautiful wife?”

“Oh that, she is a very passionate woman, Kiddo and we have had a lot of fun together,”

“Then avcılar escort why are you still sex starved?”

“Last year she had a nerves breakdown, the doctor advised not to have sex for a year, of course the year is over but to be on the safe side we decided to give it a few months more,”

“Oh, is she alright now?”

“Of course she is perfectly alright now kiddo,”

“What she would say if she knew about us, she is so sweet to me” Menaka sounded anxious.

As they talked, Menaka kept stroking him and loved the way it grew hard and long in her hands. Nair for his part was rubbing her back and caressing her tickling breasts and her flat smooth stomach. Both of them were getting aroused once again for a second session.

Nair laughed at hearing this and said, “Kid, do you think she is so naive, she does not know about us?”

“But Uncle,”

“No buts Kiddo, she knows alright but playing possum. She knows what a sex loving man I am and being a passionate woman herself understands my need and may be yours too,”

“You mean she is leaving us alone knowing what we are upto?”

“Yeah, that is my guess, but we have not discussed this as yet, you see she was against the Idea of our son, Rajesh marry you when he could not take you with him to Saudi Arabia. At the same time you are the kind of girl she always wanted for a daughter in law and that is the reason why she consented to this marriage,”

“I do not understand, uncle”

“She had her dream of a girl for our son, you fit her requirements perfectly, looks, education, social status everything,”

“And here I am cheating on her son and fucking her husband,”

Nair laughed,” Look Kiddo, don’t you feel guilty. When Rajesh left for Saudi, I said we will send you back to your parents so you will be more free. But Lakshmi would not have it, she wanted you here, knowing I had my eyes on you,”

“You mean she deliberately made me stay here, so you can fuck me?”

“That is the way I figure her, Kiddo. She is not only a loving wife but an understanding one too,”

Not letting her talk further he pulled her on top of him, his hands around her and massaged her back. Menaka pressed her lips to his and kissed him deeply, there tongues entwining and her hands holding his head tight. They kissed for long, their bodies moving against each other, each loving the feel of the others naked skin on them. She then pulled her mouth away from him and smiled at him, “ This is my night uncle and I do the loving, okay?”

She moved her ass back on him and now sat on his legs his cock inches from her cunt. He cupped her breasts and began to squeeze them, two fingers clutching and tweaking her nipples. She moaned in pleasure and bend forward making it easy for him her hands taking his cock and stroking them slowly. It was hard as a rock in her hands and lifting her waist she let the tip of the cock touch her cunt lips. She rubbed the cock head against her outer lips moaning and whimpering as his hands became rough and hard on her breasts.

Hot juice began to flow from her cunt onto his cock head and unable to hold back any longer, she pushed the cock head into her cunt. As if waiting for it, Nair pushed his hips up letting half his cock bury into her juicy cunt. She now sat hard on his cock, taking it all the way inside her, her hands on his nipples. She pinched his nipples as she grinded her cunt on his cock, making him groan in pleasure. She grinded a while and then gripping his hips for balance began to ride him, pulling her body up and then sitting on him hard, slowly at first and adding speed as he pushed himself up at her, every time she sat hard on him.

He was groaning and she was moaning. His hands were hard on her breasts almost hurting her. She felt no pain as her concentration was on his cock moving in and out of her now slippery cunt, touching her throbbing clit every time she sat hard. Both were sweating and after a while Menaka was panting for breathe and slackened her speed.

Nair’s hands went around her hips and pulling her close to him, turned her about so she lay on her back and then climbed on top of her and holding her down with his hands cupping her breasts began to fuck her hard. She humped her waist up to his every thrust and cried as pleasure was building deep down in the pit of her stomach, moving towards her groin. She started crying in pleasure and as the orgasm soared high and exploded she screamed, unable to bear the extreme pleasure surging through her whole body. She writhed under him and then went limp in exhaustion gasping for breathe. Nair stopped pumping into her and relaxed his hold on her breasts letting her rest up.

Slowly he pulled his cock out of her slippery cunt and lay by her side, pulling her close to his sweating body. He was still hard and his hardness lay against her stomach tingling her soft skin. Nair waited till she was breathing normal and then let his hand slide avrupa yakası escort into her juicy cunt, wetting his finger. He then moved his cum soaked finger to her back door and traced the round opening gently. Menaka squealed as his finger touched her ass hole and then realising what he is upto and relaxed. Very slowly Nair let his cum soaked finger enter her tight ass hole a little. He then stopped letting her get used to the feeling and once he felt her muscles relax pushed his finger a little at a time until it was deep inside her.

Menaka felt the finger invade her ass hole and relaxed so the hole will open to his push. Her hands pulled him closer to her tingling breasts almost buried in his chest, his cock against her stomach feeling sweet. She kissed and then bit his shoulder, her tongue even licking his ear lobe. Once Nair was sure she is relaxed and the ass hole opened easily, pulled his finger out and inserting it into her juicy cunt once more to soak it with her cum, re entered her ass hole lubricating it. He repeated this several times and every time his fingers twisted inside her ass hole opening it wider and wider.

When he felt her ass hole was wide enough for his cock to enter, He turned her roughly on her stomach, pulled back her legs so her ass was up. Kneeling behind her comfortably he let his cock tip touch her open ass hole. Menaka whimpered at the touch of his cock head on her virgin ass hole, tried to push back to take his cock head inside her. Nair held her firm by her hips and kept teasing her, the cock tip touching the hole as if entering and then pulling it back. Unable to bear the suspense, Menaka whispered, “Oh Uncle, please fuck me, in there,”

“Where kiddo?”

“In my ass hole,”

“Sure you want it kiddo, it is tight and will be a little painful,”

“To hell with the pain, just fuck my ass hole, please uncle,”

“Alright kiddo, you asked for it,” So saying he pushed his cock head into her tight hole. Menaka gasped at the thrust but held back the cry that came to her mouth. Nair knew her ass hole was virgin and too tight for his big cock and so he was easy as he slid the cock slowly into her a fraction of an inch at a time. He waited for her to cry out in pain but it did not come. He pushed ever so gently until he was buried inside her ass hole to the hilt. He stayed immobile to let her get used to the feeling and her ass hole to relax. When he felt her completely relaxed and no cry of pain came from her mouth, her pulled his cock a little out and then slammed it in, this time evoking a cry from her.

Little by little he increased the length he pulled and every time he thrust his cock hard letting his balls slam against her ass cheeks. Her cry of pain did not stop him anymore for he knew the pain will be short lived and soon she will cry in pleasure. His hands holding down her hips, he began to pump hard into her ass hole, every thrust hard and deep, increasing the speed with every thrust. Menaka was crying out at first and then began to moan and whimper as the pain turned to pleasure and began to grind her hips against him as his cock went in and out of her ass hole. As if it was his cue Nair began to fuck her hard and fast, pulling his cock almost out and then thrusting as hard as he could.

He was now excited himself and began to shout at every thrust, “Take it slut, take it and like it,”

“Yes uncle, fuck me hard,”

Suddenly she stopped grinding as the spasm of her first orgasm from the ass fuck caught her and then she screamed and writhed, her cum flowing down her legs. Nair felt his own balls swelling and fucking hard and fast let go of himself calling her names as he spurted his cum deep into her ass hole and filling her. When he was finished and his cock slid out of her ass hole limp, he lay right there gasping for breathe. Menaka was also gasping for breathe and lay there her breasts heaving up and down.

Later when both of them had regained their strength, Menaka pulled his head to her breasts and holding it fondly against her said, “Uncle you are a great lover and a sweet heart,”

“Great lover or fucker, kiddo,” He teased.

“Only a great lover can fuck this great, uncle,” she returned.

“Know some thing, uncle,”

“What, my sexy daughter in law?”

“Usually it is the women who asked their lover for something or the other when the man has his cock buried inside her, but I am different, Uncle,”

“How so kiddo?”

“Now that you have fucked my cunt and my ass hole, you can ask me anything and I will give it to you,” Menaka smiled fondly pulling his face to look into his eyes.

“Really, kiddo, you mean it?”

“Every word, uncle darling,” she crooned.

“Will you bear a child for me?” Nair was teasing actually.

“Just what I want uncle, I will bear you as many children as you want,”

Nair looked into her eyes and knew she was serious. He pulled her close to him and hugging her close to his chest, said almost croaking, “ Baby, you are the most wonderful daughter in law any man can have,”

“Is that all uncle darling? Am I not the most wonderful slut as well?” she teased smiling.

The End

Copyright © 12/18/2003 Prince Charming

That is it folks for the day. If you like it, more of this story I will dish out.

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