Melody’s Way Ch. 02

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Thank you Allaboutne for your help.


*** Flashback to Late Spring of Senior Year in high school – Chapter 2 takes place roughly 6 months before Chapter 1***

DC sat staring at the Melody’s back. They had been in classes together since preschool. They lived a few houses apart and had been best friends as toddlers but now they never even spoke. He had had a crush on her back then and still did now.

He had always thought she was cute and felt a certain attraction to her. Now that they were seniors she had developed into an ultra-hot babe and the attraction was stronger than ever. The way her narrow waist flared out to her perfect, round little ass was painfully beautiful.

DC didn’t know what makes some people cool and others dorks. Even If he did, he have a feeling he would still be a member of the dork club. It’s not like he’s ugly, maybe tall and a little gawky, but so are some of the athletes. Sure, he’s smarter than average, then so are some of the popular kids. He might figure it must be something to do with his social skills, but he got along very well in his outcast clique.

The only reason why any of this mattered to him was the fact that it kept him from dating girls like Melody. Correction, it kept him from dating Melody. There were other pretty girls, but for some reason he had always been drawn to her. Unfortunately, she would not even acknowledge his existence these days.

His plan was to try to reset his life in college. His fear is that he would still be on the same rung of the social ladder when he got there.

While he sat in class, he concentrated Melody’s tight lithe body one row up and one seat to the left, wishing for some kind of opportunity to reconnect with her.

The shove came from DC’s blind side. He had no chance to brace himself or resist the force that pushed him from his seat. He was going to land nose first on the tile when he instinctively reached out his hands towards Melody’s desk to try and save himself. His mind panicked, this was going to hurt if he couldn’t catch himself. DC closed his eyes and prayed he didn’t break his nose.

DC’s hand miraculously reached her desk. His fingers brushed Melody’s elbow as he caught himself. He felt an electric spark, a rush of heat, an odd taste of iron in his mouth. Melody squirmed in her chair and quickly looked over her shoulder; she locked eyes with him for an instant while he hung suspended from her desk.

DC felt a sense of her being. Everything about her mood and emotions. Time froze and created an instant that lasted an eternity. It was like looking into the sun everything else in the world was washed away by her blinding presence in his mind.

Then, after the eternal instant, it was over.

He was in class again and everyone was turning to look at him. He righted himself into his seat as the chorus of snickers started in the class.

“Is there a problem?” Mr. Thorpe asked.

“Sorry, I dropped something.” DC responded to the teacher.

Mr. Thorpe shook his head obviously not believing DC. He was a nice teacher who tried to protect students from bullying. DC knew that it would be more embarrassing to cry for help so he mumbled, “Sorry.” again and Mr. Thorpe turned back to the board.

“Sorry Melody.” DC said softly.

She whispered, “It’s okay.” then she turned her eyes on Sean, the idiot who had shoved him. The ‘I-am-going-to kill-you’ look Melody was giving Sean, foretold of worse punishment than the teacher could ever mete out. DC guessed that she was going to make him pay in some socially painful way.

As she re-settled into her seat, he couldn’t help but wonder at the sensation he had felt. DC sat there until the end of class unsuccessfully trying to come up with a plan to touch Melody again without being a creep, to see if he could recreate the moment when he was in her mind.

Melody kept looking at him over her shoulder. He was unsure how to read the stony expression behind her eyes.

Melody wanted to know what the hell had just happened. She didn’t have anything against DC. He was always nice to her. She thought he was probably nicer to her than she deserved considering how she treated him over the past decade. He was a sweet guy. She wished he could figure out how to not be a massive dork all the time, stop dressing like a slovenly geek, and try to fix his wild hair. Afterall, he couldn’t be ugly if he tried.

‘That was fucking weird.’ She thought to herself. ‘Did he do that? Did I?’

His soul had bared to her. She had seen it all. His attraction, his need. The worst part was that she had felt his need as though it was her own. She had never experienced that type of wanting. To give in to panting lust that strong would be a rush, she thought.

She had known he had a crush, that’s why she avoided him. She avoided ever offering anything that might lead him on, but his attraction ran way deeper than that. She wanted to think it was creepy, but there was something sweet and pure in what she saw.

Maybe she should cebeci escort talk to him. She could give him a chance, let him ask her out, see where it went.

She violently shook off that thought. She told herself there was no way they could go out.

She tried to ignore it but the lustful need lingered in the back of her mind.


Life went on as normal for a few days after their little incident. He tried to talk to her a couple times but she was not interested. She also made sure they didn’t touch.

He casually bumped into a few other people but no one ‘linked’ with him as Melody had. He wanted to know if they could touch minds again or of it was a onetime thing, or if he had only experienced a strange hallucination.

One day on the walk home he noticed her ahead of him, she lived a few houses over from him so it was normal to see her. He sped to catch up to her. She was wearing the tightest jeans DC had ever seen and a white button-up shirt with the tail untucked and covering her butt. Just a hint of the perfect globes of her pert ass peeked out below.

“Hey, Melody.” He called out as he caught up.

She stopped and turned. “What?” She clipped at him terse and short. At the short distance his sense of her irritated emotion was so strong it pushed him on his heels. There was definitely a connection to her mind taking place.

He hadn’t thought of anything to say, so he stood flat footed and dumb for a moment before she turned away and left him in her wake, the wooden soles of her wedge shoes making clip-pity-clop sounds like a trotting horse.

Since their ‘moment’ she had been arguing with herself about what to do with him. She had come to the point she was angry. Angry at herself for being a shallow, selfish bitch, angry at him for making her feel that way, and angry at the world for being unfair. Now he was pissing her off because he was making her feel guilty. Why was he so damn nice? It just made her feel guiltier. Damn him for being so good to her. His kind demeanor radiated to her senses ceaselessly along with that lustful feeling he always had.

“Melody, hold on a minute.” He called, but rather than slowing from her trot she increased to a canter.

He reached for her arm to get her attention. The moment they physically touched their minds short-circuited. His calm personality along with his desire pushed to her over the link, she attempted to resist but it flowed like water into her. There were no longer any barriers blocking his mind from hers. An overwhelming need to be nice to him surged into her as they locked eyes and her pupils dilated, hiding nearly all of her gold flecked green irises. She looked at him for what seemed like the first time. The two way flow between them was intense. Her mind was a tempest of confusion and odd nerves.

Her touch soothed his soul. His touch set hers on fire.

“Let me walk with you.” He said. “We need to talk.”

“Okay.” She said weakly as she nodded. He could feel her self-loathing anger. She asked, “What do you want Doogie?”

He hated that nickname that the ‘in crowd’ had bestowed on him.

“Don’t call me that. My name is Douglas, but my friends call me DC.” He reminded her. He took his hand off of her arm and immediately felt her peevish attitude sliding back into place.

“Whatever Douglas”

“I’d rather you called me DC.” He desperately wished she would be nice to him. “You gave me that nickname.” He pointed out.

Yes, according to their parents she had difficulty saying Douglas at age 3 and had renamed him to something she liked better. More evidence of her being a horrible person for ignoring him.

She waved her hand down the sidewalk dramatically offering to walk with him.

‘Fuck,’ she thought, ‘I didn’t imagine it. We are connected. Why him? Why is he the one?’ She wondered what it meant. She didn’t like the implications. She knew it was just him that had this connection with her. She had been testing if she had connections to others as well. “Shit” she muttered to herself. ‘At least he’s not a moron.’ she allowed.

They didn’t talk as we walked. He really wanted to find out if she felt the connection the same way he did, but how do you ask about something that crazy. They walked right past his house on the way to hers. When they got to the path that led to her front door she was actually reluctant to stop. They stood looking at each other with DC wondering what to do next. He knew that he needed to close out the moment they had just shared. A hug seemed too much too soon.

By the end of the walk she conceded to herself that he was a good person at least. Maybe they could be friends again.

Melody decided to be merciful to DC so she bailed him out from his awkwardness. “Thank you for walking me home. I think it was just what I needed.”

Temporarily forgetting what happened when they touched, she playfully slapped his arm with the back of her hand. His presence, that was murky when they stood near, blazed into her mind cebeci escort bayan for an instant. It left a stamp on her mind, like the after image of a bright light. Again she felt his wanting as though it was her own. She stole away an extra strong dose of his feeling of desire and lust that had been building in him as they walked together. It reinforced the desire he had left her with from before.

She suppressed the wanting need that erupted in her belly and said, “Don’t be a stranger.” She walked away fighting the urge to throw herself bodily at him.

‘Holy crap!’ He thought to himself, ‘that was awesome!’ He pumped his arm.

He heard Melody giggle as she looked over her shoulder at him as she walked away.

‘That was kind of cute, in a dorky way.’ She thought. ‘Maybe I could give him a chance?’


The next day DC wanted to repeat the same walk.

He saw her and began to approach. She was wearing a blue sun dress and sandals today. Her bare legs were a magnet for his eyes. He was mesmerized by her slender thighs that he could only see a few inches of. He tried to imagine what the rest of the naked flesh of her legs looked like. Her knickers were only a flip of her dress away. He imagined what it would be like to lick her pussy. He had watched lots of porn, but what would it taste like, feel like? Based on the videos, he pictured what her pussy would look like. He guessed a girl like her would have some public hair.

Melody had spent a sleepless night stewing over DC. The lust she had carried home from DC had caused her to masturbate three times. About him. It bothered her to no end. She was pissed off and agitated all night. Now she was tired and mad. At this point, she wanted nothing to do with him.

When he approached during their walk home, she tried to let him down hard, “Look, just because we had a nice walk yesterday does not mean I want to be friends.”

Her acting like a bitch made it easier for him to act like a dick without feeling guilty about it. He grabbed her hand and bridged their minds together. He spent the walk wandering around her mind figuring out the lay of the land. He couldn’t read her thoughts, but while they touched he could feel her emotions clearly.

Touching her soothed his desires and pent up sexual frustrations. It was like she took away his ache.

He really wanted her to like him back. Maybe he could use this crazy link to mind control her into liking him.

When we got to her house he let go of her hand and she immediately broke out into a run for her front door. He could hear her crying.

DC felt horrible. Even though she was a bitch, he did not feel like he should be cruel.

She ran straight to her room and dove onto her bed.

“God damn him and his fucking hormones!” she sobbed to herself. He had made her horny again. Really horny this time. She had wanted to drag him with her to her bedroom.

Her hands absently ran up her thighs pulling the hem of her dress up with them. She didn’t even consider what she was doing until her thumbs hooked in the sides of her panties.

She imagined it was DC sliding off her underwear. In her mind, his head was between her thighs, licking. Her fingers rubbed small circles teasing her clit. She was already dripping wet.

She closed her eyes and teased her pussy. Her fingers combed her long public hair. She had not really groomed her pussy for reasons other than not having the hair show when she wore a bathing suit. She thought that DC would like it if she trimmed it short and shaved the lips. He could lick her better that way. She played with her wet opening and moved some of the moisture up to her clit.

Melody had never been this engaged in erotic fantasy in her life. She wanted him to eat her so bad. She pushed two fingers in while her other hand stayed on her clit.

Fuck, it wasn’t enough. She stood and shucked the rest of her clothes. She grabbed her favorite hair brush and fell back to her bed.

She rubbed the ridged gel handle of the brush across her folds and teased her nipples with her other hand. She imagined the brush handle was DC’s tongue. For five minutes she toyed with herself ever increasing her level of pleasure.

When she sensed she was close, she vigorously shook the handle on her clit and pinched and pulled at her nipple hard. Her whole body clenched as her orgasm blossomed. Her body curled forward as her muscles locked. She could not breath or move. Her left leg went into sewing machine spasms and her hands went numb. She fell over into a fetal position as her climax released her.

“Fuck, that was great.” she said as she attempted to regain her breathe. She idly played with her nipples as the fire of need began to ignite again. “Shit, I need more.”

She wobbled out of bed on rubbery legs and saw herself in her vanity mirror. Her entire body was red and blotchy. She had a sheen of sweat on her skin and her hair was a tangled mess. She could see the moisture running down the insides escort cebeci of her thighs. She looked at her bushy mons and thought that DC would want her to trim it short. Melody wanted it to look right for him despite the fact she had no intention of him seeing her naked. She walked toward the bathroom planning on grooming herself.

The lust still burned in her. She strummed her pussy as she walked pretending that she was about to have shower sex with DC. In her mind his 6 foot 2 tall lean body was walking naked with her. She loved his height. She wanted his pubic hair shaved too for when she sucked him.

“Oh god, what’s wrong with me.” she thought.

After having an extended date with the massaging spray of her shower nozzle she took care of the hair.


Melody delayed leaving school hoping to miss DC. She wanted a chance to clear her mind. He had clouded every thought she had. The feel of her panties sliding against her trimmed pubic hair with every step a constant reminder of how much she had wanted him.

As she left he was waiting for her. She stopped and looked at him.

He could not read her face. He would let her decide if she wanted to be around him.

DC turned and started to walk, Melody fell in beside him.

“Are you okay?” he asked.


“Are we okay?” he asked again.

“Yeah.” She laughed to herself. Better than okay. She had cum harder than ever before in her life last night. His stupid boy hormones had made her more wet and horny than she thought she could be.

Due to his inability to not be awkward, she attempted small talk, “Douglas, are you ready for the calculus test?”

“Yes, you?”

“Yes. It’s not as hard as people say.”

“It’s the algebra that trips people up.”


“The students having a hard time are struggling because they aren’t good at the algebra. You are really good at algebra.”

“Oh.” she turned her head to look at him, “How do you know that?”

DC looked down.

She demanded, “Well, out with it.”

“Sometimes, I watch you in class.” They both knew that when he said sometimes he meant always.


“You are very smart, even though you try to play dumb.”

“Play dumb! I do not.”

“When the teacher calls on you, sometimes you pretend to not know the answer, but I can tell you really do. Mr. Thorpe can tell too.”

She sneered, “Maybe some of us aren’t brainiacs like you.”

“I’m not that smart. Besides, you are as smart as me.”

She smiled sinisterly, “Did you just called me dumb.”


“Yes you did. You just said you are not smart and that I was as smart as you. Therefore by extension you are saying I am not smart.”

“Spoken like a true nerd.” He hit back.

She laughed, “I may not be stupid, but I am not a nerd.”

“On the outside you might not be a nerd like me, but deep inside there is a nerd trying to get out.”

She kicked him with the side of her foot. ‘Smart enough to avoid skin contact.’ she told herself.

“Violence is a desperate act you always fall back on when you know you are wrong.” he said.

“Way to sweet talk a girl, dork.”

“And meanness. You were the same when you were 5 years old.”

“Now you are saying I’m like a 5 year old.” she pretended to be mad but was overcome by giggles.

She almost looped her hands around his elbow but stopped short. She said, “Sometimes I miss how we used to be friends.”

“We could be friends again.”

“Sure. But could we be that close again?”

“Of course.”

“After I treated you like dirt for the past 12 years?”

“You ignored me. It’s not like you were one of the bullies actually making me eat dirt. We can start over.”

“But could you ever really trust me? I should have been there for you, stopped the bullies.”

“I should have fought them, maybe punch them in the nose. Then you wouldn’t have needed to step in. It’s not all on you. If I could do things over-“

“If we could do thing over.” she corrected.

“Maybe we can start over.”


They had arrived at her house. She considered touching him so that she could steal a taste of his libido. Last night had been pretty good. He didn’t know it, but he had rocked her world even though he had not been in the room.

“I’ll see you tomorrow”, he said and he walked away.

“Tomorrow.” she replied disappointed. She had missed her opportunity to supercharge her sex drive. Unless she chased after him, as she’d have to wait until tomorrow to touch him. She wanted that orgasm he had made possible, that only he could make possible.

She was going to need to start grooming him so they could date in the future.


The next day DC had been delayed from leaving school a few minutes. Melody was sitting on the low wall in front of the school. As he approached she hopped to her feet and began to walk home. She turned to look back and nodded her head to the side inviting him to join her.

Her profile was beautiful. Her straight hair was pushed behind her ears. DC noticed she had applied dark eyeliner and burgundy lipstick while she had waited. The makeup had not been there in class. She was dressed in all black. She had a tight ribbed sweater and black stretch jeans with knee high boots.

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