Me and My Camera Ch. 03

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After spying on his daughter, both when she was alone and while she was “entertaining” her busty young friend Lois, Peter Green thought he had experienced as much excitement as his surveillance camera could provide.

He had learned a lot about his daughter through the eye of the camera; learned about the secrets hidden under her frumpy clothing and found out that his long-held suspicions about the relationship between Alison and her bosomy buddy Lois were indeed true.

Watching them together wasn’t like a porn movie, in fact it was much better because it was real and not a couple of actresses. The things they did to each other were not scripted but instead highly passionate, and although their bodies did not have anything approaching the silicone and waxed perfection of actresses, they were much more erotic because of their supposed flaws.

After Lois spent that amazing night, Peter thought he had experienced it all, but there was something else coming his way, and it arrived that very next weekend.

Chapter One: Alison’s excited.

“Excited?” I asked when I spoke with my wife at bedtime. “You would never know it from her demeanor.”

“That’s Alison,” Dawn explained. “She’s always very placid about things, but I’m her mother. I can tell about things like that. She’s very excited about Will.”

I was tempted to say that Alison certainly wasn’t placid when her friend Lois had been rimming her ass while slamming a vibrator into her, but of course I didn’t. Things had begun to thaw between the two of us lately and I didn’t want to ruin it.

“I hope the guy is somewhat decent,” I said while I peeked over at my wife undressing.

“Alison is very picky,” my wife said. “I’m sure he’s quite nice. They’re both going to the same college next month, and he got a full scholarship – not for athletics either.”

I winced at that, because I was going to be faced with years of paying for the loan Alison was taking out to pay the pricey tuition at the out-of-state school halfway across the country.

“Well, it isn’t like we could keep them apart anyway,” I added. “She is 18.”

“What do you think about – the other thing?” Dawn asked.

“Ah! The elephant in the middle of the room!” I exclaimed.

What Dawn was referring to was the fact that Alison had mentioned in an casual a fashion as she could, that the gentleman friend she was bringing by to meet us was black. African-American was the term she used, but I’m a little older. Not so old as to use the term Negro, but from an era when we were black and white.

“Well?” Dawn asked.

“What can I say?” I answered honestly. “I never looked at myself as being prejudiced, but when your only daughter drops that on you, it does give you pause to think.”

“We certainly couldn’t say anything,” Dawn correctly noted.

“Of course not. So my answer is that she’s an adult and old enough to make her own decisions. Would I be more comfortable if the guy was white? Probably. You’re always more comfortable with the familiar, but then again when I look at some of the white guys out there I wouldn’t be that choked up about Alison cuddling up with them either.”

“That’s for sure,” Dawn said.

“Who knows, maybe this Will’s parents have the same doubts and feel the same way about his choice of dates too?” I suggested. “So I’m fine with it.”

I didn’t have much choice in the matter, but the topic did make you think about the way you really feel about things. It’s one thing to declare how noble you are about everybody being the same and how we all should be singing Kumbaya and holding hands, and another thing to live it.

“I will tell you one thing,” I told Dawn. “If this guy comes in here with his jeans down to his thighs with a bunch of prison tattoos and using the word ‘motherfucker’ twice in every sentence, all bets are off.”

“Oh, that’s just a stereotype,” Dawn said. “You’ve been watching too many rap videos.”

“I don’t watch rap videos,” I assured her. “I watch the labor gang down at work. “It’s like the Rockettes. Every guy mutlukent escort walks, talks and dresses the same. Multiple motherfucker and know what I’m saying’s in every breath.”

I shivered at the thought of one of those crude guys in the same room as my daughter, but I also shuddered when thinking about any guy with Alison. Since I had discovered that she was a lesbian, her being with a woman seemed much less threatening than being with a guy. After all, I know what men are like.

“Oh!” Dawn said, stopping just as she was getting into bed and turning around to go over to the dresser. “You might get a kick out of this, you old pervert.”

“I sure do like it,” I said as I watched Dawn slip the straps of the nightie off of her shoulders, exposing her full breasts to me.

“Funny. No, look at this.”

Dawn was fiddling with a bra, and as she did I walked over to see if I could be of any assistance. Right away I figured out exactly what she was doing, but I played dumb and let her finish putting on the bra.

“I was putting away the laundry,” Dawn explained as she put on the long-line bra that seemed more like armor than undergarment, and after she finished she stood there with a smile on her face.

“I thought things usually shrunk in the wash,” I said, my hands going over to the bra cups, which were filled with quite a bit of air, with Dawn’s tits cradled somewhere inside the cavernous cups.

“They do, silly,” Dawn said, unhooking the bra and pulling it off. “This was in the wash, and it didn’t look familiar.”

“Is it Alison’s?” I chided, and got a dirty look for my attempt at humor, since Alison didn’t really need a bra at all, much less something along those lines.

“It belongs to Lois, obviously,” Dawn said as she held up the over-sized garment for visual inspection. “She must have forgotten it and it got thrown in the hamper with Alison’s things.”

Something about the way my wife was looking at the bra – almost as if she was in awe of either the garment or infatuated by the size of the breasts that filled the gigantic cups – that triggered something in my memory.

“Well, you did mention about how busty Lois was,” I reminded Dawn, going behind her and putting my arms around her, cupping her breasts gently in my palms. “Seems like you’ve been very interested in Lois’s breasts lately.”

“Don’t be silly.”

“Does Lois remind you of your old college roommate – what was her name?”

“Joan,” Dawn said softly. “No, of course not.”

Dawn had told me long ago about her roommate for a year in college. Joan had been her name, and Dawn had confessed to her one and only lesbian affair that happened with this girl, a young lady who had very large breasts.

“Imagine the three of you,” I said, kneading Dawn’s own rather sizable breasts. You, Joan and Lois together in one room. It would be like a Russ Meyer movie. Three humongous racks!”

“Oh Peter!” Dawn said, acting embarrassed but I wasn’t buying it, and whether she was recalling her relationship with Joan or not I couldn’t say for sure. Could she even been fantasizing about Lois? Hey, that was my fantasy there, I must admit.

“What size is that contraption?” I asked.

“What difference does that make?” Dawn said. “Bra sizes don’t really mean anything.”

“I know,” I told her. “This is just for my own research, and don’t tell me you didn’t look either.”

“Well, I had to,” Dawn protested. “I thought that it was mine at first.”


“40,” Dawn said, and her nipples were now so hard they were burning holes in my palms.

“40?” I asked. “That’s not that much bigger than you.”

“40F,” Dawn said softly.

“F?” I asked. “What in the world is F?”

“This is F” Dawn said, waving the bra before tossing it back on the dresser.

“Well, bigger isn’t always better,” I said, kneading Dawn’s doughy globes while grinding my cock into my wife’s backside. “These are plenty big enough for me.”

We made love, for the first time in a long time, and while it wasn’t tuzla escort the wild and crazy ride it used to be, it was much better than nothing and a lot better than jerking off. Afterward, we cuddled up and rested in each other’s arms.

“Boy, if that’s what comes of us talking about Lois and her breasts, let’s talk about them every night,” I said, trying to figure out a way to show my wife the film of Lois. “You seem to really have a thing for well endowed women.”

“I should never had told you about anything,” Dawn said, suddenly upset. “Not about Joan and not about the brassiere. Nothing.”

Dawn rolled away and I realized I had blown it. There she was, my wife letting in a little bit of her secret side, and I went and made it seem like I was making fun of her. I wasn’t, but the damage had been done, and that turned out to be the last time we made love for quite a while.

Chapter Two: Will comes to dinner.

As it turned out, my fears about Will proved to be groundless. Will Jacobs was well dressed and an absolute gentleman, and if I was going to pick out somebody to be my daughter’s first boyfriend, I couldn’t have done better if I tried.

A good looking guy, even if my tastes are confined to the opposite sex. He was a couple inches shorter than Alison, very slender and like my daughter, seemed to be a bit on the nerdish side. Will’s skin was an rich dark black, in stark contrast to Alison’s ghostly white skin, and while my typical father’s fears about his daughter being with a guy might have been heightened by the forbidden fruit angle, I wasn’t all that concerned.

Besides, they were both so wrapped up in their future studies, sharing a keen interest in environmental sciences, that they probably would spend most of their time cracking the books instead of noodling around with each other.

After dinner, they retreated to Alison’s bedroom, and even left the door ajar for a while. Dawn, still cool towards me, turned in after cleaning up the dinner mess, and I joined her soon afterward. My wife was snoozing in minutes, and I heard Will leaving moments later.

I didn’t fall asleep right away, and after going back out to the kitchen for a snack, went down to see what the camera had caught.

Sure enough, just as I expected the camera caught the two of them at Alison’s computer, pecking away at the keyboard and gesturing at the screen. Fully dressed, although Alison had taken off the sweater she wore to dinner and was dressed in a tank top.

When Alison got up from the chair, I was startled to see that she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath, and without that padded harness the flatness of her chest was quite obvious. Alison didn’t seem to care though, and Will didn’t either.

What was also very obvious, when Alison stretched for a moment, was that the armpits, which last weekend were as hairy as any I had ever seen of either sex, were now as smooth as silk. The absence of hair made Alison look even more slender than before, accentuating the deep recesses of her armpits.

Had she not been shaving before to please Lois? Did she do it for Will? Maybe he asked her to, or even did it himself? Whatever the reason, my Alison was looking more conventional, and while I couldn’t decide whether it was an improvement or not, it wasn’t my call..

I scanned though an hour of two teenagers studying, and was just about to call it a night when I saw my daughter look over at Will, who was crouched over beside her. Then she smiled and reached her hand in the area of his crotch, although from the angle I couldn’t tell for sure.

Alison looked over at the bedroom door and then got up. I was guessing that she went over to close it, because she was soon back near the computer. Alison didn’t sit back down though, but instead knelt in front of Will.

“Oh no,” I heard myself say aloud while watching Alison’s hands go up to undo the young man’s belt, an impish grin on her face as she looked up at her guy through her horn-rimmed glasses.

I wanted to cry, but I wasn’t sure anadolu yakası escort why. Watching my daughter pulling down the pants of her boyfriend, I was frightened for her. This was probably the first time she had even been with a boy like this, and she wasn’t going to know what to do. Furthermore, she was with a black guy.

Fore the first time, I wished that Will was white, and that the penis she was about to see was a regular pale white dick of normal size, rather than the anaconda that was likely lurking beneath those boxer shorts.

Then Alison’s hands were on the elastic of Will’s boxer shorts, pulling them down ever so slowly, and as she exposed Will’s manhood, I found myself cringing as I waited for my daughter’s reaction to what she was revealing.

And what she revealed was… a penis. A penis that except for the pigmentation bore a striking resemblance to the very normal one that resided between my own legs, and when Alison’s hands came up to take his flaccid member, I finally exhaled, realizing I was the victim of too much Internet and stereotyping.

“Do you even know what to do with it, honey?” I whispered to myself.

There was the Internet, so she had probably seen things, but seeing was one thing and doing it was another. Alison stretched the black tube a couple of times before bringing Will’s cock to her mouth, and as her mouth enveloped him her hands went around and cupped his buttocks, pulling him close to her.

I stood there enthralled while Alison’s mouth began to move on his rapidly stiffening cock, and it didn’t take long for me to figure out that my daughter was not a novice to the art of fellatio, and make no mistake about it. What Alison proceeded to do for the next five minutes or so was indeed artistic.

Alison’s lips and tongue lavished affection all over Will’s cock and balls, swallowing the six or so inches of his fully engorged cock with no trouble while her pale white fingers dug into his ebony ass. Will’s fingers slid through Alison’s long brown hair while his hips gently rocked back and forth to meet her hungry mouth.

How Will was able to keep from cumming for so long was a mystery, since the way Alison was making love to his cock seemed to be unbearable. The glistening black spear, dripping with my daughter’s saliva, reappeared as Alison’s lips went back to the very tip of his circumcised manhood. After teasing the opening of his glans with her tongue, her lips plunged all the way down to the curls above his cock again.

Will suddenly crouched down a little, and from the body language of both of them, I suspected he was cumming. Cumming right into Alison’s mouth and throat, because Alison kept making love to his cock while his legs quivered.

He had indeed cum, because now I could see trickles of semen coming out of the corners of Alison’s mouth and rolling down her chin. The penis that eventually emerged from Alison’s eager mouth was limp once more, with only the residue of his spunk that lined the base of his cock and Alison’s chin providing any evidence of what had happened.

That was about it. There was no reciprocation, and finally I turned off the set and went back upstairs. I passed Alison’s room, the light off and her sound asleep, with the pleasant memory of the time with her boyfriend dancing in her head and the taste of her seed in her mouth.

She wasn’t a baby any more. From what I had just witnessed, my shy and naive daughter was anything but. She had sucked a man’s cock before, that was obvious. How many? I didn’t know, and it didn’t matter. I was happy for her, as well as being proud of her ability to be discreet all of this time.

My thoughts turned to the woman I shared my bed with. Dawn. How long had it been since she made love to my cock like Alison had done with Will? I wanted to return to those days we had.

“Please,” I whimpered as I snuggled next to my wife, spooning up next to her and trying to bring her hand down to my swollen cock.

Dawn mumbled and pulled away, still asleep or trying to act like it, so I pulled her nightie up and put my cock into the channel between her ass cheeks. I rubbed myself against her a couple of times and it was over, my cum spraying onto her back.

If Dawn knew what had happened, she didn’t react. I wiped her off as best I could and tried to go to sleep myself, but sleep didn’t come for quite a while.

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