Maggie’s Change of Heart Ch. 02

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Big thanks to Jim for his inspiration and encouragement!

After Charlotte and I had made love, we laid in the quiet for a while. We were still a little turned on, the sun had not come up yet, and neither of us could sleep. Twisting and turning, Charlotte leaned over me…


“Yes.” I answered in a low voice.

“Can we cuddle? I can’t sleep.”

“Me either…I’m still horny.” I admitted, taking her into my arms. We hadn’t bothered to get dressed, so we were still naked.

“Really?” She sounded so relieved, “So am I.”

With that, Charlotte pulled me to her, kissing me while playing with my breast. My nipples had gone hard before she even touched me.

I started getting even more turned on. I could feel myself getting wet as I felt Charlotte’s fingers slip between my open thighs.

“Holy shit Maggs, you’re pussy is dripping wet already!”

“I know,” I laughed, “It’s all your fault too.”

“How come?” She asked with low laughter.

“That’s very funny Charlotte, you know very well, ‘how come’.”

“And you could have stopped me at any time. All you had to do was say no.”

“Yeah ok…you knew how horny I was.”

“Didn’t you like what I did to you Maggs?” She sounded a bit worried.

“You know damn well I did.” That reassured her.

“Well then…let me make you feel better.” She said.


“Uh, yes Maggs…better. I’m gonna take away this sexual tension, then maybe we can sleep for a while. I was fingering myself, but it didn’t help. Do you want me to fuck you again Maggie?” A tingle shot through my spine when she said that…

“Yes.” I could barely speak.

“let’s put on the light this time, I want to see you clearly when I make you cum.”

“I don’t know Charlotte…you know how shy I am.”

“Bull shit Maggs…you just had sex with your best friend…a FEMALE friend…we took a shower together…AND you let me shave your pussy. You are not shy.” She leaned over to click the light on. I didn’t stop her, because she was right. Besides, it’s not like I wouldn’t benefit from it.

“Fine,” I sighed, ” But be gentle with me Charlotte.”

With that we both started to laugh. Pulling me to her she kissed me, slipping her tongue into my mouth, at the same time her fingers dove into my very wet pussy…

“Fuck Maggs, you are so very wet. I can feel your cum running out of you, it’s running onto the sheets, and under you. Your thighs are so sticky.”

When she talked like that it made everything stronger. She did it on purpose, I know, so I played her game too…

“I know…I need to be fucked so bad.”

“Mmmm…let me help you get with all that build up inside you.”

She flung the bed covers from us, pushing my legs wide open she worked two, then three fingers in and out of my pussy. I moaned uncontrollably, it felt so amazing. Then she pulled me by my legs down the bed, started to kiss first my mouth, going next to my nipples, kissing one then the other…down to my belly with slow torturous kisses, nearing my open thighs.

After that I felt her opening my pussy lips. Her tongue went inside, licking and tonguing me….adding her fingers casino oyna two at first, then three, with her thumb playing my clit, as she kissed me all over. I had my hands on her head pushing her face into my pussy. Now I was getting even more turned on, and started to cum. Charlotte didn’t stop though, She nearly had her whole hand inside me, and upon removing it, she kept tongue fucking me. I exploded again, cumming very hard, never thinking I would stop.

As Charlotte finally pulled her face away from my pussy, I could see she was glistening with my cum. Pulling her to me, still very much turned on, I kissed her. Forcing my tongue into her mouth, I tasted myself, before licking my own cum from her chin.

I wanted Charlotte to feel the same as I had, I wanted to tongue fuck her the way she had done to me, because it felt so amazing. Just as I was about to slide down between her thighs, she stopped me…

“No, turn around Maggs…give me your legs.” Charlotte pulled my legs over her head, and it put me between hers.

Without hesitation her lips were against my pussy once more, and through the pleasure, I slowly began my exploration of hers. She was so very wet. Pulling her pussy lips open, I watched as her cum ran out. I pushed two fingers in, and latched to her clit…sucking long and hard. She let out a cry, and in return did the same for me. We played this back and forth game for a while…Charlotte came first, covering my face in a fantastic orgasm. I followed not long after, with an equally satisfying cum.

We laid there for a few minutes, recovering, before we found ourselves in each others arms once again. We kissed and licked each others faces, and couldn’t help but laugh….

“Charlotte, we better take a shower.”

“Good idea Maggs…I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep too well in my current state.” She laughed and pecked my cheek.

“Well actually, we need to talk first. I think there’s something you should know about last night.”

She didn’t ask what about, but rather rose and started for the bathroom. I watched her naked body swaying for a second before following. Charlotte was already in the shower once I arrived, and with my shyness gone, I jumped right in with her. She insisted we wash one another, even though it would have been faster to go it alone…but it was nice, and before long we were drying up, and back in the bedroom…

“Hey Maggs,” Charlotte teased, dropping the towel to the floor, “Do you want a drink?” She laughed, and so did I, but how could I not?

“Yes, I think I’ll be needing one Charlotte.”

“But… Maggie, my love!” She mocked, pressing her hands to her mouth in “shock”, “You don’t drink!”

“Well now Charlotte, I didn’t think I’d be having sex with my best friend either…but here we are.”

“And how do you feel about that Maggs…honestly. Are you sorry about it now?” Her face was nervous as she sat beside me.

With a smile, I took her face in my hands and kissed her so very softly, as only a woman could kiss another woman…tender, yet with a passion that reverberated the sparks back to my own lips. That was the best answer I could give her.

So, we sat together, still wrapped in canlı casino towels…drinking, so much for sleeping…but I had a feeling that it wasn’t going to happen. Charlotte put her arm around me, pulling me close, she kissed my cheek, sending tingles over my body…

“So my love, what is it you wanted to talk about.” With that, I downed the last bit of my drink.

“Charlotte…I need to know something.” My cheeks were burning…

“What would that be Maggs?” She said mindlessly, and sat her glass on the bed table, “Yes, I do.”

That put me off a bit, because I wasn’t quite sure what she was talking about, and it took me from my question…”You do what?” I half laughed with confusion.

“Love you.” She smiled, almost like a child.

“That’s not what I was going to ask.”

“Then what were you going to ask me Maggs?”

“Well…” I took her hand in mine, I wanted her to know that what happened was okay, “You know when we woke up…before we had sex, and you were wet…and you commented on the bed being wet, on my side as well. Did you do anything the night before? When we first came in?”

“Why?” I already had a feeling she had done something, but her tone told me for sure.

“Just because I remember bits and pieces of things, and I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming or not. I woke up before you. My pussy was soaking wet Charlotte…way more than any wet dream I’ve ever had…that doesn’t just happen.” We were both quiet a moment, “Then…then you got real close to me. You’re leg came over my body, and your pussy was dripping onto my leg.” I almost laughed in the memory, but she still hadn’t said anything.

“Sorry Maggs!” She blurted quickly, “But I couldn’t help myself. I was so horny once we got in bed, and I was drunk…and we were naked, and you’re body was so warm against me. You seemed to pass out right away, that’s ’cause you’re not used to drinking Maggs…and I couldn’t sleep.” A smile came to her face, as she proceeded to recount what I could not remember. I listened carefully,” I watched your body twisting and turning. You kicked the sheets from you, and your legs were wide apart. I could see your pussy…oooh, it was so cute! And I wanted you all night at the party…hell, I’ve wanted you for years Maggs.” She paused and kissed me hard….

“That’s it?” I broke from her, knowing there had to be more.

“No…I kissed your nipple, it got hard, so I took it into my mouth, and I played with you a bit. You seemed to like your nipples being sucked on. I can’t believe you didn’t wake up actually. I touched your pussy after that. You were already so wet…and I tasted you…you tasted so good, and so I slowly kissed your pussy lips, and my tongue found its way inside you. I thought you would wake up, but you never did…you even moaned in your sleep Maggs…I played with your clit, and just kept at it until you came…I wanted to see if you’d cum for me. I really did want you to wake up.” She started fumbling for words…

“It’s okay Charlotte, I just wanted to know if it was real or not.” She interrupted me to continue, with her confidence restored.

“You really did like me between your legs, even before you realized!” She laughed…

“Real kaçak casino funny Charlotte… You’re terrible!”

“God…you were so wet…you just kept cuming, and cuming…you squirted in my mouth. It was a bit of a shock, but damn…you must have been so horny.”

“Alright, alright! Enough…” I laughed.

“Well…that’s why you were covered in cum Maggs. I wanted to clean you up, but you started to wake up. So, I pretended I was asleep, and then I actually did fall asleep. Which leaves me wondering little girl…why was I wet? I mean, I know I was a bit wet after practically raping you…but I was soaked when I woke up miss!”

“You must have been really horny is all I can say MISS, because all I did was kiss you!”

“Look at Miss Maggie…kissing me in my sleep. You naughty girl!” She laughed.

“Thank you charlotte… for everything. You’re such a good friend.”

“Anything for my favorite girl!” She laughed.

“I would have never made a move on you like that…and we would still be frustrated, and wishing, and hoping…and whatever else.”

“Well, that’s not completely true…if I hadn’t raped you last night, I was going to seduce you this morning.” She held back a laugh at her confession…So, I didn’t overstep my boundaries Maggs?”

“No Charlotte, but I still don’t know if I am a lesbian or what.” This new part of my life did have me a bit confused at what I was supposed to do…I still wanted cock.

“Well Maggs…I think we might be bi. It’s not like I wanna give up cock any time soon….but you’re the only pussy I want!” She kissed my cheek, “So fear not my love.”

“Really?” I was a bit shocked with her bold statements…one of the things I loved about her though.

“Are you serious Maggs…I have always felt drawn to you. You’re the only girl I’ve ever felt that way about truthfully. Did you not guess when I kissed you like I did? How many times do I have to tell you this?” She laughed

“Well no Charlotte… because you did it in front of my mom, and in public… but now thinking back I can see things clearer. I believe you,” I laughed, “You don’t have to mention it again, unless you want.”

“Good… so what do you think Maggie…can we still be the same kind of friends?”

“Charlotte! Of course we are still friends….but you mean as well as lovers right? I don’t think that will be a problem at all.”

“Yes Maggs…well, let’s just see how things go. We don’t have to commit to anything. I don’t want to lose you as a friend over this. I mean, its early days yet…but Maggs, would you want to share more of this with me? I don’t want to pressure you or anything…”

“Calm down Charlotte…I think that my answer would be yes…at the moment. I mean, this is more than a one night thing I think. We’re friends first, lovers second. It’ll work out fine.”

“Good…” There was a pause of silence…”Guess what Maggs!”

“What?” She had that childish look on her face again.

“We’re fuck buddies!” She laughed uncontrollably…

“You are so crazy!”

I grabbed her for a kiss. It was soft at first through her laughter, but as she latched back, it became heated as our tongues played with each other. We made out for a long time, and eventually we did end up falling asleep.

I’m not sure how this will end up, but one things for sure, our lives will never be the same…whether we’re friends or lovers.

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