Losing a Bet

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Jerome Hicks–21 years of age–sat on the bench in the quad listening as his buddies Mark, Kyle, and Jerald went on and on about who they had fucked at the frat party last weekend. Taking a slip of his soda, Jerome couldn’t care less. He had set himself to not lose his virginity until he was married. How his friends teased him about being old fashioned. Again, Jerome didn’t care what they thought. His mother–a defense attorney–had taught him long ago to think for himself. Being on the college’s lacrosse team Jerome had kept himself rather fit. From the looks he had garnered as he walked around the campus. He knew he was rather attractive. Not overly muscled, yet enough definition that his taut t-shirts showed off his chest. The cool breeze of early fall swept through his raven hair, as he fought from rolling his eyes. At how Kyle was detailing how the chick he had banged was the best cocksucker he had ever experienced.

“Nah, she can’t be better than Jenny Garner. That bitch can suck paint off the wall, I tell you,” Jerald retorted.

“True, that she can,” Mark nodded in agreement, “God, that woman had me cumming before I could put a rubber on.”

“I know right!” Jerald exclaimed a little too loudly.

A few awkward glances were levied their way, Jerome quickly bowed his head from their burning gaze. He knew their foul mouths had killed a few chances with some of the women that attended their college. Jerome sometimes wished they would think before they spoke, yet they were his childhood friends; and he wasn’t about to lose them.

“So…” Kyle said, leaning across the table a mischievous light played across his pale green eyes. “How long are you planning to stay a virgin?”

“As long as I want,” Jerome huffed in annoyance.

“Well, how about a bet then?” Mark said with a mouth full of chips. Its cheesy powder falling onto his shirt.

“How about if you can stay a virgin until Christmas, and we’ll give you a thousand dollars,” Jerald said devilishly.

“And if I don’t?” Jerome asked.

“Then you owe us each a grand,” Kyle said with a smirk. Jerome sighed, it wasn’t about the money. His mother paid him well for his part time work as a clerk at her firm. So the amount wasn’t to draining on his wallet. He just hoped this would finally end their constant harassment of his choice. Also, three months’ wasn’t too long. He had gone twenty-one years’ without sex, three months’ seemed like a breeze to him. Little did he know of what his friends had planned. However, at that moment Jerome’s phone chirped.

“Baby? I know, you have class today. Yet Howard didn’t show up today, and I need you to come in. We have a big case, and we need the extra hands.” Jerome read his mother’s text message.

“Well, I got to go,” Jerome said grabbing his bag, “Mark, take good notes so I can copy them tomorrow.”

“Sure thing,” Mark nodded. Shyly glancing at Kyle, as he typed out a text message blast to all the women they had slept with on campus.

“Be there in 30,” Jerome texted his mother.

Maya Hicks leaned backwards in her chair as she stared at the text message she had just received. In a moment of weakness and loneliness she had slept with Kyle, only once. While he was a great fuck, yet she feared what her son would think of her. She made sure that boy kept his mouth shut. She didn’t want Jerome to learn of her little slip. However, since then the loneliness was crepting back in, and given her hectic life, it didn’t leave a lot of time for her to date. Over the years’ she has watched her son grow from a happy boy to a gentle man. Licking her lip at the thought of luring her son. She didn’t care about the money. It was the thought of finally having her son between her legs. Thrusting that hard cock, that she took every chance to gaze at, when Jerome was in his lacrosse shorts; which to her ever enjoyment was mostly every night. She knew it was wrong morally and legally. Yet her body yearned for her son. At the age of forty-six she worked to keep her body in a somewhat physical shape. However, there were days’ that didn’t allow her the time to hit the gym.

“Yet if you fuck me then I wouldn’t need to visit that place, now would I baby?” Maya asked her thumb running along the nude picture she had of her son while he was in the shower. Maya looked at the clock as two minutes remained until her son arrived. Scooting her chair underneath her desk. So that no one could see what she was about to do through the large glass windows that lined her office. Quickly hiking up her skirt, lifting her hips slightly, wiggling her panties down her thighs. Tossing the blue lacy material into the drawer, smirking noticing the slight wet spot as she closed the drawer, as the ding of the elevator resounded throughout her office. How her heart fluttered as her son stepped out of the cab of the elevator. A primal moan ripped through her mind as her eyes lavished Jerome’s chest. Loving how his bright blue shirt clung tightly to his hard earned halkalı escort muscles. “Oh baby. How you make your own mother so wet and horny,” Maya said to herself. Waving to him when he neared her secretary’s desk.

“Hey Mom,” Jerome said, smiling warmly at his mother as he shut the door.

“Hello sweetheart, I’m sorry I had to pull you away from class,” Maya said rising from her seat. Her hips swayed seductively as she walked around her desk. Her breasts pressed against Jerome’s chest as she hugged him tightly to her body. Biting her lip to keep her lust filled need from showing. Loving how his body felt pressed against hers. Maya longed to know what it would be like to see him lining her bed. Where she could swing a leg over in the morning, and grasp that morning wood and ride it into town. Watching how those sweet brown eyes would roll in the back of his head, as she rode his cock. “I’ll make sure to repay you later,” Maya whispered ominously into Jerome’s ear.

“So…” Jerome said looking around Maya’s office.

“Now this won’t do,” Maya said, stepping back, her hands on his shoulders looking down his chest at his attire. “You know where the spare clothes I keep here for you,” she said. Fighting back the urge to lick her lips as he walked towards the small closet across the room. Maya quickly rushed back to her desk as the door to her private bathroom inched closed. Quickly, logging on to the server she stored her hidden camera files on; that she had placed in an ornate little statue on the lid of the tank right at the perfect height of his cock. “Mmm… yes baby, let mama see it,” Maya said hungrily. Her hand ran down her chest as camera zoomed in. Her eyes going wide as her son wasn’t wearing any underwear. Maya’s mouth watered as she gazed sensuously at that soft mound of flesh. Quickly wiping the drool from her lip, as she heard the doorknob turning. Double clicking on the tab to save the footage, before she closed out the window. “I hope you don’t have any plans tonight. You and I will be here late into the night. Although I think you might find the over time to your liking,” Maya said salaciously.

“Does that mean we’re ordering out?” Jerome asked remembering the take out the few times he had helped his mother late at night.

“Indeed it does,” Maya said, uncrossing her legs underneath the desk. She would’ve given anything for her son to be underneath it at that moment. Just so he could see her neat little peach. Glancing out of the corner of her eye as she rose, knowing how the sunlight was haloing her body as her fingers trailed along the surface of her desk. “Come along, you can help carry in the case files,” Maya said, her finger beckoning him to follow. Her chestnut hair swayed as it brushed along the middle of her back. Her hips swayed lifting her ass hoping his eyes were on her alluring posterior. Knowing how well her tight skirt contoured to her apple shaped ass. Maya knew how well it drew men’s attention along with her lovely breasts, that thanks to her breast lift a year ago they were perky and lonely. Only wishing to have Jerome’s lips exploring her soft skin.

“So…” Jerome huffed setting the heavy file box on the conference room table, “What’s this case about?” he asked noticing how his mother’s jacket was draped along the back of the chair. Trying not to stare as he noted how his mother’s nipples pressed against her cream tone silk blouse. Taking in how that fine thread count shirt richly detailed that hard bud.

“A civil action lawsuit,” Maya said offhandedly. Since she was a teenager she knew when men’s eyes were on her. It was the same way when she fell for his father, who had passed away a few years’ ago in a tragic boating accident. She had to keep herself from looking up. She wanted this. She wanted him to check out her body, and hopefully, Jerome would come to view her as something more than a mother. If she had to stack the deck in her favor so be it. “If the firm wins this case,” Maya said standing up straight. Keeping her smirk from showing as

Jerome quickly looked away. “Then we-the firm-will be set. If we do…” Maya said, setting down the files on the desk. She wondered how Jerome would take the news. Would he come with her? Would he willingly uproot his life for her? She hoped so. “Jerome? Sweetheart, how do you feel about the east coast?”

“I don’t know,” Jerome said shrugging his shoulders, “It’s just another place to me, mom,” he said, alphabetizing the files in the box in front of him. All so he could hide his reddening cheeks. He knew it was wrong to have ogled his mother like that, yet his eyes just couldn’t look away.

“Would you ever want to see it?”

“Depends,” Jerome said. Cursing to himself as he felt his member starting to awaken. It was already awkward. He knew if his mother saw his full blown hard on it would definitely be bad. Side stepping so the broadside of the box would hide his groin from his mother’s haramidere escort view.

“Well… if we win this case,” Maya said hoping he would join her, “They’re opening a new branch office in D.C., and I’m going to be running it. So my question to you is, will you come with me?”

“Umm,” Jerome stuttered. He didn’t know how to answer her. Ever since his father had died. They had never been apart since then. Could he stay behind? He could simply transfer his credits to another college if he had to, yet if he strayed behind. The cost of find and maintaining his own place was high. He doubted his mother’s firm would keep him on since his degree isn’t in law. Plus if they could finish this case before Christmas. He wouldn’t win or lose the bet. Jerome smiled at that. “I’d have to see which school there would accept my credits.”

“Really?! Does that mean you’ll come with me?” Maya asked keeping her joy contained.

“Of course, Mom. I couldn’t let you go off on your own. There’s no telling what you’ll get yourself into,” Jerome said with a smirk.

“Oh baby,” Maya said, her fingers running along the back of his hand. “You don’t know how happy that makes me,” she said before her carnal mind spoke to her. “Then when we are in a place where no one knows us. Your mother is going to fuck you in the most public of places. So that everyone knows that you are mine!”

“Oh poo,” Maya said in a cute high pitched voice, “I forgot something,” she said, knowing how her breasts jiggled as she placed her hands on her hips. “I haven’t eaten yet,” Maya pouted, “Baby, you wouldn’t mind going to get us something?”

“Of course not,” Jerome said, hoping he could rub one out while he was gone.

“Good,” Maya cooed sweetly. Walking over to were she had placed her purse. Bending at her hips, so her ass would fill her son’s gaze. Giving it a slight shake as she looked for her wallet. “Here, you go dear,” Maya said, her fingers brushing lightly along his palm as she handed Jerome a fifty dollar bill. “I hope Roxie’s is good with you?” she asked with a knowing smirk.

Jerome hung his head in shame as the elevator sped upwards. He couldn’t believe he came to the image of his mother. How his mind pictured her riding his cock as he sat in the chair in the conference room. Her words dripping with sin and hunger as she asked him how he liked the feel of her pussy. How her fingers weaved through his hair as her hips slowly rose and lowered. The feel of his rod as it glided tough her folds. The way she was gently moaning his name, while people walked passed the door. How she pressed his face in-between her breasts. Muffling his moans as her cunt tightened around his cock as his mother came.

“What the fuck is wrong with me?!” Jerome asked himself. Shaking his head as the cab began to slow. Blowing out a breathe as the doors rolled open.

“Good. You’re back,” Maya said, looking up from the files that were scattered around her. She didn’t miss his redden cheeks, or that nervous look of his; as her shirt hung open enough to allow her son to partake of the tops of her breasts along with its heavenly valley, all purposely done to entice her handsome son. “Let’s eat at the other end. We wouldn’t want to accidentally get something on these files,” she said pointing to the other end of the table, “I hope you got me something good.”

Jerome didn’t say a word. His mind wouldn’t allow the image of his mother in the throes of her orgasm to leave him be; nor could his eyes look away from the sight that greeted him. Jerome fought against his body. He couldn’t get hard. Not now! Thinking of anything and everything that would deflate his arousal.

“Something wrong baby? You’re awful quiet today, if there’s anything I can do to help,” Maya said, when they were halfway through their meal. Reaching underneath the table her hand resting high on Jerome’s inner thigh. Keeping her mischievous smirk from showing as she felt his muscles tense as she gently squeezed his leg. “I’m more then willing to help. All you have to do is ask,” Maya said, leaning forward giving her son another peak of her breasts.

“I know, mom,” Jerome said. Trying not to focus on her hand, or how her shirt became taut as her breasts pressed against the fabric.

“Then what’s wrong sweetheart?” Maya asked inching her hand upwards to his nether region.

“Just thinking about a bet I made with Mark,” Jerome blurted out. It was the only thing he could think of on the spot. He couldn’t come out and rightly say he was thinking of how soft her breasts would feel like; nor could he tell her how beautiful he thought she was.

“Oh? What was this bet about?” Maya asked feigning innocence.

“That…” Jerome stopped he couldn’t concentrate as he felt the tip of her finger brushing lightly against the head of his cock.

“Yes,” Maya said salaciously, “Go on.”

“Whether or not I’d lose my virginity by ikitelli escort Christmas,” Jerome said taking a dry swallow. He didn’t know rather or not she could feel the head of his cock. He, however, sure did as her middle finger ran across the tip of his head.

“Oh? Then…” Maya said biting her lip. It took all her will not to climb into her son’s lap. To softly grind that growing phallus between her ass cheeks as her tongue explored Jerome’s mouth. “Don’t you go having sex, because someone is pressuring you. Only give up that special gift to someone that you truly love,” Maya said quickly adding to herself, “Just long enough to make you see only I can be that for you.”

“Of course, Mom. I’m not about to lose it now,” Jerome said with determination. How he prayed is words would sustain him.

“Thank you so much!” Maya said hugging her son tightly as they entered their home at a quarter pass eleven. Hoping Jerome could feel the curvature of her breasts as they pressed themselves against his chest. “I wouldn’t know what I’d do if you hadn’t came in today,” she said and quickly added to herself, “Probably finger myself silly thinking about you.”

“No problem,” Jerome said trying detaching himself from his mother.

“You should head to bed,” Maya whispered into his ear. Her lips brushing against his right cheek. Placing a long lingering kiss upon it.

“R-right classes,” Jerome said befuddled.

“Just you wait, mama is going to pop that cherry of yours,” Maya whispered hungrily, as she listened to the closing of his bedroom door.

“Baby?” Maya called out as she opened his door the next morning holding the dirty clothes basket in her right. Her pearl white robe hid her naked body from Jerome’s gaze. However, at that point in time Jerome was a tab busy to hear his mother entering his room. “Oh my!” Maya gasped the basket falling from her grasp landing in a loud thud on the carpeted floor. In all her years’ she has never witnessed such a glorious sight.

“Mom!” Jerome shouted in surprise as his hand was wrapped around the base of his root.

Maya’s eyes were glued to that long, hard, veiny cock of her son’s. Her brown eyes zeroed in as the bead of pre-cum oozed out from the tip of his crown before running down the back of his phallus. She had to keep herself from launching her body at Jerome. To have her own son watch as she swallowed every inch of it. To make him beg for release as she teased that tool to the point of madness. Sucking on her lower lip as she thought it had grown larger in her presence. An “Aww” resounded in her head as Jerome threw his covers over his manhood.

“I’m sorry!” Maya blurted out. Dashing from his room, her feet hammering down the hall as she raced to her own room. Slamming her door closed, digging frantically through her drawers. Roughly throwing off her robe, her pussy was on fire. She knew just how close she was. Just how far she would have gone to have him. Yet it wasn’t the right time. No. First Jerome needed to see her as a woman. Then she would show him things that his father always begged her to do. Climbing onto her bed Maya was going to show her son just how dirty she could be.

“Yes!” Maya screamed out as Jerome sneaked down the hall. He wanted to see if she was alright. To apologize for not locking the door. He never meant for his mother to see that. “God! You feel so good inside me baby!” Jerome placed his ear against the door. The squeaking of the springs, the grunting of his mother told him it could be only one thing. Instinctively, his hand was inside the pair of shirts he had quickly dawned. Grasping his growing appendage, slowly stroking his cock as he listened to his mother masturbating. Jerome grunted as his seed shot forth coating the door and its doorframe in his spunk. Shame fueled his flight from his house that morning. Shame of what he had done not once but twice now. He hoped his day would be uneventful as he drove to college.

“Hey!” Came a strange voice as Jerome walked to the college resource office. He needed to see how many if not all his credits would transfer. “You’re Mark’s friend aren’t you?”

“Yeah, and you are?” Jerome asked eyeing the petite blonde.

“Jenny Garner,” she said, smiling warmly at him while she held held out her hand.

“Jerome Hicks,” he said shaking her hand. His eyes went wide as she roughly pulled him into her, he couldn’t breathe as Jenny cupped his family jewels.

“I bet you’ve never had this sucked before,” Jenny cooed, “How about I take care of that for you,” she purred as she stroked his phallus through his jeans. “You’d never know, but I think my pussy would be better for this cock,” Jenny said standing on her toes, softly biting his lower lip.

Jerome had to fight through the fog of bliss. He didn’t think another’s person’s hand would feel so… sublime. The way her fingers felt on his rod. The way the warmth of the palm soaked through the denim.

“Let’s take this bad boy out, what do you say?” Jenny asked a devilish light played across her eyes. “Trust me, you want to experience this,” she said, her tongue teased his upper lip.

“Sure…” Jerome said. He knew what he was about to do would look bad on him, yet he wasn’t about to lose either. “Why don’t you wait in there,” he said nodding to the empty office.

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