Lola and Joey Ch. 04

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“Damn Joey, you look hot! Turn around so I can look at you again. Whew! Very nice! Some of my best work yet!”

“I didn’t know I was one of your projects,” he said in a bored tone. He was tired of modeling for his sister.

“Well you must admit, the scruffy 5 o’clock shadow look, and the longer hair were my ideas!”

One of the things that Lola loved about Joey was that he was open to just about any suggestion. There were very few things he wouldn’t try at least once. It was refreshing compared to many guys that seemed to think they were pussy whipped if they did anything for their girlfriends.

She had no reservations about asking Joey to try new things, but she was also willing to try things in return. She often asked Joey’s opinion on her outfits. If he liked something, then she wore it more often. It was a no brainer!

Similarly, she was happy to indulge Joey’s sexual preferences. He had developed some definite kinks from years of watching porn in his room. At first, he was reluctant to spill the beans, but his reticence was no match for her silky smooth pussy! Eventually, he divulged that he had a thing for school girl outfits.

The next day, she strolled into his room wearing a short plaid skirt with a sheer white blouse and black tie. Her breasts and nipples were clearly visible through the blouse. She parted her hair into two ponytails and white knee socks, and black running shoes covered her feet.

She started to talk to him in a little girl voice. “I’m having problems with my computer studies Professor Joey, and I heard you were the one to ‘cum’ to for help. Do you mind if I sit on your lap? I’m so upset with the work! I can wrap my body around just about anyone, but I can’t wrap my head around those programs. I give great head, but all those subroutines hurt my head! I think a virus has infected my pussy! Could you perform a ‘deep’ scan on my pussy with your ‘tool’ to make sure I’m not infected?”

Professor Joey was more than happy to help her, and Lola started to hear more and more of Joey’s kinks.

Her latest request was triggered by the memory of a Memorex tape add from her high school Media Studies class. It was a famous commercial with a man sitting in a chair in front of a speaker playing music from a Memorex tape. The music was so loud that it was blowing the man’s hair and tie backward. If you googled ‘memorex man’ the image still came up. She visualized Joey with longer hair, shades, and a leather coat and saw the Memorex man!.

She asked him if he would let it grow out. He only brushed it once a day and said it didn’t matter to him if it was longer.

He usually shaved every day, but when he didn’t, he quickly developed a 5 o’clock shadow. She had no idea why, but she always liked the scruffy look, and especially liked it on Joey! She asked him to grow it out a bit, and he was okay with that as well. Less shaving!

“One more thing bro. Sit down in the chair with your hands on the sides. Lola had placed a speaker on the floor in front of the chair just like in the commercial. Joey looked perfect! He had on shades over his contacts and was wearing his leather coat with a tie and a pair of jeans. She flipped the tie back on the chair and took a side view picture. She couldn’t believe how much he looked like the Memorex man! Totally hot!

“There are going to be some wet panties tonight. You look terrific!”

“Well, I’m happy you’re happy with your creation. I guess I do look pretty good!” Joey said with a grin. “Maybe I could dump my old girlfriend and pick up a hot chick tonight with my new look! What do you think?”

‘Watch it! she said with mock anger and gave him a clenched fist. “I know where your balls live! Speaking of hot chicks, do you remember Miranda from last year? Her jerkoff boyfriend dumped her, and she’s been in a funk ever since, and I was wondering if you could be a sweetheart and show her a good time tonight?”

“What do you mean by a ‘good time’?”

“I’m not asking you to sleep with her, just spend some time with her, ask her to dance, dance with her as if it was me you were dancing with, you know, nice and close!”

“What if she gets the wrong idea?”

“Don’t worry; I told all the girls that you have a hot girlfriend that you’re madly in love with at home. They just don’t know the hot girl is me!”

“Glad to see that your ego is still intact!”

“Hey, if you don’t have faith in yourself, no one else is going to.

“And, I have a treat for you tonight. I’m going to keep my promise and not drink which means that I can drive tonight, and you can let loose and have as many drinks as you want!”

He looked at her skeptically, but the offer appealed to him. He wasn’t much of a drinker, but it would be nice not to have to worry about driving home for once, and it would be a relief not to worry about Lola getting shitfaced and doing something stupid.

“You’re on!” He tossed her his car keys and went to leave, but she just stood there with a pouty look on her face.

avrupa yakası escort ‘What’s the matter?” he said.

“The Memorex man has got Pussy all hot and bothered, and she wants the Memorex man right now, but we don’t have time!” She dipped her hand under her skirt and pulled out a glistening finger. “See how wet Pussy is? The worst part is I can’t even touch you until we get back! All I can do is watch thanks to mom’s paranoid letter! It’s not right!”

The letter their mom wrote shocked them both and they agreed it would be very bad if anyone ever found out about their relationship. They also agreed dancing together was probably not a good idea given how carried away they tended to get. They became very scrupulous in public about not touching each other in any way. It was tough though because their physical relationship had progressed dramatically in their apartment. The lust that developed over the summer ran rampant when there were no parents around to inhibit them. They could do ‘it’ whenever and wherever they felt like in their little sexual oasis. Lola was almost embarrassed how little control she now had around Joey. Lola liked to be in control, but his thorough attention to her body had uncovered all her hot spots and discovered ones she was previously unaware off. Pussy betrayed her in a shockingly brief amount of time when he started to touch her. Joey gradually became bolder and bolder as his sexual explorations yielded positive responses. Whatever happened to the meek guy hiding in his room? He certainly wasn’t meek anymore!

It was time to go, though. Lola grabbed Joey’s neck with both hands and pulled him tight for a scorching kiss. That would have to do until they were back.

It turned out to be a surprisingly enjoyable night for both of them.

Miranda was very easy on the eyes and seemed quite pleased at being the center of Joey’s attention. He had no qualms about dancing close, and she didn’t seem to mind the lump that kept bumping into her leg. He watched Lola at first to make sure she was keeping her promise but after he was confident she wasn’t drinking he focused on Miranda. It was a very enjoyable task and made him happy to cheer her up.

Lola thought it would be a drag not drinking but was pleasantly surprised. Her senses were sharper than normal, and she noticed a lot more. She spent a fair bit of time just watching others and catching up with people from last year. She danced when guys asked her but had no desire to ask anyone or pursue anything with the guys that asked her. Joey seemed to be having a great time with Miranda. Miranda gave her the thumbs up. Miranda likely knew that Lola was behind Joey spending time with her but who cared? Joey was making her feel good for the first time in a while, and that’s all that mattered.

Joey and Miranda finished the last dance of the night, and Joey thanked her for a genuinely good time.

“The pleasure was all mine, Joey! Thanks for a fantastic night, even if Lola put you up to it. I do have one question, though. Lola told me that you have a girlfriend from home. Was she visiting today?”

“No, I probably won’t get to see her until the school break.”

“That’s interesting, but I’m confused. If your girlfriend wasn’t visiting today why did your neck smell like pussy?”

Joey froze as he remembered Lola grabbing his neck earlier with her pussy coated fingers. Fuck! Even when she wasn’t drinking, she got him into trouble! His mouth was open, but nothing was coming out because nothing was in his head. How could he explain the smell of pussy on his neck?

“It’s okay Joey. You can relax! It would be incredibly ungrateful of me to be nosy when you’ve treated me so nice tonight, but I am curious. Lola was very clear that you were off limits because of your girlfriend back home, but now I’m not so sure. Based on the number of times I felt your cock on my leg I don’t think your gay. If you ever decide to dump your mysterious girlfriend keep me in mind. I’ll be more than happy to give you what’s on your neck. By the way, I love the new look!”

Shit! He sighed!


She could feel him staring at her as she drove home. “Something on your mind?”

“You look beautiful.”

“Say what?” She heard what he said, but she’d never heard it before from him.

“You look beautiful.”

“My, oh, my! Beautiful? Usually, it just ‘nice’. I’ve never heard ‘beautiful’ before! Are you sure?”

“Yup! Definitely!”

“Better than Miranda?”


“Are you sure this isn’t the booze talking?”

“Well, maybe a little. No, not really. You always look pretty but tonight you look beautiful. Your hair and makeup and clothes look just perfect! You look beautiful!”

“Miranda’s got you all worked up, has she?”

“Maybe, but you really do look great!”

“Wow! ‘Nice,’ ‘great’ and ‘beautiful’ all in one night. I guess I’ll have to be the designated driver more often!”

bağcılar escort She tried to ask him questions about his night with Miranda, but he had stopped talking and was staring at her lustfully. “Joey to earth! Joey to earth! Is anyone in there?”

He had enjoyed dancing with Miranda, but he had been dancing with Lola for most of the night in his mind, especially during the slow songs. Hours of pent-up demand had been smoldering in his body, and he didn’t want to talk about Miranda anymore. He wanted to touch Lola’s silky smooth leg, and he did.

Lola’s curiosity about Miranda disappeared the second Joey’s hand started to wander up her leg. She instinctively parted her legs to give him better access. It was all she could do to concentrate on driving as his hand moved higher and higher. She flinched as his fingers effortlessly slid under her panties and made contact with her clit.

Lola ignored just about every traffic rule on the ride home, and the Impala screeched to a sudden stop in the apartment lot. One minute, she was exiting the car and straightening her skirt and the next minute Joey had her on his shoulder. He totally ignored her protests. Part of her was worried about falling or being seen, but that quickly faded as her mind wondered what Tarzan had in store for her. She wasn’t disappointed.

The morning sun was flooding through her bedroom window. She tried to ignore it, but it was persistent and was getting brighter and brighter. A lovely restful sleep had left her feeling utterly content under the warm, cozy sheets. Joey’s soft, warm body spooned her back. His big paw was on her breast, and she felt a cock wedged in her ass.

She cautiously cracked open an eyelid waiting for the inevitable jolt of pain but there was none and then she remembered she hadn’t consumed any alcohol the night before. She tentatively opened the other eye. Still no pain. Then she gave her head a quick shake. No pain. Woo-hoo!

She thought about the night before. The typical hangover grogginess was absent, and she remembered the evening perfectly. There was no anxiety about whether she had done or said anything stupid. She had behaved and had a great time!

And then there was Joey. He only had a few drinks, but it seemed to alter his behavior. His usual reserve faded, and he was more frisky and uninhibited. The regular Joey would never have done a Tarzan in the parking lot. The new Joey was more aggressive in bed, and she was afraid to look at her neck!

Thinking about the night before was getting her juices flowing, and a familiar, pleasant warmth was building between her legs. She separated herself from Joey and moved the sheets to uncover his cock. The scent of sex teased her nostrils, and she moved closer and inhaled deeply several times until her nasal passages were saturated. His cock drew her in, and she flattened her tongue and dragged it from the base of his cock to the tip and down again, several times until he began to stir. The minute he opened his eyes, she swallowed his cock deeply and stared him straight in the eye. A huge grin spread across his face. She smiled back as much as possible with a mouthful of cock and started to blow him. It was shaping up to be a beautiful day!


She had been shaving her pussy since the summer. It was a pain, but she had come to enjoy the smooth, clean feel under her panties, and she knew that Joey loved it. It was a small price to pay for all the oral attention he lavished on her.

Usually, she tried to shave as quickly as possibly but today Joey was going to shave her, and she wanted the experience to last as long as possible. It had been months since she teased Joey about shaving and it never came up again until recently. She had forgotten all about it, but it was one of the top things in his sexual bucket list to try with her. Apparently, he had been thinking about it for months but wasn’t sure if she had been serious.

The thought of him shaving her had been on her mind for days. It was pushing so many different buttons in her mind that she could barely wait for their ‘shave date’.

Exposing your most intimate body part to a male for inspection and grooming was about as taboo as you could get for a female. Girls were always being told to keep their legs closed. Lola had let guys between her legs for sex but never to inspect and groom her in full light. That was way too personal even for her! She was eagerly looking forward to spreading for Joey, though. He seemed to love her pussy. He was like a little kid in a candy store when he was between her legs. The thought of brazenly flaunting herself to him had been sending wicked tingles down her spine all week!

The knowledge that he was ‘eager’ to shave her was also racing through her head. Why? He didn’t have to do it. She hadn’t asked him to do it. She was already doing it. Apparently, he ‘wanted’ to do it. He told her he had been ‘excited’ about doing it for months. The more she thought bağdatcaddesi escort about it, the more inflated her ego got.

Another part of her mind was looking forward to it like a day at the spa. It was always enjoyable to sit back and have someone pamper you. For once, someone else would do the shave. His massages were to die for, and she hoped the shave would be just as pleasurable.

She hated to admit it, but her female ego was also looking forward to the event. Joey was the most selfless male that she had ever met, but a tiny part of her was power tripping about having a man on his knees between her knees servicing her!

By the time the big day came, all the swirling mental currents had her totally worked up! She was feeling wicked, desired, excited and powerful all at once.

They had agreed to do the shave on their old second-hand lazy boy. Joey had brought out some supplies and was sitting on the floor, naked, between her legs. She wanted to see his cock while he shaved her, so she asked him to take off his pants. In typical Joey fashion, he took everything off.

She was leaning back naked on the chair with a towel under her butt to prevent a mess. There was only one problem. Her ingrained female modesty was getting in the way. She was aroused and anxious at the same time, and the anxious part was holding her back. Joey waited patiently for a minute and then reached over and slowly pulled her legs apart. A slow grin spread across his face as her legs opened and it grew larger and larger as her legs parted wider and wider. That was all she needed to see. He obviously loved the view and in the blink of a smile her anxiety went poof, and all the feelings of wickedness, desire, excitement, and power came roaring back. She brazenly spread each leg as far apart as possible on the lazy boy and her lust spiked into the red zone.

The smile on Joey’s face was quickly replaced by the serious look of a professional about to do a very important job. He spread some shaving cream on her skin, waited a minute and then dipped his razor in a bowl of hot water. The warm blade felt wonderful on her skin. He rinsed it off after each shave until all the hair above her pussy what completely gone. Her skin was baby smooth. That was the easy part, though. The hard part was shaving the folded skin on each side of her pussy. He made it seem effortless though when he stuck two of his fingers about an inch deep inside her and pulled out to the left until the loose skin was taught and smooth for the razor. Then he repeated the process on the right side.

He wiped her clean with a hot cloth and then placed a hand mirror in front of her pussy for her to view. It reminded her of being at the hairdresser and being shown the back of her head after a cut. She had a naughty image of Joey in business for himself giving women haircuts below the waste and showing them the results with his trusty hand mirror. There was no doubt in her mind that many women would gladly pay for what Joey had just done. Too bad for them!

She looked in the mirror, and her skin looked totally bare. She felt herself and her skin was baby smooth without a single scratch. Joey had done a superb job! There was only one problem. The whole process had made her incredibly horny. The familiar warm tingle between her legs had grown into an unbearable throb.

“Joey, you did a great job, but there is one problem. I’m so incredibly horny now that I can barely stand it! I don’t care if you use your mouth or cock or fingers, but you need to take care of me right now!”

A big grin spread across his face. “Don’t worry ma’am. I run a full-service shop, and the cut was only the first part of the job. You now have the choice of a warm, soft tongue on your pussy followed by a hard cock or a hard cock right now. Which do you prefer?”

“I don’t care! Anything! Just do it now!”

He bent down and slowly started to lick her deliciously smooth pussy.

“Joey, you bastard! Don’t you dare tease me! I need your tongue on my clit right now!”

He quickly fastened his whole mouth on her pussy and began to flick the tip of his tongue rapidly against her clit.

She immediately groaned and wrapped her legs around his neck in a vice grip. “Fuck Joey! That feels soooooo good! I’m going to cum!” Joey knew what was coming and tensed his neck so that she didn’t snap it as she thrashed through an orgasm.

She flopped back on the lazy chair with a goofy grin of contentment.

“That was a REALLY big one Joey. It felt fantastic!” After a minute, a coy smile spread across her face. “Is there anything I can do for you? Is there any part of your body that would like to be inside a soft, warm place?” She opened her legs. “He’s welcome to visit. I won’t mind at all.”

He leaned over and lifted her ankles on his shoulders. She was soaked, and he easily slid into her in one slow stroke. “Ready?”

No matter how many times she told him, it was okay to fuck her hard he always asked! “Yes! I’m ready. Can’t you feel how wet I am! Do it!

That’s all he needed to hear and started to thrust rapidly into her velvety soft pussy. He never got tired of how exquisite it felt to be inside his sister and didn’t even notice as she tensed up through another orgasm. He was in his own little world and continued to slam into her until he felt the pressure build in his balls.

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