Locked in Chastity by Stepmom

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Hi my name is Todd, I am 18 years old, and here is the story of how I got locked in a chastity cage by my step mother.

It was a hot day, in the middle of summer vacation. My father had just left for a work seminar, he was going to be gone from Monday to Friday, which mean that I almost had the perfect opportunity to host a party. I just needed to get rid of my step mom. Me and my stepmom have a good relationship. We can talk about anything, from girls to sports. She was more of a friend to me, not a parent. I knew that she was sunbathing in the garden at this time of day, so I went there first. I must say that I love to watch my stepmom sunbath, she is really sexy. Let me describe her to you so that I don’t sound like a perv who has watched too much porn and want to fuck my step mom. She is 5’11, she has long brown hair, her breast size is 34 D natural, and her ass is round. She looked like a Latina, especially in the summer with her tan body. I went out and saw her on the sunbed. She used a small bra as always. She always used to sunbath in very small bikinis, probably because of her tan. The problem is that this made it very hard not to look. Fortunately when she caught me she would act like nothing happened. She smiled when she saw me.

“Hi Todd, what’s up.”

“I was wondering if you were going out of town this week,” I said while quickly looking at her boobs, I couldn’t help it.

“No, I am going to stay here the whole week, so no parties for you young man.” She said this with a smile.

“How did you know that I was going…”

“Oh please I have been young once too.”

I turned around and walked in. What was I going to do these 5 days? We were going to a camping place we always go to in the summer. We stay there for 2 weeks, and if it weren’t for the girls over there, I would hate it. Its 7 girls at my age there, and they are all hot, and I’m the only boy. Well, at least the only one that is not a nerd. I’m pretty good-looking, and as my father I can talk to girls. The best part is that last summer, I fucked all the girls. Yes, all 7 of them. We always play truth or dare every night, so after 2 weeks I’ve had my fun.

I was getting horny thinking about the girls, so I decided to go and jack off. As I laid down, and started watching some porn, I didn’t feel it. I wasn’t horny enough. So I started thinking about my step mom. My cock went rock hard. I then got a brilliant idea that would turn out to be a nightmare.

Every time, after sunbathing, my stepmom would shower. So I hurried to the bathroom, and hid my phone on a shelf behind some shaving cream. It had a perfect view to the shower. I then connected it to a power bank. This ensured that my phone wouldn’t turn off anytime soon. The next step was to wait. It was not easy, as I was really horny, but I wanted to wait, so I could jack off to my naked stepmother. So I waited.

It took 3 hours before I finally heard her enter the bathroom. I was so close to seeing my stepmother naked, I just had to play it cool until she was finished. When she finally was done, I ran into the bathroom. I waited a couple of minutes and then flushed down to make it look like I was peeing. I then ran into my room, closed the door and striped down. I jumped onto my bed and opened my phone. I opened the video and my boner was hard as a diamond. I started to jerk off and then I thought I heard a sound. The door was suddenly open, not all the way, but enough to see into my room. The problem with my bed is that you can see it from the door, and since I didn’t think straight I was laying with my head towards the door. This meant that you could see what I was watching and doing.

I yelled out hello. I really hoped my stepmom hadn’t seen it. I checked the house and saw a note on the fridge. “Going to the mall, call if you need anything”. I felt relieved, I must not have closed the door properly,

The mall was in the city, so she was guaranteed to use a lot of time there. I went back to bed and continued watching. I decided to not have any sound on my phone, since the shower was the only thing I could hear anyway. I jacked of 4 times to my stepmom, I’ve never masturbated that many times in a row before. I was exhausted, but I hate to not feel clean on my cock, so I took a long warm shower, I made it to the couch and passed out. I shouldn’t have done that…

When I woke up I was dehydrated and felt pain. Wait, why and from where did I feel pain? My brain acknowledged that I was awake and found atalar escort the pain immediately. It was from my cock. I reached down to grab it, but couldn’t. Something was covering my cock. I then realized that I had passed out naked on the couch. I looked down and saw the weirdest think I’ve ever seen. It was kind off a square shaped thing around my balls and penis, and attached to that it was a tube. I quickly figured out that I couldn’t touch my cock or get a boner. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I tried pulling it off but it was stuck. I could not have done this in my sleep, so it must have been my step mom. I got dressed and ran out to the garden. I was furious and went straight to my step mom.

“Hello, sleepy head, why are you looking so grumpy?” she said it with her usual smile.

“You know why I am mad. You put a thing on my dick so that I can’t touch it” I was standing 2 feet away from here, but I was yelling.

“Hahaha. Oh that. You brought it on yourself, filming your stepmom while she is showering.”

“I’ve never filmed you” I said it while trying to sound confident.

She opened her phone and asked me to take a look. I had filmed my phone, not only the phone and the power bank. She filmed my screen too, this meant that I could not come up with an excuse of how I was charging my phone. She had another video of me masturbating in my bed, which meant that I did close the door, and she was the “sound” I heard.

“It’s okay, I know that teenagers are horny, but now you have to deal with the consequences.”

I remembered why I came out here “take this off me, it hurts and is annoying.” I said it in a demanding voice.

“Do you want me to show this video to your dad?” She asked.

That was the last thing I wanted. I know how mad dad can get, I would probably be grounded for weeks.

“I will do anything for him not to find out, just take this thing off me.”

“That thing, is called a chastity belt. More precise it’s a Holy trainer V3. The lady in the store promised me that it is escape proof. Now, its obvious that you haven’t watched his in porno films. That good, cause I don’t want to make things sexual between us. I know that you have been staring at my boobs, since I moved in with your father. And I’ve let it slide because you are a teenage boy. But when you film me and jerk off to me I don’t feel comfortable. The reason why I wear this small bikini is that of your father. He doesn’t want you to see me without. I have always been sunbathing without.”

She took of her top and threw it aside. My dick instantly pressed against its cage.

“And since you has already seen me naked, it cants hurt for you to see my boobs. Here take this sunscreen and apply it to my body. I want you to apply it all over my body 2 times a day. Morning and in the middle of the day. You also have to do chores like empty the dishwasher, make your bed, clean the toilet and wash clothes. Other than that you are free to do what you want. If you do these simple things I’ll let you out at the end of the week, and we can forget about this.”

I just stood there. The deal seemed fair enough, but I wanted to take it off, and now I had to wait a week to get the chastity belt off. It was only 5 days so it was possible.

“Okay, I’ll do it, just don’t tell dad, okay?”

“Of course not, now get to work and apply the sunscreen.”

I splatted some sunscreen in my hands and started with her boobs. They were so perfect and my dick went as hard as it could instantaneous. I proceeded with her stomach and then her legs. I put the sunscreen down and was about to walk away when she called me back.

“Todd, where are you going, you still have to do my back.”

I picked it up and she turned around. I did her shoulders and her back. When, I came to her ass I was hesitant. It was so perfect and I didn’t want to touch because I have an ass fetish. My dick would be so hard that I would start crying. Therefore, I jumped over her ass and straight to her legs.

“Do my ass too, I don’t want to get a sunburn.” She said it in a soft voice.

“You don’t understand, I have an ass fetish, and I wouldn’t tell you this because you are my stepmom, but my dick will get rock hard. “I said it in a begging voice.

“Aw poor baby, you have to realize that I don’t have you in that cage to hurt you. But I don’t feel comfortable when you go to the lengths of filming me instead ataşehir escort of looking at porno, so do it and get over with it.”

I did it, and my dick felt like it was about to explode. I went in and played PlayStation the rest of the day.

The rest of the week went slow. I would always wake up with a raging boner. It didn’t get any better that I had to apply sunscreen on my step moms perfect body 2 times a day. She had also started to walk naked around home. She told me that when I was at my real mom’s apartment, she always walked around naked. So now she was sunbathing naked too. This meant that I saw her pussy every day, but she had strictly forbidden me from touching it. At least she didn’t bother me with the other tasks, like dishes and cleaning the toilet. I did it if I felt like doing it. I used a lot of time trying to pull the cage off, but it did not move. To get my mind of the chastity device I started exercising. I did setups and push-ups at home, and ran outside. It was still almost impossible to sleep.

When , I woke up on Thursday it was almost too much to handle. So while, I was applying sunscreen to my step mom I decided to ask to be let out.

“Can you please let me out of the chastity cage, I’m about to mad.”

“Its only 1 day left, I think you can manage. Besides, I would not feel comfortable letting walking around the house naked if it weren’t for your chastity device” she said.

“OK, I can last one more day, but when are we leaving tomorrow?” I was hoping that we’d leave early, because it’s a 3-hour drive, and she would probably unlock me right before leaving. This would mean that I had no time to jack off before leaving. The thought made my dick hard, so I decided to work out. I did my push-ups and sit ups and went for a run. When I came home I was tired, but my step mom called me out to the garden.

“Have you forgotten?” She asked.

“Forgotten what?”

“To apply sunscreen on me, it’s the last time for the week, so I want a massage included.”

I started the massage. My cock was harder than ever. It was really fighting the cage, but as always, the cage won. I was still tired after the workout, so I decided that 10 minutes was more than enough for a massage.

“Why are you stopping? A proper massage lasts 30minutes, minimum. Focus extra on my chest, I have a lot of upper body tension”. She said this with her normal smile.

This must have been the worst 30 minutes of my life. I tried to use as little time as possible on her chest, but she commanded me to do it. I think I spent 20 minutes total on just her boobs.

“Its gone 30mins now, I’m done.” I was really ready for a shower and a good nights sleep.

“You are right” she turned around on her stomach. “Time to do my back, and focus extra on my lower back and ass. I am really tense there. Do you know what, I want a 30-min massage of my ass and lower back only. Then you are done.”

I was about to go insane. I started the massage and I could feel precum in my boxers. Her perfect ass was too much. But I fought through it.

“Thank you, you are done.”

I went in and took a long shower, I needed to get sleepy. I went to my bed and fell asleep surprisingly fast.

When , I woke up I heard a lot of noise. My dad were home and both he and my step mom was loading up the car. Finally, we were about to leave. I went out to say hi to dad. He ran too me and gave me a very hard hug.

“I heard you managed fine without me this week son.”

Managed fine?! I was about to explode from horniness, but of course he didn’t know that. Good. That meant my stepmom hadn’t told him about the video incident.

“Yeah, it’s been good”

“Well, I am going to the store, do you want anything?”

We never stopped on the way to the camping, so dad always went to the store to buy snacks and drinks on the way.

“Yeah, I want a Cola and some snacks.”

“Alright sir. I better hurry, I’ve been waiting for this trip for a long time.”

He had just left when my stepmom yelled at me.

“Todd, come in here fast”.

I was finally going to get this off me, and since dad used about an hour to the city and back I had time to jack off. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited or ran so fast as I did right there. My stepmom had clothes on now. It was a very small short and a top. I could see her cleavage very well.

“Take off all your clothes.” She was avcılar escort smiling as always, like we had a normal conversation.

I didn’t hesitate, she had seen me naked anyways, so I stripped down fast.

“Do you see this list?” She asked. She held a piece of paper with some writing and numbers in front of me for 2 seconds and then started to read.

“The dishwasher was emptied 7 times. The toilet was cleaned 3 times. The washing machine ran 4 times this week.

Please just hurry, I don’t need chore stats, I thought. All I wanted was to get out of my Chastity cage. While , she was reading I took a fast look at her boobs from time to time. Dumb idea. Now my cock tried to get erect again. She saw this and smiled at me, then continued to read.

“You emptied the dishwasher 2 times, you cleaned the toilet 1 time and you didn’t wash clothes at all. Our deal was that you would apply sunscreen to my body, you did a great job at that by the way. The other part were the chores. You were supposed to do the chores, but you Didn’t. So this week you have, disrespected me by filming me, lied to me and been lazy. This means that I will not unlock your cock. I will in fact hide the keys here at home.” She looked at me with disappointment.

“WHAT!? I can not were this for another 2 weeks. Not going to happen. I’m telling dad instead of that. I will admit everything.” I was furious now.

“Yeah, you should do that. Then I can explain how you make me feel uncomfortable being around you. What do you think your father would about that? You started it, so I bet he will take my side.”

She was right. He would think I am a creep for the rest of my life for what I did. She gripped the tip of my cage and started to inspect it. My cock grew hard instantly. It was so hard that it started to hurt.

“Plus, if you would have just done your chores you could have masturbated right now.” She was smiling again.

“Now since I made a big shopping list for your father and sent him to buy some clothes for me, we probably have 1 hour for our self. You see, the only problem with chastity is that you can’t ejaculate. It is important for a teenager to ejaculate at least once a week.”

I was starting to get my hopes up, maybe she would let me jack off before putting me back in it. That would at least be something.

“But I have the solution. You can ejaculate trough stimulating the anus. This means that I have to fuck your ass with a dildo.”

“No, that is not going to happen, I am not getting fucked in the ass by my stepmom”.

“You need to, or else you can get prostate cancer. Plus, I can see that you have blue balls. It will help you relieve some stress too.”

I thought about it. My balls did hurt like hell and I were more stressed than usual. And I didn’t want prostate cancer. And if I could have an orgasm trough my anus it would certainly be better than nothing.

“Will it get rid of my blue balls all together?”

“Oh yeah. Come into the bathroom now”

I went in and she got undressed. My cock once again raged against the cage.

“Step into the bathtub and bend over.”

I did as she said. I sat down on all four and put my ass in the air.

“Completely relax your asshole. I have a lot of lubes on the dildo. Here goes nothing.”

It did hurt a bit at first. But after 1 minute or so it started to feel good. I couldn’t believe it. Here I was, in the bathtub getting fucked in the ass by my stepmom while wearing a chastity cage. My cock started to drop precum and was extremely hard.

“It may take some time, but its worth it, trust me.”

She went deeper and deeper, in and out. After , about 20 minutes I came. It felt incredible. Its not like anything else I’ve ever felt. It felt like I was peeing, but it felt extra good. When all the cum was out, she pulled out the dildo. She washed it in the shower and went to put it back in her room. I was trembling. It felt so good. But my cock was still hard. I took a shower and went out to get my clothes from the living room. My stepmom sat in the sofa, fully clothed again. I got horny the second I saw her. Wait what. Shouldn’t the horny feeling be gone now?

“How do you feel?” She smiled.

Fuck, she looked so sexy, I was hornier than before now.

“It felt amazing, but I am more horny now than before.”

“Yeah, that’s the side effect. Look at it as your punishment. I’m keeping your health good, but to be horny has never hurt anyone.”

“So you knew that I would be hornier than before?”

“Oh yeah. I’ve read all about it, but it’s the only way to keep you punished and in health, so it works for me.”

BEEP. My father were outside, which meant that it was time to leave. It was right there and then I realized it. This is going to be the worst 2 weeks of my life.

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