Limits Ch. 07

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“We had best be getting on,” Jude said, as she put down her knife and fork and pushed her chair back from the table. “We want to be at the club by eight o’clock, and there’s the washing up to be done as well as getting dressed. Hurry along now.”

Karen got up from where she was kneeling ,and cleared the dishes away to the sink. She filled the bowl with hot soapy water, and was beavering away when Jude came up behind her and wrapped her arms about her. She tucked her hands inside the opening of Karen’s dressing gown and sought out her breasts.

“And is slave ‘k’ a little happier now?” she asked, as her fingers tweaked Karen’s nipples.

“Yes, thank you, Mistress,” Karen replied.

Jude continued to play with Karen’s nipples, and it was getting hard for Karen to concentrate. Jude pinched them quite hard and, as they now seemed to be sending little shafts of electricity directly to her groin,, Karen couldn’t help but lean back into Jude and purr with pleasure, the washing up completely forgotten.

“Did I say you could stop?” Jude demanded.

“No. No, Mistress,” Karen replied.

“Well, get on with it then,” Jude ordered.

Struggling to keep her focus, Karen continued with the dishes. Fortunately for her there wasn’t much left, and it wasn’t long before she had finished. As soon as she put the last saucepan down, Jude spun her around and kissed her hard on the mouth. Their respective dressing gowns fell open and they hung, pressed together.

“If we didn’t have to go out…,” Jude commented as she broke away from the kiss.

“Do we have to?” Karen enquired, hoping that, perhaps, they could go to bed and sort out the growing itch between her thighs.

“Yes, we do,” Jude replied firmly. “I promised the others we’d be there and, anyway, it’s all part of your continuing education.”

“What others?” Karen asked.

“Just the usual crowd. You’ll see when we get there and, if we don’t get a move on, we never will get there. Now, come along, we’ve wasted enough time as it is.”

Jude led them upstairs to her bedroom. She told Karen to take off the bathrobe and hang it on the back of the door. Then she reached into her wardrobe and fetched out a carrier bag.

“Here, I got this lot for you to wear. I think I got the right sizes,” she said as she handed it over.

Karen opened up the carrier bag and looked inside. At the top was what at first just appeared to be a shapeless piece of material but, as she unfolded it, she saw that it was effectively a tube of Lycra. If it weren’t for the label sewn in the back, it would be impossible to tell how it was supposed to go. Jude helped her into it and, once she had got herself sorted out, she found that it was a skin tight fit from just above her bust to mid thigh. Although she was, in the strict sense of the word, decently dressed, the way the outline of her nipples was clearly visible through the stretchy material did nothing to hide the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra and, below, she had a most appalling case of visible panty line where the outline of the chastity belt was clearly discernible through the taut material. Karen thought it might, just, have been suitable for a youngster down at the clubs around town but for her… it was outrageous!

“Perfect!” enthused Jude. “Now there are stockings and shoes in there as well. Come along, I want to see what you look like.”

The stockings turned out to be thigh-high hold-ups, whose lacy tops barely reached the hem of her dress. They were black and very sheer but at least they weren’t fishnets. The shoes were stiletto-heeled court shoes. Although the heels weren’t much over three inches, Karen had never been much of a one for heels. These were higher than anything she had ever worn before. She put them on, found that they were a perfect fit and, tottering slightly, she stood up.

She gasped when she saw herself in Jude’s full-length mirror. She looked such a wanton slut! She looked like one of the girls down on Dock Road, the heart of the red-light district. Her whole outfit screamed that she was sexually available. Maybe, just maybe, on a teenager out clubbing, this might have looked appropriate but she felt like mutton dressed as lamb. She hoisted up the front so that it better covered her breasts.

“How are the shoes? Can you walk in them?” Jude asked.

“They’re… I can manage, just,” Karen replied. “Please, Jude… err… Mistress. Do I really have to go out like this?”

“Yes you do. You look great, just like a sexy femme sub ought to look. And I’ve had just about enough back-chat from you. Any more and you’ll be going out wearing a gag. Do I make myself quite clear?”

“Yes, Mistress. Of course, Mistress.” Karen wasn’t sure whether Jude’s threat was real or bluff, but there was no way she was going to put it to the test.

“Fine, you can sit at the dressing table and do your makeup whilst I get dressed. Maybe that will keep you quiet.”

Karen looked at the dressing table, to find that her cosmetics casino oyna bag from her overnight case was lying next to the mirror. Jude must have put it there when she was sorting out the bathrobe. Karen wasn’t quite sure how she felt about Jude going through her things, but knew better than to argue the toss over this one. She sat down and set to work.

In fact Karen hadn’t got much to do. A little light blusher, some eye liner and a bit of lippy were all she was used to, but she wanted to look her best so she took extra care and, as she did so, she watched Jude in the mirror.

There could be no clearer indication of the difference in role between the two women than the clothes that they were putting on. Karen used the mirror to watch discreetly as Jude put on a pair of white cotton boxer shorts, a crisp white shirt, dark tan slacks, ankle socks and brown brogue shoes. Although the clothing could not have been more masculine, the end result was androgynous and Karen couldn’t help but stare. There was something about Jude that made her want to stare. Beautiful, sure but not in the conventional sense of the word; handsome, but that made Jude sound too masculine and, despite the clothing, Jude was certainly not a girl dressed as a boy. What thrilled was this sense of power, this strong, independent woman could dress how she liked and always look great. That sent a thrill through her that made Karen’s heart melt. With Jude looking so fabulous, how could she do other than worship her?

“So you like what you see?” Jude had caught Karen staring at her in the mirror.

“Yes, Mistress. You look,” Karen still couldn’t find the words, “just right.”

“How are you getting on? Finished?” Jude asked and Karen nodded in reply. “Well, I’ve got one more thing to complete your outfit.”

Jude went to her bedside table and returned with a long thin jewellery case. She came and stood behind Karen and opened it up, revealing a heavy gold chain maybe eighteen inches long. The fastener was a small padlock, and at the mid point a gold identity tag hung down. She placed it around Karen’s neck and clicked the padlock shut. Karen leaned forward and looked at herself in the mirror. The chain was so short that it was more of a choker than a necklace. She looked closer and was not in the slightest bit surprised to see that the ID disk had an ornate ‘k’ engraved on it. She turned the disk over and there, on the back, were the words, ‘Property of Jude’.

“Jude… err… Mistress, you shouldn’t have,” Karen gasped. Surely a gold chain like this must have cost a fortune.

“Shh… I’ll spend my money how I like, thank you,” Jude replied gruffly. “It’s not a collar, we haven’t got to that bit yet, but it will do for wearing out. Let everyone know whose property you are.”

Karen had been so taken by the luxury of the necklace that she had hardly considered what it implied. It was like one of those pictures which can be seen two ways; one moment she was looking a beautiful necklace that any woman would be proud to wear, the next at an obvious collar, locked around her and with her ‘slave’ title plain for all to see. She guessed, she hoped, that this was the point. Those that knew the symbolism would spot it right away; others would simply see the necklace.

“Thank you, Mistress. It’s beautiful,” Karen said, still fingering the links.

“Nothing but the best for my girl,” Jude replied. “Now, if you are ready, I’ll order the cab.”

Jude rang for a taxi and, in the meanwhile, Karen practiced walking back and forth, trying to get used to the heels. Five minutes later Jude was guiding her by the elbow, as she tottered down the front path towards the waiting taxi. It was only when she actually tried to get in that Karen discovered just how troublesome the dress was going to be. The taxi was a London cab model and stepping up into it made her dress ride up until she was sure that the chastity belt was clearly visible. As quickly as she could, she settled into her seat and tried to pull the dress back down again. Even so, she caught the eye of the cabbie, who was watching her in his rear view mirror.

“Where to, love?” the cabbie asked.

“Top end of Fishergate, please. Just by Yate’s Wine Lodge,” Jude replied and off they went.

Now that they were out of the house, Karen was getting increasingly nervous. The dress seemed to have a mind of its own and she was endlessly having to pull the hem down or pull the bust up so as to retain some modesty. As she reached for her hem once again, Jude smacked the back of her hand and told her to stop fidgeting. Karen gave her a pleading look but to no avail. She had to console herself that if the cabbie did get an eyeful, then all he would see was the black triangular bit of the chastity belt, which would just look like normal panties from where he was sat.

The top end of Fishergate is pretty busy on a Friday evening as all the clubbers meet up in the various pubs and bars. Karen was left standing alone whilst Jude paid off the taxi. A group of lads canlı casino came out from Yate’s and, seeing Karen standing there, they gathered around her.

“‘Ello, gorgeous. Where are you off to tonight?” one of the lads started.

“I’m with somebody,” Karen replied.

“Yeah, but he ain’t here now, is he,” the lad continued. “How’s about coming with us? We’ll look after you.”

“And how’s about you leave the girl alone,” Jude had paid off the cab and came up to Karen and put a protective arm around her.

“Gor, look at the state of that,” the lad continued, evidently emboldened by drink. “What are you, some kind of lezzy or something?”

“I’m your worst nightmare,” Jude replied. “A lezzy and a cop. Understand? Now back off.”

“Yes, miss. Sorry to have disturbed you, miss. Didn’t mean any offence, just mucking about.” The lad, realising just how far he was in over his head, back-pedalled desperately and, as quick as they had arrived, the lads dispersed.

“Always one, isn’t there?” Jude laughed until she looked at Karen and saw how shaken she was. “Hey, it’s OK, they were just some lads having fun, no harm done and I’m here to look after you.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” Karen replied and snuggled a little closer under Jude’s arm.

They made their way down one of the alleyways that lead off Fishergate and were soon at the club. Karen noticed that this time the door was not locked and Jude just let them in, although she was careful to close the door behind them. Apparently there was no need for a doorkeeper apart from D/s nights. They made their way into the body of the club, which was filling up fast. Karen noticed Mistress Wanda, who tonight, she guessed, would just be Wanda, sitting at the bar; indeed she looked up to see who had entered and she and Jude exchanged hellos. Jude looked around and spotted what she was looking for.

“There they are,” she said and, taking Karen once again by the elbow, led her across the room. As they arrived at the booth, Karen was pleased to see Mel and Lucy sitting there already, along with two others she vaguely remembered from the previous week.

“Hi girls,” Jude said brightly. “Mel and Lucy, you’ve already met ‘k’, Sarah, Kathy, you may remember she was here last week.”

Mel and Lucy greeted Karen as a long lost friend, and Sarah and Kathy were equally welcoming. There was a certain amount of shuffling about as Jude went to sit down but when Karen tried to follow she was told in no uncertain terms that it was her job to go and get the drinks.

“Here’s a tenner, that will do to start with.” Jude reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out her wallet. “I’ll have a Beck’s, get whatever you like for yourself.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Karen replied and set off across the room to the bar. She was still unused to walking in the high heels but she could well see how, along with the dress, they affected her posture. She was forced to take smaller steps and to swing her hips, if only the damn dress wouldn’t keep riding up. She got to the bar and ordered Jude a bottle of Beck’s and a glass of lemonade for herself. Whilst she was waiting for her change, Wanda came over to her.

“Hello. Aren’t you the little sub that ran away last week?” she said with a smile.

“Err… Hello… Sorry, I didn’t mean to make an exhibition of myself,” Karen replied, horrified that this was the way in which she was remembered.

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that. You weren’t the first and you won’t be the last. I see you’re here with Jude this time,” Wanda reached up for the ID tag that hung from Karen’s necklace, “or would that be Mistress Jude?”

“Yes, Mistress, it’s Mistress Jude tonight.” It seemed there was nothing hidden from this woman and, even though it was not a D/s night, it still seemed appropriate to call her Mistress.

“Well, you had best be getting back or you’ll get that pretty little backside of yours smacked. I wouldn’t want to get you into trouble, well, not too much trouble,” Wanda laughed.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“I’m not your Mistress.” This seemed to amuse Wanda even more. “Just Wanda will do, but if Jude ever gets bored with you, well, come and see me. Now, off you go, mustn’t keep Mistress Jude waiting.”

Blushing bright red, Karen returned to the booth with the drinks. Whilst she had been gone the group had been joined by another couple, who Jude introduced as Andy and Beth. Karen said hello and then Beth was sent to get the drinks for Andy and herself.

And then, just like last time, it was all suddenly very normal. The women had obviously been friends for some while and were pretty close. The chat wandered far and wide and was just about normal for a girls’ night out. However, beneath this normality there was a definite undercurrent. Karen soon found out that all the couples enjoyed a D/s lifestyle. Whilst it was far from as obvious as it had been last time, it was easy to see that each couple consisted of a Domme and a sub and, although it was subtle, Karen, Lucy, Kathy and kaçak casino Beth were definitely the junior partners. As the evening went on the hints, the allusions, became more blatant and Karen was glad they were in a secluded booth in a private club.

As they chatted, she got to know a little more about the others. Sarah worked in a shop in town whilst, Kathy, her sub, was some sort of accountant. Karen guessed that they were both in their low thirties. Andy, Karen guessed that it was something like Andrea on her birth certificate, worked at the hospital as a phlebotomist, which apparently had something to do with blood samples. Beth, it turned out, was a surgeon specialising in paediatrics. Andy and Beth had been together for nigh on fifteen years. “I met her when she was straight out of medical school, the rawest little houseman in the place,” Andy commented. “She was useless at taking blood, never could find the vein, still can’t that matter.” Karen did the maths and worked out that they both must be around forty although you wouldn’t guess it with either of them.

After a while Karen was beginning to regret choosing lemonade as her drink for each round although, truth be told, she would have had the same problem whatever she had been drinking. At first the need to pee started as a slight twinge but it wasn’t going away. Before long the need was urgent. It seemed to take forever as Karen waited for a suitable pause in the conversation.

“Please, Mistress Jude, I need to go,” she whispered urgently.

“Need to go, where do you need to go?” asked Jude, deliberately misunderstanding.

“To the toilets. I need to pee,” Karen hissed.

“No, I don’t think so. Maybe later.”

“Mistress! I’m bursting!”

“Well, you’ll just have to hold it.”

“I can’t. Please, I’ll wet myself.”

With a sigh, Jude took some keys out of her pocket and tossed them onto the table.

“Ladies, it seems that my sub needs the toilet but she’s all locked up and I can’t be arsed. Should I let her have the keys?”

Karen was truly shocked. It was bad enough having to wear the chastity belt but to have it revealed in this cavalier fashion, to have the full extent of Jude’s control over her announced blatantly like this, was almost past bearing. She clasped her hands between her knees and hung her head in shame.

“By the looks of things you’re going to have to let her go or we’ll get another cleaning bill from Wanda,” Andy cut in. “It was bad enough last time but if we have another sub peeing all over the seats Wanda will go spare. If you don’t want to go, then have one of the other subs take her.

Karen was amazed that she should be left to wet herself was even being considered. She wondered what had happened ‘last time’ and decided she didn’t want to know.

“Please, Mistress,” Lucy spoke up. “I’ll take her. I don’t mind.”

“Mel?” Jude enquired.

“Yeah, let her go. As Andy says, we’ll be in deep goo with Wanda if she pees herself.”

“Ok then.” Jude passed the keys to Lucy and pointed out which one unlocked the padlock between her thighs. “She’s not to touch herself,” Jude added. “Hands behind her neck at all times. Oh, and she’s got a vibrator inside her as well. Make sure that stays in place.”

“Of course, Mistress.” Lucy replied. She picked up the keys and held out her hand to Karen who meekly followed her across the club. This time walking really was difficult, as Karen needed to keep her thighs together to stop from peeing herself. Lucy led her into the ladies and chose an empty stall. Karen immediately pulled her dress up to around her waist but Lucy stopped her with a stern tutting.

“You heard Mistress Jude. You’re not to touch yourself. Now clasp your hands behind your neck like a good girl.”

“Please, Lucy,” Karen was near to panic but she did as she was told and even stood with her legs apart to make it easier for Lucy to find the lock.

“Now which key was it?” Lucy mused.

“For Pete’s sake I’m bursting,” Karen pleaded. “Please, Lucy, stop messing about.”

“OK, OK, keep you hair on.” Lucy found the relevant key and fumbled between Karen’s thighs to find the padlock. It seemed to take ages but eventually it was opened and the triangular flap at the front of the chastity belt was freed. Karen almost fell back down onto the toilet seat and, with Lucy holding the flap clear, she was finally able to relieve herself. As she started to relax, the vibrator started to slip out, but Lucy was ready for this. She reached out with her free hand and pushed it back in. Of course this resulted in a certain amount of splashing, but Karen was just glad to finally empty her bladder. At last the torrent reduced to a trickle, and then died away all together. Karen slumped forward and leant her head on her friend’s shoulder.

“Looks like you needed that.”

“Did I ever,” Karen replied. “Thanks, thanks for coming with me. It looked like the others were going to make me wet myself.”

“Nah, they were just mucking about. Now if we’d been in the playroom….”

“Playroom?” queried Karen. “What’s that?”

“You mean Jude hasn’t shown you? Then it’s not my place to say any more. Now let’s get you dried off.”

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