Let Me Guide You

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Hi, baby. Welcome.

Now get on your knees, Sugar. Yes, right here in the hallway. Let me get out of these pants.

Cup my balls in your soft, feminine hands. Feel the weight of them in your palm, heavy with cum. Kiss and lick my balls as you hold them. Feel my hard, warm cock on your pretty face.

Take my cock and rub it around your cheeks, chin and nose. Don’t forget to run it across your lips. Let me feel your hot breath.

Give the head of my cock a tentative little kiss. Maybe like an inexperienced girl who wants to suck her first cock and is discovering her way around a man. Kiss it again. Look at it for a second. Study it. Then kiss it again.

Then lick and kiss the shaft as you continue to cup my heavy, sagging balls with your delicate hand.

Look up at me and tell me what you are going to do. Tell me you need me to cum for you. Tell me this is as much for you as it is for me. Let me know you think my cum is the most wonderful thing I can give to you. Be a nasty little girl, my nasty little girl, as only you can be.

Take me in your mouth slowly. Just take a little. Allow the head of my cock to slip past your sweet, full lips. Then hold the head of my cock in your mouth and swirl your tongue around space where the shaft of my cock meets the head…that area where all the nerve endings are located. That area, a circle of skin where the nerve canlı bahis endings are just below the skin, is the equivalent of your clit. You know how my tongue on your clit drives you crazy. You know what to do.

Begin taking more and more of my cock into your mouth. Oh, don’t forget to keep swirling your velvet tongue. Look up at me. Look me in the eye as you suck my cock and feel the unspoken desire, lust and passion that easily passes between us.

Take my cock out of your mouth. It is hard and wet. Lightly stroke it by forming a circle with your thumb and forefinger and tell me anything and everything. Drop down into that sexy little girl voice of yours—you know the one, the one that makes my heart skip a beat on the phone. You know at this moment you have total control over me. Tell me a quick hot story, or a fantasy you have. Or tell me this is the cock you were meant to suck. Or tell me in graphic detail that you want me to cum in your mouth. Tell me how my cum tastes, and that you want it.

Take me back in your mouth, and take me deep. Let me hear you timing your breath as you suck me. Did I just hear a little gurgle? Is that you slurping? Do I see a hint of drool slipping out of your mouth? I like to watch your pretty face moving back and forth, and your soft, long hair swaying as I fill your mouth.

Can you hear me talking to you? I am urging you to suck my cock, bahis siteleri telling you how wonderful your mouth, tongue and dainty hands feel to me. Feel my hands gently grasp your hair and guide your motions. Feel my hands running through your hair and caressing your cheeks. Feel my fingers as I play with your nipples. Do you like that?

You do? Then take a hand and reach down between your legs. Feel how wet you are as you kneel before me and suck me. Go ahead, rub your clit for me. Stick a finger, stick two, inside your pussy. Get your fingers really wet. Soak your fingers in your exquisite wetness. You know how much I adore the way you taste. Extend your hand up to my mouth and trace my lips with your wet fingertips until I take them in my mouth and lick and suck them clean. Do it again. And again. Feed me, you nasty little girl. Feed me as I feed you. Feed me your wanton desire. I want to feast on it.

Can you feel my ass tightening and my back stiffening? Can you feel my grasp becoming stronger? I am going to cum, baby. I am going to cum in your mouth while you rub your pussy. Smile your inward smile from the knowledge you have taken me to the point of release and ecstasy. Feel the first involuntary jerk and spasm of my entire body. Run your hands up my chest with you palms against my nipples. Or hold my hands tightly as I my hips quickly and forcefully buck my cock in and out bahis şirketleri of your wet, waiting mouth.

Savor the first eruption of my cum. Listen to me as I tell you—no, I am yelling for you– to take it, to take my cum. I am roaring for you to take it all. Two, three, four bursts fill your mouth. Will you swallow each explosion? Maybe you will let it drool out of your wonderful, hot, silky mouth and down your chin and neck and on to your chest. Don’t worry about your dress, you nasty thing. I will take it to the cleaners for you tomorrow.

I remember the time you held my cum in your mouth until I was spent, then you put you head on my stomach and gently spit out my cum. I remember how you let it slowly and softly slip from your lips and how warm it felt on my skin. I remember how you then put your cheek in our mix of my cum and your saliva, and slowly started licking and lapping it back up as you looked up at me.

Or, maybe you will try to hold as much of it as you can. Then look up at me, open your mouth, and show me my cum on your tongue. Show me the proof that you are indeed a nasty little girl who has done a good job. Then watch as I lean down and kiss you, deeply, feeling and tasting my cum.

Then take my cock back in your mouth. Be gentle with me. Suck and nurse my cock softly because I am overly stimulated and too much contact is painful. It passes shortly. Clean me up. Cleanse my cock with you mouth. Keep rubbing your clit. Get your little pussy good and wet for me, because in just a second I am going to lift you up, sit you on the table, get on my knees and return the favor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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