Leslie’s Demise Ch. 2

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They were awakened the next morning by a phonecall. It was Danny, wondering where in the hell she was last night. He had no idea that she was naked while she talked to him, in bed with another guy who was also naked and who had given her her first orgasm just a few hours earlier.

Scott listened to her explain to her boyfriend that she went out with some people. He was staring at her huge tits as she talked on the phone. Her face was so pretty. Scott kissed her cheek, causing her to smile while she talked. A tingle went through her pussy, reminding her of how good she could feel.

“Who?” Danny asked over the phone.

“Scott and another guy.” she answered.

“I can’t believe this,” he said, “you told me you didn’t want to do anything, and than you go out with another guy?” Smiling, Leslie kissed Scott on the lips, holding the phone away.

“We’re just friends,” she said into the phone, “nothing happened, I just felt like drinking with those guys.” Scott was kissing her neck, her pussy was tingling like crazy now, causing her to forget her headache.

“I’m coming over,” Danny said, “We have to talk.”

“Can you come in a few hours Danny, I need to sleep.” she asked.

“No,” he said, “I’m coming over now.” she knew he was serious.

“Well can you give me awhile to get ready?” she asked.

“Ok, I’ll be there in 20 minutes instead of 10.” he said. She didn’t bother arguing. She got off the phone a moment later, sighing. It was exactly 9:40.

“Well, ” she said to Scott, “I’ll be single in 20 minutes!” she laughed. “He’ll be here in 20 minutes.” she said.

“Should canlı bahis I go?” he asked.

“No,” she answered, “just hide in my mom’s room when he gets here. We shouldn’t be long!” she said laughing. He kissed her smiling lips and she opened her mouth. They kissed softly for a moment, his hands caressing her soft body. She felt his penis grow while pressing against her smooth leg, and her pussy flooded. All the memories of her first orgasm came pouring in, and she needed another one. She was an addict already! So when Scott slid his leg in between hers, she eagerly opened her long legs wider, allowing him to get entirely in between them, giving herself to him. Their lips smacked as Leslie felt Scott grind his long shaft against her wet slit. She broke the kiss.

“You know, we should wait until Danny leaves, we don’t have time right now, ” she said, “we only have about 15 minutes, and he WON’T be late!” Scott reached in between their naked bodies and grabbed his monster dick. He rubbed it up and down her wet slit. “Ohhhhhhh…” she sighed, closing her eyes. He stared at the head of his penis rubbing her pink pussy lips this way and that.

“Do you have a condom?” Leslie asked, “I think we should wear one this time, I’m not on the pill.”

“No” Scott replied, yet still rubbed her slit with his head. For the next minute, they were silent as he continued running his fat head along her horny slit, teasing her clit at every pass. Her breathing was laboured, her legs parted further, and she was writhing slightly against his organ.

“Ok…” she breathed, “just don’t cum in me this time! And bahis siteleri we should pay attention to the door!” Scott moved his cock back down to her wet entrance. He pushed forward. Leslie’s swollen cunt lips parted and sucked in his huge organ. “Ohhhhhhhh…” she sighed, smiling. His penis slid all the way into her soaking wet vagina in one stroke. He was entirely inside her warmth.

“Ohhhhhh God…” she moaned, loving it. She forgot all about Danny, but Scott didn’t. He didn’t want to be interupted, so he was paying attention. It was 9:48. Twelve minutes. Maybe less. He began to slide in and out of Leslie’s slick tunnel.

“Ohhhhhh yes. Ohhhh God I’ve never loved sex so much!” she cried as his 9 inch penis penetrated her again and again. He held himself up on his arms, immediately fucking her hard. She raised her feet in the air helplessly, amplifying the amazing feeling in her pussy. Her humongous tits were bouncing violently with each thrust, he loved watching them. Her head was arched back, eyes closed as she got screwed hard. “Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Ohhhhhhhhhh God! Unh! Unh!” Leslie moaned, feeling her orgasm approach and no longer fearing it, but embracing it. Her feet were flailing in the air as he thrusted into her as fast and as hard as he could.

“…………………..OHHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHHH my God! OHHHHHHHHHHH!” she came. Her wet pussy convulsed around his driving penis, gripping at him hungrily. Her entire body was on fire, she couldn’t breath, her orgasm was so intense. Scott fucked her through her orgasm.

At that moment, 9:53, Danny was getting into his car bahis şirketleri to visit his girlfriend, having no idea that a long penis was penetrating her and getting her off.

Scott pounded away at her, watching her expression, watching her huge breasts bounce. Her cunt was so slick, so warm. He began to lose it. He fucked the shit out of her, her moans were so loud. “UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH!”

Danny pulled into Leslie’s driveway just as Scott began to lose it. He pounded her a couple more times as Danny got of his car. Scott pulled his huge penis out of Leslie’s vagina with a slurp. “Ohhhhh!” she cried, surprised. Danny was walking up her steps out front just as Scott came.

His cock spasmed in his hand, shooting a stream of hot, thick, white cum into the air, landing between her tits. Another shot spewed forth, the thick glob landing on her belly, just beside her belly button.

Just then, they heard a knock on the door. Danny had no idea that as he was knocking on his girlfriend’s door, at that very second, a guy was cumming on her belly. Leslie panicked. She watched more cum shoot out, with less power, of Scott’s penis and land in the thick fur of her bush. Scott got off of her.

“Go to my mom’s room!” she hissed, getting up. Her naked body was incredibly beautiful as she stood up. White cum slowly dripped down from between her tits, and just beside her belly button as she scrambled for a tissue. She grabbed some, and quickly wiped between her naked breasts, and belly, leaving enough there to make it glisten in the light, but getting the obvious white stuff off. She threw on a T-shirt and pants, forgetting about the cum on her bush. She went down to answer the door.

Danny had no idea that when Leslie let him in her house, she had another guy’s cum on her bush, and that her cleavage was still sticky.

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