Lending another Hand

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Big Tits

Sunday afternoon, Pete and Anne came back over to our house, and I was taking a nap when they arrived. Kathy let them in and told them I would be up in just a few minutes, but to relax.

If you don’t know by now, Kathy and I are nudists, and live that lifestyle. Those who call themselves our friends are okay with it, some choosing to participate with us, others choosing to stay clothed. We don’t judge and expect our friends not to either. Up until this past week, Pete and Anne were our a couple of our clothed friends. Anne’s pregnancy has hanged that however.

Earlier this week I had fucked Anne for the first time. There was this glow she has that I found irresistible. When I saw her naked, I knew I had to have her. Tina may be my favorite fuck, but Anne gave me a hard on every time I saw her, whether clothed or not.

Anne told Kathy she was going to wake me up, and asked her to make Pete comfortable. I am not sure when she stripped her clothes off, but I was awoken by Anne sucking on my cock. I wake up and realize it is Anne, and my already hard cock stretches harder.

Anne kisses her way up my body and I can feel her pussy is already wet as she grinds her pussy against my leg. She kisses me and tells me to wake up, as this was going to be a special day.

Anne reached down and guided my cock to her pussy. She slid down on top of me, moaning as she took my cock deeper into her. She closed her eyes and started rocking, my cock occasionally scraping something inside her. I reached up and started rubbing her nipples between my fingers, and it wasn’t long before I felt her cumming. Her pussy squeezed my cock as she orgasmed, and I grabbed her by the shoulders forcing her as far down on my cock as she could take it.

Anne slid off me and went down to suck my cock some more. She was licking her own juices off me as she played with my cock and tickled my ass. She looked up at me and told me she wanted me to cum in her mouth, she wanted to suck me dry. I told her that it would be my pleasure, and after a couple more minutes, I exploded in her mouth. I watched Anne as she took every drop, and when a little leaked out of the corner of her mouth, she used her finger to scoop it off and made a little show of licking it off.

Anne came back up and snuggled into me. She started to tell me how Pete would not shut up about how great a blow job I gave him. For the past couple days she could see him getting erections often, and most of the time she would ask if he was thinking about the blow job again, he would just smile and nod yes.

Thinking about Pete getting hard made me hard again, and I rolled over on top of Anne and slid my cock into her pussy. Her arms reached around me, her fingernails digging into my back as she moaned underneath me. I slid in and out of her, slow and methodical, allowing the head of my dick to slide almost all the way out of her pussy before slowly sliding back in as deep as I could. Kissing the side of her neck up to her earlobes, I felt her squirming underneath me. I slid out of her and downward, starting to lick her pussy . Just as she started moaning, I quickly moved back up and shoved my cock deep inside her. I pumped fast for a minute, then slowed back down. canlı bahis Slow strokes, all the way in, all the way out. Then quickly back down for a few licks of her pussy. This continued for about 10 minutes until I felt my cum starting to rise. I slowed down my strokes trying to make it not cum, but I continued to feel it rising up inside me. I gave up, sped up my strokes, going as deep as I could until I felt it in the tip of my dick. One last plunge deep inside her and I exploded, keeping pressure inside her as I felt my hot cum trying to escape. She reached up, grabbed my head, brought it to her, and kissed me deeply.

We laid there for a couple minutes, just catching our breaths. Finally, we got up and headed to the living room to see how Pete and Kathy were doing. As we opened the bedroom door, we could hear them fucking in the living room. We glanced at each other and smiled, then one more quick kiss and we walked into the living room.

We saw Pete fucking Kathy doggy-style. That didn’t surprise me as it was her favorite position. What surprised me was when I got closer I could tell he has fucking her in the ass. Then I noticed on the TV there was playing a gay video. Obviously Pete had been telling Kathy the same thing Anne had been telling me, and Kathy put it to good use. Anne and I sat on the couch as we watched them fuck.

I looked at Anne and I could tell she was really turned on by what she saw. She had one hand on her pussy massaging her clit,and the other hand was pinching her nipple on her left breast. I reached down and started playing with my own cock, wondering what was going to happen next.

I looked at Pete and he was intensely watch the two guys fuck on the TV. His eyes had that glazed over look one gets when you are totally caught up in something. As I watched Pete’s cock slide in and out of Kathy’s ass, I felt my own cock growing hard again in my hand. On TV, the guy pulled out the other guys ass and started to cum. I saw Pete then pull out, yank on his cock, and cum on Kathy’s back.

Anne went down and started to lick Pete’s cum off Kathy’s back. As soon as it was gone, I saw Anne give Kathy a little shove, pushing her onto her back. Anne moved up and squatted on Kathy’s face. Kathy moved her hands up to help support Anne, and guided her pussy down to her waiting tongue.

I got up and went over to the DVD player, and replaced the gay DVD with a bisexual 4-some DVD. Then I went back to the couch and watched Pete watching Anne and Kathy. His hand was on his cock, but he hadn’t recovered enough yet to get hard.

Anne leaned down into a 69, and started licking Kathy’s pussy. Pete was struggling to get hard as he watched but wasn’t quite there yet. Kathy reached out and grabbed a toy box. Flipping it open, she felt until she pulled out a dildo. She put it in her mouth, licked it wet, and slid it into Anne’s pussy. She slowly slid it inside Anne, each stroke going a little deeper. We could see Anne’s ass wiggle with anticipation, and when she felt the balls of the dildo on her pussy, a smile came across her face.

Pete had finally gotten his cock hard again, and was playing with it as he watch the girls play. I got down on the floor with him, and leaned bahis siteleri over, pushing his hand out of the way as I took his cock in my hand. I leaned down, and guided his cock into my mouth, being careful to stay out of his view of the girls. His cock was not huge and I was able to easily take him all inside my mouth.

Anne started to feel around for the toy box, and finally managed to get a hold of another dildo. She slid it into Kathy’s pussy and started grinding it, all the way in, around and around. The balls of the dildo were working against Kathy’s pussy, and we could hear Kathy moaning loudly.

I pushed Pete onto his back, sucking and licking him hungrily. There is nothing like a good hard cock in your mouth, and was definitely showing him how much I enjoy it. I could feel him squirm as he struggled to watch the girls while being distracted by my blow job. Occasionally I would lick his ass, causing him to convulse just little.

Anne had gotten a new toy out, and it was a strap on. She quickly moved to put it on, and her and Kathy moved into a position that allowed Anne to fuck her while still being able to watch me and Pete. Pete moaned as he watched Anne slide the dildo into Kathy.

I reached out to the toy box and felt around for the KY I knew was in there. I pulled it out and squired some on my hand. I reached down and massaged my cock in the KY, making it nice and slippery. Giving Pete’s ass one more lick to get it nice and wet, I moved up and put the head of my cock against his asshole. Pete had a scared look on his face, I could tell he was torn as to watching the girls fuck and realizing what was about to happen.

I gently pushed and the head of my cock started to slide into his ass. I took it nice and slow, not wanting to hurt him in any way. I grabbed my cock and gently moved it in a circular motion, trying to open him up just a little bit. I could feel the natural resistance due to the tightness of his ass never having been fucked before. It seemed to take 5 full minutes before my cock was fully deep into his ass. And now I had his full attention.

Pete was moaning as I started fucking him. Just short strokes, keeping most of my cock deep in his ass. I heard him say how hard his cock was, and I grabbed it and it was definitely tighter and harder than I have felt yet. I stroked his cock as I lengthened the stroke of my cock little by little.

I hadn’t been paying attention to the girls, so I was a little startled when suddenly they were standing there watching me fuck Pete. Anne stepped over, squatted down and pushed my hand away. She grabbed Pete’s cock and guided her pussy down onto it. Kathy was kneeling on Pete’s face, letting him watch her rub her pussy.

Pete’s face was glowing, but yet had a look of confusion on it. He was so turned on by everything he was overwhelmed. Finally he reached up and pulled Kathy’s pussy onto his face. Tonight he was the lucky one- eating pussy, having a pussy on his cock, and a cock deep in his ass. I knew he now knew what heaven feels like.

Anne reached out and put her arms around my neck, pulling me close to her. She told me how she wanted to watch me cum deep inside Pete, and to see it pour out his ass when bahis şirketleri I was done. Then she kissed me deeply.

Pete’s ass was tight and felt good on my cock. As I watched him eat Kathy’s pussy, I knew I wouldn’t be able to last long. I was already feeling the pressure in my balls building. My cock was tingling and I started pounding it inside his ass. I was past the point of worrying if I was hurting him or not, all I knew was I was soon going to fill his ass with my cum.

I must have had that look in my eye that said I was going to cum, because Anne knew it. I saw her body shiver as she came, and heard her whisper how she was finally going to be able to see cum in Pete’s ass.

My eyes squeezed shut, and I started to cum, hot sperm shooting out of the head of my cock deep into his ass. I knew I was yelling as the tightness of his ass felt so good, squeezing my cock as if trying to milk it dry. As soon as I stopped moving, Anne gave me a push, making my cock slide out of Pete’s ass. Soon my cum started to drip out.

Anne and Kathy were yelling in unison,both cumming at the same time one more time. I could see Pete had cum again too, as I could see it dripping out of Anne’s pussy.

I got up and walked over to Kathy. She grabbed by cock and sucked it to life one more time. She then pushed me down and climbed on top of me. She slid her soaking wet pussy onto my shaft, and squeaked as she started to ride it. My cock was starting to ache, but we always fucked each other last. Pete and Anne just laid there watching us. Kathy’s boobs flopped wildly as she rode me like a bucking bronco, and my longer thicker cock was making her moan.

Soon we switched positions, so I was fucking her doggy-style. Her pussy was making a sucking sound as we fucked, I have never seen her so wet before. My cock was achingly hard, but I was determined to finish. It was what we do.

I glanced over and Anne and Pete were playing with themselves. I could see they were spent and it wasn’t going to lead to anything, but I didn’t blame them. When I watch people fuck I play with myself too.

Kathy told me something she rarely does, that she wanted to to cum in her ass. She rarely asks for that, so I knew how turned on the night had made her. I pulled out of her pussy and slid my cock in her ass. Even though Pete had fucked her ass earlier, it was still fairly tight. I didn’t take it easy on her like I did Pete, I just fucked her ass hard.

I could feel her pussy pulsing as she started to cum, her ass muscles squeezing my cock in rhythm with her pussy muscles. One last time I felt the cum rising up the shaft of my cock and I soon felt it exploding deep within her. I pushed her flat on the floor as I pushed my cock as deep inside her ass as I could, my cock pulsing as it released one last load.

We spent the rest about an hour laying there, laughing and talking about what had happened. Pete kept looking embarrassed, but after enough needling started to come around. It is always hard the first time you are with a guy to admit you like it, so I knew what Pete was going through. I also knew that we would fuck again. Probably many times. Once the tiger is freed from the cage, it is hard to ever put it back in. I also knew eventually they would probably join our sex group. I look forward to introducing them to the others. I smiled as I thought about when they would meet Tina. We are looking forward to some really good times.

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