Lee Gets a Visit

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Someone was knocking on my door. No one knocks on my door at nine o’clock at night. This was my first surprise of the evening. I live alone, and have just a few close friends, all of whom keep pretty similar hours to mine – up too damn early, bed early to compensate. My building manager is a very nice woman who’d never dream of interrupting anyone’s evening unless it was an emergency, and I hadn’t heard sirens. But, someone was knocking, so I opened the door. And got my second and third surprises all in one.

“Emily?!?” My voice was at least an octave higher on the last syllable than it had been on the first, I was that surprised at her appearance. And that, too, has a double meaning. The simpler of the two meanings is that I was shocked at her appearance at my door because Emily lives a little over three thousand miles away from me, and, on top of that, I had figured she’d written me off. She and I had carried on a pretty hot internet affair for a few months, but that had ended (with, at the time, relief for me) when my ISP shut down, cutting us off. At the time, Emily had been fun, but a complication I didn’t need, and couldn’t manage to get out of. Emily, on the other hand, had claimed she couldn’t live without me, and that her life would be a meaningless void if we didn’t spend at least 3 hours a night fucking via instant messaging. I hadn’t really heard anything from her since the ISP shut down, so you can imagine my surprise at seeing her leaning against the wall in the corridor outside my apartment.

The other part of my surprise at her appearance was her appearance. Her long, dark hair framed her face, partially hiding it in shadow. Her eyes, however, snapped out of that shadow like two burning coals. Her lips were as full as I remembered. Emily has lips you immediately want applied to as much of your body as possible – full, soft, wet. Her hands were thrust into the pockets of a leather coat that extended about a third of the way down her thighs. It was pulled tight at the waist with a knotted belt. Below the coat was a brief glimpse of her legs sheathed in black stockings, and then the rest of her legs in a pair of very black, very shiny boots with very high, very pointed heels. The collar of her coat was turned up, further shadowing her face.

“No,” she snapped, “Eva. Emily isn’t here. She sent me.”

“Eva” was an alter-ego Emily had dreamed up for our fantasies. She represented the purely erotic, somewhat depraved side of Emily. I’d created “Lee” as my alter-ego. Those two had some very hot exchanges since they were able to toss aside the inhibitions Emily and I had. This “Eva” leaning challengingly against the wall looked every inch the personification of hot slut that Emily had created. A hot slut with brains – the hottest kind. No qualms about dressing to fuck. In fact, totally into it, totally into the idea of dressing in a way that would turn a man’s brain to guacamole, and his dick to iron. Just what she was looking for, really – a hard cock, a willing tongue, hers to command.

“I see,” I replied. My head was, as you might imagine, in a bit of a spin.

“So,” she said with a smirk, “Glad to see me?”

“Sure. Of course,” I managed to say.

“Yeah, I can tell,” she sneered.

“No, really, I am,” I said, “You just took me totally by surprise. Of course I’m glad to see you. I always wondered what you were like in person.”

“Well,” she answered, “You’re about to find out, then, aren’t you? Are you going to invite me in?”

“Oh, gee, sorry – of course, come in.”

She straightened up from her lean against the wall, and walked past me. She was wearing some sort of scent, and it did absolutely nothing for my clarity of mind. It did, on the other hand, do a lot for my cock. What was Emily/Eva doing here? Dressed like this? And, all things considered (insofar as I could consider anything at that point), did I care?

I closed the door, and followed the sound of her high heels into my living room. She stood, canlı bahis legs parted, hands still in her pockets, facing me.

“So, where’s Lee?” she asked, “He and I need to have a little talk.”

“Um, just a sec, and I’ll get him,” I answered, not sure just what was going on. I figured I’d step into my bedroom, and then come back claiming to be “Lee”, and see what happened next.

“Tell him to make sure he’s wearing white,” Eva commanded.

I recalled from our exchanges that Emily favoured white underwear on men. She liked the notion that it made her seem like an older seductress leading a young boy into carnal sin.

“I will,” I answered. In my bedroom I quickly peeled off my jeans and black underpants, hunted up a pair of white ones, yanked them on, and then my jeans, and returned to the living room. Eva was looking at my bookcases.

“You read a lot,” she said.

“I do.”

“No sex, though.”

“Not really,” I said.

“Too bad,” she answered. “You think about it a lot, though, don’t you?”

“I suppose I do,” I replied.

“What do you like to think about, Lee? Do you think about wet pussies sliding over your hard dick? Or eager mouths with flicking tongues wrapped around it? Do you think about my hot cunt, Lee? Are you thinking about it now? Is that why the front of your jeans is bulging?”

“You always had that effect on me, Eva. And you still do.”

“Show me,” she said, “Show me how hard your dick is. Just like in those pictures you sent me. Show me how much you want me.”

I wasn’t lying about the effect Eva had on me. Somehow she could just erase everything but the thought of her – licking her, sucking her, fucking her, being sucked, fucked, and had by her – from my brain, and that was my state now. How had she gotten here? I didn’t care. Why was she here? I didn’t care. All I cared about was her standing in front of me right now, in thigh-high, spike-heeled boots and a leather coat, and who-knew-what underneath. And I wanted to find out. My brain was full of her dripping wet pussy, my tongue plunging deeply into it. So, I undid the button at the top of my jeans, and unzipped the front, and slid them down, leaving my underpants on for the moment.

“Mmmm, you remembered I like white – how sweet,” she said wryly. “Take your shirt off, too.”

When I was standing in front of her in only my underwear she slowly walked toward me.

“Want me to suck your cock?” she asked, standing only a hair’s breadth from me.

“Oh, fuck, yes,” I said, reaching for her. She slapped my hands away.

“Don’t touch me,” she said, angrily, “You abandoned us. You don’t deserve to touch me. Keep your hands to yourself unless I tell you otherwise.”

Wondering where all this was going, I nevertheless did as she told me. She reached out, and ran a finger nail along the length of my hard dick, making it jump.

“Want me to jerk you off, Lee?” she asked, “Or maybe you’d like to jerk yourself off? Would you like that? Would you like to jerk yourself off for me?”

“Would you like me to?” I asked.

She looked at me, her lips pressed together, considering. “Mmmm, not just yet, I don’t think. Maybe later. Right now, I’d like you to undo my belt.”

She stood in front of me, shoulders back, hips thrust forward, and I reached for the knot at her waist. My hands were shaking.

“Excited, Lee?” she asked.

“I am, Eva.”

“Good,” she said, “That’s what I want to hear. I like men who are eager and willing. I’ve got so many demands, after all.”

“Just name it, Eva,” I answered, “I’m ready.”

“I know you are, lover,” she said, “You’ll do anything I ask, won’t you?”


I had her belt undone, and she spun quickly around, commanding over her shoulder, “Remove my coat.”

I did, and almost came then and there. She was wearing a black satin corset, with a matching thong. She took two steps away from me, and turned again. Her breasts were bare, riding high and firm bahis siteleri above the top of the corset. The thong had a spider’s web embroidered in silver thread in the front. And, oh, was I ever trapped in that web. Not merely trapped, but eager to be consumed.

“Now, Lee, where do we begin,” she said, considering. “I know – pull down that underwear, slowly.”

I slowly pulled the front of my underpants down, revealing the swollen pink head of my cock.

“Squeeze your cock, Lee. I want to see a drop of semen.”

I squeezed the tip, and a glistening clear drop of fluid welled up from within.

“Ah, that’s perfect,” she said with a smile, “Now catch it on your finger and lick it off.”

I did as she said.

“Again, but this time, take your time. Suck your finger like you’d suck a cock.”

So I caught another drop on my finger, slowly inserted it into my mouth, and then began moving my finger in and out.

“Very good, Lee,” she said, “Anyone would think you’d been sucking cock all your life. Have you ever sucked cock before, Lee?”

“No,” I answered, “I’m too fond of eating pussy.”

“I’m sure you are,” she said. Then, “Reach into the right hand pocket of my coat, Lee. There’s something there we need.”

I again did as she said. Inside was a soft length of black satin.

“Give it to me,” she said. “Turn around.”

When I had turned around, she wrapped the cloth over my eyes, blindfolding me.

“There,” she said, “That will be perfect.”

I could hear her moving behind me, hear something sliding. Then she was in front of me, and something warm and wet was brushing over my lips – her panties!

“Do you like that, Lee? Do you like the smell of my wet panties? Would you like to taste them? Taste my pussy juices on them?” And she thrust them into my mouth, wrapped around two of her fingers.

“Suck them, Lee, suck my panties,” she said, pumping her satin-covered fingers in and out of my mouth. “It’s just like sucking cock, isn’t it, Lee? You do it so well, and it’s getting you so excited, isn’t it? Are you sure you’ve never sucked cock in your life?”

I shook my head.

“Hmmm, well…”

She was moving around again. I heard the gentle clink of metal. What was going on?

“Kneel, Lee,” she commanded. And so I did. “Now, take off the blindfold.”

Eva stood in front of me, her hand wrapped around a big black silicon strap-on dildo, looking for all the world like she was jerking off.

“Suck my cock, Lee,” she demanded, “I’ve seen you in action. I know you can do it. Suck me.”

And I did. And fuck me did it get me hot. She held the dildo in one hand, and put her other hand behind my head as she pumped the thing in and out of my mouth.

“That’s it, cocksucker,” she said, “Suck my big hard dick. Oh, you look so good with a cock in your mouth, I think I’m going to come.”

And she began pumping faster and faster, the half of the dildo buried in her cunt working her up, and up, and up to a massive orgasm. “Suck me, suck me, suck me,” she moaned, “Suck me, make me come, Lee. You fucking cocksucker….suck me, suck me, suck me!”

And she came, bucking, yanking my hair, rivulets of her juices trickling down her thighs. My dick was throbbing, and I wanted to come like I’d never wanted to come in my life. I’d never been hotter. I wanted to get on top of her, and fuck her senseless. Fuck me senseless! I wanted her tits, her ass, her pussy – all of them in my mouth, or my cock between, or deep inside, spewing hot come.

Eva sank to the floor in front of me.

“You hurt Emily and I, Lee. You should apologize.”

“I do, Eva, I do apologize. I’m very sorry. I was confused, conflicted.”

“Sure you were, baby. Confused, conflicted. Well, maybe we’ll accept that. Maybe.”

“What would you like me to do to prove I’m sorry, Eva? Name it.”

Eva smiled a very wicked smile. “Yes?,” she said, “Anything?”

“Anything, Eva. I owe that to you.”

“Good bahis şirketleri boy,” she said, patting my cheek, “Keep that attitude, and I may just let you come. First, a little gesture of partial forgiveness.” She leaned toward me and kissed me, hard, sliding her tongue into my mouth, then sucking mine into hers.

“Are you ready, baby?” she asked, breaking the kiss, still panting, “Are you ready for the fuck of a lifetime?”

“Oh, Eva, you know it,” I replied, “Fuck am I ready.”

“Good,” she smiled, and slid her hands around my hips, sliding her thumbs into the leg holes of my underwear as she did so. She pulled the material tight, and up, pulling it in between the cheeks of my ass, pulling it tight around my cock. She held the underpants that way in one hand, while she took my cock and balls in the other and squeezed.

“Oh, fuck, Eva…oh, baby….oh, fuck that feels good.”

“Does it? Does it make you want to come?” she asked, squeezing, and pumping my cock while she pulled up on my underwear. “Does your ass feel good? Is your cock ready to burst?”

“Eeeyessss,” I moaned.

“Well, let’s see if we can make it feel even better,” she said, and moved around behind me. She pulled my underpants down, and off, then reached from behind for my cock. She began stroking it, pumping it.

“Give me some juice, baby,” she said, “Come on, give me some of your hot come. Just a little, just enough.”

My cock began to ooze slippery clear fluid.

“Ahh, that’s right, baby, that’s what we need. Now, bend over, baby. Bend over for the fuck of a lifetime.”

It took a second for what she was about to do to register. When it did, unbelievably I got even hotter, harder. She was going to fuck my ass with her dildo! She used my come, and the juices of her own pussy to lubricate the dildo and my asshole. She brought the dildo to my ass, and I felt it slide between my ass cheeks, pressing against my asshole. I was gone. I was about to get my ass fucked by a woman who never failed to turn me into a pussy-slave, a totally-focused cunt-craving idiot. Nobody had ever had this effect on me. The thought of Eva shoving that dildo deep inside me had me practically drooling with desire.

“Oh, baby, yes, yes, yes…fuck my ass, Eva. Shove your cock deep inside me. Fuck me, Eva, fuck me.”

“That’s my intention, lover, to fuck your ass and make you come with my dick deep inside you. To make you want it again and again. Emily and I want you begging for it.”

The head of the cock slowly pushed past the external sphincter, hurting at first, but then up into me, filling me. My cock had never been so hard in my life!

“Fuck me, Eva, oh, baby, fuck me. Oh, fuck, I’ve never felt so hot. Oh, Eva, god damn it, fuck me.” I was bucking back against her thrusts, helping her ram her dildo home, to fuck me deeply.

“You’ve been waiting for this, haven’t you, baby,” she said, “Just waiting for some hot bitch to come along and make you her bitch. Tell me that, Lee, tell me you’re my bitch. Tell me your ass is mine.”

“Fuck yes, my ass is yours,” I cried, “Fuck this bitch, Eva, fuck this bitch deep and hard!”

I’d never, ever, been so hot in my life. Eva was everything I’d fantasized about – a domineering slut with brains. Why had I even thought to hesitate?

“Are you going to come for me, bitch?” she asked, “Are you going to spew that hot creamy come for me?”

“Oh, yes, oh, yes, oh, yes – I’m going to explode! Fuck me, fuck me Eva!”

And it really was the fuck of a lifetime, just as she’d promised. Her cock deep inside me, her hand pumping my cock, her breath hot on my neck. I came and came and came, like I’d never come before. If this was revenge, it was incredibly sweet.

“You’re mine, now, aren’t you, Lee?” she said, licking my come from her fingers, “You’re mine to fuck whenever I want, aren’t you?”

“Eva, you can fuck me anytime you want to,” I said.

“Good boy,” she said, “Now, one last thing.”

“Anything, Eva.”

“Eat me,” she said, “I want your tongue in my pussy, and I want you to make me come.”

“With pleasure,” I said, smiling. I knew there’d soon be two willing sluts in the room.

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