Journey with a Beautiful Lady Pt. 01

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Naresh boarded the bus and went up to his seat. His row is in the middle of the bus. He saw a beautiful lady of around 26-28 is sitting in his seat. His’ is aisle seat. “Excuse me” he said to the lady who is looking at him “this is my seat” and showed his reservation ticket.

“This seat” the lady showing the widow seat at her side said “can you take this please.” Naresh looked at her in confusion. “See I have a vertigo problem. Any fast moving objects or heights cause giddiness in me. It results in nausea, so pl…” saying so she moved her legs aside to give way for him. Naresh nodding his head sat at the window seat.

He is going to Vizag to attend a cousin’s marriage. It is around 7.00 pm. Bus had started. Conductor was checking the tickets. Naresh observed the lady at his side. Fair looking, smooth round face, small mouth with thick lower lip, a dimple forming on her chin by seeing her mangalsutra he knew that the lady is married. Though she covered her bosom well with her saree pullow, still he could guess that her bosom is big and firm.

The lady whose name is Vaishali also looked at him through the corner of her eyes. ‘Not bad, good looking personality and smiling face may be around 30 looks he is from a cultured family’ she thought. Unknown to each other they tried to judge the other. They involved on their own thoughts. Bus stopped at Suryapet for dinner. Naresh looked at his watch. 8.40 pm.

“Are you alright? Is there any problem?” Naresh asked as a courtesy.

“Fine, thank you” she replied slowly.

“Won’t you have dinner?” he enquired again.

“No, I feel uneasy if I take anything while travelling” She said. Naresh alighted the bus and went to the canteen. After 15 minutes he came back with a pocket in his hand and a water bottle.

“Elders say that one must not be empty stomach during the night, have this” he extended the pocket to her. Though she was telling ‘no, no’ but Naresh convinced her to have two idlies with ginger chutney.

“Thanks, you have taken trouble” she said wiping her hands and mouth with the napkin. “Ginger is good for nausea” he said.

After another 15 minutes bus started its journey again. As soon as the bus reached the out skirts of the city; lights were off except two blue lights and a video started. Naresh saw that she is not watching the video. “Bore” she mumbled.

After a while she turned to him and asked him she said “I am Vaishali”

“I am Naresh” he said and continued “I am S/W engr., and working’ he told her. “Going Vizag to attend a marriage”.

“Oh! I am also going to attend a marriage of my cousin, my husband Govind didn’t get leave so travelling alone.”

“Govind! Which Govind? Is it Nerella Govind?” he asked taking Govind’s surname.

Vishali looked at him in surprise and said “Yes; do you know him?” asked.

“Very well; we were batch and bench mates in B.Tech. We were very close friends. Then they exchanged some more information about each other. During these exchanges what Naresh and Vaishali came to know is their residences are only a 3 km away from each others. Vaishali felt comfortable that her co passenger is her husband’s close friend.

After that they didn’t had anything to talk. For about 10-15 minutes silence ruled between them.

“Talk something, in this video sound we won’t get sleep” she said.

“What to talk?”

“Anything you like… or your interested topic, to pass time till this video is closed”.

He thought for a while then said “Mmm.. you may not like my topic” he said nervously.

“How can you say that?”

“In general I said. Such topic is generally disliked by ladies”.

“How can you say that? Are you an expert in knowing the liking and disliking of ladies?”

Naresh was dumbstruck for her boldness and kept mum.

“OK now let me know what your topic is? Let me judge whether it is likable or not to us”.

“Please if I tell, later don’t judge me bad. On your insistence telling, my topic is romance” he said and looked at her hesitatingly.

“Mmmm… how did you think that we don’t like that topic?” she sitting properly asked.

“Do you like?”

“We ladies like much more than you male. Only thing is that we won’t come out easily like you guys”. She said smiling at him.

“vooon.. nice… so you like romance?” now his hesitation had vanished.

“No hard feelings for the question please… Did you romance…?” Now he kept his elbow on the hand rest where Vaishali’s elbow is rested. She was silence didn’t decide to answer or not.

Seeing her hesitation Naresh said “if you feel comfortable only, tell otherwise no compulsion; and remember I promise you whatever you say will be discreet. Don’t be afraid because I am your husband’s friend”, he consoled her taking her palm in his.

The way Naresh spoke to her gave a confidence to her that whatever she says will be a secret. She also pressed his hand and slowly mumbled “yes”.

There was silence for a while and then Vaishali asked “What vivid porno about you?”

“Yes, with two of my class mates. They were very horny.”

“So you enjoyed well” she said, her hand is still in Naresh’s palm. Don’t know why she enjoyed that soft touch and didn’t pull her hand back. They themselves don’t know how this conversation turned like this, but both are enjoying the conversation.

After a while Vaishali said “I too with two.”

“You too enjoyed well then”

“Yes, but only with one, the other was not good in doing. He was not in a position to satisfy me”.

“What about Govind…is he OK?

“Yes, the best out of the three” she said without any hesitation. Slowly she is opening up. Naresh thought.

“Did you marry? How is she? What is her name?”

“Wait…wait so many questions at a time… we have a lot of time” he said, after a while said “Her name is Anjali. Nice lady. She is a tigress in bed.”

“mmmm.. nice,” she mumbled. “What about Govind? Did he romance?” she asked.

“It is discreet, as I promised to keep yours discreet; I must keep his also…isn’t it?”

“OK your wish.. I won’t compel.” Silence ruled between them again.

By the way what type of people you consider as romantic?” Naresh asked.

“Fairness is not a criterion for me.” She said “one must be jovial, good looking, caring and soft spoken, like you…” Vaishali herself is wondered how she is talking to him so freely. He must be a human charmer she thought.

“… me a soft spoken.. Anjali complains that I talk harshly…. Any way thanks… so you consider me as a romantic person.”

“mmmm…let me see” and she looked at his face and then said… not bad..can consider…”

They talked like that for another half-an-hour. Still her palm is in his hands and he is slowly pressing them feeling the softness and smoothness of her skin texture. Even she didn’t pull her palm from him she felt his warmness is seeping through her palm to her thighs and kindling fire.

She said “let us stop now, I am getting sleep” she pulling her hand reclined to the back and closed her eyes. Naresh was disappointed, but kept quite. He tried to sleep but he could not sleep. After ½ hr, when he turned his face towards Vaishali, she is sleeping deeply. Rhythmic movement her breasts said so. In the blue dim light her face is glowing, innocent smile on her lips allured him he could not contain himself and slowly crept his hand on hers. Her smooth skin tickled him.

He further pushed his hand to feel her naked waist. ‘Ufff.. how soft she is’ he thought and slowly with thumping heart he ran his forefinger there. Even then there was no movement in her. He kept his palm on her waist. He is enjoying her touch and there is a stir in his pants. Waited for full five minutes and slowly raised his hand upwards to reach her rhythmic boob. His heart is beating fast. Slowly very slowly creeping on her stomach it moved up…and lo he touched the bulge of her masti.

He felt as if he touched 440 W current wires. Along with the gradient it moved up. He felt the fabric of her bra. Still running his palm over the peak he slightly pressed it. The spongy boob pressed down and rose up as he loosened the pressure.

When pressed, there was a soft moan from her and a small stir in her body. Naresh’s heart thumped fast and he stopped his action; but didn’t pull his hand back. Few seconds later when he was confident that she is in sleep he proceeded further. This time he pressed the boob a bit hard and squeezed. Then he slowly ran his finger along the upper edge of her blouse feeling her bulge there.

He felt, as he is inI heaven, such a beautiful lady sitting at his side and he is lucky to play with her. He slowly bent on her and very lightly kissed her soft cheek. Ha had a fear that she may wake up by his hot breath, but she didn’t move. Her face was normal and he could not see any gestures on her face.

His member in his trousers inflated fully, causing him inconvenience and aching. With his other hand he started soothing it over the trousers. Then he had a thought and implemented it. While playing with her tits one after the other and enjoying the touch, with his other hand he took her hand and pulled it over his bulge.

Her hand lay there motionless. He confirmed that she is in very deep sleep. Then he started playing with her confidently, planting kisses on her cheek now and then running his tongue on it. Here down he pressed her hand to his bulge. It had become beyond his control he was about to erupt. He removed her hand slowly without causing disturbance.

Then he unzipped his trouser and pulled his fully erect member out and started stroking under the napkin. While stroking he looked around. He found though video is still playing most of the people were sleeping. He stroking to his member and running his finger on her tit continued only for three or four minutes and he erupted his hot lava in his Turkish napkin and he sighed with relief.

After woodman casting porno this he pulled his hand and resting his head to the head rest closed his eyes in relaxation.

He doesn’t know whether she was really in sleep or not. But he enjoyed her by her conversation and now touching her body. Thinking this he don’t know when he slept.


With a sudden jerk of the bus Naresh opened his eyes. He saw Vaishali getting down. he too got down and waited for her. After five minutes she came out of the ladies wash room and met him. They both had tea and moved towards the bus. At a distance, the bus driver and conductor were standing. In a minute she said to Naresh and she went to the conductor and after talking to him she came back.

Naresh and Vaishali boarded the bus. “I went to find out, when the bus reaches Vizag. A couple of minutes later driver and conductor boarded the bus and started. As soon it came on the main road the main lights were off. What Naresh observed that the blue light which was glowing over their head is not on. May be fused off he thought.

His mind is working fast. He looked at Vaishali. In the dark he could not guess whether she is asleep or not. Thinking that overhead light not glowing is a blessing in disguise he Waited for another few minutes and slowly moved his hand towards Vaishali. His fingers touched her soft skin on the waist. He ran his finger slowly towards her boob. “Ah! At last” he thought as he touched her choochi with his finger over the blouse.

He was wondered when he touched, because he noticed that she is not having her bra. ‘Why did she remove it? Did she enjoyed my touch or because of heat’ he couldn’t decide. Yet he continued his actions slowly running his finger on her boob. When he reached the peak he placed his full palm on her and pressed it. He felt that her body stirred for a while. It is only for a second or so. Middle of his palm felt the perky nipple. E rotated his palm there.

The thought that Vaishali is not having her bra increase his excitement. His member raised in full glory. Now it had become very difficult for him to control himself. Slowly he bent on her face. He could see only a dark shadow of her face. Darkness had given him more courage. He totally bending on her kissed her cheek and ran is tongue there. that touch gave his goose bumps in his body.

There was no stir in her body emboldened he moved his lips to her lips. His heart was thumping fast. First slowly he touched her lips with his tongue. Then put his full mouth on hers and kissed her taking her lips in his. “Mmm..Gov….ind…. le..t…ee..p…” a mumble came out of her mouth.

“Oh God she is thinking it is her husband’ Naresh thought but didn’t move his mouth from there. Naresh opened his zip and took out his maleness out of the confinement, stroked it with the other hand, while one is still on her boob. Slowly he pushed his tongue between her lips.

“listen dear.. let me sleep.. I am slee…py…” again she mumbled. When she mumbled her lips were opened and his tongue went in her mouth.

As his tongue went in and probing her mouth suddenly he felt that his tongue is being sucked. “Oh! God ..she is sucking my tongue…mmmm…” and with boldness he took her palm and kept it on his ravaged dick made her palm to hold it and moved it up and down. The delirium is beyond his control and he ejaculated his hot sperms in her palm.

“mmmm… govind it is hot..aah..aah..: she murmured and pulled her palm. Quickly Naresh took out his napkin and wiped her hand and also his trousers. Once again he kissed her lips and relaxed on his seat.

“Good God. What an was heaven..mmm.. nice.. Don’t know she is awake or sleep. Any way when we get down the bus at vizag she’ll be on her way and I on my way” he thought and closed his eyes.


At 7 am next day they both get own the bus and came out of the bus terminus. When they got down he looked a Vaishali’s face to find any feelings. No there was nothing. He exhaled freely. They both went to the canteen and had hot coffee.

“Did you have good sleep yesterday night?” he deeply seeing her face asked. “Yah! Didn’t you?” she enquired. “Yes. Had good sleep, Feeling relaxed.

“What will you do now?”

“Go to the marriage hall freshen up there and spend time till the marriage”.

“Where is the marriage?” She told him the destination. He looking at her in surprise asked “Are you attending Pranuthi’s marriage?”

“Pranuthi… may be bride I am from the groom’s side let me see of it is the same and she took out the wedding card from her bag and looked at it. On the cover itself it is printed ‘Vivek weds Pranuthi’ “..yes it is the same’ and she handed over the card to Naresh.

He without looking at it said “…but that marriage is at 9 pm reception at 7 pm.

“How do you know about it?”

“Attending the same marriage” Naresh said “Pranuthi is my cousin”

“OH! türkçe alt yazı porno What a coincidence bride is your cousin and groom is my cousin”.

“..and you are my friend’s wife…” said Naresh laughing hilariously. Vaishali blushed.

“Don’t know how clean the washrooms at the hall are? If you don’t mind you can come with me to our guest house. Freshen up there and relax. In the evening we both can attend the marriage together” Naresh said.

She thought for a while and said “I think it is a good suggestion. Spending the whole day at the hall is also cumbersome”

They both took an auto and he told the address to the auto driver. After ½ hour they were in the room. “Very good; room is comfortable” she said observing the room.

“You finish your bath, I’ll be in the balcony” saying this Naresh went out of the room. Vaishali with a towel went to the bathroom and removed all her dress. When she removed her soiled panty and saw the stain marks on it A smile came on her lips. She just recollected what Naresh had done to her, which she enjoyed.

She woke up when for the first tome Naresh had touched her. His tender touch tickled her. With difficult she controlled the tremor of her body. Then Naresh advancing and pulling her hand to his manhood over the trouser. How she wanted to take it in her fist and press, but that will give him the idea that she is awake, which she doesn’t want. She controlled, and acted as asleep.

Because of that only when bus stopped she removed her bra in the wash room and also requested the driver to switch off the blue light; as she is not getting sleep. When second time he advanced again and this time he even took her taut nipple in his lips and pressed it, then she moaned Govind… her husband’s name to misguide Naresh.

Naresh this time make her hold his naked dick…. Good god… how hot it was… not only that she thought running her palm over the length may be 7 or 7 ½ inches. Govind’s is still big though she enjoyed, but couldn’t accommodate his full in her. Whereas Naresh’s may fit in her exactly she thought.

Thinking all these things she inserted her middle finger in her choot. It is still slippery and her finger went deep in her. “mmm…mm..” she moaned sweetly and completed her bath.

Here outside Naresh waiting in the balcony imagining about her naked beauty. She is my friend’s wife. Good opportunity for me to visit her at any time excusing himself to meet Govind. It is at that time his mobile rang. His mobile is in his pants which were in the room.

“May be Anjali” he thought and came into the room and took his phone and turned back to balcony. As he turned; exactly at that time bathroom door opened and Vaishali stepped out wrapping a towel, which is not covering her fully. The movement she saw Naresh in the room she was perplexed and in confuse instead of holding the towel tight, she loosened her grip.

The towel fell at her ankles revealing her womanly charms to her co-passenger. Naresh felt that a lightening took place in front of him making him blind for a fraction of second. Then they both realized in which situation they were in and Naresh mumbling ‘sorry’ rushed out. Vaishali too quickly bent took the towel and wrapped around her body.

Naresh’s heart was thumping fast… oh! What will she think of me .. I told her that I will be on the balcony, but she found me in the room when she came… bloody phone; he cursed the phone and with tension he waited outside.

After full 5 minutes she called from inside.. “You can come” he went in took his towel and other dress and went into the bathroom, without looking at her. He was not in a position to see her directly. That is the situation with Vaishali too. He dressed in the bathroom only and came out. He wore a pyjama with buttons and tucked in his vest.

Hesitantly he came out, “I am sorry.. I didn’t mean to…” he murmured.

“It is alright.. I have ordered breakfast without your permission, I am hungry. Ordered bread omelet and butter jam” she said. He didn’t say anything but looked at her face. There was no hatred or aversion in her face or in her eyes. He thanked his gods.

By the time they finished breakfast without any talk between them it was 9 am. “Now what is our program?” she asked.

I don’t have any, if you have any… it is ok with me..” still hesitantly he said.

She looked at her watch “it is only 9 now, can’t sit idle in this room till marriage time why not we go out…”

“Good idea but where to go, we both are new to this place.”

“It is a seashore city… we will go to any nearest beach and sit there and breath fresh salty air” she said smiling. Seeing her smile he felt light in his heart. His tensions vanished. “I think it will be good, fresh air and see the tides and waves of the sea.

“right” she said now let me dress… go to the balcony and don’t come inside now till I call you or peep in… ok..” she said smiling.

Sheepishly he went out of the room.

After 15 minutes when she called him in, “Waaaaaaaav” he almost screamed seeing her. She wore jeans and tucked her shirt. Two buttons of her shirt were open; the outline of hr cleavage is visible through it. Every curve of her lower body is clearly seen. “You are gorgeous” he said looking at her.

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