Jeannette Cameau of Haiti

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“I’m Antoine Dorsainvil, and I don’t give a fuck if you got a problem with brothers into pegging and Black female domination, I like what I like, and if you hassle me about it, I will whoop your ass,” said the big and tall, burly young Haitian man. The brother stood there, angry-faced, loudly addressing some haters. They’d crossed the line as far as Antoine was concerned, and Antoine wasn’t about to let it slide.

As the onlookers gawked, Antoine Dorsainvil walked away, Black and proud, after putting the so-called haters in their place. Just another day in the town of Vanier, Ontario. In this neighborhood full of Haitians, Arabs, Asians and others, old-fashioned values met the grim reality of modern life in the Canadian Capital, and sometimes it led to clashes, especially over questions of identity and sexuality.

“Damn, it’s bad enough so many weird White folks are into that BDSM shit, now brothers from the Caribbean islands got to be into it too, this is a fucked up world,” someone said, and the other naysayers nodded in agreement while watching the haughty young Haitian man walk away. This didn’t have to go down the way that it did, but in this life, certain things simply cannot be avoided, especially when nosy folks are involved…

The nosy folks in question were a group of young Black men, all of them local, who started teasing their neighborhood buddy Antoine Dorsainvil about certain things they’d seen on his Facebook news feed. It started as a bit of teasing at first, and they expected Antoine to downplay it and laugh it off. Well, Antoine wouldn’t back down and things escalated quickly. Things were going to be really awkward the next time they saw the burly young Haitian man, that’s for sure.

Antoine headed to his apartment located a few blocks from the Loblaw’s Supercenter on Mac Arthur Avenue. He’d gone to Tim Horton’s to get his morning coffee and ran into some bozos who got on his case for being part of a Facebook group advertising Black Female Domination for Black men. BDSM was fast-spreading in the Black Canadian community, and naysayers were trying their best to shame brothers and sisters into quitting it, but it was not working.

Antoine had taken many steps toward exploring the world of BDSM. At first, he found it a daunting ensest porno challenge to attend the mostly white munches where everyone was over forty, and quite full of themselves. Little by little, Antoine began reaching out to other Black folks in the BDSM lifestyle. He began attending all-Black munches and later, play parties. After doing some exploring, Antoine discovered that he was a switch. Sometimes he liked to top, other times he liked to bottom.

Antoine’s next challenge was finding a dominatrix to play with. This was not easy at all. In the BDSM world, most of the female dominants were white, and some simply did not play with Black men, out of fear, or ignorance, or because they didn’t want to hurt the feelings of jealous, insecure white males. Antoine wasn’t surprised by this. He’d met plenty of insecure, obnoxious white guys and white gals in the BDSM munches and gave them a wide berth.

Antoine set out to find a Black dominatrix, and once again found it challenging. Quite simply, the odds were against him from the get-go. In the BDSM lifestyle, Black men and Black women form only a tiny percentage of all BDSM practitioners. Most of the Black female dominants in the BDSM lifestyle catered only to white males. Antoine had just about given up, until he found a Black dominatrix in the unlikeliest of places, his local church…

“Hello handsome,” came a sultry female voice, and Antoine perked up as he stepped into his apartment. The brother grinned as he looked at the gorgeous older Black woman sitting on his living room couch, wearing a sexy red negligee. Antoine nodded at Jeannette Cameau the beautiful Haitian woman whom he met while visiting Eglise Du Bon Espoir on Donald Street a few months back. Sparks flew between Jeannette and Antoine, in spite of the age difference, and they’d been seeing each other ever since. As it turns out, they had a lot in common…

“Hello beautiful, come here and give a brother a hug,” Antoine said, and Jeannette rose and walked up to him, her statuesque, forty-something body oozing a sex appeal that women half her age couldn’t match. Antoine knew this for sure, he was surrounded by twenty-something women at the University of Ottawa all day and they couldn’t touch Jeannette in the sexiness department. fake agent porno The Haitian MILF was truly one of a kind, and then some…

“Hmm, you smell good,” Jeannette said, and she gave Antoine a peck on the lips, then grabbed the brother’s butt and gave it a firm squeeze. Antoine smiled, and wrapped his arms around Jeannette. Standing five feet ten inches tall, with large breasts, a sinfully curvy body, wide hips, thick legs, and a big round ass, this mahogany-skinned vision of beauty was raw and passionate, in the way of Afro-Caribbean women. Antoine simply couldn’t get enough of his darling Jeannette.

“Jeannette, you done got a brother worked up now,” Antoine whispered into her ear, and Jeannette grinned, pressing her very voluptuous body against his, fully knowing the effect that she had on him. Antoine simply couldn’t resist the dark chocolate goddess, and Jeannette took advantage of his weakness time and again. She loved to have her way with the handsome, strongly built young brother…

“Whatever shall I do about that?” Jeannette replied, and she kissed Antoine while patting his groin, feeling him hardening at her merest touch. Antoine watched as Jeannette got on her knees and unzipped his pants, freeing his long and thick dark dick. Jeannette looked up at Antoine while stroking his manhood, and then winked at him before taking him into her mouth.

“Oh fuck,” Antoine replied, and Jeannette began sucking his dick, taking her sweet time fellating him. While going down on Antoine, Jeannette fingered her pussy, which was already wet. Antoine moaned softly, loving what Jeannette was doing to him. The sultry Haitian MILF worked him over until he came, and when he did, she drank every last drop of his masculine juice.

“Hmm, now that’s what I like,” Jeannette said, a few minutes later. Antoine lay flat on the carpeted floor, and Jeannette tossed aside her negligee and sat on his face, smothering him with her thick Haitian derriere. Antoine stroked his big dick with one hand and caressed Jeannette’s derriere with the other, while sliding his tongue into her pussy. Nobody eats pussy like a Haitian man, so Jeannette knew that she was in for a treat. Antoine didn’t disappoint, for he lathered up her pussy with his tongue fake cop porno game, causing her to squeal in delight.

As the morning rolled on, Jeannette and Antoine continued with their fun. Jeannette found herself on all fours as Antoine spanked her big butt while slamming his dick into her. Jeannette’s pussy gripped Antoine’s dick tightly, and the brother moaned while gripping those wide hips of hers. Jeannette went wild, screaming like a madwoman as Antoine took her to the edge, fucking her with wild abandon. This was a Haitian-style fucking, what Jeannette truly craved, and only a Haitian brother with a strong dick like Antoine could deliver it to her…

“That was fun, but now you know what I want,” Antoine said with a sly grin, and Jeannette smiled, then got up and went to grab her purse. Antoine smiled at Jeannette, who made her big Haitian booty clap for him as she walked away. Moments later Jeannette came back, this time with a strap-on dildo jutting from between her legs. Antoine felt himself harden, both aroused and a bit worried by what he saw, and Jeannette smiled.

“Assume the position, big man,” Jeannette said sharply, lovingly stroking her phallic tool while Antoine looked on. Grinning, Antoine got on all fours, and Jeannette grabbed some Aveeno lotion and came up behind him. Antoine spread his ass cheeks for her, and Jeannette gently lubricated him with the lotion. Without further ado, Jeannette pushed the dildo into Antoine’s ass and then gripped his hips. Time for the big Haitian brother to get fucked by his favorite Haitian dominatrix…

“Damn, it’s big,” Antoine groaned, and Jeannette bucked her hips and slapped his ass while thrusting the dildo deeper inside him. The big Haitian man moaned softly as Jeannette proceeded to fuck the hell out of him, gripping his hips tightly and holding him into place while fucking him. Jeannette enjoyed only one thing more than riding a hard Black dick, and that’s fucking a brother in the ass with a strap-on dildo…

“Well, handsome, aren’t you going to thank a sister?” Jeannette Cameau said to Antoine Dorsainvil, a little while later. After the serious pegging she’d just given him, he’d gone into the washroom to get cleaned up. A steamy shower and a few minutes later, Antoine exited the washroom, fresh as a rose. He looked at Jeannette, who smiled at him, and nodded. Antoine went to Jeannette and gave her a kiss, and then they embraced. Just another day in the life of a happy, freaky Haitian couple in the town of Vanier, Ontario.

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