Hotbeds Ch. 13

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Introduction: The sexual adventures of a prep school teacher in the 1950s and 1960s. Chapter 11 found him back at his school after an intense month of sex, reported in Chapters 9 and 10. Chapter 12 turned out, after all, not to be the last, because two more chapters are needed to deal with the sister and the mother of Melanie, the girl from Chapter 12.

I thought before I began the previous instalment, that one chapter would cover three, related, women. But Melanie needed more of an account than expected. So on we go to:

The next Saturday, Melanie was outside the grounds again to collect me, but, after some kissing and conversation, she said, ‘I’m afraid I’m out of action today and tomorrow. Mother nature is intervening, which is disappointing for me. But it may not be disappointing for you.’

‘How is that, then?’ I asked.

‘Well, after I told mother and sis all about our time together, Miranda said she’d love you to make her come, too, and when I came on yesterday she offered to take my place. So long as you liked the idea, of course.’

‘Would you mind?’ I asked.

‘Not at all. Poor Manda hasn’t had any joy for ages, since she parted from Dan.’

‘Was she used to coming with him?’

‘Oh yes. I don’t know how she did it, but maybe it was because she has a bigger cloritis than me, as I told you. He did go inside all the time, I do know.’

When we pulled into the driveway of the family mansion, Miranda was waiting, in her overcoat and stout shoes. She could hardly wait for us to draw up before snatching open the driver’s door and looking into her sister’s face expectantly. Obviously Melanie must have given a nod or wink, for Miranda hastened round the car, pulled me out of the passenger seat, threw her arms round me and embarked on a long, sucking kiss. She was clearly eager to take me away for instant intercourse.

‘Let the poor man have some tea first,’ Melanie said. ‘Unlike you, he’s been working all day.’

‘Of course,’ said Miranda, taking my hand and leading me in through the front door, ‘And mummy is keen to say Hallo, too, naturally.’

Joanna was waiting in the sitting-room, with the tea tray in front of the log fire. She rose, shook my hand and then drew me into an embrace, with firm kiss on the lips. ‘Welcome again,’ she bade me. ‘I see you’re ready to come to the aid of my bigger girl, too.’

‘How could I do otherwise?’ I asked. ‘To make love to one beautiful woman is lucky, to make love to two is very heaven.’

We settled to cakes and conversation, with Miranda and me full of anticipation but content to await the moment. Which came when Joanna looked at her older daughter and said, ‘Dinner will be at eight, darling.’

This was our dismissal, and we were shortly in her bedroom. Hardly had she shut the door behind me than she was pressing her lips to mine again and grappling my body to her.

She withdrew, and began throwing off her clothes. She said, ‘Could you do me the massage stuff you did with Mel? I haven’t had that, and it sounds wonderful. I don’t have any trouble with the gasming, though, as she’s probably told you, and I want you inside whenever and however you want.’

I always enjoy watching a woman undress, and this one, already trembling, almost ripped off her crew-necked black sweater and corduroy skirt, followed by her full length silk slip. She then stood a moment in her white bra and briefs. bursa escort

‘Turn round, please,’ I said.

The joy of this was that her bottom was bursting out of the top of the little knickers, which came only half way up her shapely buttocks, leaving a splendid crevasse.

‘Take them off,’ she commanded, and I pulled down the pants for her to step out of.’Straight in,’ she said.

She knelt on the bed, presenting me with her bum. ‘Just get straight in.’

It took only a short while before I was naked, rigidly erect and poised behind her. Her bottom was magnificent, not so much for sheer size, though it was quite large, but because of its side-swelling. Deep buttocks are grand, sticking straight backwards, but lateral width of cheek is also grand, and Miranda’s were impressive in both dimensions. I moulded the mounds with my hands, like a horseman appreciating the quarters of his steed.

‘Don’t wait!’ She ordered. ‘I’m ready, I promise you.’ Taking the weight of her upper body on her forehead in a pillow, she pulled her buttocks apart, to demonstrate her readiness, or to facilitate entry.

And she was assuredly ready. I sank my shaft all the way in at once, and the hot enfoldment all but triggered my ejaculation.

She let go a deep sigh. ‘That’s the way. Oh yes, I need that.’

Still holding them open she jiggled the cheeks and pushed hard back to urge me deeper, if possible. ‘Do the cloritis,’ she said.

It was like a little nut within the squishy labia, and she said, ‘That’s right. Hard as you like. Pump hard, too.’

I twanged the clit like a guitar string, and thrust in and out, almost exiting that hot, hot ski-run of delight before plunging deep again, sometimes through the fingers as she shifted her hold on her buttocks.

I was hovering on the edge, when she began to gasp and call out in staccato bursts of sound, ‘Here it is! Here it is! Now! Now!’

She ground her bum into my stomach and her whole body quivered in ecstasy while her hands now pressed the cheeks together tightly and that was enough to make me come, forcing my cock as hard as I could alongside her cervix. Sperm pumped out of me as if it would never stop and I let out a shout of triumph and delight.

She took her hands away and leaned on her elbows, lifting her head from the pillow. Slurring her words, a little, she said, ‘No time for the massage there. Straight to the organasm.’

‘You and Melanie have such delicious variants on the terms. “Organasm,” “vangina,” “cloritis.” I like them very much.’

‘We got them from mummy. She taught us all about sex when I began my periods, but she was a bit vague about the words.’

She pulled away from me gently and my shrinking penis slid out of her. She turned over and beckoned me down onto the bed into her arms. ‘Mummy had all three of us lying on her bed with our pants down, showing what was what and how it worked. I remember her inviting us to put our fingers up her vangina, not our own, because we might make ourselves bleed by tearing our humens.’

‘Did she get you on the pill, too?’

‘When we were sixteen. Me first, of course. It wasn’t her fault poor Mel thought you had to have a man in there to have an organasm. I’d long since discovered mansturbating, so I knew, but I didn’t know she didn’t know. Mind you, she might have guessed, because after daddy left we used to hear her mansturbating sometimes at night.’

I said, ‘Melanie bursa escort bayan did know. She said you told her about the clitoris. You showed her yours, and presumably Joanna had shown you hers.’

‘She did, yes, That’s how we knew the word, or her version of it.’

‘Melanie couldn’t make it work for her, apparently. I think she just rubbed at it without having any sexy thoughts or feelings,’ I suggested.

‘Change of subject,’ she said. ‘It’s nearly dinner time. Let’s get dressed and go down. We could come back later, if you’d like that.’

‘Would you like that?’ I asked.

‘Certainly would. Maybe you could do the massaging then?’

‘Gladly,’ I said. ‘And perhaps then you’ll take off your bra.’

‘Oh yes. No time for that just how. They’re a bit flabby and floppy, but if you want to see them, that’s fine.’

Downstairs, washed and brushed-up, I found Melanie laying the table. Joanna bustled in with plates of food and put them down on place-mats. She said, ‘Judging by the sound-affects you and Manda got on all right.’

‘We jolly well did,’ Miranda commented as she came in.

‘I’m envious,’ said Melanie.

Joanna said quietly, sadly perhaps, ‘Me, too.’

No-one commented on that, but Miranda put a hand on her mother’s a moment.

Dinner and coffee were relaxed, but Miranda was a little fidgety, keen to return to her bedroom, and we were eventually invited to retire.

In her bedroom, she swiftly undressed me and then herself, finishing with the bra, and as she drew it off she said, ‘I did warn you.’

Her breasts were quite large, yes, and they sagged, but they were lovely, and the nipples were enormous, dark, already erecting.

‘Magnificent,’ I said, bending to suck in a nipple, then letting go to ask, ‘Do they like attention? Well, I should find out for myself.’ And I nibbled the same nipple.

She hefted her bosoms towards me and threw back her head in pleasure as I licked and sucked. Then she said, ‘What about this massage, then? The oil is here.’ She lay face down on the bed and I knelt beside her, tipped some oil onto her back and began.

I could hardly wait to get to her bottom, but I did not skimp on the treatment and arrived there without haste. More oil was needed. I poured it into that deep cleavage and began on the buttocks, fingers within the cleft, working outwards to squeeze and smooth the cheeks.

‘I can tell you like my botty,’ she said. ‘And it likes you. I can feel you moving it in my vangina. Your pulling my labials through the bumtocks.’

‘More splendid word variations,’ I said.

‘Would you give the bott a slap or two?’ She asked.

I’m more of a stroker than a smacker, but when a lady asks something…

‘Ooh, yes, that’s about right. The tingling goes inside. Ouch! Not too hard. Yes, that’s it. And the tingling’s gone inside it’s a kind of itch, and it needs scratching.’

‘Like this, perhaps?’ I said, thrustinginto her.

‘That’s right. Course it’s not quite scratching, but it’s doing the trick. Give the bott a bit more tingle?’

I kept smacking both cheeks at once. If her bottom was tingling, my hands were, too. She winced and gasped with pleasure. Her vagina pulsed around me, and I had to hold myself in check. I had promised massage and was only part way.

‘I could have an organasm,’ she said, ‘But I think I’ll wait a bit, remembering what Mel said about the massage at the escort bursa front.’

Her thighs awaited, and I left the now pink cheeks and moved down. She relaxed again. I worked her calves and feet and then told her to turn over.

‘We know where I’m going,’ I said, ‘But shall we start at the top and go down, or with the feet and travel up?’

‘Top,’ she said, ‘Then you can do the boosooms.’

‘Another gem. That makes them sound even more bosomy.’

So I began with her upper pectorals and was soon passing my hands down the columns of her breasts and circling the rigid nipples. Till I eventually applied my lips and drew as much flesh as I could into my mouth and gently munched.

She uttered little ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ of appreciation, and I reflected that these breasts swelling in or after orgasm would be especially noteworthy.

Now was the time for her waist and hips, moving down the groin and onto the mount of Venus. It bore a tangle of wiry hairs, with a line reaching northwards almost to her navel.

I poured more oil into the dark and curly pelt, and she opened her legs wide, revealing long, dark peach minor lips, protruding an inch or two from the confines of the majora.

Those lips were already tumescent and ready glazed, so I glissaded my fingers into the groove and up and down, anus to clitoris, but hardly touching the clitoris, though it was tempting. While clitorises usually point backwards, so to speak, towards the vagina, the can also stick straight out of the labial lair, and when they do they positively inviting sucking.

Miranda’s was not the largest I have seen, but it was a good size, and its little penile glans was irresistible. So, after some passes with oily fingers across it, I bent to took it between my lips, meantime returning to those voluptuous boosooms.

‘This is what you did for Mel, isn’t it? No wonder it gave her the organasm. It’s going to do that to me in a minute. Oh, goodness, goodness, it’s doing it. Aah!’ She broke into little screams and shrieks and her breasts did swell mightily, to my joy.

When I stopped gently kissing the now shrinking clit, I lay beside her, pulled the cover over us. We embraced, and soon slept.

I was awoken by her hand squeezing my penis, which was already hardening as she said, ‘Go the bathroom and then you can go into me, if you like. I owe you one, don’t I?’

No-one was stirring as I went along the corridor naked, and I was soon back, to find she had thrown back the covers and was lying on her back, fingering her vulva.

Without further ado I threw myself between her legs and felt for her vagina.

‘Let me do it,’ she said, ‘Dan would never let me.’ And she guided me.

‘It’ll loosen,’ she said. ‘Just push harder. That’s right. It’s rather nice like this, because I can feel it opening me up. Quick as you like now.’

Slowly I forced in and slowly drew all the way out, so she could reach down and put me back in. Half a dozen repetition and I was about to come.

‘You’re ready, aren’t you? It’s so nice you’re going to do it in me. It feels as if I’m having you. My vangina is making you, isn’t it?’

‘Yes,’ I panted, ‘It’s drinking me. I’m coming! Coming!’

‘I can feel it,’ she said, ‘Right inside. It’s jerking.’

The orgasm seemed to go on much longer than usual, as if the welcome, the hand-help, the initial resistance, all added extra blessings. I lay in her arms, spent and rejoicing, and she kissed my face and shoulders, as if to reward me.

A little later we rose and went to breakfast. Joanna and Melanie hugged us both and kissed us, and Melanie said, ‘He sucked your cloritis, didn’t he?’ Joanna grinned.

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