Hot Tub Party

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I woke up Saturday morning with a hard cock pressed up against my bare ass. I must have felt it subconsciously, because my pussy was dripping wet. I pushed back into the straining cock as an invite to enter me, to fuck me. My husband had been waiting for this and he reached down to his cock pushing it down to the entrance of my pussy and with little resistance the tip of his cock penetrated me. I gasped as the large head invaded my pussy, and the feeling of my husbands lips on the back of my neck gently nibbling sent chills down my spine.

He worked himself deep inside me as I shifted, and positioned myself for better access to my wanton cunt. He was fucking me hard and fast and I could tell he needed a release. It wasn’t long until a primal grunt came from his mouth as he shot his cum deep inside me. He snuggled for few minutes as his deflated cock slipped out of me with a stream of cum.

As he got out of bed I couldn’t help but admire his body. Scott was 31 and in fantastic shape. We had been married for about 3 years and life was great. Scott got in the shower as I laid in bed, thinking of what had just happened. Sex had always been good but lately it seemed to be all about him, my own orgasms were increasingly few.

At 28 I was proud of my body that still was as firm as the day I graduated college and was on the track team. I traced my fingers around my nipple feeling the nipple ring I had recently got. My other hand slipped down to my trimmed pussy, and I gently rubbed my clit. Scott’s cum had run out of me and I could feel it running down the crack of my ass. My pace increased as I could feel myself getting closer to an orgasm, and then I heard the shower stop and my mind snapped back to reality. Letting out a sigh I got out of bed to get a cup of coffee.

To say the least I was extremely sexually frustrated, but as the morning wore on we busied ourselves work around our yard and it took my mind off sex…for a while. Around noon we had lunch and mixed up a pitcher of margaritas. I took a quick shower and put on my bikini and laid out on the lounge chair getting some sun while Scott finished up around the yard. The cocktails tasted good, and before long I had a nice buzz going on.

Scott’s phone rang, and after a brief conversation he hung up bursa escort and asked if I was interested in going to a party at a friends house. If I had been honest I would have said hell no…I want to finish this pitcher of margaritas and then fuck the shit out out of you, but I could see the pleading in Scott’s face so I said sure…let me go change. Scott got a big grin on his face and said no need, it is a hot tub party.

As it turned out it was a friend of a friends house and it was located out in a very rural area. It was a fairly large home with a big yard area. In pulling up the drive it was obvious the party was in full swing as there were a lot of vehicles parked along the grounds and the music was loud. We got out of our car and was greeted by our host, along with Scott’s friend. He gave us a quick tour of the house and yard, and most importantly the bar and left us to mingle.

Scott left to talk to some guys he knew and I gravitated to the bar, and eventually to the hot tub that was packed with people. Several people encouraged to have me come in, so I took off my t-shirt and shorts, adjusted my little bikini and climbed in with my cocktail. With the alcohol I had consumed I was very loose and found myself chatting with everyone in the hottub and was really relaxed.

As evening rolled around the party got more wild and I caught more than a couple glimpses of topless girls, and some hot and heavy making out. I had lost track of my husband and headed back to the hot tub, which was at full capacity with a lot of people sitting on another’s lap. I worked my way in and sat next to a very attractive man, he had brown hair and a very muscular chest, and he said his name was Matt I started to chat with him, and he too was here with his spouse, but at the time had no clue where she was.

It wasn’t long until the talk in the hot tub turned sexual and as most people were pretty drunk no subject was off limits. More people came in, and I was forced to move over towards Matt, who unexpectedly lifted me on top of this lap, which surprised me, but the thought of moving never crossed my mind. I could feel his strong chest and arms around me, and also a rather large cock that was positioned nicely between my ass cheeks. Between all the drinks I had drank, bursa escort bayan the sexual banter, and sitting on semi-hard cock I was in a very horny mood.

As we sat there I would move my ass slowly, grinding against Matt’s hardening cock…the impact was apparent, his cock continued to grow and became very hard. He slowly reached around with his hand under the water and part the bottom of my bikini and began to rub my clit. I was in fucking heaven, it felt so fucking good I thought I would cum right then.

The moment was broken when Scott came up, but from his vantage point all he could really see his me sitting on Matt’s lap, and since everyone else was sitting on each other laps it appeared innocent. If he was pissed he did not show it, and simply chatted with me for a few minutes and said he was going out to one the outbuildings on the property to look at a motorcycle with the Allen. He kissed me, and and said he would be back in a while…the whole time Matt was fingering the shit out of my cunt.

A small twinge of guilt hit me as Scott walked away and I thought “what the fuck am I doing!”. I smiled back at Matt, and I excused myself to go use the bathroom. I needed to pee and it would give me time to mellow out. I walked through the hallway towards the bathroom and passed several bedrooms, all seemed occupied as moans could be heard from each only creating a deeper lust in me.

Walking into the bathroom I noticed the double sinks and long mirror and my reflection in the mirror. My nipples were hard and visible thru the shear top of the bikini and my nipple ring very noticeable . After closing the door I removed my bottom and sat down to pee. I had barely sat down when the door opened and Matt walked in, he walked right over to me, pull his trunks down to expose the largest, most beautiful cock I have ever seen. His stomach was tight and very defined and he had muscles like ropes that led down to his cock. He was closely shaved and his balls hung heavy between his legs. He was at least 10 inches and thick, so thick as I instinctively grabbed his cock my hand could not close around it.

I needed this cock, I wanted this cock and without a word or any thoughts of what i was doing I devoured it, swallowing the large mushroom head deep into escort bursa my throat. He was so fucking huge I felt my jaw stretch and gagged as I worked him deeper into my throat, trying to relax to swallow more and more. He threw his head back and moaned out, and grabbed the back of my head forcing his cock back and forth in my mouth. I reached around and held on to his tight ass cheeks and continued to fuck him with my mouth.

I could feel him quivering, and as much as I wanted to have him cum in my mouth I needed to be fucked. I pushed him back, stood up, removed my top and walked over the bathroom counter. I bent over, raising my ass, and looked behind as he walked up to me, his dick swing back and forth. He place one hand on my shoulder as the other guided his cock into my soaking wet cunt. Without warning, or gentleness once his tip passed my pussy lips he shoved the entire 10 inches into me. I swear the whole house heard me scream, it was like taking a baseball bat, and I could not help but to scream “oh fuckkkkk”. He was very forceful, driving his cock so fucking deep in my cunt, hitting my cervix causing me to yelp each time. Oh God it felt so good I came hard, and quick…my legs shaking as he continued to punish my cunt.

I glance into the mirror and what I saw surprised me…it was a wanton slut taking a strangers cock, and enjoying every minute of it. Matt continued to fuck me and i came so many times I lost track, it felt so good I couldn’t help but moan, scream and beg for more. I was getting out of control not caring about what I was doing or who heard…I screamed ” oh fuck give me that fucking cock, fuck that cunt, fuck it so goddamn hard, make me cum again…oh SHIT!!! I could feel Matt tense, and with two more deep thrust felt him dump his seed deep in my womb….god he was so deep, it felt so fucking incredible.

I looked in the mirror as I felt his cock slip out of me, he had beads of sweat on his face and chest and a look of satisfaction on his face. I smiled at him in the mirror, turned slowly around and kissed him deeply on the mouth. I quickly put my bikini back on, kissed him once more and whispered in ear “thank you” and left him there in the bathroom.

Walking outside I found Scott who was ready to leave, as was I. It was a quiet ride home as I was contemplating what had happened, and if I should share it with my husband. As we turned on the street to our house Scott asked me if I was okay…I have never been better was my reply as a sly smile crept onto my lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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