Hot Summer Night

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Arriving in Texas on a business trip, there is word waiting at my hotel that you are staying down the street. I check in and get settled, then call you to make plans for dinner. Back downstairs, I climb into my rented pickup, and swing through the drive through at local Chinese restaurant. After stopping by a liquor store, would swing by in my truck to pick you up and drive out into the sands.

Since it is a warm night, we decide to strip down to our skivvies and have a picnic dinner in the back of the truck. Feeding each other dinner, and sharing some wine, we begin to become aroused. Light wine-flavored kisses change to passionate embraces as our tongues dance to the sound of our heartbeats. I pull you into my arms and we fall back onto the blanket containing our dinner, rolling over the food and stuff in our passion. Our hands cannot get the few remaining pieces of clothing off fast enough, and we end up tearing off your bra and panties and my boxers.

The first time is hot and fast, with my hard cock easily sliding into your super wet pussy. Kissing you deeply, we fuck like animals bursa escort in heat until we cum together, our moans of pleasure echoing off the far off mountains.

I roll off of you, and you cuddle in beside me and run your fingers through the light hair on my chest. We kiss tenderly as we regain our breath, the moonlight reflecting off the fine sheen of sweat on our skin. Lying back watching the stars, I begin to lightly run my fingers over your soft skin, up and down your back, then your arms, finally reaching out to caress your breasts.

As I run my fingertips around your nipples, they begin to harden, drawing my touch like a magnet. I take one between my finger and lightly pinch and pull on it. Your hands are doing the same to me, and we are starting to breathe heavily again. You roll on top of me and we kiss, a deep, wet passionate kiss. With a knee on either side of my body, you sit up and I reach out both hands and fondle your tits, rolling your hard nipples between my fingers.

I sit up and take one into my mouth, licking and sucking, lightly biting on it. Your nails bursa escort bayan are running up and down my back as my cock begins to harden and throb, trapped between our bodies. You push me down and slide down my body, licking your way from my face to my nipples, flicking you tongue over them.

Continuing down you lick across my Buddha-belly, finally reaching my cock, which is now completely hard. Taking it in your hands, you flick your tongue out to lick off the pre-cum from the head. Chills run through my body as you run your tongue the full length of my cock and then take it completely into your mouth. Sucking and licking my shaft, taking my balls into your mouth, until I can’t take anymore.

I pull you up to me and kiss you deeply, rolling you over onto your back, and kissing down until I reach your sweet pussy. Using my fingers, I pull open your lips, and run my tongue between them. I can taste our mingled juices from earlier. I slide my tongue deep inside you and feel your pussy muscles gripping it. Pulling out, I lick up to your clit and rapidly flick my tongue over it, escort bursa causing you to cry out in pleasure. Sucking it into my mouth, I slide two fingers into your dripping cunt and just let them fill you. I kiss my way back up to your breasts and lick and suck them as I begin to move my fingers in and out of your tight pussy.

You pull my face to yours and kiss me then whisper into my ear that you need my hard cock inside you. Spreading your legs wide, you reach down and guide my throbbing prick to your pussy, and place the head just inside you. I lean in and kiss you as I shove my full shaft deep into your pussy. You wrap your legs around me and hold me still, as I feel your pussy contract in a powerful orgasm, your moans of ecstasy music to my ears.

As you begin to come back to your senses, I start sliding my cock in and out of you, your hips rising to meet my every thrust. We continue to build up speed and passion, our fucking turning from slow sweet lovemaking, into a raw passionate coupling much more appropriate to our location. As we both reach to point of no return, I thrust one final time, deep into your pussy, and cum. Feeling your pussy grasp my cock as you cum again, our juices mixing and running out of you onto the blanket beneath us. In the distance, a coyote howls at the moon, matching our cries of pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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