Hot Ride In The Country

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It was a cool autumn afternoon, our windows were rolled down and the smell of the winter was in the air. It was that unmistakable cool crisp smell, the freshness of the woods, it was great. It was mid morning and we hadn’t seen a car in miles.

We pull into a State Park hit the bathrooms and then decided to look around. The park was almost empty with the summer campers long since gone. As we drove we saw a well-marked trail and decided to take a short hike before we continued our drive. We started walking down this trail and the multiply colored leaves were falling around us, the quietness and just being out in the woods alone.

Along the way there was a lot of hugging, kissing and general playing with each other, when we rounded the corner and it came to a rock bluff overlooking a beautiful valley. We decided to sit and just enjoy the beauty. It was really spectacular, all the colors of the leaves and the sun as we laid back to enjoy the view. Then you leaned over and gave me a kiss, which led to general rubbing, and before we knew it I was unbuttoning your shirt to love on your breast. As I ran my fingers across your hardening nipples you jumped as their sensitivity was rapidly increasing. I then unhooked your bra and pulled it over your breast for a good sucking. I gently lowered my mouth down on your left breast as my tongue began to circle your nipple. I would gently suck and nibble on it, which sent electric impulses directly to your pussy as you rapped you arms around my head and pulled me into your breast.

I slowly unsnapped your jeans as I felt your silky panties. I then slipped my hand down between your panties and your jeans as I continued to suck on your breasts. As my hand lowered and approached your clit you arched you ass up slightly to let me know you wanted me to rub it. I continued sliding my hand down letting the length of my finger rub ever so softly across your clit as you arched even higher. As my fingers slid deep into your crotch I could feel the wetness that was beginning to flow from your pussy as your excitement began to build. I pulled your shirt over your breast as I moved between your legs placing my legs on the outside of yours. I slid my hands on each side of your hips as I found the top of your panties and began to gently ease they down over your hips and down past your knees.

The sun was shining directly on your pussy as I slide my hands under you ass and began to lower my tongue to your waiting and excited little pussy. You could feel my hot breath as my mouth approached your pussy, then the touch of my tongue as it softly parted your lips and was working its way to your clit. You could feel my hot breath all around your pussy, my tongue as it very slowly parted your pussy lips brushing across each and every fold on it way to our clit. Your hands reached down to my head and directed my tongue to your clit. My mouth settled over your clit and part of the way down your lips as you lifted your ass off the ground and began to slowly move your hips in a circular motion making sure that my tongue hit every spot that needed to be touched. I raised up lifted your feet up and then put my head between your legs as your jeans were still around your ankles. You spread your legs and used your feet to pull me back toward your pussy.

With your legs around my neck, your ass was slightly in the air giving me a great view of where I needed to put my tongue. I laid on the ground as I began to run my tongue from your asshole, to the bottom of your opening as my tongue slipped easily through your love nectar. I parted your lips and began to tongue fuck your pussy while I could feel your fingers caressing your clit, using slow soft circles. After a minute I began to move my head toward your clit never letting it leave the folds of your pussy. You could feel the wetness of my beard as it moved up you thighs until you pulled the hood of your clit back as my tongue began to do it’s dance. I gently lowered my mouth back down on your pussy, as my tongue never let it licking of your clit. Your fingers placed where you could keep your clit fully exposed as I gently licked and sucked.

I placed two fingers at your opening. You could feel them as they began to part your lips, then as they began to touch you opening you could feel them slightly stretch your opening as they very slowly entered your body. I must have felt great because about the time I got them all the way in I could feel your muscles began to tense for your first climax. I guess the anticipation was pretty good as your hands quickly moved to the back of my head, you feet slammed against my back and your body began to quiver as your nectar began to flow out our your pussy as contraction after contraction continued for almost a minute.

You pushed me away and told me it was too sensitive for any more right now and suggested that we head back before someone else came up on us. We readjusted our clothes and headed back, good thing too since about half way out we passed another couple as they were bursa escort headed down the trail.

We continued down the road and as we climbed to the top of one of the mountains there was a pull off which we decided to take advantage of the view. As we enjoyed the view and hugged your legs were straddled mine and you were slightly rubbing your pussy against my leg. My cock was still mostly hard from before and this sent it right back to a full hard on. As you felt it reach its peak of hardness you said that we should go back to the car. On the way to the car you were walking in front of me and you had unbuttoned your pants. As you opened your door, you hooked your fingers in the side of your pants and gently slid them to your knees as you the leaned inside the car putting your ass in clear view for me. I unzipped my pants letting the tip of my cock brush against the crack of your ass as I reached down to place it against your pussy opening.

Your pussy was very wet from before and the excitement of getting a stiff cock in clear view of everyone that might pass on the road. I reached to hold your hips as you leaned back against me in a very slow swaying motion as my cock pushes past your opening. As it entered you I could feel every sensitive part of the inside of your pussy until your hips rested against mine. Then you slowly moved forward as my cock began it’s outward stoke. With my cock just inside your opening you slammed back against me as I squeezed your hips as you cried out when your second orgasm exploded over your body. I could feel your pussy contracting and relaxing deep within your pussy was my cum was beginning to shoot up your pussy. We were cumming together, nothing planned it just happened that way.

With a quick cleanup, we headed down the road to see what might be around the next bend. As it began to get dark we headed back to the lodge.

The ride in the country (part 2) The lodge we were staying at was very nice. They have an indoor pool, saunas and hot tubs that are for all the guests and most of the rooms had hot tubs. By the time we got back, we had to hurry to the restaurant before it closed and we barely made it. We ate and decided to hit the pool, then the sauna and finally the hot tub before heading back to the room to make love.

There was no one at the pool, or sauna or the hot tub, we had it all to ourselves. We sat close to each other as you slipped your hand down the top of my swimsuit and began to play with my cock. I ran my hand up your leg to the edge of your bikini then slipped eased it over to the side as I played with our pussy. Feeling your warm moist pussy as my finger slowly ran in and out. As we were sitting and playing in the hot tub talking another couple walked up and stepped into the hot tub with us. They were in there early 30’s Mike the guy was just over 6 feet tall and his wife Janet was about 5’5”. They were in good shape very clean cut and pleasant to talk with. I’m sure they saw us fooling around before they got to the hot tub but didn’t say a thing. The water in the tub was just right, lots of bubbles, after a few minutes I had to go pee, I stood up got out of the hot tub and headed to the bathroom.

As I left the bathroom, I could see that Mike and Janet had moved on each side of you. Janet was turned toward you and Mike was just sitting there. I could see Janet moving one of her arm, toward your body and looked like she might be rubbing your stomach or maybe even more. Your arm was clearly toward Mike’s body and I could tell you were moving it back and forth very slowly. I stood and watched for a minute as not to disturb the moment. I could imagine what might was going on as my cock began to grow. I open the door, and began walking back to the hot tub. Janet saw me first and I could tell she said something as your arm and Janet’s arm moved to more normal position. As I got closer, Janet got up and moved to the other side of Mike as I sat back down next to you.

I had just gotten seated when I could feel your hand rubbing my leg and then you began to rub my cock. Janet looked like she was doing the same to Mike as you reached over and said that they had invited us to their place for a drink. Then you said while you were gone Janet had played with her pussy and Mike let her feel him. You said it really felt really nice and that he was hung. After a few minutes, we gathered up our stuff, dried off the best we could and headed back to their place for a quick drink before we headed to their place.

Janet immediately shuffled you off to he bedroom to get on some dry clothes and Mike and I talked and poured some drinks. Their cabin has a fireplace and while you and Janet were changing we built a fire. The lights were off with only the glow of the fireplace lighting the room when the bedroom door open and both you and Janet walked out like models. You had on a blue gown and Janet had on a crimson gown. As both of you walked closer it was apparent that both of you were very cold or excited as all four nipples were bursa escort bayan straining the material of the gowns. As you walked over to me you passed in front of the fireplace making your gown almost invisible, I could tell you had nothing on under your gown.

The couch was in front of the fireplace, as you and Janet sat down you sat between me and Mike and Janet sat on the end next to Mike. We just talked for a while having several more drinks then Janet started kissing Mike and rubbing his cock through his pants. After only seconds my cock had gone from somewhat soft to a raging hard on as Mike ran his hand up Janet’ gown and began to finger her.

You boldly reached over and unbuttoned my pants and slid the zipper down as you gracefully pull my cock from my pants and began to lick up and down the shaft. As you were sucking on my I felt you jump and looked up to see Mike had you gown pulled up over your ass and was fingering you. I almost lost it then knowing we were going to have a wonderful night. I lifted my ass off the couch pulling my pants down past my knees as you continued to lick and suck me.

I felt you change positions as you got up on your knees and saw Mike disappear under you gown. I could hear him licking and sucking on your pussy and by that time Janet had pulled his pant off exposing is 8” cock for her enjoyment. As Janet moved off the couch to kneel in the floor she lifted her gown over her head exposing full nude body. Her body was nicely shaped with ample breasts, her pussy was shaved clean with only a neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair just above her clit.

As she began to suck on Mike again her hand moved between her legs as Janet began to play with her pussy, and fingering herself. It was a beautiful sight. I was sitting on the couch, you were sucking me while Mike was licking your pussy and Janet was eating Mike and fingering herself. Then you began to rise off my cock as your moans became louder, Mike had brought you to your first climax of the night as you pressed your pussy on his face and began to quiver. His tongue darting in and out of your hole then moving up to your clit where he began to gentle suck and lick as your orgasm reached it’s peak. I reached down you back and slowly lifter your gown over your head as Mike’s tongue continued to stroke your pussy.

I slid down on the couch watching the action when you raised off of Mike’s face, eased off the couch and sat squarely in my lap. Your pussy placed directly over my cock with your little lips on each side of my cock. Your pussy juice lubricated my cock as you began to hunch letting the head of my cock brush up against your clit. I began to play and suck on your breasts as you moved slightly up to allow my cock to find your wet hole. I could feel it as it entered the first folds of your opening. You slowly began to slide back accepting every inch as it stretched you opening. Right as your pussy came to rest at the base of my cock, Mike moaned loud as he began to fill Janet’s mouth with his cum. Continued to suck every drop of his cum as he laid back on the couch recovering.

Janet only took seconds before the moved directly behind you and began to run her fingers between your legs feeling my cock as it moved in and out of your pussy. Her fingers were wet as the tried to follow the shaft of my cock into your hole then she pulled them out. She eased her fingers across your lips and over your ass as you surprisingly jerked as her fingers found your wet asshole and she began to rub it. Only slightly pushing against its resistance. Your stomach began to tighten as your pace increased then methodically slowed, as we could feel her as she began to lick up my cock, to your asshole over and over again. Then I could feel you slightly tense as she began to lick and slowly stick her tongue up your ass. You whispered to me that her tongue us all the way up your ass and I could feel it with my cock. You were trying to hold off as long as you could but this was too much as your body began to quiver as wave after wave of orgasm rushed over your body.

Just as your orgasm had began to decrease Mike walked over the top of Janet as he positioned his cock against your wet tongue fucked asshole. His cock now replaced Janet’s tongue as he began to slowly inch it up your ass. With soft moans your body accepting every inch of his large cock until his body met yours then he stayed motionless as you could feel your body completely filled. He then began to slowly withdraw it as I pushed all the way in, as I started to slide out he was pushing back up your ass, as the sensation of two cocks in your body was overwhelming. Your climax came quick and without warning as we both buried your cocks into your body your muscles were squeezing our cocks as wave after wave of orgasm overtook your body.

We laid motionless for several minutes as you began to slowly move again sliding our cock’s only inches in and out of your body. Then you increased the pace. I could feel my load beginning to build and felt escort bursa the extra motion of Mike, I knew he as about to fill your asshole with his load. Then you shoved back against our cocks as your second climax started. Mike, holding your hips, pushed one good time as he buried his cock even deeper and began to squirt his load up your ass, as my cock filled your pussy with cum. The three of us cumming together WOW!

Mike eases out of your ass and laid down on the floor, and you roll off my chest and onto the floor, you holes filled with hot cum, as you put your head on my shoulder. Janet slowly moved to your feet as she started licking up your legs. You opened your legs slightly as her tongue began to caress the inside of your legs as she slowly moved toward your filled pussy. As she reached it you shifted to your back as she began to lick every drop of cum out of your pussy which was bringing you to another orgasm. Then you could feel her sliding two fingers into your pussy as her other two fingers easily slide into your asshole. She softly licked and sucked on your clit gently moving her fingers in and out of your holes as I played with your breast and began to suck on them when you reached over my head grabbing Janet’s head as your climax was reaching it’s peak. We all rested for a while, Mike had gone to sleep and we bided Janet good night and made our way back to our room.

Part 3 We woke up late in the morning, showered and headed down for some breakfast, well actually it was after lunch but we had breakfast anyway. There was a dance at the lodge that night, so we just bummed around the grounds for the rest of the day recounting the exciting evening we had had the night before. We looked for Mike and Janet but they were no where to be found. We later found that last night was their last night and had already checked out.

As dark approached we ate supper, went back to our room and got ready for the dance. It wasn’t anything really special so we you wore a dress that have a low V cut in the front and back and I work some nice pants, shirt and a sweater. Although the days were warm the nights were cool. The dance went good, lots of people showed up, everyone was dancing and we had made many trips to the bar as the bewitching hour was approaching.

We causally talked with several couples and singles however either we had no interest or they didn’t. There was one couple, they were in their 30’s, fit nothing exceptional but nice and very attractive. Their moves on the dance floor indicated that they were pretty active and had great endurance. They almost danced every dance and seemed to be having a great time.

You met the guy at the bar, his name was Jim and invited them over to our table. They accepted and joined us since there was only about 25 or 30 people left as most had already left. We talked and as they started winding down the dance we invited them back to our place for some drinks. They were great to talk with had lived in a number of cities across the U.S. and had really interesting stories about their travels.

After a few drinks at our place the subject as it normally does turned to sex. They told us about some of their experiences which were only between the two of them, then we told them about some of our, me and you, then ventured into talking about last night. It was obvious that this was very exciting for them. Jim although small was hard as a rock and Kathy nipples were clearly visible as they asked for more and more details. We fixed another drink and talked some more. Then I asked Jim if they would like to join us tonight. He looked at Kathy, then they whispered back and forth for a minute and said yes.

You stool up walked over to Kathy and headed for the bedroom. Jim and I talked fixed another drink and waited for your entrance into the room. As you both strolled into the room you had a smile on your face and Kathy had this curious on her face. You walked over to Jim and sat down beside, Kathy sat down beside me and we all began to kiss and exploring each other’s bodies. As Kathy began to rub my almost hard cock her fingers found by zipper and quickly released my cock as her tongue began to trace circles around the tip then long strokes up the shaft then down the other side. You and loosened Jim’s pants, slide them down to expose his 6” cock and began to suck on it.

I reached around and began to rub on Kathy’s as she continued to suck on my cock finding the side of her panties, which were very wet and began to rub my fingers across her outer lips. As my fingers parted her opening I could feel her reaction as I very slowly slide one then two fingers up her little pussy. I told Kathy that we should get into the floor and let me lick her while she was sucking me. There was no hesitation as she released her grip on by cock and we slide into the floor.

She placed one leg on each side of my head and slowly began to lower her pussy onto my waiting tongue. We had no sooner got started when you and Jim also assumed a 69 position in the floor next to us. As I licked on Kathy it only took minutes for her to reach her first orgasm as she ground her pussy into my face. The excitement of your moans and must have helped you as your also began to have your first orgasm.

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