Hot , Humid in Bombay

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It was a hot humid day that of that summer of 1985. I remember sitting on that hot sand of Juhu Beach in Bombay with my wife. The sweat beads trickled from my forehead and I could feel some of it trickle down my back. It felt disgusting. This was my wife’s idea of a second chance for us. Travel all the way to India to save our marriage. The only thing that would save this marriage right now would be if she walked into the Indian Ocean and never came back.

Well, I was not going to rock the boat. I had too much to lose in this relationship and the inevitable divorce. But I was not going to make it easy for her. The bitch had made me work for all I was worth and here she sat next to me, basking in the hot Indian sun, probably thinking in her mind “I got you, you bastard”

I turned around to her and politely said “Honey, its hotter than hell here, can’t we just head back to the hotel and relax a bit?” The answer came back curt and sharp, “I want to stay here for a bit, you can go back if you want to!” That was good enough for me. I put on my leather sandals, hoisted myself up and walked back to the hotel.

As I made my way back, I thought, “Why not take a ride in the local bus here. I have never traveled the city bus,” so I made my way to the bus stop instead, making sure that I had some lose change in my pocket. There were a few people there at the bus stop, but one person specifically drew my attention. She was a young girl, probably around 18-19 years old and beautiful. She wore a sleeveless green dress, which was lose around most of her body, but clung to her breasts. I glanced at her breasts again. Her nipples were taut and I could see them poke through her bra and her dress. “Whoa!” I thought “some nipples those are!” As my gaze fixed on her tits, I noticed that she had caught me staring at her. I looked up at her and she smiled at me, not knowing what to do I smiled back and raised my right hand as a hello. She shook her head at me and nodded back saying hello.

I looked away for a bit cause I was beginning to get embarrassed at the growing bulge in my pant. Mercifully the bus arrived in a couple of minutes and we all climbed in. The buses in Bombay are crowded almost 12 hours of the day. Of course, there was only standing room. I found myself conveniently crushed between this 300-lb. man behind me and this beautiful girl in front of me. I had my hand held on the bar which ran across the ceiling of the bus to prevent passengers from falling into the lap of someone in a seat. The beautiful girl who was in front of me had her hand on the vinyl loop that hung from the rod. As the bus moved and stopped and moved again, I found myself pressed into the back of this girl and once again my hard-on started pressing against her back. To my surprise and amazement, she turned back and looked at me and smiled again. Even though she had some distance between her and the woman in front of her, I noticed that she started pressing her body towards me and I was certain that she could feel my erect cock pressed against her back. The conductor came and asked for the money to issue us tickets and I paid the same to the end of the line.

A couple of stops later, more people started getting on to the bus and it started getting even more crowded. Then this girl did something that made me shoot a wad of cum right into my underwear. She reached back as if to scratch pendik escort her back and she got hold of my penis and give it just that little squeeze. Oh gosh, I almost fainted and let out a little moan. I was so horny and spent. I slowly moved my left hand down by her side while my right hand came down the loop that she was holding and I had my hand on hers. My left hand meanwhile snaked its way between her left hand and her side and started caressing the side of her left breast. Feeling that she pushed herself more into me, giving me more access to her breast. I knew no one could see my left hand and what it was doing due to the way this bus was crowded, so gathering more confidence I gently pushed myself into her and cupped her left breast with my left hand. I thought I was in heaven, when I felt her nipple against my index finger. O gosh, even through the bra and the dress I could feel it to be almost an inch long. I closed my eyes and imagined my lips sucking on those young nipples of this unknown stranger in front of me.

The bus screeched to a halt at a signal and I nearly buckled under. My knees were weak and I was breathing harder. I was sweating profusely, but I know that it just wasn’t the heat in the air. It was the heat coming from this girl cause I had heard her softly moan and as I massaged her left breast, I could hear her heart beat which had increased considerably in the last few minutes. Damn, I knew the ride was going to end soon.

End it did, and we all started getting off the bus. Getting off had a new meaning to me and I could feel the wetness in my pants. As I got off the bus, I knew I had to say something to her or else she would be lost in the crowd and gone forever. I wanted to hide in her breasts and caress her body for as long as I could.

To my amazement, she had stopped a little distance away, and as our eyes met, she beckoned me over with a nod of the head. I walked over to her and said “Hi! You must think I am a real jerk, but I just couldn’t help myself…” She immediately said “Sssh! It was just as much fun for you as it was for me. Do you want to come along?” ‘Come along? Gosh YES, I wanted to come with you for a long long time’ I told myself and just nodded my head not being able to bring those words to my lips. She slid her hand into mine and motioned me to walk with her.

We made our way through the crowded suburban streets. We walked silently for about 15 minutes or so before we came to an apartment building. She said, “Let’s go up here.” I wondered if this is where she lived, but I quickly realized that she had no intention of taking me to any apartment when we made our way all the way up to the terrace. The door to the terrace was locked, however there was a little landing there and this place was dark and quiet. The lock looked rusty and I knew that no one would disturb us here. As my eyes got used to the darkness the light from the bottom of the stairwell started to shine through. I could see this beautiful girl stand in front of me looking at me. I said “Well, my name is David, and you are?” For the first time she looked shyly at me and glanced away and smiled a bit as she said, “I am Sunita.” Gosh! Are they always this beautiful and wonderful I asked myself. I reached out for her hand, which she gladly put into mine, and I pulled her close to me. I put raised my right hand, put my index finger below her chin and lifted escort pendik her face up to mine. Those were the biggest brown eyes I had ever seen and they looked beautiful. I saw those luscious lips of hers and all I could think was “Gosh I want you so bad.” I kissed her tenderly and I felt her kiss me back. Slowly our mouths opened and our tongues met and we kissed passionately.

I could feel her breasts pressed against me and my hands reached behind her butt and grabbed her and pulled her towards me. My cock was throbbing and I could feel it against her stomach and she let out a little moan. I reached behind her dress and slowly unzipped it down to the waist. I felt for the bra and had it quickly unclasped. Then I pushed her back in my hands and slowly watched as the green dress slid down her body to the floor. Again, she looked embarrassed as she put her hands in front of her, but I slowly moved her hands away and saw her breasts in the flesh for the first time. They were the most exquisite works of art I had ever seen. They were perfectly rounded, taut and big. Her nipples were almost an inch long and ready to be sucked. I bent down and slowly took her nipple in my mouth and she let out another moan. As I was doing this, she was unfastening my pant and letting it slide to the floor.

I stood back and took off my t-shirt and threw it on the floor. She then came to me and knelt in front of me and took off my underwear. My cock almost rebounded out of it and almost hit her face. She giggled as she saw the wetness that was already around my cock. She looked up at me and said “Couldn’t you wait for me?” and saying that she took my cock slowly into her mouth. I tilted my head backwards and let out yet another moan as I felt my cock slowly rub the sides of her warm mouth and felt her tongue swirl around my head. Her fingers slowly tickled my balls, which were hard as rocks now ready to shoot another load straight into her hot mouth. Just as she sensed me ready to come, she squeezed on the base of my cock and made me gasp. She said, “Slowly, I want you to trickle onto my tongue.” She opened up her mouth and stuck her tongue out and eased the pressure on my pulsating cock. With a jerky motion my cum started flowing out, some on her tongue and some on her face. The drops that fell around her face, she slowly licked off herself.

She then started kissing me all around my cock as it slowly started to lose its erection. “No, you are not done” she said, “I still have to go.” She then stood up and slowly pulled down her panties. She wasn’t shaved. Her bush stood out in front of her pussy and I could barely see her. However, something about that hair made me want her even more. She put her hands on my shoulder and beckoned me to go down. Down on my knees I found myself in front of her pussy. I passed my fingers through her pubic hair and she moaned. This was obviously exciting her as much as it was exciting me. I pulled her closer to me and she raised her right leg and put it over my left shoulder, giving me more access to her pussy. I parted the hair and there I saw the pink lips of her cunt. I could see the moistness glisten through the darkness, which was almost clear as daylight now to me. I leaned forward and kissed her between the lips and she grabbed hold of my hair and pushed my head into her, at the same time she thrust her hips forward so that I had complete pendik escort bayan access to her cunt. I slid out my tongue and slowly made a pass over he slit. I could see her tremble, her leg was shaking and she was beginning to speak in Hindi, words that I didn’t understand. I sucked her for a good 4 to 5 minutes, before she said, “I think its time you fuck me.”

The landing was an odd place to fuck but we were both determined to do it anyway. She came up with a plan. She would kneel on a lower step and have her hands on the top stair. She asked me to get behind her. I promptly accepted the offer. My cock was raging hard again and it needed to be in her wet cunt a couple of hours ago. I climbed down the landing, positioned myself behind her. She reached her hand between her legs and grabbed hold of my throbbing cock and slowly guided it into her moist wet pussy. It was tight, but I knew it wasn’t her first time. I put my hands on her sides and started thrusting my hips back and forth. Each time my cock would go into her I would feel the rush of come in my balls. Each time I retracted I could hear her moan. I thrust as deep as I could, then bent over her and started playing with her amazing breasts. Her nipples were out there, waiting to be sucked and all I could hear was the swishing of my cock in her wet cunt and her moans. I fucked her as hard as I could and then I felt the walls of her pussy tighten around my cock. I knew she was ready to come. Just then she withdrew.

I looked her with surprise as she stood up and smiled at me. She went up to the landing and with her index finger asked me to come up. I walked up the 4-5 steps with my rod sticking in front of me like a water rod attracted to wet pussy. She then put both her arms around me and jumped up on me and I knew what she wanted. She wanted me to take her standing as she wrapped her thighs around me. O boy! I fucked her standing up like I have never fucked before. I couldn’t imagine that I could last for so long with a hard cock. Maybe the position was what made it last longer, but we fucked and fucked. She had her tongue in my ears and in my mouth. She licked me and kissed me, while I held her up by her butt and felt those massive breasts and tasty nipples rub against my chest.

Our moans got louder and then we both came. We stood there with my back against the wall and her riding my cock for some time after. I could feel her juices mixed with mine, flow out of her pussy and down my cock and down my thighs and balls. It felt so good.

We were sweating like pigs but the smell of sex was far too much for us to get away from it. Sunita then did something that no one had ever done for me. She said, “You may want to clean yourself, let me,” Saying that she licked every drop of cum that was on my legs and thighs. I felt a stirring in my balls again. She grabbed hold of my balls and squeezed them saying “You’ve hand enough for the day.” She then giggled like a 10-year-old.

I held Sunita one more time in my arms, naked. We kissed and sat silently for a good hour or so, running our fingers through each other’s hair and touching each other. Then we both dressed and kissed some more.

We walked out of that apartment building and it was dark by now. She said “David, it was a pleasure. Hope you remember me” and disappeared into the darkness. I smiled and I knew that things were just not the same anymore.

I have since divorced my wife and never remarried again. But every time I see an East Indian woman at a grocery store or in a mall, I feel a little tightening of my balls and I wonder, is she just as good?

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